Barbossa is Back for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4′

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pirates of the caribbean captain barbossa 570x380 Barbossa is Back for Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Variety is now confirming previous speculation that Geoffrey Rush will indeed return as Captain Hector Barbossa in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. With Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley skipping this latest entry, Barbossa will be one of the few returning supporting characters from previous films.

Rush joins co-stars Johnny Depp (who’s returning as Captain Jack Sparrow – possibly for the last time), Ian McShane, Penelope Cruz, and Stephen Graham.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will be the first installment in the series directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago, Nine) and follows Jack Sparrow’s search for the Fountain of Youth. It was recently rumored that Disney intended to cut costs on the film, a decision somewhat contradicted by their announcement that it would be shot in 3D.

In all honestly, I strongly feel like this is a franchise that would greatly benefit from scaling back in scope. I felt that the previous Pirates sequels put too much emphasis on the (admittedly impressive) special effects, and in the process we lost a lot of the great character interactions that made the original so memorable.  I know that’s an easy and cliche argument to level against any blockbuster, but the Pirates franchise may be one of the best examples of a series that had everything going for it and managed to get completely lost.

keira knightley pirates of the caribbean Barbossa is Back for Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Which is why I fully support the decision to ditch Will & Elizabeth and take the series in a brand new direction. It’s something they should have done from the very beginning. Like the Indiana Jones franchise, each film could have been built around a different Jack Sparrow adventure. The choice to turn it into an intricately connected trilogy always seemed dubious to me.

Still, Geoffrey Rush’s return is a welcome one as Barbossa is such a great foil for Jack Sparrow and because the two are connected in a much more natural way. In many respects, Sparrow actually works better when you have Barbossa to contrast him. Besides, the previous film’s epilogue almost guaranteed Barbossa’s involvement in the new film’s proceedings.

Are you excited for Barbossa’s return? What are your thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? Was it a wise decision to move into uncharted waters or should they have kept more elements from the previous films?

Source: Variety.

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  1. Uh, isn’t this news about Geoffrey Rush returning in Pirates 4 old news already???. I think we already knew this!!!.

    • It was rumored, now it’s official.

    • That’s what I thought too. lol

  2. I’m all for it. Barbossa is the best character in the franchise after Jack Sparrow. Geoffrey Rush is brilliant! And as for the new direction, I think it’s a smart move. The movies got more and more off track, focusing too much on secondary plot lines (love story between Will & Elizabeth) and became too CGI-heavy.

  3. I’m happy he’s coming back, but I doubt the film will be any good. It’s this Hollywood mentality that everything must become an interconnected trilogy, ruined The Matrix, ruined Pirates.

    • But this will make it a “quadrilogy”. So of course it’s gonna be fantastic… duh :)

  4. Rush returning for Pirates 4 was confirmed by Jerry Bruckheimer back in March.

    “The producer also confirmed that Geoffrey Rush, who played Barbossa in the first three “Pirates” films, is indeed returning.”

    So, yes, this is old news.

    • We link to the source story on Variety, where the author of the news article gives his email address. I suggest you take it up with him.


  5. Good that they’re focusing more on the cool characters (Barbossa) than the dull ones (Will & Elizabeth). I’m confident that this will at least be better than the second and third films, if not as good as the first.

  6. Of course they would bring back Barbossa, after all he has the Black Pearl, which supposedily belongs to Captain Jack Sparrow.

  7. i wouldnt say the series got completely lost.. i liked all of the 3 movies, tho i liked the first one the best, i did also enjoy the last 2.

  8. I think it stupid that your taking Will & Elizabeth out of the movie I think they all played great rolles together.. I think they should be in the movie myself.. It just wouldn’t be right cause of how the last one ended.. I’m sure you will get very low rattings if you don’t have them in it, cause I’m sure a lot of people are expecting to see them back, cause they go along with the whole plot of the movie, I know I am and I know a lot of other people are too…

    • The Will and Elizabeth love story was over in Pirates 3, no need for it anymore.

  9. Loved all three movies, which nicely wound up the Will/Liz thing. IMO think except for big fans of Will/Liz the audience will give their absence about 5 seconds thought, if that. Especially with the new and very attractive young actors that have been cast, along with powerhouses Depp, McShane and Rush? Besides, this is more of a reboot starting fresh. In any event don’t know why Variety is making this official now, Rush had already talked about being in it, everyone already knew he had signed on. This movie is going to be awesome, and Bloom fans can always catch him in the upcoming Three Musketeers.

  10. Glad to hear Will and Elizabeth are not going to be in this film. They dragged down the last one. I LOVE that Barbossa is back. I might actually see this in the theater now instead of waiting for Netflix!

