Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

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This week:

Josh Brolin joins Inherent Vice; the Leprechaun reboot finds its director; Disney Pixar Animation reveals its upcoming schedule; Melissa Leo signs on for two projects; Johnny Depp drops out of Black Mass; Joss Whedon explains his approach to the Marvel creative consultant role; and Entourage creator Doug Ellin is rewriting the Bad Santa 2 script.


Almost as if they’re on a regular schedule, we have yet another casting announcement for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice.

Josh Brolin Cast Inherent Vice Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

Josh Brolin and Katherine Waterston are the latest to join Anderson’s big screen adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel. Brolin is no stranger to the Noir genre – as evidenced in films like Gangster Squad and No Country for Old Men - and will likely be right at home amidst a cast that includes Oscar winners/nominees like Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, and Benicio Del Toro.

Waterston, on the other hand, has only a handful of notable on-screen credits to her name, with no real standout role to speak of. She will have her hands full regardless, as Deadline reports she will be playing Shasta, one of the story’s major female characters and the free-spirited ex-girlfriend of Doc Sportello (Phoenix). There’s no word on which character Brolin might play.


Source: Deadline


Lionsgate and WWE’s forthcoming reboot of the horror film Leprechaun has found its director in first-timer Zach Lipovsky.

leprechaun reboot Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

Some might recognize Lipovsky from the Fox reality competition On the Lot. Lipovsky was the aspiring director known for his F/X work. After On the Lot, however, Lipovsky focused mostly on visual effects work for low budget features and TV shows.

Although Lionsgate is keeping details about this reboot’s story under wraps, they have announced WWE superstar Hornswoggle (real name Dylan Postl) will play the titular character. Postl will be taking on a role originally made famous by Warwick Davis.

Hornswoggle Cast in Leprechaun Reboot Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

Considering the WWE loves to dress Hornswoggle up like a leprechaun, we should have seen this casting announcement coming. Either way, the inclusion of Postl certainly paints the reboot in a different light…a very goofy one.


Source: The Wrap


Disney Pixar Animation has announced their upcoming slate of animated features through the year 2018.

The Good Dinosaur Release Date Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

As fans gear up for the release of Monsters University later this month, Disney wants to make sure they know what’s in the pipeline. Of the projects Disney Pixar has announced, we now know that The Good Dinosaur will hit on May 30, 2014; Inside Out, the next feature from Up director Pete Docter, will release on June 19, 2015; the first collaboration between Marvel and Disney Animation, Big Hero 6, flies onto screens on November 7, 2014; and the Finding Nemo follow-up Finding Dory swims into theaters on November 25, 2015.

Disney also announced several additional dates, about three per year, for various untitled Disney and Pixar Animation releases. One of those dates will presumably be for Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich’s Dia De Los Muertos movie, with June 17, 2016 seeming like the best candidate.

It’s interesting to note that Pixar will have its first two-release year in 2014 when Inside Out and Finding Dory release. Don’t expect for that to become a trend, though, as the remaining release schedule through 2018 is as follows:

  • March 4, 2016 — Untitled Disney Animation wide in 3D
  • June 17, 2016 — Untitled Pixar Animation wide in 3D
  • November 23, 2016 — Untitled Disney Animation wide in 3D
  • June 16, 2017 — Untitled Pixar Animation wide in 3D
  • November 22, 2017 — Untitled Pixar Animation wide in 3D
  • March 9, 2018 — Untitled Disney Animation wide in 3D
  • June 15, 2018 — Untitled Pixar Animation wide in 3D
  • November 21, 2018 — Untitled Disney Animation wide in 3D


Melissa Leo has signed on for two projects: The Equalizer with Denzel Washington and M. Night Shyamalan’s new series Wayward Pines.

Melisso Leo Cast Wayward Pines Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

The Equalizer is based on the ’80s TV series of the same name in which a retired covert operative named McCall (Denzel Washington) helps ordinary people solve extraordinary problems. Leo will be playing McCall’s former handler, and his key source of intel. Coincidentally, The Equalizer reunites Leo with her Olympus Has Fallen director Antoine Fuqua, who also directed Denzel Washington in Training Day.

