Latest Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Casting News [Updated]

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pirates of the caribbean 4 logo2 Latest Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Casting News [Updated]

Update: Disney has announced which actor is playing “the new Orlando Bloom” character. See below for details.

Despite initial hiccups (such as whether Johnny Depp would return or not) Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been moving forward quite smoothly for awhile, especially when it comes to casting.

After it was confirmed that Depp would be returning as fan-favorite Captain Jack Sparrow, we learned of two new major casting additions: Ian McShane (as the villain Blackbeard) and Penelope Cruz (as Blackbeard’s daughter and Captain Jack’s “equal”).

Now we’re hearing word of some possible new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 casting additions, one of which may be pretty major.

Firstly, Production Weekly Tweeted that Stephen Graham (Public Enemies) is currently in talks to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 as a character called “Scram.” No other details were given, but I’m guessing the character is one of the pirates either helping or hindering Captain Jack’s quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

I personally think Graham would be a great addition to the cast, and I’m really glad to see him taking off as an actor, as I’ve admired his performances for quite some time (if you haven’t checked out his performance in This Is England,do so ASAP).

Moving on to a potentially more significant Pirates 4 casting addition, E Online is reporting that two relatively unknown actors, Max Irons and Sam Claflin, are both in the running to be the franchise’s new young heartthrob, now that Orlando Bloom won’t be returning.

Neither of the actors are all that well known yet, but both have onscreen experience: Irons (son of actor Jeremy Irons) appeared in the recent Dorian Gray and had a bit part in Being Julia alongside his Dad. Claflin only has a couple of recent credits to his name: The Lost Future and the British TV mini-series, The Pillars of the Earth (alongside Ian McShane, funnily enough).

Update: We now know which of the two actors will be playing the new young swashbuckler character to sort of replace Orlando Bloom – Sam Claflin. He will play the role of “Philip, a youthful missionary.” No other character details were revealed.

I’m not that happy to hear that they seem to be bringing in the same types of stock characters to populate Pirates of the Caribbean 4, as I was hoping for a fresh direction after the… disappointments of the second and third movies.

Neither Bloom nor Keira Knightley are returning, but now they’re looking to bring in a new young hunk actor to replace Bloom – and the description of Penelope Cruz’s character being “feisty” isn’t exactly dissimilar to Knightley’s character.

What do you think of the latest casting news for Pirates of the Caribbean 4? How do you feel about them bringing in another young swashbuckler – Sam Claflin – to replace Bloom?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides is set to start shooting this summer under the direction of Rob Marshall (Chicago). It sails into theaters on May 20th, 2011.

Sources: E Online, Production Weekly and Disney

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  1. i can not beileve that will and elizabeth wont be in the 4th one. i am obbesed with these movies and there the biggest reason why. i dont kno why they wouldnt be in the 4th one, he could team up with jack to find a way not to be captain of the flying dutchman and find his way back to elizabeth and there son. i already know im going to hate this movie if there not recasted. unless they make a 5th one and there deciding to bring them back in that one

  2. I have read all the comments and I think there is good point being made. However We all have the seasons of life we go through when we are up and down I think trilogy + type films do to. I just got done watching all three again and cuaght si many things I did not see and hear when I saw them in the theatre. I thought part one and two were good but not like the first. But now that I understand all the terminology of the movie part 2. & 3. Were so much better sand well written. I personally think that their was an assumption on the part of Disney that people had all the lingo down, and the Calipso character was hard at first to tie together. She is holding a crab when they rescue Jack sparrow and is controlling the crabs that bring the black Pearl back to the sea. Many others things like this if You will watch them again. I truly believe it will make you a fan again and excite all for part 4-5-6. My Pastor friend daughter is a stunt double for part 4. She said she is real excited and believe part 4 is going to rock and be a huge hit. She has been a stunt double in many movies including major hits. Looking forward to it. Rewatch the first three really following the discourse and it will make total sense if you are still little shaky in your understanding in part 2 & 3. Maybe you had all that down the first time and if so God bless you and forgive me for waisting your time. :)

    • I think the moive will not be as good as the other moives they dont have Elizabith and Will it wont be the same they are the main people and caption jack so i really dont see the moive being as good at the other three alot of people are fans of orlando bloom so alot of peole are mad and dissapoined about this

  3. i think that u guys suld kepp orlando bloom try and keep him instad to replasing him for other actors im a big fan of pirates of the caribbean and i like someday to addition. thanx ruben quinones

  4. i still wish they would still include orlando bloom in the cast, cause it would not be the same if he (Orlando) and Keira will not be there. :(

    • I think Disney should of kept Olando Bloom. The trilogy will not be the same. The story line was working so well with all the main cast. Why would they not bring back the 3 main characters. I would even like to see
      Tia Dama again. There was so much more they could of done better now that they have a new captain for the Dutchman. Wrong move Disney.

