Pirates of the Caribbean 4 May Have Its Director!

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 6:50 pm,

Although nothing is confirmed as of yet, Variety is reporting that Chicago director, Rob Marshall, is on the verge of being signed by Disney to direct Pirates of the Caribbean 4. This would seriously further talk of the project moving into production next year, possibly even filming by April.

Variety says that Disney and mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been meeting with various different directors over the past few weeks. They’re evidently trying to speed things up to get Pirates 4 made with Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow before he’s to star in The Lone Ranger for the studio.

Sources are saying that it’s looking very likely that Marshall will come on-board as the director of the fourth installment in the successful Pirates franchise. These sources are also saying that the studio has started casting new characters that will appear in the fourth film.

The first three Pirates movies had Gore Verbinski at the helm, but it was announced back in April that he would no longer be directing any more of the franchise’s movies. He instead is off to work on his Bioshock video game adaptation.

If Marshall does get the Pirates 4 directing gig, it certainly will be a change of genre for him. He made his theatrically released directing debut back in 2004 with the musical film, Chicago (he directed the TV movie Annie before that), and has just finished filming his latest one, Nine, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman. That movie is due out in late November.

On top of Marshall’s usual type of films being so vastly different to Pirates, stepping into a multi-billion dollar franchise at this late stage in the game is no small matter either.

Marshall and the Pirates franchise may not exactly be a perfect fit at first glance, but nonetheless, it’s kind of relieving to see that the studio is thinking outside of the box, hopefully to try and breath some fresh life into the now limp and muddled series of films.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for news on whether or not Marshall signs on.

For the time being, what do you think about Rob “Chicago” Marshall directing Pirates 4?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will possibly begin shooting in April and May of 2010, and has a likely release date of sometime in 2011.

Sources: Variety via Cinematical

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  1. If this news is true!, then that tells mew that, that other recent news about pirates of the caribbean 4 starting filming in 2010 for a 2011 theatical release date, is actually true, because before i didn’t believe it, because i first found that out, when that information was first released, but now i do believe it all, because its now been announced on hundreds of movie websites by now!, not just a few of them anymore!, so now its really more believable by now! =).

  2. Sorry, i ment to say “that tells me “NOW”, not mew. I missed spelled there!. Sorry about that!.

  3. lol as long as it isn’t a musical i’m all for it!

  4. Jimmy, don’t worry, pirates of the caribbean 4 is not going to be some dumb boring musical!. Jerry bruckheimer and johnny depp, wont let that happen, because i’m sure their aware it would fail like,”big time!” then!. There should not be any major changes done to the next pirates of the caribbean movie!. The only thing their going their going to change about it, is their going to make it like the origial first pirates of the caribbean movie “like how ecurse of the black pear” was!.

  5. Hmmm… I’ve not faith in this project, but maybe Marshall can do something for the franchise.

  6. THough it may not be a dumb boring musical it may turn out to be dumb and boring like At World’s End was. Though it didn’t put me to sleep like the god awful Hannibal At World’s End did have me battling my eyelids from closing through out the film, especially when JD was in the desert.

  7. I stopped caring about this franchise at the second sequel. Definitely needs better writing than anything else, IMO.

  8. You guys need to give this movie a chance!. It might actually be better then you all think because the director who directed pirates 3, is not going to be the director this around for pirates 4 !. This time its going to be someone else, and i’m perry sure jerry buckheimer and walt disney pictures are not dumb enough to have some crappy director direct this upcoming pirates of the caribbean 4 movie!, alright?!. I’m just glad that pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6 are definately going to happen, and if pirates 4 comes out in 2011, then that means that pirates of the caribbean 5 is coming out in 2014, and pirates of the caribbean 6 is coming out in 2017 !!!!!!!!!!.

  9. The first film was a work of art, even for me an Anti-Disney bloke. 😯

    POTC-2 and 3 gave me a CGI induced migrane. If they bring on a new Director it can only be an improvement. I’m willing to check it out, if only to support struggling actor Johnny Depp… :-)

  10. Pirates 5 and 6? Did I miss something?

  11. SkyK1nG,
    Not actually you didn’t miss anything, so your good!. They’re planning on making a pirates of the caribbean 5 and 6 after 4, so that there will be a second trilogy in the pirates of the caribbean disney movie franchise!. Eventually there will be about a total of 6 pirates of the caribbean movies!.

  12. @ Sean. Let’s hope your wishes do not become true.

    Personally, I really liked Dead Man’s Chest. Of course it had some dumb moments, but overall I found the film to be a good sequel. Unfortunately my vision of a third one did not match with what I saw two years ago.

