Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 Will Shoot Back-to-Back

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johnny depp jack sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 Will Shoot Back to Back

As Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides began to take shape, we heard repeatedly that this fourth installment in Disney’s massively successful franchise would be a more streamlined and focused adventure than the previous two sequels.

Borrowing elements from Tim Powers’ novel On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is supposed to be closer in spirit to the original film, Curse of the Black Pearl, in that it tells a stand-alone story of pirate plundering with a supernatural twist – specifically, Captain Jack Sparrow’s search for the Fountain of Youth.

We’ve seen a teaser trailer and poster, but fans will get their first real look at On Stranger Tides when the trailer debuts online Monday, December 13th (don’t forget to enter our “Pirates Fans First!” contest for a chance to watch it live and in 3D at an exclusive premiere event).

Early buzz suggests that director Rob Marshall has delivered a film that’s quite good, and if this latest report from Drew over at HitFix is any indication – Disney thinks so too. Evidently, the studio is ready to set sail on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6:

HitFix can now exclusively report that Disney has begun quietly telling cast and crew to set aside a major block of time in the very near future so they can shoot “Pirates 5″ and “Pirates 6.” And, yes, once again, they will be shooting them back-to-back as one giant film, and then they’ll release them as two films.

Obviously this is the same strategy that was employed for Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. Regardless of what fans thought of those films, they did big business at the box office and Disney saved quite a bit of cash by filming them back-to-back. As far as they’re concerned – that formula works.

Although his involvement in future sequels was previously called into question, it looks like Johnny Depp will appear in the next two sequels. In fact, his busy schedule was probably a large factor in this decision. HitFix theorizes that Disney will want Depp back in command of the Black Pearl as soon as he wraps up The Lone Ranger for them sometime next year.

I know the initial reaction here might be some groaning or eye-rolling. Perhaps this appears to be a one step forward, two steps back, situation. Just when it looked like the franchise was getting back on track by dropping played-out supporting characters and bringing in some new blood, they revert right back to their old ways.

But you know what’s incredibly encouraging about this development? It’s the latest piece of evidence that implies Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides turned out really, really well.

Obviously, Disney’s desire to get everyone locked in for sequels before On Stranger Tides has even been released speaks to the film’s quality – but so does Depp’s willingness to participate in further Jack Sparrow adventures. Coupled with his interest in re-teaming with Rob Marshall for a remake of The Thin Man, it seems to me like he’s pretty pleased with the way the film turned out.

Disney was obviously very aware of the criticisms hurled at the last two Pirates movies. It really seemed to inform their approach to On Stranger Tides. As long as they don’t make the mistake of retroactively refitting this film into the first chapter of a new trilogy, I’m totally up for this. I’ve always thought that if they took a cue from the Indiana Jones series and concentrated on singular stories, this franchise could have serious legs.

Depp obviously really loves the Jack Sparrow character and the studio clearly loves the money he’s made for them. Hopefully audiences will be just as interested.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 20th, 2011.

Source: HitFix.

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  1. Meh.

    • LOL

    • My thoughts exactly. Like Chris said, it at least gives us an idea to the quality of Pirates 4.

      • I am interested to see the trailer for Pirates 4. But then again, the trailers for 2/3 looked good too, so trailers basically mean nothing, they are an edited 90 second snapshot. Rarely indicative of the final product.

    • Obviously, if you hated the franchise you wouldn’t have come to this website in the first place as it is all about said hated franchise that you so eloquently took notice of to place your thoughtful and most intelligent comment to let the world know you wanted a break yet did not get your bootstraps out fast enough to not read it. Savvy?

      Oh, and if you really do want a break I can send some undead pirates over…

  2. I think pirates is OK,it certainly doesnt NEED 6 films,im ok with 5.


    • My problem with 2 and 3 is that I didn’t think they were much fun at all. The first one was charming, had plenty of action, and just the right amount of tongue in cheek attitude. It was maybe a little too long, but otherwise I loved it.

      2 and 3 take themselves a little too seriously. Sure, Jack has his moments but the desire to try and turn the whole thing into this ultra-dense and needlessly complex mythology really soured the experience.

      Structurally 2 and 3 are a disaster. They narrative just wanders every which way. Even big, epic movies should have a strong and focused story. To me, it’s clear those films were being written as they were shot.

      Also, one of the things that turned me off the most was how they constantly had the characters double-crossing each other and acting so incredibly selfish. Yes, Jack is a pirate. I get it. But like Han Solo, it’s nice to seem cracks in that tough guy facade. Even if he’d never admit to caring about Will or Elizabeth, we should still get the sense that he does. By part 3 all the twists and backstabbing and reveals just got ridiculous. I didn’t even care anymore.

      These work best as fun, adventure movies. They don’t need to be dressed up as anything else IMHO.

