Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

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pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

Unlike the last two Pirates of the Caribbean installments, it seems that the upcoming Pirates of Caribbean 4 is going to have a plot (zing!). Hollywood Elsewhere has supposedly confirmed the premise of the next Pirates film, which is said to be “locked in” at this point.

And, from the sound of it, the film could be good – or we could just as easily end up with another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Check out the rumored premise for the film and you’ll see exactly what I mean by that statement.

Pirates 4 will once again center on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Co., this time as they search for the fabled Fountain of Youth. At the same time, a “Captain Nemo” style villain outfitted with advanced (for pirate times) technology tries to beat them to the punch.

Hollywood Elsewhere has made the early claim that this new villain adds a sort of steampunk element to the story. Frankly, after all the pirates/magic/monsters nonsense of The Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, I would welcome a little steampunk tech into the Pirates universe. However, like I said up top, that kind of angle – old world meets new – leaves the film vulnerable to Crystal Skull syndrome. And Pirates of the Caribbean has already jumped so far over the shark as is…

Add to all this one other curious omen: if George Lucas had had his way early on, Indy 4 would’ve centered on a Fountain of Youth plot. [Shudder]

Still, the first Pirates film, Curse of the Black Pearl, was a pretty enjoyable movie, in no small part because it was a standalone (read: complete and uncomplicated) story that was well told and hit all the right notes – thrilling action, good characters, good balance of comedy and some cool f/x. It really was an adventure in the same vein of Indiana Jones, and how rare and precious has THAT experience become at the movies?

keira knightley pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot

If the filmmakers don’t try to overextend themselves, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 could – I’m saying COULD – reclaim some of its lost glory. Did I mention that Keira Knightley probably won’t be back? Knew that would make you happy icon smile Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Has a Plot .

We reported that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 could starting shooting next year. Far as I know that is still the case. Chicago director Rob Marshall is rumored to be directing.

Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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  1. Um, I think this will be the plot:

    Jack Sparrow learns of the myth of the Fountain of Youth from a barmaid in Singapore. He and his band of pirates start their journey and encounter a captain with a ship that can travel under water. After some battles (seafaring and hand-to-hand), the captain Nemo-type character finds the fountain first with Jack following him and trying to fight him for it. During the fencing match, a light shines from above and it turns out that the fountain is from an alien race and the captain Nemo-type guy is an alien criminal.

    At this point, this is when everyone in the audience hangs their heads down and say, “Not again!”. :-)

  2. I wonder if they’re again try to rehash all of the old jokes again.

    I dunno what was worse: Pirates 3, X3 or Spidey 3

  3. awesome, I’m not gonna let the aliens escape this time.

  4. @Rob
    You know, I would have to vote Pirates 3, with Spidey 3 2nd and X3 the best of the worst.

  5. @Rob

    I vote Spidey 3, that train wreck takes them all!!

  6. @ Rob. That’s a tough decision… I think I’d go with Pirates 3 for being the best of those crappy sequels.

  7. @ Rob

    Sounds like You’ve got a new post to do!

  8. I LOVED the first Pirates film, the others were DEFINITELY a letdown comparatively. I thought that Johnny Depp got the mannerisms of a gay pirate down perfectly! :P

    I truly hope that this movie is better than the last one. The premise behind those movies held so much promise, but then just fell apart. As far as Rob’s statement goes…

    Pirates 3 (WORST), X-Men 3 then Spidey 3. Spidey 3 at least had the cool Sandman SFx….

  9. Now that pirates of the caribbean 4′s info is building up more and more every day, this means that pirates of the caribbean 4 will definately be the beginning of the continuation of the first trilogy, execpt this time there will be pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6. Boy o boy!, i am soooo excited for these future-upcoming pirates of the caribbean movies. And worries!-, to those of you out there who think that pirates 4, 5 and 6 will be like pirates 2, and 3, because rob marshall and jerry bruckheimer are going to make pirates of the caribbean 4 , 5 and 6 like how pirates of the caribbean 1 was like and maye build up the story just alittle bit as the movies go on!, but not as much as they did like when pirates 2 and 3 came out, because that was gore verbinski’s fault when that had happend!.

  10. Pirates 3 was the WORST, then X3, then Spidey 3…Piates 3 didnt even make any sense to me. SPidey 3 was not THAT good but it was by no means horrible in my opinion. The first half of Spidey 3 was pretty good, then the movie got kind of ridiculous.