  5. I think people are assuming (wrongly) that these actors are “replacing Bloom”. I’ve read the book, “On Stranger Tides”, and Scram is a character in the book who is not very nice actually. There is no Philip in the book.
    I think they are very different characters from William Turner and therefore are not merely replacing Bloom. Isn’t it time to stop using Orlando Bloom’s name to promote Pirates Four? After all, he has moved on, you should too. Or isn’t Depp’s name enough to float this worn-out franchise anymore?

    • Actually Captian Davies first name is Philip, but IMO Davies is more remnisent of Barbossa…but there was an element of young clergy within On Stranger Tides, but it resided with back story of the herione and not a young male…so although I think they have def picked some elements from the novel, I think that have also very much broken things down and added other things (like mythological aspects of mermiads and such from the novelizations of the young Jack Sparrow series)

  6. I am really excited for the franchise. I too think the last two films were much cleverly writen and were really starting to build on the mythology and the character developement of who Jack Sparrow really is.

    I think by having some new characters can really open the doors and expand the series as there are already elements from the novel On Stranger Tide’s within the other 3 films and then it also seems that the junior novelations about the young Jack Sparrow may now tie in to the films as well, making it more steam punk Jules Verne esque I think is a great direction and I look forward to seeing where ‘they’ take us now.

  7. All 3 previous installments of POTC were brilliant and it will be great to see the next movie regardless of Orlando Bloom & Keira Knighly being in the cast or not. POTC is what Cinema is all about… action, adventure and pure enjoyment.

  8. I loved all 3 Pirates of the caribbean movies!! I did watch them a fewe times more to catch what I missed in the first one and even a few things in the other two. I thought they were great movies and kept me glued and emotional in some parts. Keep up the great work. I am so looking forward to the new one next year!!!!! I think it will be just as good as the others if not better!!

  9. put Bloom and the other person and make the movie come out early.

  10. Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

  11. Loved all the Pirate films – especially because love Johnny Depp’s acting. He is absolutely brilliant! Can’t wait to see the new one. ROLL ON MAY 2011!!!!!!!!!

  12. this movie will be awesome. you’ll see.

  13. i think its really really dumb for disney not 2 put orlando and kera in the next movie. its gonna make the movie confusing and misinturepted!!!!! >:( im soooo mad about tht. i also hear megan fox might be in it!? i dont think shell be able 2 pull it off as a pirate. nope nope nope this movie is not gonna be good. ill watch it tho just 2 see. i like the first 2. not the 3rd it was confusing

    • Megan Fox?
      I haven’t heard of that rumor yet, but if it’s true, then…
      Wow Disney, good job in making the movie from something that sounded great and promising to overall crap.

    • Can we please move on from the Keira/Orlando debate? That story is finished, thank God. The next chapter should focus on Jack’s adventures and revolve around his story. In case you kids hadn’t noticed, Will is dead and Liz is pregnant. End of story. Now bring on Jack!

      • Yeah I see where your coming from and I agree, but the reality is that Will turner is returning but not orlando bloom. This switch is going to kill the movie replacing actors never works out that well Disney needs to wake up and realize this. Just write out wills character if they don’t then I can already tell the ending. Jacks going to have the fountain of youth but give it up to will so he doesn’t have to be part of the dutchman and b with his kid. Then bill turnner will take on the capt job. After all Will has a full life ahead of him and the dutchman needs a capt.

        • I agree with gregory garofalo, they need move away from Will and Liz or this IS what the ending will be!! “Jacks going to have the fountain of youth but give it up to will so he doesn’t have to be part of the dutchman and b with his kid. Then bill turnner will take on the capt job. After all Will has a full life ahead of him and the dutchman needs a capt.”

    • what put orlando bloom in it he is so cute has will turner you are going to make me cry if he’snot in it please be in it orlando your fans love you when you are will turner please for all of your fan love you orlando

      • please orlando i will march to california and get you and tie you up if you dont please think about your fans for goodness sak

      • Watch for Orlando in The Three Musketeers.

        Orlando doesn’t get to be D’Artagnon. That part was given to a fellow 15 years younger than he. is.

