Disney’s Wish List of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Directors

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pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow1 Disneys Wish List of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Directors
The majority of critics seem to agree that from a creative standpoint, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has turned into a sinking ship. Nevertheless, the series remains an unrivaled cash cow for Walt Disney Pictures and they’re understandably anxious to see it carry on. In fact, they had a script for a fifth film in their hands before On Stranger Tides was even released.

The domestic box office gross for the latest entry might be lower than that of its predecessors, but the studio has little reason to worry that audiences are starting to grow impervious to the charms of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). To date, On Stranger Tides has amassed more than $472 million outside of the U.S. and is on track to earn close to $1 billion before it hits DVD and Blu-Ray. The foreign market has become increasingly important to Hollywood and with numbers like that, another voyage aboard the Black Pearl seems all but inevitable.

Of course, Depp recently expressed his desire to space out further Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and he already has his plate full with other projects – including Tim Burton’s big screen adaptation of the TV show Dark Shadows, a subversive re-imagining of the Lone Ranger,  and a remake of The Thin Man (which will reunite him with On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall).

Speaking of Marshall – he was offered the opportunity to helm Pirates of the Caribbean 5 back in January, but he has yet to formally accept or decline. Disney has evidently grown weary of the waiting game and according to Cinema Blend, they’ve started looking into some other options.

It sounds like the job is still Marshall’s if he decides he wants it, but Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Shawn Levy, Chris Weitz, and Alfonso Cuarón are now in the mix as well. CB‘s “most reliable source” has indicated that Burton is currently the top pick (and was also sought for On Stranger Tides before Marshall landed the gig, apparently) – but they theorize that even though he has a longstanding working relationship with Depp,  it’s extremely unlikely that he’d actually commit to the project.

So let’s take a look at the other contenders…

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 script is complete Disneys Wish List of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Directors

Levy’s resume, which includes films like Date Night, Night at the Museum, and the upcoming Real Steel, indicates that he would probably be a good match for Disney’s family-friendly sensibilities – but there were moments in the first three Pirates movies that seemed to be testing the limits of their PG-13 ratings. On Stranger Tides, on the other hand, seemed content to play it pretty safe. It never felt all that dangerous or inventive – so if they insist on pushing forward with a fifth film,  it would be a lot more encouraging to see them go with a director who’s not afraid to take some risks and shake things up. To be honest, Levy just doesn’t really seem like that type of filmmaker.

The same goes for Weitz, who started out his career co-directing hits like American Pie and About a Boy before moving on to big-budget fare like the ambitious misfire The Golden Compass and the second Twilight film, New Moon. He’s probably one of the most realistic options, but again – would he be capable of reinvigorating the Pirates series?

Like Burton, Raimi and Cuarón probably wouldn’t be interested – which is unfortunate, because they’re definitely the most intriguing names mentioned. They’ve both had experience working with tentpole franchises (Raimi with Spider-Man and Cuarón with Harry Potter), but it’s difficult to imagine either of them grabbing the reins on something with so much mileage.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer previously revealed that further sequels would continue to act as standalone stories. That still seems like the best strategy, but if On Stranger Tides proved anything it’s that the Pirates of the Caribbean films really need a director with a strong and unique vision calling the shots.

Source: Cinema Blend.

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  1. Wanna bet Burton’s gonna end up directing part 5 ;)

  2. If Marshall doesn’t return, I think Disney will have Shawn Levy direct, but I would love to see Sam Raimi do a Pirates film. He would be my top choice

  3. Personally, Alfonso Cuarón should get it. He’s a phenomenal director who really understands story, action, and pacing. Those are things that this series has to fix at this point and Cuarón is the man who can do it. but, we all know Burton’s gonna get it and deliver another mediocre Pirates movie. It’s just kinda sad because this series had so much promise after the first one.

  4. Shawn Levy? You kidding me?
    Alfonso Cauron without a doubt should get it!

    • I would not want Levy to direct a Pirates film, but if his upcoming film for Touchstone Real Steel is a success, consider him one of the top conteders for the job. I personally think Alfonso Cauron would make a great film, but i dont think we would see the same Jack Sparrow we are used to because Cauron doesnt have much humor in his films, something this francise should have because of Sparrow. I think Raimi would be perfect because he can make a film dark and humorous while keeping a PG-13 rating (see Drag Me to Hell).

