Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 Will Shoot Back-to-Back

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johnny depp jack sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 Will Shoot Back to Back

As Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides began to take shape, we heard repeatedly that this fourth installment in Disney’s massively successful franchise would be a more streamlined and focused adventure than the previous two sequels.

Borrowing elements from Tim Powers’ novel On Stranger Tides, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is supposed to be closer in spirit to the original film, Curse of the Black Pearl, in that it tells a stand-alone story of pirate plundering with a supernatural twist – specifically, Captain Jack Sparrow’s search for the Fountain of Youth.

We’ve seen a teaser trailer and poster, but fans will get their first real look at On Stranger Tides when the trailer debuts online Monday, December 13th (don’t forget to enter our “Pirates Fans First!” contest for a chance to watch it live and in 3D at an exclusive premiere event).

Early buzz suggests that director Rob Marshall has delivered a film that’s quite good, and if this latest report from Drew over at HitFix is any indication – Disney thinks so too. Evidently, the studio is ready to set sail on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6:

HitFix can now exclusively report that Disney has begun quietly telling cast and crew to set aside a major block of time in the very near future so they can shoot “Pirates 5″ and “Pirates 6.” And, yes, once again, they will be shooting them back-to-back as one giant film, and then they’ll release them as two films.

Obviously this is the same strategy that was employed for Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. Regardless of what fans thought of those films, they did big business at the box office and Disney saved quite a bit of cash by filming them back-to-back. As far as they’re concerned – that formula works.

Although his involvement in future sequels was previously called into question, it looks like Johnny Depp will appear in the next two sequels. In fact, his busy schedule was probably a large factor in this decision. HitFix theorizes that Disney will want Depp back in command of the Black Pearl as soon as he wraps up The Lone Ranger for them sometime next year.

I know the initial reaction here might be some groaning or eye-rolling. Perhaps this appears to be a one step forward, two steps back, situation. Just when it looked like the franchise was getting back on track by dropping played-out supporting characters and bringing in some new blood, they revert right back to their old ways.

But you know what’s incredibly encouraging about this development? It’s the latest piece of evidence that impliesĀ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides turned out really, really well.

Obviously, Disney’s desire to get everyone locked in for sequels before On Stranger Tides has even been released speaks to the film’s quality – but so does Depp’s willingness to participate in further Jack Sparrow adventures. Coupled with his interest in re-teaming with Rob Marshall for a remake of The Thin Man, it seems to me like he’s pretty pleased with the way the film turned out.

Disney was obviously very aware of the criticisms hurled at the last two Pirates movies. It really seemed to inform their approach to On Stranger Tides. As long as they don’t make the mistake of retroactively refitting this film into the first chapter of a new trilogy, I’m totally up for this. I’ve always thought that if they took a cue from the Indiana Jones series and concentrated on singular stories, this franchise could have serious legs.

Depp obviously really loves the Jack Sparrow character and the studio clearly loves the money he’s made for them. Hopefully audiences will be just as interested.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 20th, 2011.

Source: HitFix.

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  1. Okay, basically… I just watched the 4th film and yes it was amazing but i think a bit of a let down to the others.
    Penelope Cruz was really good and it was good to see a bit more of Jack Sparrow’s personal life.:)

    I DEFINATELY think Will & Elizabeth should come back and so do all my friends. Almost everyone i know wishes they come back. They were two main characters, and i don’t understand how they could possibly be taken out.

    After the credits in the 3rd film, you saw Will and Elizabeth’s son. It would be more than amazing to see him pirating with Jack and his crew. There could be some sort of twist where Elizabeth tries to find a way to see Will everyday.


    • yes, POTCfan. my thoughts exactly!

  2. Oh and captain jack sparrow HAS to stay. NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO REPLACE HIM!!

  3. Pirates 4 did not have will or Elizabeth but if you look at it as it’s own story you could give it a 4 star rating now they will be missed and if they dont want to make a 5 th then get new actors that look like them to play the roles I missed them but I think they should make a 5 th and 6th without them a 7th without them and the 8th and 9 th will be the final movies and should have them

    • I presonally liked the 4th one the best. It seemed to focus a lil more on Jack. I hope that Penelope Cruz’s character returns in the next two films. Bloom’s character (Will Turner) took over Davey Jones’ place as captain of the Flying Dutchman, so Will Turner can’t return, weither Will Turner is played by Bloom or not. It seems that particular characters really aren’t the same getting different actors to take over playing roles. Elizabeth can’t come back, because it wouldn’t be the same. Having her and not Will.