  11. This is good. But I think the character of Blackbeard will make “On Stranger Tides” a definite boxoffice smash. After all it is the legendary Blackbeard. When you think Pirates of the Caribbean you think BLACKBEARD.
    Even the original DisneyLand and Walt Disney World POTC ride featured Captain Blackbeard aboard the Pirate Ship bombarding the town(now the ride has Barbossa as captain). But i am glad to see Barbossa back for this film and glad that Will and Liz are not returning. I think this film will be more akin to “Curse of Black Pearl” and that will be a definite improvement.

  12. This is great news! Barbossa is an awesome character! I’ve heard from a lot of girls that they’re upset about Orlando Bloom not coming back, but that’s only because he makes good eye candy. He didn’t bother me in any of the movies though, Elizabeth did.

    I actually liked the second film though! It left me excited for the third, but… My excitement was taken waaay down after I actually saw the movie. The only good thing about the third installment was Depp. Hopefully they’ll fix everything this time.

  13. i love the fact that barbosa is back. having him in the film gives excellent contrast to jacks character. barbosa’s presence makes jacks idiosynchrisies really stand out.

    LOVE IT.

  14. Agreed on all counts. This is the tack they should have taken with any sequel to the original.

    My only doubt is if the director is right for this material.

  15. I like that they r come out with another and hope they will make another one with the story of the last one they made

  16. I glad that Barbossa is coming back. His character compliments Jack Sparrow . I liked all of the movies. Some were better than others of course, but they all worked and were fun(just my opinion). Jack Sparrow is a great character and his gift of getting into and out of adventures is just uncanny. The plot sounds good and the new character line up looks promising. I’m ready for some more Pirates.

  17. UH.Will cant come back he is now a part of the lost Dutchman..he is cursed to sail the seas forever..but Ian Mcshane ,,,I can’t wait to see how he is casts.I’m a thinking Blackbeard or perhaps ponce deleon..

  18. Barbossa is one coolest prates and fun ..cooler than jack

  19. Hey everyone I alreedy knew Barbossa was coming back. Since I’m a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean hopfully with Johnny Depp,Geoffrey Rush,Keith Richards,and Kevin McNally coming back the fourth movie will be just as good as the last three. It’s to bad in some ways that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly couldn’t come back but oh well. Anyway as you probably alreedy know their going to have some new actor’s and actresses in the fourth movie. Their going to be Ian Mcshane,Penelope Cruz, Stephen Graham,
    Sam Claffin,and Astrid Berges-Frisbey.It’s also rumored that their getting Megan Fox to play a meraid with doesn’t make sense because they alreedy have Astrid Berges-Frisbey who’s playing a mermaid unless they’re adding two mermaids.As Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides as you probably alreedy know it’s going to be where Jack and Barbossa mat in New Orleans and go to find to fountain of youth only to find Blackbeard is after it to and when Jack meets Blackbeard’s daughter it won’t the first time they meet. And everyone is what I know for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.Now As for James Cameron Avatar there’s going to be a sequel for it in 2013 or 2014. It’s going be adout Jake Sully and the rest of the charaters go explore to oceans of Pandora and Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Joel David Moore, and Dileep Rao, and C.C.H Pounder are coming back for the sequel.As for Laz Alonso and Sigourney Weaver it’s unknown but rumor says they come back.

  20. Great news. I had thoughts about seeing this, as some of the characters are stretched….

    Rushs is not one of them.

    • @Aknot
      Yes actually Geoffrey Rush is indeed coming back in Pirates 4, to play the role Barbossa again!.

  21. Like I said I alreedy knew he was coming back

  22. Hey everyone i forgot to mention rumor says Gemma Ward might play a meraid in pirates of the caribbean 4 which doesn’t make sence they alreedy have Astrid Breges-Frisbey unless they’re adding two meraid.

  23. Hey everyone forgot to mention that Kevin McNally Greg Ellis are coming back

  24. It is amazing how hypocritical some Depp’s fans can be! They keep pretending that the trilogy wasn’t about Will and Liz story (THAT was the main story line, DAH!) and the said “fans” as selfish as their favorite character named Sparrow. Everyone has own fav characters, sure. But the SCRIPT and the movie had the main characters – Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Sparrow was a catalyst. Will and Liz fans brought a lot of money and many people kept coming to see THEM. Depp was considered as a “Box office poison” for years and he got lucky to be in one movie with Bloom (who is on the top 10 BO actors list BTW unlike Depp). How convenient to forget that Bloom and Knightly gave the major input for the franchise being succesful. And, no, it’s not that someone “ditched” the characters. Orlando didn’t want to do the 4th without seeing the script and also, since it meant working with Bruckheimer again. Not sure about Keira, but I’ve heard they had a conflict with Bruckheimer. No wonder that the jealous Depp’s fans are so happy – they think no one will be able to take the attention from him ince OB and Keira are not in the 4th movie. The thing is: Depp’s acting is boring, the character can’t bring ANYTHING new and I am NOT interested in cowards and egoists which Sparrow character is. I want Will Turner back! Liz is good to have back too. Without them me and my friends are not spending a cent on this movie. Period.

