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pixar movies financial earnings chart header SR Pick: Financial Success of Pixar Infographic

[Note: The end of this article was altered after publication by the writer.]

Infographics are the popular (and digestible) way to make statistics come to life, and this latest one (beautifully rendered by the good folks over at Know Your Money) is an infographic detailing the production budgets and earnings of all the Pixar animated movies that have been released to date.

From Toy Story 1 back in 1995 to Toy Story 3 (in theaters now), this infographic shows how much money went into making each Pixar hit and how much box office cash was ultimately returned on that investment.

One interesting note about the chart: because Know Your Money is based in the UK, the chart shows both the U.S. and UK box office earnings of each Pixar film, as well as the worldwide total box office gross. It’s interesting to see how the films play in the U.S. as compared to the UK – there’s a pretty notable difference between our two shores.

Anyway, onto the chart:


Pixar Movies Financial Earnings chart SR Pick: Financial Success of Pixar Infographic

Truly, the only thing more astounding than how much it costs to make these movies is how much they earn at the box office.

Only $16 million for Cars over in the UK? Obviously that has something to do with the very-American obsession with hot rods and automobiles in general… Guess it’s not all Universal love for Pixar projects…

Be sure to head over to Know Your Money to check out the full chart. It’s a great bit of info presented in a pretty eye-catching way. Kudos to the makers.

Toy Story 3 is (clearly) earning bank in theaters everywhere right now.

Source: Know Your Money

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  1. yea I guess people in the UK dont c movies, maybe its bc most of these are american story’s but really storys for every one at heart.

  2. The grosses are easily explained. The population of the US is 4.99 times the population of the United Kingdom (2010 official estimates).

    That being said, ‘Cars’ deals with NASCAR which is by far an American sport. Making $16M in the UK, would be like making almost $80M, which is pretty decent considering the subject matter.

    Did ‘Wimbledon’, the film based on the UK’s annual big sporting event make $80M here? No. It made $17M.

    Then again, you shouldn’t need a random film fan to be educating you on what should be pretty known to a movie columnist.

    • @ Shasrinion

      More like I don’t need a commenter telling me how to generate discussion on my site. :-)

      And I don’t assume the cultural generalities that you call “Well known” – I ask my wonderful contingent of UK readers (who I enjoy conversing with) for their perspective. :-)

      You don’t like it – go somewhere else and read one of those know-it-all sites out there that only raise the questions YOU approve of.

      • Give Shasrinion a break, Kofi — the math that connects to your question seems pretty obvious to anyone who looks at a map or has a basic sense of world population. Given that your article revolves around numbers, I would expect that you should have thought that through, too. It doesn’t ‘generate discussion’ to overlook such an obvious calculation, it just shows that you didn’t take the time to think it through.

        • You guys are right I’m a total idiot.

          Does that make everybody happy?

          The truth is when you write for a site with as much exposure as this one you’re perpetually damned if you do or if you don’t. Had I made sweeping generalizations about UK culture people would’ve been down my throat about THAT.

          I didn’t over analyze this chart – I was asked to post about it as a favor and did that. I’m not going to get into it this deep about it. It really does not concern me that much.

          Have fun taking shots at me for asking and “not thinking” if you’d like. So long as you’re reading this page, I’m good to go. Cheers.

      • I had to double check, I couldn’t believe that such a comment came from the writer of the story.

        Are you really saying that the population difference between the US and UK or the fact that the rest of the world dislikes NASCAR are facts that escape ‘common knowledge’? Also, just for pointing that out you tell him to go somewhere else? What a terrible attitude to take towards your readers.

        That said, after about 2 min of analysis I can tell you that even accounting for the population difference, Pixar movies still generate an average of 35% more in the US. The smallest difference was a Bugs life at 11% and the biggest was (no surprise) Cars at 67%.

  3. How the h*ll did it cost $190 million to make Toy Story 3?

    • the level of animation and 3D plus marketing and promotion would be my guess?

      • “the level of animation …”

        So you’re saying that TS3′s animation was more impressive than Nemo or the Incredibles?
        Not in my eyes. But my statement was more disbelief at the amount then a formal question. But thanks for the answer. Ogh and I guess I have to give the mandatory Kofi slam on this thread … uhhummm …

        And why didn’t you break the totals down into the actual cost of the animation, actors, pool boys, q-tip usage, water bottles and hair nets? Hmmmm??? HHHHMMMMMM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

        :) Have a nice evening Kofi.

    • Naturally, Tom Hanks demanded a paycheck of $50 million.

  4. Wow. Pixar is my favorite!!! I love all the films,the best one to date for me is Toy Story 3…..then up…..

  5. Wow really?!? How do u know?!?

  6. I think wimbledon just sucks in general.

  7. What’s up with us in the UK? There’s less of us, that’s what’s up. There’s 5 times as many people in the US than there are in the UK. Multiply our numbers by five and they turn into comparable amounts. ;)

    Trust me when I say, we love Pixar as much as you guys do (well… almost, we kind of hate them because they tend to release their movies in the US MONTHS before they do here in the UK… at least with Toy Story 3, we only have to wait a month, but I remember Up and Wall-E having many months between the release dates).

