‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

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pirates caribbean 5 script rewrite Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

Johnny Depp is still not officially committed to starring in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, franchise screenwriter Terry Rossi is working without his usual writing partner (Ted Elliott) on the film’s script, and it looks like Disney has failed to convince a high-profile filmmaker like Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, or Alfonso Cuarón to direct the movie.

Does that mean we might not get to see Depp as Jack Sparrow on the big screen a fifth time? Of course not. It just means that a followup to the hit fourth entry in the Pirates series, On Stranger Tides, is slowly making its way down the production pipeline and probably won’t be released until, say, Summer 2014 – which is just as well, since Depp already has a big-budget extravaganza scheduled for Summer 2013 (ie. Lone Ranger).

On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall has signed a two-year deal with Disney and is keeping up-to-date on the development of the fifth Pirates flick; much like Depp, he’s not officially signed up for the project, yet. However, also like Depp, the increasingly-busy Marshall seems to be simply biding his time and waiting for Rossi to finish off the screenplay, before he fully commits to producing and/or directing the movie.

Here is what Marshall had to offer THR, on the current status of PotC 5:

“Terry [Rossio] is writing it and he’s working incredibly hard and he did a draft and rethought it all and started working on it again. You want to make sure you are asking the audience to come back to see an exciting adventure and it has to reach that caliber, and if not there’s no reason to do it. I know Johnny feels the same way: He needs to see a script, but he would be happy — if it’s the right script — to put that hat and sword back on.”

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 script is complete Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

Depp will (likely) play Jack Sparrow again in the future

It’s fair to say: many people are tired of Depp’s Jack Sparrow shtick by now and find the Pirates movies to be increasingly dull popcorn blockbusters. Still, box office stats don’t lie and there’s still a whole lot of worldwide love for this franchise.

That’s all to say: since Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is definitely on the horizon, we might as well hope for the best. Who knows, maybe the combination of Rossio’s solo screenwriting duties and Marshall’s possible return to direct the film (having learned some lessons from his efforts on… On Stranger Tides) will help imbue Pirates 5 with a newfound sense of creative energy. Hey, it worked for Fast Five, right?

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 as more information is released.

Source: THR

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  1. Honestly, I know they are not the greatest movies out there but I still get a kick out of the Jack Sparrow character. But he does need to be in a supporting role and needs to stay more bad than good.

    I’ve always wanted to see more movies being done about the Pirate era and as long as they continue to entertain me, I’ll pay my ticket.

    • It’s not that he’s bad or good, he’s just selfish and with his own agenda. On stranger tides was missing alot, not good at all. Who knew Bloom and Knightly were so important?

      • i TOTALLY agree! Bloom, Knightley, and, yes… JACK DAVENPORT… they were all essential to the trilogy in my opinion. They were idiotic to kill everyone off! All the Navy men were better and more entertaining foes than pirates vs pirates. Admit it. IT’s not exactly rocket science!

        Aside from the mermaids, the 4th movie was a complete blasphemy to the name of the legendary PotC movies.

        • okay, first off, pirates movies, AMAZING. My personal favorites. and i know it might be hard for the whole organization to do this, but they honestly can’t afford to leave Will and Elizabeth out again! if former fans of the movies who dropped out of the sight of Willabeth see them back in the movie number 5, they could make so much more than they did last year. and they also cant afford to leave phillip and syrena out, the newly created couple, let alone the one, the only, Captain Jack Sparrow, who’s been with us since the beginning. but im telling you, if they bring back Orlando and Kiara, this movie will be quite a success and i will come to like them just as much as i did in 2003.

          • I can’t agree that Bloom and Knightly are NEEDED. They had their adventure, it would only start to repeat itself. We need to excitement of meeting new characters and forming new favorites (besides Captain Jack Sparrow who should always remain Johnny Depp and everyone’s favorite). I also do have to say that because there were a few untold mysteries at the end of the fourth film, those somehow need to get answered. :)

        • I’m sorry Norrieo, but, the only thing I thought was kind of pathetic in the 4th film was the mermaids… I expected them to be… well, uglier, i guess. Everything else in the movie (like the conflicts between Navy’s; which I do agree with you on) was great! I loved the sole focus on Captain Jack Sparrow and the way viewers could put the pieces together from his former life before the beloved William Turner II and Elizabeth Swann came into his adventures. :)

      • You’re forgeting that the mermaid couple were very interesting and the 5th one should have something about them and mermaids. So for the 4th I thought that Knightly and Bloom weren’t really needed.