    Anyway, I think that the Piarates movies- aside from the 1st-are TERRIBLE. The second was almost as bad as the 3rd. But the TWO good things that came out of teh 2nd and 3rd were:
    -The very, very end (after the credits) of the third when Knightley’s character meets Blooms character with their chikd 10 years later–I thought that gave the whole trilogy a good type of fairy tale like ending. Kind of like the old Greel myths, this story was that Bloom’s character had to sail around for decade and 1 day a decade he could get off his ship to see his family.
    -The second was the chemistry and rivalry between Barbosa and Sparrow. This was probably the only authetic thing about the movie and the only thing that felt real to me.

    So taking that into consideration I think that they should leave the whole Knightley and Bloom thing out of the 4th because that story is OVER. DONE. FINISHED
    -The third did SLIGHTLY leave an opening for Sparrow and Barbosa to pursue the fountain of youth.
    I think that this MAY work. You will probably end up getting a Indian Jones/Tomb Raider/Pirate-like movie in the end. But the hole hunt and chase of the fountain and the battle between teh two sounds pretty cool. They could explore ancient places and experience all sorts of weird adentures and craetures along the way. But please LEAVE BLOOM AND KNGHTLEY OUT. If anything a CAMEO but nothig more.

    In my opinion this franchise is in the gutter and unless the trailer looks extremely enetertaining I will probably just wait to see this on TV

  11. That’s not fair. The last two films had a plot they just sucked. I wonder if this one will be a complete pile of trash like the last two or just kind of suck like the first one.

  12. Somehow I knew the Fountain of Youth would be the focus. Anyone else think that they will work in an undead crew of conquistadors protecting the fountain? Or maybe a run in with ‘ol Blackbeard along the way to give it historical credibility? I’ll refrain from adding my thoughts on Pirates 1-3 because my POV is drastically different from the majority who have responded to this post. I will say however, that I always thought of Jack Sparrow as the catalyst in those films. The pebble in the pond so to speak. He’s the one that makes the event occur. Everything and everyone’s involvement is a result of something Jack did.

  13. “Somehow I knew the Fountain of Youth would be the focus”

    Could that have anything to do with them talking about it at the end of the 3rd one?

    Anyway, they’ll probably have them (the characters) like 10 years after 3. (after the credits it had 10 years later with Elizabeth and Will and Will Jr. and… oh you get the point)

  14. The worst movie of old times meets advanced inventions has got to be the Will Smith/Kevin Kline cruel movie based on the tv show about Jim West and Artemis Gordon…Wild Wild West. Oh my God! That movie was excruciating to watch!

  15. I don’t get you people! :S Pirates 2 is is awsome!!!
    It’s amazing, the script is SOOO good, and Jack is hilarious in it!! I agree that the third one sucks, and I don’t get why they have to make another one… I mean, stop when the game is allright… But I’m still looking forward to see more of Captain Jack :D But; COME ON!! Pirates 1 & 2 is AMAZING!! They have become classics you know..!<3 Johnny Depp came up with this amazing and hilarious character that everybody loves! It doesn’t matter if critics are gonna hate Pirates 4, people are gonna see it anyway because of Jack<3

  16. M.G.J,
    I see what your saying about the third movie, and how bad it was, but come on!, it was not that bad!. At least a third movie even happend for the pirates of the caribbean movie franchise in the first place!. I actually enjoyed the third movie alot!, and i actually liked it more then pirates 1, and 2. I hope that the fourth movie will be alot like the first three movies, and i hope its going going to have some differences when compared to the first three pirates of the caribbean movies, because then that way the fourth movie will be the one that sort of “pops out”, when it comes to comparing each of these movies together, although the fourth movie is not going to be the last one, because there is also going to be a pirates of the caribbean 5 and 6 as well!.

  17. I liked all three films, and was interested in a sequel until I this:

    “At the same time, a “Captain Nemo” style villain outfitted with advanced (for pirate times) technology tries to beat them to the punch.”

    Now I have no interest at all.

  18. Matt, pirates of the caribbean 4 is bound to be different then the first 3 movies because of what all the movie websites are saying from reliable sources!, so if your a true hardcore fan of these movies then excepting it is the best thing to do!. That, fourtunately is not a problem for me because, i don’t have any problem with them making pirates of the caribbean 4 alittle different then the first three pirates of the caribbean movies!.