    • I think you’re wrong. the love story is just a subplot, and as for depps acting its far from boring in the franchise. his acting is brilliant and its what makes every dialogue with him in it fun. Bloom and Knightley had an input to the franchise but not a major one that made it successful. within the 3 moves it seemed like the story between those two were just doll. but of course i would want them both to come back, although im curious how it would be without.

    • Len,
      Sorry, but your wrong, The william turner and elizabeth swann story was purposely ended in the third movie, so that the fourth movie could happen in the way that the director, producer and writers, wanted it to happen!. Also, in Pirates 1, and 2 and 3, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightleys characters, William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, took over way to much of Jack, and Barbossa, and Davy Joneses screen time in the first three movies!. So, i’m glad their gonna be gone in Pirates 4, and besides, there WILL be simular characters in Pirates 4, that will be simular to William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, for you and others like you, who liked the William Turner and Elizabeth Swann characters, that i believe will have a love story between them, likeWillam Turner and Ellizbath Swann, but these new characters that’ll take their place as totally different characters that love each other, will NOT take over most of the fourth movies screen time that and Johnny Depp, and Geoffrey Rush and Ian McShane are suppost to have in the fourth movie!.

      • @Sean: you said: “Also, in Pirates 1, and 2 and 3, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightleys characters, William Turner and Elizabeth Swann, took over way to much of Jack, and Barbossa, and Davy Joneses screen time in the first three movies!. So, i’m glad their gonna be gone in Pirates 4…” – Exactly, my point. Depp’s fans want Depp and they don’t care about anything else. I don’t want “other characters” – I want my fav characters. How about Gibbs (or “some other” character) taking the place of Sparrow? You won’t like that, right? As for “more screen time”: neither Barbossa, nor Davy Jones were the main characters. The “more screen time” doesn’t apply to them. They are supporting characters. They are different types of villans that the good guys had to deal with. They were done good, yes, but they could be replaced by any other “bad guy.” So is with Jack – he has his place in the movie, as others did. But even Depp said that it won’t be all about Sparrow, it will a little bit of everyone. And I honestly don’t think that Depps’ acting is great. He plays the same Depp all the time. And since I’m not his fan (neither I’m a hater of him) I don’t see anything interesting about him making the same faces over and over again. Everyone is entitled to own opinion but I am a POTC fan and I’m tired of all the lies that are going around this project. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m also tired of the hypocrisy of the overly-obssessive Depp’s fans who refuse to see the truth no matter what. As for the Box office – check the data on the BO Mojo for each actor, for instance. You will see that I’m correct. Sure, any character might be “replaced” but it won’t be POTC that many people came to love. Why don’t “replace” the whole movie then, heh? The thing is: it’s not really hard to find the actors who can play “bad guys” but it is REALLY hard to find the cactors who can play the “good guys” convincnigly. Will Turner is one of the strongest good guy characters created by cinema. Look at Bale in TDK – did he manage to overplay Heath Ledger? No. Aside of teh fact that Ledger is a stornger actir, Bale couldn’t convince himself first. That’s why his “good guy” got lost on the background while Heath’s acting shined brilliantly. Think about it.

        • jesus christ i have to disagree again..
          Depp fans dont want the characters away! they want the little lovey story to take less screentime! not shoo away the characters.
          Depps acting is something of the best you can see, gee he acts same in all the 3 movies? oh my..
          the reason in which you complain so much about depp wiht your own opinion and praise Will is cause of personal feelings. You dont find Depps acting good means you really cant spot good acting or some personal hatred.

          and you’re wrong about TDK as well.. Bale isnt suppose to be the “good guy” hes suppose to be Batman.. Heath Ledger did one of the best acting you can see on film now, and Bale isnt that great of an actor.