        Johnny Depp made Jack his, like Peter Sellers made the inspector in the Pink Panther series. The series had not been intended to be about the detective but he stole the show. Nobody can replace Johnny Depp.

  14. In my opinion, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies should tell stores of the adventures of the pirates. The main pirate character is Captain Jack and the stories should center around him (as long as Johnny Depp wants to return). The story line of Will and Elizabeth is over; because they completed what they set out to accomplish. Will found his father and Elizabeth and Will married. Unfortunately, Will had to complete his time on the Dutchman, but in the end, he returned to Elizabeth and their child. The continuation of the movies should tell stories of the pirates and their adventures. The stories should include new story lines and characters.

    • Well, yes, he does return to them, but only for a day! And then he has to leave again for another 10 years! That story is not over yet in my opinion. I mean, the next time Will sees his kid is when the kid is gonna be 19! Hes gonna miss his child’s whole life! Not to mention that Elisabeth is heartbroken without Will, and unlike Will, shes getting older. Eventally shes going to die, and that leaves Will all alone! One day after 10 years of waiting, hes going to go home to find his kid off married to someone and Elisabeth lying in her grave! They try to make it seem like a hzppy ending, but its really a sad one, and now they’re just going to leave it like that?? Ug, I’m majorly pissed and sad.

  15. Bring back Orlando Bloom! How can you not bring back principle actors? Even if not for the entire film, he should be there.

  16. i truly love Orlando Bloom he is one of the main characters that i find crucial to the movie you cant do this to us fans Turner and Swan have a kid and you replace baby daddy how dare you

  17. Will not be the same without Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightey
    Kiera, Orlando and Johny Depp made the film it will not be the same
    Shame to see such good folks going

    • oh my god that is exactly what I was thinking when i saw the trailer!!!
      i saw promotional things at the theater and was like “ooo can’t wait!”
      but now im sad :(
      cant they bring them back for the very end? like the last scene, cuz that usually spins off into the next movie.

  18. Films are just that films, they’re here for our entertainment and enjoyment, Whether they have will and liz (bloom and knightely) in them does it really mater ? as long as we enjoy them then i’m certainly not going to pre-judge the film until it has come out and i’ve seen it. will certainly be good to see how jack pits his wits against his next adversary in the same mad had style that made the films so unique in the first place.

    • Will’s story got painted into a corner. Bringing Will back from his fate could take the attention off of Will and on to the writers and how clever they have to be to keep him going. Orlando is. about to debut in The Three Musketeers and The Hobbit.

      About meaner, scarier pirates: Disney has kept true to the amusement park ride Perhaps a really scary remake of Treasure Island would work for people that want real blood gushing, dirty wenching and more little boys and girls killed in fouler ways than the young boy hung for being a pirate.

  19. I for one will be glad to see Orlando Bloom GONE. I did’t like his character in any of the films. Would annoy the hell out of me every time he was on camera. As for keira knightely,,hey one hot chick is just as good as another. Trust me Johny Depp can carry this whole franchise all alone, He is that good. I just hope they don’t go overboard with new characters that bring nothing to the films.
    But thats just me :)

    • NEWSFLASH: the character will still be there just not the actor, and nothing is more annoying to have some undiscovered ok actor to replace a fairly good one.

  20. I honestly don’t care if you replace every other actor in the movie, as long as Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow, I’m watching that movie.

  21. i cant believe orlando bloom is being replaced by sum unknown actor orlando and kiera need to come back the movie will not be the same without them nor will it make sense wat was the new director thinking…. on the other hand glad 2 hear johny depp is coming back :)

  22. I love Orlando and Keira together!!The new director needs to get them in the 4th movie or it wont make sense. They have a kid now and they have to show him growing up. Will is imortal now so they should show how things are gonna work out with him and Elizabeth. The 4th movie wont be as good without Orlando and Keira!!


    • i agree 100% cuz it is not right to change people

  23. they gotta bring davy jones back to beef it out with black beard


    • yea wat did happend to them. disney wake up

  25. i think that pirates of the caribbean 4 needs orlando and knightley to make this movie great but it wiil be fine with just deph, just saying that they should be in the movie hope they come back.

  26. this is really stupid and gay cuz there are going 2 new actoress that are going to working in this film. Penelope Cruz’s cant play the part of keira, she wont beable too. and orlando bloom is the best and he is funny why change it and the actoress. its going to be werid and stupid cuz nothing is going to be the same. if they were in the last 2 movies why change it now.

  27. this all messed up now nothing is the same now.