Terry Rossio Will Script ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′

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Terry Rossio will script Pirates of the Caribbean 5.jpg  Terry Rossio Will Script Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Eternal life awaits those intrepid venturers who reach the Fountain of Youth – or, rather, those that headline a $1 billion + grossing ride-turned blockbuster franchise. Walt Disney Pictures certainly wants to keep one of its most popular cash-cows alive, which is why Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is already being prepped.

Disney has officially closed a deal with screenwriter Terry Rossio to pen a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean adventure, which is virtually guaranteed to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow… again.

Rossio has worked in collaboration with Ted Elliott on the script for the previous four POTC flicks, but he is either going solo on the fifth or merely beat Elliott to the punch with respect to signing on for another installment in the swashbuckling series. Deadline also says that POTC: On Stranger Tides helmer Rob Marshall has been approached to return for another big-budget, high-seas romp, but neither confirms or denies the rumor that Disney wants to shoots POTC 5 & 6 back-to-back.

Marshall is currently ensconced in post-production on the fourth POTC film, which is structured as a stand-alone adventure that finds Depp’s Captain Jack on a quest to locate the legendary Fountain of Youth. A full-length trailer was released last month for On Stranger Tides, which looks to feature what has become standard fare for the franchise – heavily scarred scallywags, supernatural creatures, explosive set pieces, and Sparrow tossing around witty quips left and right. It’ll be a box office hit, no doubt, but Disney is likely waiting to see exactly how popular the new POTC is before it makes plans for Part 5 and Part 6.

Depp’s performance as Sparrow in the last two POTC flicks was still fun, but naturally failed to feel as fresh or inventive as it did in The Curse of the Black Pearl. Tim Burton’s favorite star seems content to don his eccentric buccaneer gear for… however much longer the franchise continues. That could be a while, since Disney seems content to squeeze every drop of profit it can out of the series – for better or for worse.

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz Terry Rossio Will Script Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Depp and Penelope Cruz in 'On Stranger Tides'.

One thing that On Stranger Tides has going for it is that Marshall looks to have included more staples of the classic swashbuckling adventure genre – sword duels, actors in costumes, elaborate stunts – and thus could deliver what may feel like more of an old-fashioned pirate adventure. The last two installments (Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End) threw more than their fair share of CGI into the mix and amped up the production values so much that it arguably became overwhelming. That’s not to mention the oft-criticized shared plot of those sequels, which even Rossio and Eliott have admitted was kind of a convoluted mess (and, for some, tedious to watch unfold).

Those that feel a fourth POTC is overkill are not going to be pleased with the news that a fifth and possibly even sixth installment could be on the horizon. The solution for them is pretty simple: don’t go see any more of these films and Disney will stop releasing them…eventually. Everyone else can have fun watching Jack Sparrow’s onscreen shenanigans as they like – until they too have had their fill.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will determine the future of the franchise when it hits 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the globe on May 20th, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. hmmm hope the new pirates wont suck

    • At least there’s something good to look at Johnny for the Girls
      Penelope for the boys

  2. Another one again? Not that I am not fan of the movies, because I loved all of them. Some better than the others but I enjoyed them all. I thought they should of made an animated series off of it.

  3. A second and third film weren’t neccessary, so the fourth will have to outdo the original to convince me that a fifth is warranted.

  4. I dont get people we are about to have the 23 bond we have had 9 Treks, 6 Star Wars, 4 Superman, 7 Batmans ,5 Xmen movies and I think if they are good keep making them , I enjoyed all the pirates, and being a fan of all the mentioned franchises I think the 3 Pirates are better then most of the above sequels and prequels.

    • 11 Star Trek’s. And 7 Star Wars.

      • 5 superman movies… And what are you counting as the 7th Star Wars? Cause if we’re including the Ewok solo
        Movies, there were 2, so that would make 8 total… I wouldn’t really count the Clones Wars cartoon movie, since it was just a theatrical release of the first 4 episodes of the series to dart off the show, mostly a promotional stunt and not really a stand-alone film

        • Well whether or not you want to believe it The Clone Wars movie was a theatrical release, and therefore it counts as a film.