          • - We probably won’t agree on many things, Magnus. But you should really read what I wrote more attentively: I’m NOT talking about all Depp’s fans. I’m talking about the OVERLY-OBSSESSIVE ones. I see the difference, I don’t think you do. And if you think that Depp’s acting is “brilliant” – it’s YOUR opinion, not mine. And, trust me I CAN and, in fact, I DO know what good acting is. I’ve studied the subject well and I have experience on the field, kay? So, Batman is not supposed to be a “good guy?” Really? Wow. WHO he is suppose to be then? No Good vs. Evil in TDK then? And, you just confirmed my point: a good guy character has to be played by a very strong actor if the said character is to live longer than for “one-viewing movie”-thing. (Sorry for typos, I’m kind of working in 2 directions now).

            • The OVERLY-OBSESSIVE ones are not interested in the movies, they’re interested in Depp, which then is pointless to talk about.
              Alright alright you’ve studied the field, then you probably know best. maybe its me thats blurred by the personal opinions, but its my opinion yeah.

              no you dont get it, Batman isnt like superman or spiderman. hes the hero but hes not the good guy like every other hero. he does what best and what needs to be done, even if it means civilian lives, have you seen TDK? hes the dark knight right? hes like the “good villain”

  25. I Agree with lennon this one..And i find Sparrow a comedic delight that Rushes character i a=enjoy as well..looking forward ti this next movie..I can see some very funny scene ideas be it has something to do with a fountain of youth..imagine the guys screwing around in it and regressing back like children

  26. I am not wrong. Their story “ended” because of the issues with Bruckheimer. Looks like he was hit by Mania de Grandeur. Why do you think 2 out of the 3 principals and the director left the project? Think about it. The prods want money and nothing else matters. The story of the main characters ended in a very unsatisfactory way for a LOT of POTC fans (not only Will nad Elizabeth’s). That’s plain wrong to say as the other poster said that their absence won’t be noticed. Will and Liz’ story IS the main story line. We see Liz in the beginning of the 1st movie and she meets Will. It’s their story is being told. Then Jack comes to THEIR story. He agrees to lead Will to find Elizabeth (not Will comes into Sparrow’s story. Note: Jack comes to WILL’s smithy, etc.) It’s not just the love story. In COTBP it’s the story of Liz’s rescue by Will. The love story is in the development, so to speak. Jack is a catalyst and he was intended as a comic relief character. What story is told about Jack: he comes along to get the Pearl – that’s his agenda but it is Will who is going to rescue Elizabeth and everything else is entangled into their story. The 2nd POTC is concentrating on Will more who is again trying to save the life of Elizabeth but “thanks” to Sparrow meets Bootstrap. Then we go from there. Jack story is done in POTC2 since he is eaten by Kraken. But WILL is going ot save Bootstrap and again Jack is “coming along” since Will loves Liz and doesn’t want to see her suffer. He has no concern about Jack at this point after everything Jack did to him due to Jack’s cowardice. The 3rd movie is about Will trying to get Bootstrap out and saving Jack on the way. The end of the trilogy: we see Will who comes back to Liz and their son. That’s the main story. Jack became very unappealing in the 2nd POTC (I didn’t care much about him in CotBP) and in 3rd I already disliked him. I find nothing funny about him ruining the lives of my favorite characters. I like heroes, no cowards. And I think it’s wrong to make a “funny movie” after they made practically a tragedy form the 3rd. Ironically, if Depp didn’t agree to do the 4th the movie still would be made. But the promo for the 4th movie would be different.

    • No.. Will and Liz’ story isnt the main one, its a story throughout the movies but its not the main one, each of the films have different main stories, just cause it started with them meeting doesnt mean anything! there are THREE main characters, and we get to know the story of all three PLUSS the main story, which in the first movie, is the curse of the black pearl! jesus its not hard to get. EVERYTHING is revolving around the 3 characters. just cause they sat it up so that jack comes to “Will’s smithy” doesnt mean ANYTHING! i think the story with Will and Elisabeth is a sad attempt to keep a SUBPLOT alive.

      • If you are going to try to “analyze” the pirates of the caribbean movie at least do it with some sense of logic..
        if you pay attention jack is in the center of the attention. the reason for the franchises success is the serious elements combined with the funny and entertaining, whilst keeping a love story alive, which may reach people on a personal level. there is no secret to their success and why people like the movies. And there is no wonder why they are making a new one with the success of the other 3, even though it has been sinking they’ll still make a handsome lot of money which is all hollywood cares about, they’ll squeeze the bottle until there’s nothing left.

