‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

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pirates caribbean 5 script rewrite Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

Johnny Depp is still not officially committed to starring in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, franchise screenwriter Terry Rossi is working without his usual writing partner (Ted Elliott) on the film’s script, and it looks like Disney has failed to convince a high-profile filmmaker like Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, or Alfonso Cuarón to direct the movie.

Does that mean we might not get to see Depp as Jack Sparrow on the big screen a fifth time? Of course not. It just means that a followup to the hit fourth entry in the Pirates series, On Stranger Tides, is slowly making its way down the production pipeline and probably won’t be released until, say, Summer 2014 – which is just as well, since Depp already has a big-budget extravaganza scheduled for Summer 2013 (ie. Lone Ranger).

On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall has signed a two-year deal with Disney and is keeping up-to-date on the development of the fifth Pirates flick; much like Depp, he’s not officially signed up for the project, yet. However, also like Depp, the increasingly-busy Marshall seems to be simply biding his time and waiting for Rossi to finish off the screenplay, before he fully commits to producing and/or directing the movie.

Here is what Marshall had to offer THR, on the current status of PotC 5:

“Terry [Rossio] is writing it and he’s working incredibly hard and he did a draft and rethought it all and started working on it again. You want to make sure you are asking the audience to come back to see an exciting adventure and it has to reach that caliber, and if not there’s no reason to do it. I know Johnny feels the same way: He needs to see a script, but he would be happy — if it’s the right script — to put that hat and sword back on.”

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 script is complete Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Is Being Rewritten; Rob Marshall May Direct

Depp will (likely) play Jack Sparrow again in the future

It’s fair to say: many people are tired of Depp’s Jack Sparrow shtick by now and find the Pirates movies to be increasingly dull popcorn blockbusters. Still, box office stats don’t lie and there’s still a whole lot of worldwide love for this franchise.

That’s all to say: since Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is definitely on the horizon, we might as well hope for the best. Who knows, maybe the combination of Rossio’s solo screenwriting duties and Marshall’s possible return to direct the film (having learned some lessons from his efforts on… On Stranger Tides) will help imbue Pirates 5 with a newfound sense of creative energy. Hey, it worked for Fast Five, right?


We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 as more information is released.

Source: THR

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  1. Seriously if you take Johnny depp out of the movie then nobody will want to see it again. The movie is popular because of Depp

    • Wolf Heart, No one is going to take Johnny Depp out of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. He is the one who plays the main character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, meaning Captain Jack Sparrow. They will not make Pirates of the Caribbean 5 with out Johnny Depp being there playing the role of “Captain Jack Sparrow” .

      • what was the rumour about Atlantis being in the 5TH pirates of the Caribbean when I saw that rumour I was like putting Atlantis in pirates of the Caribbean 5 would be like adding a hover car to the film as in it would be stupid when I herd there was going to be a 5th I thought it would be the elixir of life or a kraken apocalypse like if the kraken had babies or will turner loses his mind and sinks any ship he sees or becket survives and comes back for revenge with massive scars burns and madness something like that but the Bermuda triangle made me think they weren’t using there imagination cause its been in a lot of sea movies.

    • exactly

      • whoever said that they were tired of depp as sparrow has lost there mind if anything i would love to see elizabeth and will again w/ barbousa. find what happen while will was at sea for 10 yrs. or even go back even further what actually full detail what happen btwn barbousa and sparrow how they met or how it is jack was captain and barbousa as his 1st mate. maybe find what davie jones was like b4 turned into an octopuss face heartless wretch. to me they have numerous option. then again i just love potc. jack and barbousa are my 2 favorite characters but then again i love the original cast anyway. can’t wait to see whats nxt

        • We actually do know a bit about what happened after the 10 years. In the the third movie, after the credits play, there is a short extra which shows 10 years later, a little boy (presumably 10 years old) walks up to some cliffs overlooking the sea and Elizabeth walks behind him. They then stop and see a green flash on the horizon and then Will is shown guiding the ship to shore. Then it ends. I think all of the POTC movies have short extras after the credits including the 4th one.