  13. The worst thing about the two sequels after the first, fantastic movie, is that the characters became too big for the story.

    I think that making Elizabeth a Pirate King was a big mistake. She should have ended her story with marriage to Will Turner, and become a part of HIS redemption, and the redemption of his father. There were too many ‘Chiefs’ in the movies, and not enough Indians.

    Johnny Depp stole every scene he was in, (either by hamming it up, or by directing all attention away from the performances of the other characters) and by the third movie, was almost a parody of Captain Jack Sparrow.

    If PIRATES 4 is to go ahead, they need to return to the basics of the first movie; the love of adventure, the mystery and menace and unknowing terrors that lurk in the deep places of the ocean, and the freedom of a deck beneath your feet and a sailing ship to take you there.

    Everyone longs to be like Jack Sparrow, and just sail where the wind and tide takes you. They need to get that feeling back again in the next film.

    Elizabeth Swan, and Will Turner should have been the characters that represented the audience, taking a chance to taste Jack Sparrow’s world. They were in the first film.

    It needs to be that way again!

  14. @Iron Knight –

    Thats because most of us true pirates of the caribbean movie fans out there imagine what each pirates of the caribbean movie is going to be like before they are even released to theaters, then the movie comes to theaters, then we go and see it, and it does not always match up to exactly how we thought it would really be like, after seeing it for the first time!. But now that we know that pirates 4 might have a director finally, there might not be anything really need to worry about, when it comes to involving how good the movie is going to be because the director thats been possibly chosen, is a good director, and aleast hes not the director from the mummy 3, or like that movie that only made 1 million dollars, called “a sound of thunder”, that came out back in like 2004 or 2005 or so!. That movie was by far, the worst movie on record to hae ever been made!.

  15. @ gottarhyme. Good point! That was, in fact, one of the main problems, with the third especially.

    @ Sean. MAYBE they’ll make a good new film, but I for one, am not eagerly anticipating any more films. There’s hope for the franchise if they do that Fountain of Youth stuff, but even a good director can do a bad action movie (see Ang Lee’s Hulk)

  16. @Iron Knight –
    They’re not going to have a new director for pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6 because of gore verbinksi doing horribly on them “which he didn’t do badly on them”, but because gore verbski opted out of the pirates franchise, so now, if they really are going to make another 3 pirates movies, “which they are”, then the only way to do that now is to have a new director for the next three movies!. I’m pretty sure, that walt disney pictures and jerry bruckheimer are not going to allow some bad film making director direct pirates of the caribbean 4, because then, that would just like total craziness!, and not a very thing to do to a aleady successful movie franchsie!, that does not need to be destroyed by small film making directors, or directors who that have made movies in the past that didn’t do well in the box office, whe they were released!.

  17. Johnny Depp sure is busy

  18. it would be great if there was to be a 4th pirates of the carrbean.

  19. this is my valid email address.

  20. it would be great if there were going to be another pirates of the carribean.

  21. this is a validfd email address.

  22. yeah, he has. but thats ok.

  23. SAVE WILL AND ELIZABETH!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WILL AND ELIZABETH HAVEEEE TO B IN IN!!!!!!! they were so perfect then will had to go b a captain now they will only see eachother every 10 stinkin years! they have to indo it she has to b with him and also THEY CAN”T JUST CUT THEM OUT! i live jack but come on will and elizabeth are part of it too! she should go to the fountain of youth with jack so she can live forever, or else the next couple of times will comes back she will be getting older FYI after a few times of seeing eachother she will b OLD! and he will b still a hot young guy!!! get with it ppl! i have thought this though! mayb she she should become a crew member on the fling dutch men!! (think about this, what if they have a kid! he won’t see it till its like 9 or 10!!! HELP US ALL! and what is she suposed to do for 10 years while she ages sit there holding his heart getting OLDER!!!?! I DON”T THINK SO!!! mayb the 4th one should b all about them trying to get back together!!!
    or something just PLEASEEEEEEEE don’t cut them out :( :( :( :( :( they are the best! of couse jack makes it funny but they are ALLLLLL part of it!NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WILL AND ELIZABETH MST STAY!!!!!!
    SAVE WILL AND ELIZEBETH!!! ARE U WITH ME!?!?!??!?!OH YALL ARE ALL IDIOTS IF U WANNA CUT WILL AND ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!! FORREAL U HAVE TO HAVE THEM! Jack made it funny will and elizabeth made the romance and the best part was them!!!!
    i vote we save will and elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. sorry to have inform this to you but, will and elizabeth just wont be back!. sorry!.