        • THANK YOU! Bloom and Knightly don’t make or break the series. it’s not about them, they’re just the happy ending on the side to keep everyone satisfied. Johnny Christopher Depp, on the other hand, definitely COULD make or break the films. :)

          • Disagree. They are make or break for me and them not being in it definitely ruined the series for me.

      • To Chris; I have to disagree that Bloom and Knightly were that important. I enjoyed On Stranger Tides the most because it was solely focused on my personal favorite character; Captain Jack Sparrow. I don’t think the film was missing anything at all but I also wouldn’t say Bloom and Knightly ruined the previous films because they did contribute a lot. But, really, where else does their story have to go? They’re done. Happily ever after; which is the way it should be and we expect it to be. The reached their destiny and are no longer involved with Captain Jack Sparrow and other pirates. Sure, it would be cool if they showed up again and William Turner III participated but then we would just be going through William Turner II whole life story but on a less conflicting level. My point is they will be missed but the series can definitely go on to improve without them. :)

      • i think that the plot shud be of elizabeth and her son finding a way for will to set out on land =)

      • Could not agree more. They really kept the movie interesting.

    • They’re not the greatest movies out there ?? LOL You need seem to live in a box over your head my friend…POTC 3 is currently the most expensive film to date and one of the best films to date..maybe you’re the type that prefers your “twilight” low budget “blood sucking movies”…Open your eyes my son, They’re the best movies in the world….

  2. not terribly surprised, it is in keeping with hollywoods whole dead horse beating thing. And they keep making money, can you blame them?

  3. Rob Marshall’s direction on the film was boring. I really hope they get someone else.

  4. I’m glad that they keep working on the script. It’s obvious that they want to deliver a film as close to the first (quality wise) as they can.

    As for Rob Marshall directing, I welcome it. I thought he did a fine job with OST.

    • I agree. Good point you’ve made there.

  5. Maybe they’ll call it AT FRANCHISES END.

    • nah if the movies keep making money they’ll keep making pirates movies

  6. Okay, wait a second here now, if Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming out in 2014 and the Lone Ranger is coming out in 2013, then Why didn’t any movie websites even mention that Pirates of the Caribbean 5’s theatrical release year was changed from 2013, to the year 2014 in the first place ? Something seems very off about that ! Can someone here please explain this to me ?

    • To clarify: PotC 5 doesn’t at all have an official release date set yet. Summer 2014 just seems a likely date.

      • The year 2014 can’t possibly be its theatrical release year, because one of the actors from Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides meaning Greg Ellis, had mentioned at that event in the past where they showed all 4 of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for the the first time together meaning one right after the next, that Pirates of the Caribbean of the Caribbean 5 was coming out in 2 years in 2013, and i said 2 years because this happened in 2011. It was a message he read to alot of people there(basically a large audience), that was a letter from one of the writers of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to the fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that attended there, that he said on it is that, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming out in 2 years in 2013.

  7. Please tell me that this WILL fix the extreme difference in the fourth movie for the rest????? ILOVEPIRATESOFTHECARIBBEAN…so don’t, please don’t make it that different from the first 3 movies (which were written and played amazingly ;))

  8. more pirates of the crap-ribbean…. ugh, the gods of chaos and cosmic horror do smile upon us indeed!!!!

  9. I would love to see a fifth adventure! I thought the fourth one was really good (although I did miss my favorite characters) and everyone seriously seems dedicated to doing a good job on the movies, so I say bring it on and good luck to all those involved.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on that.

  10. I’m not sure if there are spoilers in this comment, but I guess if you haven’t seen any of the Pirates movies then you could consider this spoiler-ful. So SPOILER ALERT…

    I read that Orlando Bloom regrets not doing OST and would gladfully do the fifth if he was asked. I hope he would be in it. I mean since he’s the new Davy Jones it wouldn’t make sense for him to not be present with all the swashbuckling. (It worked with OST because they were on land most of the time.)