      • Well Chris… I can see all your points and yet it sounds like you are actually displeased with the reality of the life of pirates and privateers… the rambling narrative is indicative of how pirates truly were at the mercy of forces larger than themselves as a general rule and more to the point there was massive swindle and double cross according to the nature of leading such a life…

        Most pirates were hanged at the hands of their fellow pirates… more to the point they were sold out and sold out the lives for chump change and the chance for just a little more booty… the spaghetti westerns of old had the same problem and sadly you will find these same complaints coming from any extended series light entertainment features… over familiar may be the diagnosis here…

        • Awesome comment. I’m not just talking about Jack, though. EVERYONE was behaving selfishly and it was hard to really feel sympathy for any of them. Which made it difficult to become emotionally invested in the story.

          As important as it is to remain historically accurate up to a certain point, at the end of the day you’re still telling a story. These aren’t complaints against the entire trilogy – just parts 2 & 3.

          Like I said, I realize Jack is a pirate. But there’s a difference between him and Barbossa. Jack isn’t such a memorable character just because of his one-liners. There’s a decent human being in there somewhere no matter how hard Jack tries to bury him.

          The first film does a much better job of balancing his flaws with his heroics. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the intent with 2 & 3 was to capture the “rambling nature” of pirate life. I think those screenplays are just not up to par with the original’s. Like I said, I just think it’s obvious they ran out of time and were scrambling desperately to connect a bunch of loose threads and plot points.

            • Thanks for that link. I have to say the making of documentaries for 2 & 3 were a lot more captivating to me than the films themselves. And I’d never argue against the level of artistry on display in the entire series.

              It’ll be interesting to see how your predictions for the franchise pan out – a lot of them seem entirely plausible.

              It really is just a matter of personal taste. I think pirate lore is fascinating enough and doesn’t need Pirate Kings and Lords to dress it up. I’d have preferred more straight forward and focused adventures akin to the Indy series (like I mentioned in the article) that flirted with the supernatural without swimming in it.

              Also, you are officially my new favorite poster here.

    • Maybe its because they were a nonsense?

    • STOP SHOUTING!!!! Only 15 minutes? They could have cut 35 minutes of Pirates 2 and it would not have change the story. The same goes for Pirates 3.

    • I totally agree. The films are fun and personally I think if a movie makes you laugh till you have tears in your eyes, than it’s a good movie. ;^D


  5. Well I have enjoyed all 3 Pirates films and this news excites me. I don’t thin they were Oscar worthy, but I have fun watching them. What other cool pirate movies are out there? …exactly

  6. More swashbucking charm/adventure and less CGI laden effects that don’t help progress the story..I for one had no problem with Davey Jones looking like Bill Nighy instead of squid face(saw something similar in Sccoby-Doo when I was a kid). Nighy is just a fantastic actor

  7. I’m ready for them, I really like the Pirates films. But I’m glad it wont have Bloom and Knightly back.

  8. We really don’t need a 4th Pirates film let alone a 5th or a 6th. But then again we don’t need another Transformers, Spiderman, Indiana Jones etc

    Both the first and second film were watchable but the third just got lost with all the double crosses and ever changing agendas for each character. The intermission at the cinema came as such a blessing at the time, I had continuing headache from the fact i could make what was going on with the story.

    Can’t someone please make them, stop…

  9. apologies i meant couldn’t make out what was going on with the story

  10. NONONONONONONO! This cannot be happening! I love the whole “Pirates” series and I’m really excited about “On Stranger Tides”, but I honestly DO NOT want “Pirates 5 and 6!” It’s a great series, but this is literally going overboard and pushing it to the limits! I hope this turns out to not be true! Oh please no!

  11. Wooo! I’m all for it! As long as Depp is there, I will be too 😀

  12. The PotC franchise is pretty decent; fun popcorn summer movies, nothing more. Depp and Geoffrey are great actors.

    • I’m glad someone thinks so. ;^D

  13. Really?! Two more after Stranger Tides? It kinda makes me feel like they are running out of ideas over there at Disney.. The first film is and will be my favorite because after that it just got way to confusing for me. More so for part 3. If Johnny Depp is in it, good for him, I love his character but it’s getting old for me. In my humble opinion it’s time to draw a line in the sand and say enough. And if they do end up making two more I really hope they don’t have Orlando Bloom back.I liked him in Lord of the Rings but couldn’t stand him in Pirates.

    • I think one of the main factors in deciding to dump Bloom and Knightley was to help control costs, so I doubt they’ll be returning. And yeah – that’s fine with me. =-)

  14. Talk about milking a franchise for all that it’s worth.

    • and the land of milk and honey has been cranking out so many remakes that I welcome something with imagination…

    • Could be that there were a lot of people out there who really liked the franchise and wanted more and are thrilled about this.

      If you think this is bad, seriously, look a Star Trek. Or Star Wars. Enough? Thank you.

