Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

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pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

Unlike the last two Pirates of the Caribbean installments, it seems that the upcoming Pirates of Caribbean 4 is going to have a plot (zing!). Hollywood Elsewhere has supposedly confirmed the premise of the next Pirates film, which is said to be “locked in” at this point.

And, from the sound of it, the film could be good – or we could just as easily end up with another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Check out the rumored premise for the film and you’ll see exactly what I mean by that statement.

Pirates 4 will once again center on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Co., this time as they search for the fabled Fountain of Youth. At the same time, a “Captain Nemo” style villain outfitted with advanced (for pirate times) technology tries to beat them to the punch.

Hollywood Elsewhere has made the early claim that this new villain adds a sort of steampunk element to the story. Frankly, after all the pirates/magic/monsters nonsense of The Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, I would welcome a little steampunk tech into the Pirates universe. However, like I said up top, that kind of angle – old world meets new – leaves the film vulnerable to Crystal Skull syndrome. And Pirates of the Caribbean has already jumped so far over the shark as is…

Add to all this one other curious omen: if George Lucas had had his way early on, Indy 4 would’ve centered on a Fountain of Youth plot. [Shudder]

Still, the first Pirates film, Curse of the Black Pearl, was a pretty enjoyable movie, in no small part because it was a standalone (read: complete and uncomplicated) story that was well told and hit all the right notes – thrilling action, good characters, good balance of comedy and some cool f/x. It really was an adventure in the same vein of Indiana Jones, and how rare and precious has THAT experience become at the movies?

keira knightley pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

If the filmmakers don’t try to overextend themselves, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 could – I’m saying COULD – reclaim some of its lost glory. Did I mention that Keira Knightley probably won’t be back? Knew that would make you happy icon smile Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot .

We reported that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 could starting shooting next year. Far as I know that is still the case. Chicago director Rob Marshall is rumored to be directing.

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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  1. Hmmm i will have to agree at the guy that says that jack and barbossa will find the fountain of youth and they will have to deal with some sort of undead pirates that guard the fountain, the movie has to be supernatural.

  2. @ Pirates 2 &3 Lovers

    Guess it boils down to this:

    1. Can you convince yourself that Dead Man’s Chest was actually coherent and had a pointed story like the first one?

    2. If you think that Pirates 3 was “epic,” as opposed to a jumped shark circular whirpool. And I enjoyed much of the 3rd one.

    But #2 is Pretty Bad. Sorry to be the one to break the news.

  3. Bongo yor right!, This has to be what the movie will be about because of how the third movie ends!. I agree with you also that, there has to be some kind of supernatural twist to it too!. The first three movies had that same kind of story in them too, so there for, theres no reason for that kind of same story to not be in pirates of the caribbean 4, with a different kind of curse involved for a group of pirates on a ship that are fighting against jack and his crew on the black pearl in pirates of the caribbean 4 or something very simular to that!. I’m mean hey!, what else could the fourth movie possibly even be about?, thats about all i can really think of for pirates of the caribbean 4. I don’t see how anyone else could come up with anything different, except for maybe the writers if they are writng something that we don’t expect to see (i.e meaning not the fountain of youth story), but if is about the fountain of youth, then i would be surprised!, because i still have very strong feeling that, thats what the movie will be about for sure!, but then again i could be wrong, not according to what this article says above though about the story for the fourth movie!. But i guess we’ll have to wait and see what it will truely be about until they release an offical plot/summary paragraph on movie websites all over the internet, sometime in the very near future “hopefully!”.

  4. Yeah kofi outlaw, i think your right!, pirates 2 was not really nearly as good as pirates 3 was!. I agree!. Pirates 3 was Bigger and Better then pirates 2 was!. Thats all i have to say about that!=). I personally loved pirates 3 100 times more then pirates 2, but alot of people didn’t feel that same way, and both movies still made alot of money in the box office nation and worldwide!.

  5. This is severely underwhelming…

  6. i’d love a fourth!

