Latest Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Casting News [Updated]

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pirates of the caribbean 4 logo2 Latest Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Casting News [Updated]

Update: Disney has announced which actor is playing “the new Orlando Bloom” character. See below for details.

Despite initial hiccups (such as whether Johnny Depp would return or not) Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been moving forward quite smoothly for awhile, especially when it comes to casting.

After it was confirmed that Depp would be returning as fan-favorite Captain Jack Sparrow, we learned of two new major casting additions: Ian McShane (as the villain Blackbeard) and Penelope Cruz (as Blackbeard’s daughter and Captain Jack’s “equal”).

Now we’re hearing word of some possible new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 casting additions, one of which may be pretty major.

Firstly, Production Weekly Tweeted that Stephen Graham (Public Enemies) is currently in talks to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 as a character called “Scram.” No other details were given, but I’m guessing the character is one of the pirates either helping or hindering Captain Jack’s quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

I personally think Graham would be a great addition to the cast, and I’m really glad to see him taking off as an actor, as I’ve admired his performances for quite some time (if you haven’t checked out his performance in This Is England,do so ASAP).

Moving on to a potentially more significant Pirates 4 casting addition, E Online is reporting that two relatively unknown actors, Max Irons and Sam Claflin, are both in the running to be the franchise’s new young heartthrob, now that Orlando Bloom won’t be returning.

Neither of the actors are all that well known yet, but both have onscreen experience: Irons (son of actor Jeremy Irons) appeared in the recent Dorian Gray and had a bit part in Being Julia alongside his Dad. Claflin only has a couple of recent credits to his name: The Lost Future and the British TV mini-series, The Pillars of the Earth (alongside Ian McShane, funnily enough).

Update: We now know which of the two actors will be playing the new young swashbuckler character to sort of replace Orlando Bloom – Sam Claflin. He will play the role of “Philip, a youthful missionary.” No other character details were revealed.

I’m not that happy to hear that they seem to be bringing in the same types of stock characters to populate Pirates of the Caribbean 4, as I was hoping for a fresh direction after the… disappointments of the second and third movies.

Neither Bloom nor Keira Knightley are returning, but now they’re looking to bring in a new young hunk actor to replace Bloom – and the description of Penelope Cruz’s character being “feisty” isn’t exactly dissimilar to Knightley’s character.

What do you think of the latest casting news for Pirates of the Caribbean 4? How do you feel about them bringing in another young swashbuckler – Sam Claflin – to replace Bloom?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides is set to start shooting this summer under the direction of Rob Marshall (Chicago). It sails into theaters on May 20th, 2011.

Sources: E Online, Production Weekly and Disney

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  1. I liked 1-3 with all the original cast why would I watch unknowns in a 4th? This one will flop without Will. The only thing that will save it is if they keep it funny like the first 3. I predict this will be a dud for Disney.

  2. I do not mind that they are doing a 4th Pirates movie. I like them all. I am sad that Keira and Orlando won’t be back to play their parts. They were both quite good, and enjoyable to watch. They all seemed to work well together, their chemistry together was great. I don’t know if two different people will be as good. Without Johhny Depp as Captian Jack the movie would really NOT be the same. I wouldn’t go to see it. Actually they all fit their parts well. You get used to charactors being played by the same people, you relate and interact with them more easily.

  3. Sounds to me like some of you out there crying over Keira and Orlando getting the boot from the new film need a gay chick flick version of pirates of the caribbean. OZZIE @ HARRIET ARE PIRATES OF THE SUBURBS

    I hate to break this to you all but Pirates do NOT Fall in love. They do NOT get married. they no NOT have a bunch of babies (or none that they know of). They do NOT go to PTA meetings, and They do not have a sweet little cottage in the county with a white picket fence.
    What they do is rape, pillage, plunder, Gamble and drink “A LOT”
    Or have you all Forgotten how the song gose?
    Way to go Disney, you finally grew some balls. Know lets see how big they are and show us a real Pirate movie…

  4. neather one of the new guys look like will turner you cant just replace him in the 4th movie my sisters going to be so mad and not watch it neather am i you suck

    • Pirates of the Caribbean will not be the same without Orlando Bloom.