  19. “so if your a true hardcore fan of these movies then excepting it is the best thing to do”

    Who said I was a “hardcore fan”? I liked all the films, but that doesn’t make me a “hardcore fan”. The idea of bringin in a “Captain Nemo” villian is just stupid if you look at the sort of time these films take place.

  20. Whats so stupid about time period that these pirates of the caribbean movies take place in?. The time period that these movies take place in are absolutely perfect because pirates were around in the “1620s”, which is what the time period that pirates invaided alot of locations in the caribbean!. Also thats is the same time period that the three pirates of the caribbean movies were suppost to make it seem like they were in!. So something tells me thats going to be the same ordeal in pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6…………..

  21. “Whats so stupid about time period that these pirates of the caribbean movies take place in?.”

    Ooookay. I never said the time period was stupid. I have no idea how you got that. I said that a villian with advanced tech would be stupid in that time period.

  22. I liked all three movies. I don’t see why you guys had such a hard time understanding the story lines to the sequels. I thought it was pretty simple actually. And if you don’t like the character of Cap. Jack…well then there’s somehting wrong with you. And it said Captain Nemo “Style” villain. Whats wrong with that. I mean “Steam punk” is a long way from Crystal Skull Aliens. You guys are reading way too much into that description and jumping to extreme conclusions again about a movie you really know nothing about yet. Give it a chance then make up your mind, but saying I heard this 2 years prior to it actually being released so “I have no interest at all in seeing it is absurd”.

  23. No, actually it would not be stupid to see that kind of technology for that time period at all!, it would actualy cool because who really, in their right minds would think of something like that?!. Thats why that would a great idea for that movie and the time period its in, in the movie, even though in real life that kind of technology didn’t excist!!!!!. These pirate of the caribbean movies are not all about reality anyways, thats why each of them have their own little parts of supernatural charactors and things that they can do in the movies!, or the things that happeni in those pirates of the caribbean movies!.

  24. Well, it may be “cool” to you, but to its incredibly stupid.

  25. They are “movies” anyways!. You know that saying, “only in the movies”?, well there you go!. Thats why its expected for this movie to be just like the first three, to be the exact same way!. So theres a very high possiblity that there will be a little bit of “science fiction” added to the fourth movie, just like the first three movies. But this time what will be different will be the fact that, this movie will have a “easier to understand” story/plotine and script, and the story will be lighter, due to the fact that will and elizabeth will luckily NOT return!. Thats all whats mostly likely to change in pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6.

  26. I agree. I hope they drop the whole Turner and Swan love story. It was done after the third film.

  27. Yes!, i hope they drop that part of the story too, but they probably will leave it out of it because orlando bloom and keira knighley don’t want to return to pirates of the caribbean 4. The story this upcoming time around will revolve around jack and barbossa, and what ever other character makes an appearence in pirates of the caribbean 4. The whole love story thing with william turner and elizabeth swann was an incredibly boring part of pirates 1,2 and 3. Pirates of the caribbean 4 will not have that problem to deal with in it!, so that said, makes me want to see it even more now!.

  28. I agree with bryan, this is not will smith´s wild wild west, the people at disney are not stupid to ruin the movie with that kinda stuff, the rumor of a steampunk style movie started when someone who was bad informed said that the movie would involve ” flying machines, jules verne type of stuff and atlantis” wich is totally false. The producers of the movie already said this (wich you can confirm at http://www.ign.com) :

    “Bruckheimer & Disney do eventually hope to put a “Pirates 4″ into production and say that they would toss the Elizabeth & Will characters over the side in favor of doing a bawdy buddy picture which would star Jack Sparrow & Barbossa. Where both captains of the Black Pearl would initially be competing for the exact same prize. But eventually all the double crossing would have to stop as these two rivals were then forced to join forces in order to defeat some supernatural terror”

    i believe it says jack and barbossa will have to deal with some SUPERNATURAL TERROR, hmm can you tell me mr. Kofi outlaw where in that statement do you see something that says captain nemo or steampunk???

  29. Hmm im really sick of those stupid rumors … jules verne stuff … jack sparrow having a brother ..?? robert pattinson (or however u spell it) playing a part’???? i think it is time to stop all those false rumors about this movieee OKKKK

    1. the idea of a captain nemo style villain SUCKSS and its FALSEE.
    2. the rumos of jack sparrow having a brother are also FALSEEE .. thats just stupid and lame .. who would buy that??
    3. Edward cullin is not in the movie.