    • We Want Johnny Depp Back as “CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW”

  2. Pirates of the Caribbean will be nothing without Johnny Depp!!

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be nothing without Johnny Depp!!

  4. I really really want them to but Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom back!!!!!!

  5. Johnny will eventually do it.. I hate hearing critics.. if they dont like it then dont see it.. But I’d watch 20 more Pirates.. Keep them coming.. Best series ever by far.. !!!

  6. Okay this is so confusing!!! I’ve gotten stuff saying that’d he’s gonna play Captain Jack, that he won’t, that Will and Elizabeth are gonna be in it, that they won’t… I’m not believing any of it until I get a solid answer from Johnny Depp or the director. That is final


  8. I would love to see Pirates 5 & 6 concentrate on freeing Will from his curse. Jack, Elisabeth and Barbosa (along with Jack’s dad, played by Keith Richards, who has said he is already attached to the project), sailing the high seas and trying to defeat a sea demon/ghost/monster and the curse it/they are trying to protect!! Man, how great will that be?!?

  9. I really hope there is a 5th and that johnny depp counties to play the well known and loved jack sparrow. I love these films and johnny can’t be beat as jack sparrow

  10. KEEP THE PIRATES COMING.. My family would watch a hundred sequels. Captain Jack will never get old! This is a tradition.. Make it the 007 of family shows. Great news!

  11. I’m 13 and I would really lie I audition. Will there be any roles for young girls and if so, how do I get one?

  12. Think it would be amazing to see what happened to Elizabeth and wills kid you show it at the end of the third movie wtf happens come on be smart think of what movie Lovers want to see it would be awesome also love jack sparrow and hey if he just wanted to do a small role like
    ..run into their son ….

  13. I love pirates of the Caribbean. its really funny not just because of what is said but because of the actors and actresses i.e. Johnny Depp. I love Johnny Depp don’t get rid of him keep him!

  14. Bring back Will and Elizabeth come on man cpt of the flying dutchman and the pirate king

  15. I love Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4!! Please Depp come back and do part 5 and all the other ones they might and hopefully make in the future. Please make a part 5 and more! :). Johnny Depp is hilarious and no one can play the part as Captain Jack Sparrow better than him!

  16. I could watch unending pirate movies! There are sooo many ideas! They could make Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth try to save Will and replace Will with Barbosa so now Barbosa is the Captain I the flying Dutchman. Or Jack and Will go after the same, great treasure so they sword fight for it and shoot canons at each other and all that other stuff. Or someone can get a hold of Will’s heart so Jack and his crew had to help Will keep his heart safe so Will doesn’t die! See what I mean! There’s a whole bunch of ideas!!!!

  17. I wouldn want to see it if johnny not gonna feature in it and bring pintel and ragetti back they the best

  18. I really, really want the old characters back like Elizabeth, Will, Ragetti, Pintel, Marty, Cotten… and the same actors/actresses to play them. That would be fantastic.
    I would also like it if they brought back the dutchman crew along with Will (Orlando Bloom) as captain, and the crew played by the same people i.e. Bootstrap – Stellan Skarsgård or Maccus – Dermot Keaney and so on and so fourth, but then again that’s just what I would personally want.
    Obviously I would like Jack (Johnny Depp), Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and Gibbs (Kevin R. McNally) in it, seen as though they’ve been in all 4 films so far, but, I would watch Pirates of the Caribbean whatever, because its amazing. Best series in my opinion.

  19. It wouldn’t be the same without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.Just wouldn’t!I also want Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) and Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Swan) back too.The previous didn’t work for me.I honestly,thought it was good,but it missed that certain element.That heart.

  20. Without johnny Depp it would be a waste, as he is the limeline of the entire series. And I also want to see Keira Knightly & Orlando Bloom back in action.

  21. M a fan of this fantastic series. Waiting for updates. Thanks.