      • I saw pirates 4 and it wasn’t very good. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE POTC! I just don’t think they did it right. In my opinion Angelica had no place in the movie. And come on! who would be the idiot to believe Jack likes her ( I say likes her because LOVE would be just stupid ) I mean really, Jack lied to her- true. He never loved her nor will he ever. He didn’t even have a crush on her. He lied to every wench in Tortuga and I see her no different. I HOPE AND PRAY she wont be in the other POTC movies, but I know they will put her there anyway…Sometimes I think Im the only person on this planet that understands what Jack thinks and feels…So, talk all you want and no matter what they say in the movie- I know the real Jack…not the 1 they showed in more than 75% of the movie…

  4. I think this is the best idea ever! Me and my best friend are obsesed with these movies I can’t wait for the next ones!!!!!I hope maybe they could bring will and Elizabeth back and some of the old crew like cotton spintel and ragetti even though jack is the best of course, I saw the fourth that opening day with my fried in IMAX 3d but the third is still my favorite but please make more! Make me a new favorite!

  5. Yeah bring em on! Me and my best friend are obssesed with them! I saw the fourth in IMAX 3d and it was the best even though the third one remains my favorite. Maybe in these next few movies you could bring back will and Elizabeth cuz no matter what you guys thought, that was leaft hangin. And maybe bring back Some of the old crew too like cotton pintel and ragetti even though jack sparrow is of course the best.so come on make me another favorite!!

  6. Oops :)

  7. I think will and elizabeth are a big part of a bigger storyline and i loved how they interacted with sparrow and the rest of the pirates but i couldn’t get over the fact that its supposed to be an adventurous movie yet it seemed they put too much romance into it and i didn’t quite like that . Potc on stranger tides i think had it perfect with the minimum romance between phillip and syrena and the previous relationship between angelica and sparrow (apolagies for any spoliers). Honestly i’d love to see will and liz again (her as a governess and him as a free man once again with his father and son (due to his 10 years being up)) but the should be in it for maybe a scene or two perhaps giving sparrow letters of marque or something or will going out to sea again

    • Will and Elizabeth should have like there own movie I just love to see it back then when I watch POTC I was into it then 5 years later I look back at the series I’m like omg I luv it they need to make a storyline about the two and their sun I’m just like dyin I hate that they’re not in the series no more I just hope they bring them both back like please!!!!!!

  8. I am a huge fan. I loved all the movies but my least favorite the fourth because honestly I love the will and Elizabeth romance and I was dissapointed to hear they are done with the movies. Since will and elozabeth are out potc cant afford to lose jack sparrow too.

  9. Come on kierra and Orlando the 4 one was bad without u 2 just have Will stay in the water and the hot pirate king command a vessel with the Witty jack sparrow

  10. i disagree with the article’s opinion on the 2nd and 3rd installments. the story was great, but more importantly Bill Nighy (Davy Jones) is my favorite villain in the series and one of my favorite movie villains OF ALL TIME. PERIOD. i also thought Will and Elizabeth were awesome characters, so my interest in these next movies is severely lessened without them.

  11. I think that they should bring Will and Elizabeth back. Here is why by the time they are done sorting things out it will have been about ten years and they are supposed to be able to see each other. I also think that after see this at home alone with out people stupidly laughing at everything on the screen beside me this one is awesome too. However for story sake we need to be able to include will and Elizabeth.

  12. Will and elizabeth should be put in the 5th where the time is back to where the end of the 3rd film was, will turner returns for a day after the 10 years but jack is in trouble and needs wills and liz’s help, liz is still known as the pirate king(queen) and calypso is brought back to somehow extend will’s stay on the land or something. just an idea, what do u guys think? i have so many more scenarios that i have imagined :3

    • okay, that sounds amazing, what josh said, about calypso coming back, and will and Elizabeth coming to help. or, you could include the son, and he could get in some trouble, and jack would have to save him. but I love Orlando bloom, and keirra Knightley! they MUST be in the next one!

  13. I loved Will and Elizabeth. For myself, they were the best part. However, I think their story lines are done with. Yeah you can make up some tale involving them but i think they’d be trying to hard. I think they should make a prequel. Or prequels of Davy Jones or Will’s father “Bootstrap”. Or a prequel of Jack and Babossa being on the same crew. I’d pay to see that.

  14. I would love to see pirets of the caribban 5 and 6


  16. Lv cpt jack,focus on elzabth n jack chmstry

  17. But I loved angelica and jack aka jackelica

  18. I love jack I am weating for you