    My guess as to the plot of Pirates 5 would be that Angelica uses the voodoo doll of Jack (see the OST after credits scene) to get him to help her find her father’s treasure (the real supposed location of Blackbeard’s treasure; the Outer Banks). But, now that Barbossa has the Queen Anne’s Revenge, he’ll also be after Blackbeard’s booty.

    • Oh, Gosh, please no Bloom and Knightley! They were terrible and their story is over. Plus, they said they didn`t want to do more POTC and considering that neither of them became a big star there is no reason for Disney to bend over backwards and take them in.

      • I didn’t say that Knightley wanted to return, or that they needed to continue their love story. Just that, for continuity sake, it would be good to have him there at least for a brief time.

        • I have to disagree. OST deliberately cut the continuity with the first three movies and Will Turner wasn`t popular (save some girls who were 13 back in 2003-2007) and many fans breathe the sign of relief that he and Knightley aren`t in the movies anymore. I don`t see why he should come back. He isn`t missed and he obviously wants back because he is washed up already, not because it makes sense to the overall story. He said himself that he didn`t want to make POTC anymore. So this change of heart because his career is in the dumpster (as if return to The Hobbit will turn it around – it won`t) isn`t something that should be cheered but boo`d. He thought he was too good for POTC and than big things didn`t happen cause he`s terrible actor and now POTC is good enough for him. That shouldn`t fly.

          Also, he is doing Davey Jones job. I`m sorry but Jones was cool. Will was not. He`s an effin blacksmith, not a captain. Keep him out.
          They are trying to start a new POTC trilogy or something so lets see how it goes. If you want continuity, than there should be Black Pearl and its crew, not a character/actor whose ship has sailed long time ago.

          • really? i LOVE Will! hes my screensaver on my phone!

          • Supposedly from an interview with Depp(during his split up with his ex on E!) he already signed up for 5 & 6(which is why i dont understand “he didnt sign anything yet”)He claimed that the plot dosnt so much focus Angelica, as much as it does Barbossa. Now from an unrelated source, from Hollywood, from the same office as the POTC writter they claim the 5th movie will have all 3 barbossa brothers(the Barbossa brothers were real pirates 3 of them, each with a unique animal IE Hectors Monkey)

            • Where did you hear about that regarding what you said about Barbossa ?

      • Unfortunately the reason for the first draft rewrite(instead of a find tune) was to include orlando.

        • Where did you find that out from ?

  11. Captain Jack Sparrow will return for the rum. Because he has all those bottles that’ll need to be filled with something.

  12. Well I think Johnny should return and do at 5th Pirates, My opinion Pirates4 wasn’t as good as the previous 3 but it was good, I think If they do make a 5 th they should bring back Will because I think, for the director, that would be fun to play with, Seeming as no-one knows what could of happened to him, he still could have his good looks or he could of turned out like Davy Jones, either way I think it will be good! Bring On Pirates5!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Seriously, is anyone interested in another one of these attrocities? The first film is great fun, but everything that came after was a gruelling disappointment on a massive scale.
    Making Jack Sparrow the lead character completely destroyed any cool that he had.

    • I really liked the second one. Davy Jones and his crew managed to be as scary as barbossa and his crew from the first. and while the CGI wasn’t great, I thought the Kraken was cool.

      • They were good characters, and I liked Davy Jones but the plot was all over the place nonsense.

        • i liked the last one,but blackbeard was too much a vodoo-priest,i thought there will be seabattles where blb,fires the pyros in his beard and enter the ships! i like mcshane since-deadwood-,but they didn´t gave him much playtime!

          • Yeah… during the advertising of the movie I remember constantly hearing about zombies and I was curious about that but when Blackbeards “zombies” came out I was like wtf… those are not zombies. would have been better to label them as undead.

            • they where more like hypnotisizd people,no fleasheating zombies?

              • No, but there was those flesh eating cannibal tribes that Jack Sparrow encountered 2 movies prior in Pirates 2.