  7. Leave the pirate franchise alone it’s enough and I hope with this 4 one would go done the gutter, I’m sick and tired of fantasy crap put into historically period action adventure movies.
    Is still considering “Cutthroat Island” the best pirate movie ever made in the last 20 years.
    I hope Paramount brings “Blackbeard” sooner than later, cause is pre-production stage. That movie will have real historical tone and action to the big screen.
    Disney is just hungry vultures, they don’t allow other studios to make their own pirate movies, they stuff up the Warners with Captain Blood, and now that classic re-make will go have to suck, because of Disney Executes.
    However they suppose to make their pirates 4 in 2011, and out in 2012, but they are hungry not to lose any penny from the box office, they realise that other studios had in development other pirate movies, so that is way they rushed Pirate4 and not giving a second chance to Mr. Verbinnski to re-thing and come back for more pirates movies.
    What they did they straight away found unknown director just to feel the ego, and this time they will lose, they speeded it up with the production and they wanted to start with it early next year.
    As far as I’m concern this pirate 4 will bomb, because they don’t let some more time to build for the writer and other ideas to surface. So to make the story right.
    If any one of you hungry thugs, for your Pirate fantasy crap remember, before they rushed in the second and third pirate movie, the story suppose to take place in sort of a flash back of Jack how he become a pirate mad e.s.t
    The wanted to make those 2 movies in the vain as the Francis Ford Cupola’s Godfather, but Disney change their mind and they rushed the production, just been more hungry for the buck.
    From what I can see the first Pirates was pretty good, only the map of the treasure was missing, and could it been a excellent pirate movie,
    as for the second was crap, just to much mumble jumble, too much talk and not enough action, the story was dragging and to be honest I almost felt a sleep until the second half of the movie.
    The third one the staffed it up even more it could it been way better then the second one , but they incorporated to much of ancient mythology, with Gods and monsters. and the last thing what was that crap going on an on n with thousand faces of jack in the locker of Dave Jones, that piss me off biog time, I wanted to leave the theatre when I watched it in charismas.

  8. TheFact
    I couldn’t agree more!! You are so right!!
    There is a reason why people go and see these movies; It’s because of Jack!!<3 AND!! Do not compare it to Indy 4!! Jesus Christ!! That movie is just a pile of garbage!! It was so bad that I almost left when I saw it.. Pirates 3 is WAY better than Indy 4!!! Pirates 3 had a story and Indy 4 was so ridiculous and stupid!! I mean, I LOVE Steven Spielberg, but this was just crap!.. Anyway; Can’t wait to see more of Jack!<3:D

  9. IMO, it sounds boring, more Sparrow and Barbossa rivalry got boring in the beginning of the third one, i dont feel like watching more of it.


  11. EJK, i’m gonna have to say that i disagree with you there on the part of what you mentioned about it being too long!. The pirates of the caribbean movies are not long at all, and neither is the second and third movies!. Thats the way that see it, is that the longer the movie is, then the better, because then that way, we all get to see a lot more for the adventures com into hand that jack sparrow and barbossa and the rest of the crew go through which is what makes these movies in the first place anyways!.

  12. Ugh. I felt like Pirates 3 was the movie that refused to end…


  13. The POTC movies are just really awesome, and the jack sparrow character is so iconic and extraordinary and there is a lot that can be told about the following adventures of jack sparrow, i would watch potc 4,5,6,7,8…. I just love these movies and whatever the new story is, im sure that disney will make it a really fun and cool movie, of course there is a risk that they can mess it up, but it`s minimun, i would say that there is a 30% chance that this movie can go wrong, this movie is almost a guaranteed success i can only think of 2 possible ways this movie can go wrong and they are:

    1. Going along with that captain nemo jules verne nonsense.
    2. Introducing jack sparrow´s brother.

    If the writters of this movie decide to stay away from those really bad ideas the movie will do just fine.

  14. I thought the Jules Verne idea was cool, i mean, hes the grandfather of modern fantasy/sci-fi, why not through in some stuff from his books, i think that would be pretty cool.

  15. I dont know about the brining of old and new. I would be afraid it would look dumb, kinda like wild wild west. Now that movie was horrible!!! But another stand alone pirate movie would ROCK!!!

  16. Why would they risk this franchise with going along with that lame jules verne idia, we all know that never works well, what we all want is some neat supernatural action packed good old pirate story, not a wild wild west movie with pirates.

  17. Im sorry but if you that the idea of a captain nemo style villan and a steampunk style movie is good, then ur seriously dumb.