          • Yeah Star Wars!!! My favorite saga of all time. I completely forgot about The Clone Wars film coming out at the theater, so you have a point there.

          • I was actually embarassed to even go see that movie. It did something I didn’t think was possible: create a character more annoying than Jar Jar.

            • True, the movie was terrible, but the series has been better than the prequels. Some of the episodes have been brilliant.

              • I liked the episodes where they were paying homage to the classic GODZILLA films. That was a fun episode. I want to watch the series this year b/c I think it shows how Anakin’s padawan turns to the dark side.

  5. I for one loved the second movie in the series. I especially liked the island fight sceene towards the end with the 3 characters sword fighting each other, going back and forth on the rolling water wheel. Maybe its just me but I did feel like the second film lived up to expectations. I do hwoever agree that the 3rd dropped the ball although it did have some great sceenes (intro of the pirate lords and the code read by Sparrows father; final boat battle scene)

    • I totally agree!! The 2nd movie was my favourite movie and the island scenes were my favourite scenes. Although the bit when they’re in the wheel and they show the whole wheel, the green screen for that was terrible

  6. They’re realling whoring out this franchise.

  7. Why does it make people mad when a series of films are successful? A film can make a billion dollars at the box office and some people want to rant about how “horrible” it is. Really? The internet really seems to attract a lot of very sour, negative people

    • I think it’s more that the studio keeps pushing out unneccesary sequels. Just like with SAW and FAST AND FURIOS.

      • Well hey! If they keep making money, why not right? Haha I mean if I made something that made a butt load of cash I wouldn’t stop making it.

        If people choose to still go watch them then… yeah :)

        • at the cost of your reputation and respect?

  8. This is just getting bad. Too much of a good thing IMO.

  9. Pirates 5? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? they need to just stop it, milking it so much and after the Tourist i’m losing respect of Mr. Depp

    • NEVER BLAME THE ACTOR, only blame the film. Jack Sparrow is a work of art, the way Johnny has taken on the role and dedicated to much to it truly is inspirational to all aspiring actors and actresses like myself.
      If a fifth and sixth film is made so be it, at the end of the day no one can play Jack like Johnny, and I’m glad he is doing it because the films would be truly awful if jack wasn’t in it or if he wasn’t playing jack.

  10. Ah, I see what Cameron meant about the originality comment the other day.

    • But yeah, he has an Avatar trilogy planned, a re-release of Titanic and a remake for Battle Angel. How original.

  11. After being fairly disappointed by #2, and never wanting to see #3 again (except for the scene with Jack, Scarlett, and Giselle), I was leery of the idea of #4. But from what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds like they’re going back to the spirit of the first film, which is one of my all time faves. If they bring that feeling back, then I will be all in favor of letting this ride go on as long as it wants to.

    • They do bring back the feeling of the first film. There r all new characters, like Angelica instead of Elizabeth, black beard instead of Davy jones. U will think this movie might b better than #1!!!!!!!!:)

      • there is a point u got there

  12. no way! just because some of you guys dont like POTC 2&3 and you think the next ones arent going to be good, THEN JUST DONT SEE IT! and let people like me, who arent critical and unapprecative, enjoy the movies. i’d be glad if they just kept making them until they made a 10! so quit complaining and if you dont like them DO NOT WATCH THEM!

  13. How did Barbarosa get not dead?

    • Barbarosa came back for the dead because Calypso/ Tia Dalma brought him back from the dead because she needed him so that all nine pirate lords could release her from her human form. same as why she wanted jack back from davy jones’ locker because she needed the nine pieces of eight.

    • because he lost the black pearl

  14. It’s released 18th May in England x

    • In Sweden,too.And I saw it on Thursday,May 19 One day after the theatrical release……:)…..:D….:p…:3..XD.

  15. Omg, if they r making a pirates 5&6, my whole family will want 2 c it!!! I luv pirates, and it would b amazing 4 Disney 2 make more pirate movies. I also believe that if u don’t want 2 c the others bcuz of 2&3, still c it, bcuz it is as good as the first potc!!!!!!!

  16. i have a friend called bob

  17. Illed love to see 5 and 6 soon caribban