              • They were not fleash eating zombies and they were not hypnotiszed. They were non-flesh eating zombies put under a vooodoo spell by him.

  14. first 3 films were great, especially the 2 and 3 despite what people say. They were very well treated, story was so twisted that it inspired me every time that I look at it. Also photography and direction were splendid.
    Then the 4 installment arrive and you know what..it was worst in everything. Worst story, worst direction worst characters. I don’t like marshall direction and actually I have’t like the choice of having a reduced budget on the movie which also was all used for the useless 3D. So you want to make a good 5 movie ? Bring back verbinski, orlando bloom and keyra and of course johnny.

  15. I loved the first and second one, but the third one was awful. I didn’t like a single story line in it. The fourth one was my favorite. However, If Depp doesn’t return as Jack Sparrow in the next installment, I won’t see it. He is by far my favorite character/actor(:

    • I highly doubt that a Pirates of the Caribbean movie would be made with out Johnny Depp. His character “Captain Jack Sparrow” is by now, the main reason for these Pirates of the Caribbean movies to continue in the first place, and with out him they wouldn’t need to make any more of these movies. That’s because we cannot have a Pirates of the Caribbean movie with out Johnny Depp playing the role of “Captain Jack Sparrow”.

  16. Love the POTC world, love Jack Sparrow and company, love the movies flawed or not they are enjoyable. This just sounds like someone taking extra care with the script, and Marshall did a competent job. Looking forward to #5 and hopefully #6. Think Disney will pullout all the stops fro the next one, e.g. big sea battles etc. And Cruz was a refreshing change from the sullen Elizabeth – she was fun.

    • Yeah, i have a good feeling we’ll be seeing sea battles in Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

  17. As long as they keap Knightley and Bloom away from the film as they did in the 4th one i’m satisfied, though i did miss some of the other crewmembers, maybe we get to see them again once the Black Pearl has been unbottlet in 5th.
    Atlantis would be a great premise for the next chapter

    • I think that might be what they are going for in Pirates 5, and with out Knightley being involved in it. Although, Orlando Bloom has recently said that he would like to return in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The way they’ve set up Pirates 5 at the end of Pirates 4, it looks to be like the beloved crew of the Black Pearl will be returning, and so will the Black Pearl return as well in Pirates 5.

  18. NO Johnny Depp or Tim Burton? Leave that shizz alone; dont even bother. Four is MORE than! If you want to waste money there are many causes that are in dyer need of financial support.

    • Four is not more then enough if Johnny Depp returns 😉 .

  19. I want Pirates of the Caribbean 5 soon. Johnny Depp plays the role of Jack Sparrow really well! Bring back Penelope Cruz. Jack should have a kid. Maybe bring back Orlando Bloom. Add more scenes of Williams son. I love you JACK SPARROW!

  20. mmmmm. although i want the mermaid and that guy also will and Elizabeth back JACK SPARROW is the one and only who cannot be replaced

  21. I honestly LOVE, LUV, <3 the POTC Franchise … Even with all it's flaws. There are a ton of us fans out there! And with the potential earnings to reap, I really hope there is a POTC IV!!! I know that there would be no movie without Depp, so I am not concerned about his return … He loves playing the character, so if the scripts good, he'll be back! 😉 MY ISSUE: Raise the budget for Pirate's Sake!!! Move away from the low budgeted "land" and back to the budget busting sea!!!

    IMO: Although he was "okay," I say ixnay Marshall and bring back Verbinski! Veto Knightly … But, possibly allow Bloom and Cruz their cameos, as long as they tie in. If possible, definitely expand on the Mermaids Story (Plus or minus Claflin). And I'm liking the expansion of the Barbossa "Brothers" as a story-line. 😉 And of course bring back my Jack … Along with my Marty, Pintel and Ragetti!!!

    • ***Oops! That should be POTC V … Five … 5! LOL!***

  22. I thought the fourth one was by far the best. The new characters brought on a new flavor to the movie. Blackbeard was completely, outrageously evil (which I liked a lot) and Angelica gave the movie a twist with her and Capt. Jack’s romance. I thought it was time that Jack got the girl and him and Angelica had really good chemistry. Philip and Syrena replaced Will and Elizabeth to some extent and I thought that was a good thing. Will and Elizabeth really weren’t that important to the past movies and I felt that it was time for them to go. They had their happy ending and that is that.