  18. @The Fact

    “Im sorry but if you that the idea of a captain nemo style villan and a steampunk style movie is good, then ur seriously dumb.”

    good that you supported your claim with something explaining why people who think that are dumb

  19. @ Michael

    well tell me something boy, was will smith´s wild wild west a good movie??? a cow boy from old times meets new age?? wouln´t that be the same as pirate from old times meeting new age?? it is clearly demonstrated that all movies with that kinda style fail.

    You don`t honestly believe that a “Captain Nemo style villain outfitted with advanced technology that tries to beat them to the punch” is a good idea lmaoo, what are u thinking?? How will that lame villain try to “beat them to the punch” ?? oo i know maybe he will use one giant robotic spider that launches fireballs at the black pearl .. ooh how would that look, or maybe he will use a super technologic ship that flyes and fires torpedos, comee onn THE IDEA SUCKSSS.

    Now tell me something michael, why would the people at disney studios risk making this movie look ridiculous with that kinda stuff??? when they can come up with all sorts of fun supernatural villains like davy jones and they know thats what most people if not everyone EXCEPT for you wants to see?? Why would they change their way of storytelling if it has worked so well in the last 3 movies??

  20. Does anyone here think that a possible theatrical release date for pirates of the caribbean 4 would be like on may 25th, 2011 wednesday, or like on may 27th, 2011 friday?. Any ideas on that?. Which of those twos dates sounds more likely for pirates of the caribbean 4 to any of you commenting here, to be full theatrical release date for it?. I’m just wondering.

  21. The possible plot written above in this article, sounds to me like that could be the most likely plot that the movie will be about!, and that is the same plot thats been suspected to be as pirates of the caribbean 4′s story plotline ever since most people who that gone to see the third movie in theaters, saw the ending of the third movie, and started talking about it all over movie websites on the internet!. And on top of all that, jerry bruckheimer and/or walt disney pictures sources are now starting to let movie wbsites know that the fourth movie will indeed be about jack sparrow and barbossa searching for the fountain of youth, with a new enemy on their hands to deal with while on their journey to search for it!.

  22. I just really hope that it won’t turn out to be silly and be filled with all these clichés, like I think Pirates 3 was… But I can’t wait to see what it will turn out like.. :D
    I love Captain Jack!<3

  23. Since pirates of the caribbean 4 is going to be mostly like pirates of the caribbean 1, its already known by now that it wont be like pirates of the caribbean 3, because its been said for a while now that pirates of the caribbean 4, is going to be more in toan to how pirates of the caribbean 1 was like when it first came out!. So no worries M.G.J, no worries!. Pirates of the caribbean 4 will turn out to do just perfectly fine!. At least its most of the same people who made the last three movies, just this time it’ll be a different director and not tall the same secondary cast from the first three movies, and new comer actors and actresses for secondary charactor roles in pirates 4, 5 and 6.

  24. I don’t think it will be a Pirates 5 and 6…
    They can stop now.. xD

  25. M.G.J,
    No, they are going to make another pirates of the caribbean trillogy, because of the success of the first three movies!. It has already been confirmed that there will indeed be a pirates 4, 5 and 6. So in a way, whether if any of us out there want there to be more pirates of the caribbean movies or not!, its now bound to definately happen anyways!. So anyone out there who, is least expecting it to happen, well then do expect it to happen because of how much money each of the pirates of the caribbean movies make nation and worldwide individually in the box office, every time a new pirates of the caribbean movie is released to movie theaters!.

  26. It all depends on how successful this film is at the box office. Studios plan films all the time, and all it takes is one film to bomb,but I doubt this film will flop.

  27. Matt, i also doubt that pirates of the caribbean 4 will fail. The previous three movies were gettingalittle more involved as each one was released, but the thing now is that, pirates 4, 5 and 6, will be good, because the stories/plots, of pirates 4, 5 and 6, will all be a continuation of the first three movies at the same time and probably even the beginning of a movie franchise thats about to get bigger then it actually already is. New stories and plots will most likely be in the next three movies!, but they will at the same time go to to where they left off in the third movie, and continue with the fountain of youth story, in the fouth movie. I’m not sure yet though, what the fifth and sixth movies story/plots will be yet. I’m sure that once we get moreinfo about pirates of the caribbean 4′s fountain of youth story/plot, we’ll end up seeing pirates 5, and 6′s stores/plots released here on the internet sometime after pirates of the caribbean 4′s theatrical release to movie theaters in may 2011.