Pirates 4 To Be The Last For Johnny Depp? [Updated]

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johnny depp captain jack sparrow Pirates 4 To Be The Last For Johnny Depp? [Updated]

We recently reported on the news that Disney Chairman Dick Cook had stepped down from his position at the company after many years, with the rumors for his departure ranging from voluntary to forced out by Disney CEO Bob Iger, who may have been unhappy with Cook’s (and the company’s) box office performance as of late. Whatever the reason, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment at the news, with it putting a damper on his enthusiasm for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.

Depp’s starring in Pirates 4 was brought into question, which led to further questions asking if there will even BE a Pirates 4 if Depp isn’t in it. Well, recently word (that, for some reason, flew under our radar around these parts) has been floating around by way of an exclusive tip over at Cinemablend that even if Depp DOES come back for a fourth Pirates movie, it’ll be his last, meaning he won’t stick around for Pirates 5 or 6.

UPDATE: Apparently Disney has promised that Depp will be back for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Head here for details.

There’s been rumors going around that Pirates 4 is being planned to kick off a new trilogy, which probably means they have some sort of plan for what they want to do with 5 and 6. And I bet you those plans (even if they’re only plans, or even ideas at the moment) included Depp as Captain Jack. They’re probably already in the midst of drawing up a hefty check to pay Depp’s fee for doing Pirates 4, but beyond that, going by Cinemablend‘s tip, they’ll have to pay him even MORE if he’s to do more installments after that.

So let’s just imagine for a minute that Pirates 4 is Depp’s last time playing Captain Jack Sparrow – what would that mean for the character and the franchise? I think if Depp turned his sights elsewhere (and let’s face it, he’ll get work no matter what), Disney would have a serious problem on their hands. Would they recast Captain Jack? I don’t think fans of the series would have any of that, as I think you’ll agree the essence of the character is brought to the table by Depp. Will they not include Captain Jack and bring in a new character that’ll hopefully capture the hearts of the Pirates franchise’s avid fans (something Cinemablend‘s tip hints at)? I really don’t think the fans would have any of THAT, either.

pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow Pirates 4 To Be The Last For Johnny Depp? [Updated]

What would Pirates of the Caribbean be without Johnny Depp?

Looking at the extreme case scenario – will there even BE a Pirates 5 and 6 if Depp isn’t in the picture? I think Disney would have a go at trying to make it work, and I think people would still end up seeing them because, hey, it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the biggest (read: most profitable) film franchises around. Having said that, Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow is the absolute draw of the franchise, and it would be SORELY lacking without him. To be honest, I wouldn’t care one iota about a Pirates of the Caribbean if he wasn’t in it. I’m sorry, but he’s about the only thing that kept me interested throughout the messes that were Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. Unless the On Stranger Tides rumored director, Rob Marshall, stays on for 5 and 6 and turns them into the Citizen Kanes of pirate movies, I won’t be interested when the time comes.

What’s your opinion on Depp’s uncertain Pirates of the Caribbean future? Do you think he’ll come back for Pirates 4 and then 5 and 6 after that? If he didn’t, what do you think Disney would do with the character and the franchise?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is supposed to start filming next Spring, and has a general release date of Summer 2011.

Source: Cinemablend

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  1. I’m just a Depp follower, doesn’t matter the role. I haven’t been disappointed yet=)

  2. Did someone say the most insane idea in this hemisphere? (Besides having Bush “elected” twice)…..POTC IS JOHNNY, as we patently all know. I mean the Keith thing was cool, but give him more screen time–and please, “KILL THE WELP”, Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy, Kevin McNally: more screen time, too, major actors there. Johnny is a stand man and no doubt will do what is within his integrity. Track record proves it (i.e. he hated Jumpstreet) Don’ forget: he does all this galavanting and dealing for US. Of course, we’ll love him in return.

  3. Yeah, but what if there is more time on screen in the fourth movie for jack sparrow and barbossa, and no more elizabeth and will on screen a all?, that would actaully be my ideal pirates of the caribbean 4 movie!. I hope that, thats the way the pirates of the caribbean 4 will be like because some people out there, i’m also tired of the whole will and elizabeth scene parts, those parts of the first three movies, kinda sorta ruined it for there being the chance of have more jack sparrow and barbossa scene where those two have more scenes in those movies, where they do more ship attacking, sword fighting and pirating and so on and so forth!. Those parts of those movie are the best parts, and the supernatural parts are really good part too, that we need to see more of, which i think we luckily will see more that in pirates of the caribbean 4.