  5. i really dont know why people hype Burton up so much i find his films very boring the only reason i watch them is coz all of his films have Johnny Depp in them loool.
    i agree with the previous posts that Cauron should get to gig coz he did an amazing job with the potter films not that im a big fan but i think he has the right style to fit in with the POTC franchise.
    i think if the future films are to be successful they need to drop the whole love story bit, it reallys ruins them especially the 2nd and 3rd movies they focused to much on that part, i think they need to do a story more driven on Captain Jack Sparrow (never forget the captain when mentioning his name looool) because thats the only reason why people go see the films anyway forget having so many big supporting characters keep Barbosa coz the 2 characters blend well together and can be really funny when they get going like they did in the 3rd film.
    for those who stayed to see the end credits clip we know what the next film will be about (wont mention it for obvious reasons)
    strangers tides was a good film they tried to keep it pretty similar to the 1st which worked well but as i mentioned before they had to many supporting characters and not enough CJS being jokes but im all up for a 5th instalment ;)

  6. How about they just end the series on a high note? I like all the movies equally, even On Stranger Tides, but I think it’s time to quit while they’re ahead. If Johnny’s not interested, I don’t think it’s gonna fly. But I’m sure if the studios threw enough money at him, he’d change his mind.

  7. Del Toro. can you imagine? :D

    • he never even crossed my mind but he’d be an awesome choice to take over, hes got a great imagination and would bring new life to the franchise

  8. I wanna see a Michael Bay pirate movie. Not necessarily a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but a pirate movie.

  9. Honestly, if Cuaron or Raimi directs this. Or Del Toro as some of you suggested, the series should go darker. I mean think about. A pirates film with Cuaron at the helm should not be family friendly. It should be dark.

  10. maybe we see some leviathan, or some kind of fish creatures in the next one. i love the mermaids in the last one and cant wait to see what they do in the next.

  11. Alfonso Cuaron :)

  12. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was okay but I think Tim Burton or Alfonso Cauron would be great as the directors as the series is PG.

  13. Omg!! Thank you for the last part of your article b/c I totally agree!!!! Pirates needs a director with a clear vision, not afraid to take risks, and who knows what it’s all about, I absolutely loved the past three pirates movies, but the third one felt kind of lost to me. It was good, but not AS good. I still love the pirates series tho.

  14. Gore verbiski’s trilogy is sacred, I mean there’s no match with this fourth episode, there was better story, better scenography, better special effect, more ship, better photography everything ! Also I haven’t liked marshall’s direction at all, it has been very flat. So bring back verbiski and take a great story ! ALso raimi and Alfonso Cuarón could be potential.

    Last thing, no one is talking about the bad role of penelope cruz in the movie, honestly I miss orlando bloom e keyra a lot ! At least they could have integrated Pintel and Raggetti !!

  15. Please not tim burton. About the only great movie he’s made is mars attacks! and after watching alice in wonderland I don’t wanna see anymore of his movies

  16. I agree completely with ligth.


  17. Yeah, bring back Gore Verbinski – there’s no better.

    I also miss orlando and keira. They were such straight characters that, when put with Captain Jack Sparrow, allowed for the perfect balance of seriousness and comicalness, and of romance and humour. Their story was so beautiful as well, and I love the contrast between their story and Captain Jack Sparrow’s.

    But mainly, bring back Verbinski!

  18. Just resee again all the 4 movie ..well I confirm my previous post the 4 instaltment doesn’t match the others…no even close !