  15. After watching the second one, i thought that this would sink like the titanic but the difference would be that no one would care…

    after the third movie, i was positive that was it, cause it sucked that bad and everyone that was entertaining in the movies either died, or went off into the sunset with their own crew never to be seen again… but theyleft us with a (VERY) flamboyant, pirate who uses too much make up, alot like mimi on the drew carry show…

    now that they are making a 4th, i am convinced that they have no more ideas, good or bad, and this is just a money making sceme, thats the reason they are making this back to back, to save money, and they know that a ton of people will watch these two, and that will be a huge ammount of cash…

    GOD i hate these movies…

  16. hellll yesssssssss pirates is awesomee

  17. i look for this franchise to begin to explain the birth of the privateer industry as the footholds of democratic action… anyone who doesnt understand the value of this sort of storyline intermixed with fantasy for kids just wants escapism for adults and is selfish as a rule…

    certainly not going to hurt the rest of us if you decide that you would like to wander off and watch some more Eclipse or James Bond Medleys of mishmash theme and rehashed innuendo… this series embraces real legend, full mythical exploits and ties together history with herstory… why should i care if Disney teaches kids a bit about the wild unknown as a part of making my job as teacher of believers and dreamers easier…

    no sour grapes here… hoist that jolly roger and get on with the show

    i am in aisle 3 if you need me and you will notice that i am not alone

    glad you all have opinions but lets discuss what is so very wrong…

    • “certainly not going to hurt the rest of us if you decide that you would like to wander off and watch some more Eclipse or James Bond Medleys of mishmash theme and rehashed innuendo…”

      Sorry are you lumping the cinematic legacy of James Bond in with that of the Twilight Saga films? Because if you are you are deluded.

      And do you really think Disney give a monkeys about teaching kids history? These films have nothing to do with history, they are pure escapism and fantasy, and what kids are going to watch these films, I certainly wouldnt let anyone under the age of 10-11 watch these film.

  18. Woo hoo!!!!
    Bring on 5 and 6!!


  19. I’m actually very optimistic about On Stranger Tides…It really seems like they are trying to get this franchise back on track.

    As for 5 and 6…Whatever, I’ll wait until I see the movies to make any judgments. As long as Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are left out, I’ll continue to have hope.

    • I agree. As long as Bloom and Knightley are left out of the new films, I’m sure the new ones will be very enjoyable.

    • shut up, it wasnt the same without them

  20. Can’t wait to see this! It sounds awesome.

    I wish people would stop saying how they should have stopped after the first one- I mean, look at Star Trek. Trekkies have how many movies and TV series?

    As for 5 and 6? I’ll keep a weather eye on the horizon. ;^D

  21. how can you say that!? orlando and keira should come back! they are amazing actors!!!!!!!!!! and two main characters as well! i am praying they come back! i love them <33333333333

    • i so agree with you!! it would of made the fourth film ten times better if they were in it and i hated that preacher will turner wannabe!!

    • i would only say orlando cuz he is the captain of the flying dutchmen keira should jus stay home

  22. I haven’t seen Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly in a movie for quite some time now. They really should do one of these upcoming films. These movies are going to make much money and gain a ton of publicity, so it would be the perfect time for Bloom and Knightly to get back into acting. Plus they were the two main characters of the movies, so what’s the point without them? I think the two actors should return for one of the new Pirates movies.

  23. I loove Bloom and her…It is not going to be the same without them!!!!!!!!:(((((((((

  24. I think that both orlando bloom and keira knightly shoud come back. They along with johnny depp were the whole movie. I will watch the 4th movie but No new actor or actresses can or could even try replace the 2 they got rid of. Yes there is the story line for them on bloom has to stay on the ship but find a loop hole into getting him off or getting her on. they are a perfect couple and will be missed on the movies

    • they definately didnt replace them!!

    • Kay, definately 100% agree with you

  25. I think that these movies are epic. Who cares about tiny flaws? If you hate a movie because it is 15 min. too long or too serious when it’s supposed to be a drama as well as a comedy. People need to chill Out and enjoy the franchise as a simple, charming movie. I would like them to expand on the Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly storyline maybe in a fight against Calypso or something tying back to the third.

    • yes, brian! I agree that keirra and will must come back! I love them!

  26. I have seen number four and it was AMAZING! I did miss Will and Elizabeth but their absence doesn’t ruin the movie at all. I do hope that they are in the 5 and 6 movies because them and Jack are a package deal, even though i didn’t like Will in the 3 movie. I’ll bet that these 6 movies will be as epic as Star Wars!!! Even though these should be watched in order, not like star wars where you need to watch the original 4 5 6 then the new 1 2 3 to really understand them.

  27. ORLANDO BLOOM and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY should definitely be back!
    The fourth movie wasn’t as enjoyanle as the first three! 😉

    • yes! I really had a hard time enjoying them in the 4… this must change!