      We went to the previous movies to see Orlando Bloom.

      Big, very big mistake not the beg him to play again…

  5. Pirates of the Caribbean will not be the same without Orlando Bloom.

    We went to the previous movies to see Orlando Bloom.

    Big, very big mistake not to beg him to play again…

  6. Orlando Bloom, we need you on the big screen.
    Please take the sword up again!

  7. The fourth movie is going to be stupid with 2 of the main characters replaced…
    I’m going to wait till it comes out on redbox.

  8. nnnoooooo!!! how could you let keira knightley and ORLANDO BLOOM go!!!!! i cant beleive this! UNSATISFIED!!! i only went to see ORLANDO BLOOM. now the love story between the two of them could never be the same…. i am so sad and disappointed.. you should have begged them to stay on.

  9. When you have a great series movie like the pirates of the Caribbean, you CAN NOT change two of the main characters. For those of us who have watched and loved each movie these actors have produced, the change in actors will suck. They made a major character switch in the latest mummy movie and I hated it. Those who haven’t seen the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies will most likely still like it. Just from seeing previews without Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley, I already know I don’t want to see it. You just cannot successfully change characters in the fourth movie!

  10. This is the silliest thing I have ever heard. You can’t just replace 2 of the main characters. Its absurd. They made the movie and thats who you were seeing most of the time in the other movies. They should have had them get killed in the last movie if they were just going to dissapoint us like this.

  11. Sam Claflin is the best thing ever for pirates:D he is so HOT. I love him And want to se the movie again because of him. bring more Sam Claflin:P

    • thts what i said(;

  12. you lot who are whining about the change in characters, GROW UP!!!! the fact that you only went to see the previous pirate movies in order to see orlando bloom just proves that you can’t be called ‘real fans’ of the pirates series.
    and of course pirates 4 is not going to be the same!!! yes, the first three movies were brilliant, but if they had made another in the same style, it would have run out of steam – and that would have been worse. Better to stop now when the series can still be remembered as something brilliant.
    the makers of pirates4 are TRYING to do something different – yes i am skeptical, but at least lets give it a chance.

    but i really must say that sam claflin will not make half as good a pirate as ol’ orlando, and claflin is not NEARLY as hot.

    • if the new actors played the role from a different style then the movie will be taken another way and will not fit in with the first three. this fourth one can be amazing, but it will feel odd and uncomfortable. Keira Knightly has a distinct way of moving and acting the part, if the new actor tries to copy her style then the acting simply won’t be as good. if it’s going to run out of steam, then it’s time they start a completely new series.

  13. I thought Sam Claflin was amazing in the film. Honestly, for me his acting was perfection, and he showed such progression of his character, it was beautiful to watch. The relationship between Philip and Syrena was genius, as it was so unique and different, and gave the plot multiple layers.
    My only complaint was that it was not focussed on enough. It was as if the writers were scared that fans would hate it if anyone dared get near the amount of airtime of Johnny Depp. Well, as a fan I can say that I actually enjoyed this story line more than Sparrow’s (and I found his scenes thorougly entertaining and well thought out).
    I have enjoyed the past 3 films tremendously, but have to admit that this one tops them all :)

  14. okay first. replacing Bloom would make this movie suck. i loved the first three as well as the characters. replacing Bloom will make half your audience disappear. same as not having kira. i dont think you should replace him keep it the way it is. the ORIGINAL is what we all came to love. we cant just change that for someone new.

  15. I think it sucks kierra knightly and orlando nloom were my fave. characters but I havent seen the 4 one yet so we will see

  16. I think it sucks kierra knightly and orlando bloom were my fave. characters but I havent seen the 4 one yet so we will see

  17. It’s completely bogus that they have cut Orlando Bloom and Keira Knitghtly. I have nothing against the new actors but casting changes are rarely taken well since viewers connect the face with the part. i might rent it but i definatly won’t go to theater or buy it. they may have just created an horrible end to the series. it’s demotivating