  8. Everybody wins!

    I got SR team members basically called me stupid – the commenters called me stupid GUESS I’M [CENSORED] stupid then!

    I amended the article to take out the “stupid me” comments.

    Nevermind a movie like ‘Rendition’ – made in America, Very American subject matter- earned more over the pond than it did in America – Population levels determine all!

    United 93 – a Movie about @#%*^ 9/11????!!! – EARNED MORE OVERSEAS!

    ‘IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH’ – U.S. movie, very American subject matter – earned almost TRIPLE across the pond what it did in America – POPULATION LEVELS DETERMINE ALL!!!

    Still though, I was totally NOT entitled to my “idiot” question, was I?

    Some days, I really do dislike my job – is that a sentiment that is felt less in the UK because of population levels?

    • LOL, Kofi – I interpreted your original question as being about the differences in US/UK box office takings after doing the population adjustment! Personally, I put any discrepancies down to Brits only going to the cinema when the beers run out. :-)

      No, we all hate our jobs some days too, and population density means we’re cranky as a wardrobe full of wolves…

  9. I dont think youre stupid man…..

  10. I’m not really one for memes, but right now I can’t stop picturing Pickard face-palming…

  11. Kofi, don`t you think you are overreacting here?

    What pi$$e$ me off as someone who has been following box office data for 25 years is that Canadian box office reciepts are lumped in with U.S box office like it’s one big pot…It it were truly North American box office then why not include Mexico’s box office numbers as well…

    Any one have a reasonable answer for that?

  12. Firstly, Kofi (author), I’m sorry if you took my comment as a personal attack as I did not mean to make you feel “stupid” or to hate your job.

    I just felt as a film writer you should try not to create misleading opinions as your questions suggested. I purposely commented after reading the very first comment on this article where the writer (KantStandYa)theorized that the reason Pixar movies didn’t do as well in the UK was because they were “American storys [sic]“.

    I wanted to state the facts before any possible US vs UK debate erupted. As we know, Pixar is a great American darling and people would be very critical of the UK for as you suggested, not supporting the films.

    I would think you would not be so defensive about simple comments from your readers. You wanted to generate discussion? It was generated. I guess, it wasn’t the discussion YOU wanted to be generated.

    To address your comparisons:

    Rendition made $9.7M in the US and $5.2M in the UK.
    United 93 made $31.4M in the US and $5.3M in the UK.
    In The Valley of Elah made $6.7M in the US and $1.7M in the UK.

    To compare box office numbers of the US versus Overseas is invalid to the discussion as we were talking about the US vs UK population to box office difference.

    I’m not telling you how to do your job but it would serve your site better if you embraced corrections/opinions rather than ostracizing readers for expecting more from your team.

    • Buddy,

      There are constructive readers who successfully point out flaws/corrections/mistakes/logical errors to us on the Screen Rant staff all the time. They carry a tone of friendly assistance and helpful intention and not judgement or insult.

      I’ll let you read over your approach to point out this error in my logic and think about how it matches up to what I just described.

      This will be my last word on the subject. I’m moving on.

  13. Holly crap guys. Ok every one calm down. Kofi your over reacting a lil bit, but wow you didn’t deserve that kind of backlash. You guys have been way to hard on him here.

    Anyway even accounting for the population diff it’s very clea. The films still make alot more here almost as if maybe animation isn’t exactly as popular in the UK as it is in the US. I could be wrong just seems that way.

  14. All that said I’m interested how everyone would rank these. For me it would be

    1. Toy story and Toy story 3 (I can’t decide so it’s a tie)
    2. UP (such an powerful animated film)
    3. The Incredibles
    4. Toy Story 2
    5. Bugs Life
    6. Monsters Inc
    7. Nemo
    8. Rat
    9. Cars
    10. Wall-e (if there were more I’d put them above this I hated this film with a passion not a fan of brain washing our youth with false facts desguised as a cartoon)

  15. While everyones arguing over how much money Pixar sucks out of us, Mel Gibson is burning!

    Come on people let’s get our priorities together here!
    What a world,,,?

    GK333, Kofi never overreacts. He strikes out like a Cobra. Sssssssssss
    Kofi Strikes Back!
    How much does the Hawaiian islands contribute?, I’m planning out my schedule for tomorrow and that’s must have info.
    Can I get that in a cutsy pootsy anime-graph? :-O

  16. Hey, hey Kofi! I’ve got something to say to you!

    You do a good job man.

    Had you worried there, didn’t I? :P

  17. man I guess this whole thing might be my fault then my bad guys didnt mean to sound like a arrogent American or anything just my opinon on the matter, certainly dont make it right ..shasrinion..

  18. Heres my list Daniel;.)
    1.Toy story3
    3.Toy Story2
    4.A bugs life
    5.Toy Story
    6. Finding Nemo
    7.The incredibles

  19. i recon most of the budget is used up on labour, i mean the technology gets more advanced thus making animations ‘easier’ so it wouldn’t have to do with soft/hardware = more money spent (although quite a bit would go towards soft/hardware).

    just imagine what the animation crew would be making… no imagine what games/movies would look like if they where fully produced in america instead of being shipped of to china and india (i mean animation CG wise)…