Leo’s other project, Wayward Pines, is an event series M. Night Shyamalan is working on with Fox. The one-off series (similar to 24: Live Another Day) will focus on a secret service agent (Matt Dillon) and his investigation into a mysterious town named Wayward Pines, where nothing is as it seems. Leo will play a local nurse and a key rival to the agent. The series is based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch, and sounds like the type of material that would be right up Shyamalan’s alley.


Source: Deadline


Johnny Depp has exited Barry Levinson’s Whitey Bulger biopic Black Mass.

Johnny Depp Exits Black Mass Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

After salary negotiations broke down between Depp and Black Mass financiers Cross Creek and Exclusive Media, the Pirates of the Caribbean star apparently decided to walk away from the project.

Depp was originally set to play Bulger, a Boston kingpin who avoided arrest in the ’90s thanks to a tip-off from close friend and FBI agent John Connolly. Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) is still signed on to play Connolly, but it’s unclear whether the project will move forward without Depp’s involvement.


Source: Deadline


As the director of The Avengers, the creator of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the creative consultant for all Marvel Studios films, Joss Whedon has his hands in a lot of pies.

Joss Whedon Talks Marvel Consultant Role Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

In an interview with Empire, Whedon reveals his approach to that Creative Consultant role, specifically how his presence will or will not impact future Marvel releases.

“Kevin is a terrific storyteller and a criminal mastermind with these films. He knows exactly what he’s trying to do, not just to serve the whole universe but with each movie. Having the opportunity to help realize, to say, ‘Well, isn’t this what you’re going for over here’…I mean, I’m not going to get in the soup with some other director. I’m going to say what I think of a screenplay or a cut and then I leave the room bowing, because you don’t take that away from someone. Ultimately, Kevin is the Captain. I’m Black Widow.”

So, while Whedon will help future Marvel films where needed, he will not be “co-directing” any of the films, so to speak. That responsibility still rightly belongs to the talented directors (James Gunn, Edgar Wright, Alan Taylor, etc.) that Marvel has hired. However, seeing as how a lot of these future movies will feed into Whedon’s Avengers films, you’d have to imagine he will make sure everyone is on the same page.


Source: Empire (via CBM)


Miramax has hired Entourage creator Doug Ellin to rewrite Bad Santa 2.

Doug Ellin Rewrite Bad Santa 2 Script Movie News Wrap Up: Whedon Talks Marvel Phase 2, Pixar Release Dates & More

Ellin, who just recently finished the script for the Entourage movie, will be working off a script from Johnny Rosenthal. Ellin was presumably brought on to take his skills writing dialogue for the epithet-slinging Ari Gold and apply them to Billy Bob Thorton’s drunken mall Santa.

In addition to writing the screenplay, there is also a chance Ellin will direct the film. Aside from various episodes of Entourage, Ellin’s last directing credit was the 1998 David Schwimmer comedy Kissing a Fool.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Joss Whedon and Kevin F. get it, thank God. These two guys know their roles, work well together, and understand the characters and the universe they’ve created. Marvel’s future is super bright with these two at the controls.

  2. WWE is shooting a “Leprechan” movie staring Hornswaggle? That sounds as April Foolish as it gets but it’s a real thing isn’t it?

    • Yep, it was actually announced by WWE Films in December 2011/Janary 2012.

      There was a whole slew of their stuff in the works at that time with Wade Barrett filming Dead Man Down (which released a few months back), David Otunga (aka Mr Jennifer Hudson) filming a movie (can’t remember the title) and then Hornswoggle in the Leprechaun reboot.

      I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the info to be announced on movie websites to be honest. The wrestling fans complained back when it was first announced because they think the Hornswoggle gimmick is a total joke and catering more to the kids than the adult fans and had a lot of worries for Leprechaun being ruined by his casting and WWE making the movie (since the only good WWE Films movie is See No Evil from 2006 and even that was cheesy B-movie at best).