        • Pardon, but I suggest to read something on the drama/script structure then, Magnus. And to find out what a “subplot” is. The simple rules of story telling. In fact, in the first draft Will was the main and “the first” character. LOGICALLY: there is only ONE main line and that’s why it called the MAIN line. The trilogy starts with Will and Liz characters and ends with them. Fact. Jack is coming into the story that is alredy started. “Once upon a time there were a blacksmith and a Governor daughter…” – This kind of thing. Jack is one of the 3 main characters but his “ROLE” is to be a catalyst and a comic relief guy. His “input” became darker in the DMC but again, it’s WILL who is trying to save Liz. And Jack uses him to save his own petty life. The success of POTC is the combination of many things: the genre attracted the audience through ages. The actors, the stunts, the music, finally, the CGI – everything came together. And you are correct when you say that the prods’ll squeeze the bottle until there’s nothing left. It doesn’t mean that I have to like them parazitsing on the amazing ammount of work that was done by the cast and the crew.

          • just cause Will was the first character doesnt mean anything. the drafts change and twists into the final product so much! just cause it started with a blacksmith and governor daughter like an old fairy tale doesnt make the the main story. ok lets see, lets think of how they might have come up with potc. they think of a story, which if course needs a love story. we’ll take a blacksmith and governor daughter, and he ofc is not good enough for her at start. blabalba crazy pirate and then we the draft and story changes into what is made on film. you got the story of jack and the black pearl, the love story, the story of the group of pirates who seeks to break their curse, and blabalba many more. of all the stories, the single love story that is kept alive through the movies IS not the main story! in the second one Davy jones the main villain and main plot.

            • - I don’t and I CAN’t have “a personal hatred” to Depp – I DON’t know him personally. But I’m tired of lies, I’m tired of the constant diminishing of the input of my fav actors and characters. I’m also tired of Will and Liz’ fans being treated liek they don’t exist. Trust me, they do. WE do. And, pardon but your words on “if he was a main character it doesn’t mean anything” sound kind of illogiclal, no? It DID start with a blacksmith and governor daughter like an old fairy tale – fact. To have a story not neccessary to have a love story. In this case it was the realtionships between the blacksmith and the Gov. daughter. It IS in the movie. IF they wanted to make just a story about pirates…why didn’t they start it with PIRATES? And finish it? What STORY is told about Jack? That he looses the Pearl? But it is Barbossa who has the ship in the beginning of the movie, right? So then we have Barbossa as a character who meets jack who complains about loosing the ship some time ago, blah-blah-…Sounds rather unconvincing, no? EVERY story has a MAIN stroy line – to keep things TOGETHER. Otherwise…what’s the point? As for thh main villan, to me it was Jack through the whole trilogy. He is “anti-hero” in “status,” so to speak. But to me personally, he is the guy who ruined the lives of the good people who saved his life not once.

              • “if he was a main character it doesn’t mean anything” uhm.. i didnt say that. anyway, yes i know its stupid when people think that, they make a great deal of the movie.

                i mean the story with how jacks relationship to the pearl. its not much but its something, which you get to know of through the franchise. Well we can all say who the villain is, but there is only 1 main villain. yes you can say Jack is one with his “anti hero” acts. but also Will in how he became the pirate and lied and stole through the whole series, anyway, im tired of discussion haha, and its late :\

  27. Hey, Rogue-x. I have nothing personal towards the people who don’t share my POV. But I’m showing that the opinion like mine exists. I’ve met many people who think the way I think about the project. It’s just a movie, you are right. But, also, it is THE movie. LOL. I really love POTC trilogy and I don’t want it to be ruined in the name of Mr. Bruckheimer profit and ambitions. I enjoy the characters, the music, the stunts. I really miss the characters that made the POTC fan on a first place.

  28. LOL GUYS its just a movie.however I’m entertained by the funny bantering between you two..the thing is as in all movies there are things in it tax appeal differently than most..some choose to like offer some characters over the others…its just a preferential choice some people go to movies just for the action scenes some for comedy some for the drama so,e will like other aspects over what someone else may enjoy this pretty much Besides it is only a movie/. actually im looking forward to Captain America hope they will have real movie shots rather than these fan based tricks we are seeing one thing i learned is when it is early in production often changes are made in both costume sets even actors..I just hope they wont camp it far Thor does;t impress,,He looks like he is wearing a rubber costume because his supposedly chain mail plates are obviously a soft rubbery looking material..

  29. Oh i know..i kind feel that way about how they keep switching news stories about who or who isn’t going to direct the hobbit by the time they work it out of game;will be just simply like the POTC movies more of comfort thing ..I was tested to the first one after my Bf dumped me after 6 year relationship after i miscarried,He said if i could have kids then i was of no use to him..i was devastated so a friend of mine invited me along with her kids so it has a comfort thing for me,,