  19. Martin Campbell could be a great choice
    Thai is just my personal idea, he is not included in the list of the possible directors, but he did the mask of Zorro witch was a little similar to pirates of the

    Another of my personal choices is Steven Spielberg
    Wow is very well known for the Indiana Jones Franchise

    So Martin would be my first choice if Rob Marshall says Good bye, and if he decides to come back then I’d be happy I really liked on stranger tides

  20. I just want Verbinski back :(

  21. As someone who has been an avid fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga since the very beginning, I simply cannot fathom why the franchise did not do all it could to ensure the return of the people that made the series great. I am, of course, refering to the almost shockingly small returning cast and, most importantly, the loss of Gore Verbinski. There is no doubt that the majority of fans & critics agree that the fourth installment of the series was the weakest. However, it still contained many the aspects that fans loved about the first three (more so from the first) and the franchise, as a whole, is still salvagable if taken back in the right direction. And although I can’t claim to be an expert in the art of filmmaking, here is what I, as a fan, would like to see in a fifth and possibly sixth installment. First and foremost, Gore Verbinski must be brought back as the director. I don’t know why Disney would consider hiring anyone else. And although, admittedly, I like the fan-generated suggestion of bringing on Del Toro, I think hiring a diferent director would create too much inconsistency. Gore’s vision and sense of style cannot be replaced nor replicated within the franchise and that was made more than evident with “On Stranger Tides”. In fact, it seemed almost as if Rob Marshall himself acknowleged this with the numerous nostalgic elements that existed within the film. Secondly, the key characters from the first three films (namely Will, Elizabeth, & the crew of the Black Pearl) must also be brought back. The loss of these characters resulted in a significant decrease in the dynamics of the plot. Part of what made the previous stories so interesting was the perpetual conflicts of interest between Will, Elizabeth, and Jack, who were all supposed to be protagonists. And as for those who say the romance between Will & Elizabeth was a distraction, they are dead wrong. All adventure stories are inherently romantic and I think Will and Elizabeth’s characters embodied that aspect perfectly while also helping to drive the plot. Additionally, the rest of the Black Pearl crew grew to be beloved characters that were greatly missed by many fans. As a final note on the returning cast, as much as I want to see old characters return, I would not endorse replacing them with different actors- too much inconsistency, detracts from the realism, & too much margin for error. Finally, as blasphemous as it is to criticize Hans Zimmer, I personally think the soundtrack for the fourth film was not as dynamic as the soundtrack for the third. The music created for “At World’s End” remains my absolute favorite soundtrack to date. Hans introduced a wide variety of new themes that dominated the film while still managing to blend and balance them perfectly with the old themes. Consequently, I had very high expectations for the fourth soundtrack. However, there didn’t seem to be any new theme that was especially dazzling or prominent; this is sort of evident in the unusually large amount of recycled material used throughout the movie. Music is a factor in filmaking which I think is largely disregarded among fans of cinema. Personally, I think the soundtrack is capable of making or breaking a film, and if Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is going save the sinking franchise, then it is going to need a phenomenal soundtrack from Zimmer comparable to that of the third.

  22. Bring back what worked. Gore Verbinski obviously knew what to do with the mix of action / comedy / drama. Pirates 4 was somewhat entertaining. But, “pushed to hard for a laugh” and , wow, what an embarassing ending with Penelope Cruz on the isle. I was almost looking over my shoulder to see if anyone caught me watching the silliness. The story had promise. But, the writing was surprisingly, “amateur”. I Love the trilogy. Bring back good directing and writing.Even if Keira and Orlando don’t return, great direction/vision and writing will make it work. I guess if I could give Disney my 50 cents for Pirates 5, it would be. ” Don’t get too Silly!”

  23. Hey Alex,
    Couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a singer/songwriter and have a small collection of film soundtracks. At Worlds End is by far the best of all the Pirates films. The music is perfectly produced and positioned in the film. One of Zimmers best. I’d love to get the Inception soundtrack. I could probably zone out for a day or two with that.

  24. you cant get rid of captain jack sparrow hes a main charater in the series and how are you going to get rid of him he died once and yall brought him back to life what will happen this time ? !!!

  25. I vote either burton because he and depp work well together or Alfanso I think Alfanso may be my first pick I just think he could return the series to the darkish tone the originals had.

  26. I really wish Gore Verbinski had stayed on for this entire series. The 4th installment lacked the darker theme of the first 3. It felt, truly, like a disney movie.

  27. I want to see Johnny Depp in next serious of pirates of caribbean Johnny Depp is my favourite actor I see all movies of Johnny Depp in pirates of caribbean jack sparrow role is best

  28. I want to see Johnny Depp in next serious of pirates of caribbean Johnny Depp is my favourite actor I see all movies of Johnny Depp in pirates of caribbean jack sparrow role is best