    I also liked the change in the scene, as to not make the whole story out on the high seas. I love all the Pirates movies and I hope they do make a fifth installment. I don’t think they should bring Will and Elizabeth back but I do however think they should bring Angelica back. The story with her and Jack is still not closed and they need to answer the questions we want answered between them. Phillip and Syrena could go either way, but I think I’m leaning towards them not being in the next movie. Of course, it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without Captain Jack Sparrow; Johnny Depp impresses me with his outstanding performance every time.

    They definitely need some new characters added and they need to bring a new creativity to the movie if it is going to live up to its expectations. I think the fifth (if they make it) should be the last of the P.O.T.C. installments, as it will probably just go downhill afterwards. I’m a huge fan of these movies, just as much as everyone else, and I really hope they can make this next one a hit.

  23. Ok for one no one is tired of the Depp’s jack sparrow schtick, he has been one of America’s most beloved and favorited actors of all time since 21 jump street. Keeping the same actors in a series is key to a great series and keeping the die hard fans and regular fans coming back/(cash investment return). The one thing that people hate in any series or show is when you change the main characters of it. That is the #1 down fall to any all series ever made. So keep Depp and Rush and bring back Kiara and Bloom cause they played off eachother so well that made the populous fall in love with the franchise from the beginning. Disney do the right thing and give the fans/people what they fell in love with from the get go and I guarantee you can expect a investment return as much as you had on the first and second installment of the POTC franchise. Thank you.

  24. We don’t need another one.

    • I don’t agree. Yes, we most certainly do!

    • I agree with Sean, and I want another 1,2, or 3 more pirate movies…If you don’t like them, stay home or watch something else, thats easy to figure out. And the franchise must retain Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, or it dies….

  25. As a heartfelt fan of the POTC franchise, I can honestly say that 4 films is too much. But the last movie was just so horrible in every imaginable way (save the mermaids–I have a soft spot for mermaids) that I want them to make another movie just so the last film won’t leave a bad taste in my mouth about the entire franchise. I think, if possible, there should be a follow up on the Will/Elizabeth relationship, just to see how things are, and if not that we should at least get to see Will in his new job. I liked learning about Jack’s life before and Angelica, but it seemed like they were trying to force a love interest for attention, which worked. But the Will/Elizabeth thing seemed more natural. And OHMYGOD they need to expand the mermaid subplot. IT MADE ME SO UPSET HOW BADLY THEY HANDLED IT. And yet they’re my favorite part of the movie. That should say something about the film as a whole. Anyways, they need to seriously redeem themselves for the last film, bring back the old director, tie up all loose ends and fully devolp the subplots, THEN STOP WITH THE CONTINUATION OF THE FRANCHISE. FIVE MOVIES IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

  26. Ive seen all the Pirate movies easy about two hundred times. My kids are obsessed. That being said I loved On Stanger Tides. It wasn’t over the top and still fun. My kids love Dead Mans Chest and Stangers Tides close second. Hope they make more!

  27. Pirates travel, meet and greet many different people that have many different walks and journeys in life, thus bringing different adventures to light. I think the different characters jack meets along the way is great. Keeping some of the same ….like his sidekick…is good. I dont really think he needs elizabeth and will to make his story better. Sailors love the sea…not the women they leave behind. A port affair and keep moving. Pirates are not regular people do not try to make them regular.

  28. I don’t believe that Will and Elizabeth are essential to the Pirates series. I do however think it would be interesting if Jack needed some assistance from the Flying dutchman for some adventure.
    As for #4, I loved it. I feel that it was a much higher quality movie than #2 or #3. It was nice to see that Jack was a pirate with adventures outside of Will and Elizabeth. He is a pirate, and he does not attach himself to people. So he is on to the next adventure. Fantastic.

  29. Sam Raimi and Tim Burton are the worse pick for Pirates. How about JJ Adams or David Yates. Or the director of Tron Legacy.