      • They were worried that LEPRECHAUN would RUINED?!? Leprechaun. Uummm sure. OK.

  3. I like the fact that an untitled film with a release date is considered news and Joss Whedon saying anything these days is considered worth reporting even if a) We’ve heard it all before and b) There is no informational content involved… Tsk tsk Screenrant…

  4. I feel like phase 2 hasn’t started yet, and yeah.. I saw Iron man 3. That’s probably why. As many have said, it was more a phase 1 epilogue.

    • I don’t consider Iron Man 3 having anything to do with any phase of Marvel except as a lesson on how not to make a movie,(superhero or otherwise).

      • I agree, it’s more like Lethal Weapon 5 starring Robert Downey Junior

  5. “…and the Finding Nemo follow-up Finding Dory swims into theaters on November 25, 2015.”

    “It’s interesting to note that Pixar will have its first two-release year in 2014 when Inside Out and Finding Dory release.”

    So, does Finding Dory come out in 2014 or 2015?

  6. I hope Affleck and Damon can get their Whitey Bulger biopic in theaters soon. That project always interested me more than the one with Depp.

  7. I really hope one of those untitled Pixar movies is an Incredibles sequel. I also feel like Phase 2 hasn’t started yet because Iron Man 3 was abysmal

  8. I can’t wait for the rest of Phase 2 as far as Marvel are concerned. I seem to be one of the few who thinks IM3 was a great movie as far as the comments on this website go.

    • @ Dazz

      I’m with you Dazz, IM3 was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are a lot of “DC only” or “anti-Marvel” fans on this site, and they have a very loud voice. But scream and rip as they might, they can’t take away from what was a great and fun movie. Clearly their view is not the consensus across the web, or around the world.

      Phase two is off to a roaring start. Thor 2 is shaping up to be amazing, as is Cap 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy will just blow people away.

      It is an awesome time to be a CBM fan!!

        • but all your blustering and nay-saying is only your opinion. you cant “prove” the movie was good or bad, nor can you convince me, or anyone that we are wrong for liking the film. the only question i had is where were the other avengers, but, i didn’t look at it as a short-coming, but rather, a question to be answered in the next film or 2, and maybe not even then. we may get no mention of the whereabouts of the rest of the team until they meet again in TA:2, and i am fine with that. like KF said, all will be revealed in time.

          while we are (yet again) talking about IM3, my theory about why didn’t tony launch the house party protocol when his home was being demolished is maybe the software wasn’t ready yet. all of this is just a few months after TA, and i think a program of that magnitude would take some time to build/compile/whatever. the same snarky replies to my disappointment with TDKR applies…”do you have to have every damn thing spelled out for ya?!?!”

          give in to your anger, and feel the POWER of the dark side!

  9. Fiege is Cap and Whedon is Black Widow…

    Oh God, the mental image!

  10. Iron Man 3 did feel like an epilogue from Phase 1, but you really didn’t want to reveal too much from just the first movie of Phase 2. I feel Thor 2 will have more of a end credits scene that fans are looking for.

  11. I’ll be watching The Equalizer for sure.

    I remember when my son, in his infant days, walked in on my wife and I watching Leprechan. He was terrified after that of leprechans, and petrified when St. Patrick’s Day came around. It took alot of talking and convincing on my part when he became scared of the decorations in his day-care class to reassure him that the pictures of leprechans in the classroom were friendly, happy ones like on the Lucky Charms box. I had seen kids scared of Santa (big bearded man), but never before a leprechan. That was a new one. Moral of the story: be careful what you let your impressionable kids watch when they are young (mine did not watch the flick, he just walked in for about 30 seconds of the horror flick, which we turned off until he went upstairs).

  12. The biggest crime of all is that it made over a Billion Dollars so they think they made a masterpiece instead of a steaming pile of dung.

  13. So not only is Shamalamdingdong messing up the silver screen he has decided to take a crap on tv also.

    What is he going to start writing novels to ruin reading? Paint or Sculpt so he can fudge that up also.

    What is he trying to mess up all art mediums known to man? Please can people just stop paying him.