  4. I don’t get what’s the thing with “replace Depp”.

    In POTC, he CANNOT be replaced. He is the essense
    of the movies. It would be like having an Indiana
    Jones movie without Harrison Ford. It simply does
    not work.

    And more stupid “making a POTC film without Sparrow.”
    A woman pirate? Women as pirates do not work. Keira
    Knightley proved that thousand times over. And having
    a new lead character? That’s not POTC. That’s something
    completely different.

    To the idiots that suggested the above – go lay out your
    stupid fantasies somewhere else. I don’t care if Pirates
    4 is the last. What matters to me is that it’s a worthy
    film. Make it one that will leave people with good memories
    and Depp can leave the franchise to rest in peace at last,
    knowing he had given the people a good show.

    Make it a standalone movie with a great A to B storyline,
    make an entertaining film and wrap up the Pirates franchise
    with a worthy last movie and lasting good impressions.

  5. WarMonger64,
    He will not be replaced!. He will not be replaced because if he is then no one will want to bother to go and see the pirates movies!. Or in other words, what would be the point in see it then, with out him there in the movie, in the first place?!.

  6. well sorry as much as i completely love pirates of the carribean if you take captain Jack away what will you really be left with…. A BAD FILM come on he is the most funniest character in the film if he’s not there it will no longer be the epic funny drama that we all love and i do wish that will and elizabeth would come back because orlando is hot! and we need more turners!if the film has none of these then there’s no point in there being another one so JHONNY STAY IN WE ALL WANT YOU! 😀

  7. Rebecca, johnny depp and geoffrey rush are the only one returning as captain jack sparrow and captain barbossa!. The will and elizabeth story is over!. I’m sure there will be plenty of new characters and their might even be a new will and elizabeth type of couple to take will and elizabeths place in the new upcoming pirates of the caribbean movie, called pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides. Johnny depps jack sparrow might even be one them!, with a new pirates wife or girlfriend get people to forget about william and elizabeth from the first three movies!.

  8. The official disney movie website called disney.go.com has a walt disney pictures section on thier website, where they advertise all their upcoming movies, that are yet to be released to theaters, and now they already have pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides up on there, but the movie trailer is not released yet for it, it’s just the movie trailer slot for it has been released for the movie trailer future official spot, and on there it currently says “summer 2011″, as its tentitative release date period for the movie itself to be released to movie theaters on that date, and if thats the case, then the best and most likely timing that pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides would be released to theaters on, is on “July 8th, 2011 Friday”, because first of all, may is not in the summer but, june, july and august are in that time of year, and if anything, the way that the previous three movies have be released so far to movie theaters, this upcoming pirates movie will be released on that date that i’ve just mentioned above!, hense the fact that summer does not start in may, but in june, and july is in the middle of the summer, so thats perfect timing to release pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides, thats why it says on pirates 4’s official logo poster this —> (“summer 2011″) !.

  9. POTC wouldn’ work without JD.

    However I agree with DarthMalnu (A Jedi Master agrees with a Sith Lord? The Horror!) Depp indeed needs to take a break from Disney and Burton and try ACTING again. Remember when he did offbeat movies like “Benny and Joon” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”.

    IMHO Tim Burton lost his mojo a long time ago. Sure he’ll do a wonderful movie like “Big Fish” but then he does needless (and soulless) remakes like “Planet of the Apes” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Pashaw!

    As for Depp and POTC I think as long as Disney keeps writing the outlandishly huge checks JD will continue to shill. And yes I think he enjoys being a hero to the kiddies.

  10. johnny depp is a great actor in the series pirate of the carribbean and if he is not acting in the movie on stranger tides it wont be the same and it will lose intrest easy.

  11. Ashley, they wont make a “on stranger tides” Pirates movie, with out johnny depp!, they just wont!. Because they all know that he is the one and only reason why those pirates of the caribbean movie do so amazingly well in the theaters and in stores when their finally released to dvd and blu ray disc!.

    J.M.Yoda, Yes!, they need to definately keep him in the disney pirates movies, because first of all, those movies are too good to stop making them!, and secondly, there are too many fans of that franchise to disappoint by announcing that there will not be any more pirates of the caribbean 3, because NO!, there really will be more pirates of the caribbean movies, even after the third movie that has already been released, and was very successful!. When the first few movie of a future franchise are successful, theres bound to be more coming!!!!.

  12. sorry, i ment, more “after” pirates of the caribbean 3 in the middle of my previous reply to you there!, sorry. I mis-typed there!.

  13. No way. If he must leave for 5 or 6, DO NOT film more Pirates Of The Caribbean. I don’t know many lookalikes, so if he left, the whole movie might shut down! Wouldn’t that be terrible?