‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Lands a New Screenwriter

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pirates caribbean 5 screenwriter Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Lands a New Screenwriter

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides made over a billion dollars worldwide, so it’s always been a foregone conclusion that we’ll eventually “get” to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack (Sparrow) in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (despite the actor’s current non-commital status).

A year has passed since the announcement that Terry Rossio (minus his Pirates 1-4 and Shrek writing partner Ted Eliott) is revising the first draft. Today’s update points to dissatisfaction from someone in a position of power – be it a Disney head honcho, Depp or both – and thus, another writer is either revamping Rossio’s script or (possibly) passing it over altogether to begin from scratch.

On Stranger Tides ignores some of the Sparrow character’s backstory introduced in the sequels (retroactively), setting up future standalone adventures with Depp. An end-credits teaser opens the door for OST costar Penélope Cruz to reprise Jack’s (twice) jilted lover Angelica. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Rush told us exclusively that he anticipates Barbossa and Sparrow’s Tom and Jerry-style antics continuing as long as new Pirates movies are being made. However, it’s best to not believe any of the rumors about either Orlando Bloom and/or Keira Knightley returning (… yet).

Variety is asserting that the Mouse House has “tapped” Jeff Nathanson for Pirates 5, but leaves it open to interpretation as to what, exactly, the scribe is getting up to (ie. rewriting or starting afresh). On Stranger Tides helmer Rob Marshall (no pun intended) no longer seems a likely candidate to oversee Pirates 5, as he’s pressing forward with Into the Woods. Maybe Disney is changing direction, with the intent of enticing another filmmaker?

The studio’s director wish list (at one point) included Tim Burton, Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and Chris Weitz (Twilight: New Moon), among others. The plan is standalone installments hereon out, so it might be a smart maneuver to play musical (director) chairs and keep audiences returning for more on the promise of a unique approach to the Pirates-verse each time around (a formula that’s proven lucrative for Mission: Impossible). Depp, of course, will be the box office appeal and glue keeping all the films together.

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Review Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Lands a New Screenwriter

Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush in ‘On Stranger Tides’

As for Nathanson: his writing collaborations include Speed 2: Cruise Control, Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal and Tower Heist, while he worked solo on Rush Hour 2 & 3 and received story credit for his (non-final) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull script draft. Disney may be all the more favorable to someone like Nathanson (ie. capable of producing good material that doesn’t rock the boat), while awaiting to find out if Depp’s Lone Ranger – which Rossio co-penned – is a costly gamble that pays off.

More on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 as the story develops.

Source: Variety

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  1. How did that mess make a billion? Please not another. A waste of Ian McShane.

    • Agreed.

    • I was just about to roll my eyes and have a moan but you have a good point, so I will hold my tongue lol

  2. Jeez. Let it DIE. Talk about beating a dead horse

  3. Leave the damn franchise alone. I went to see the 4th one and other then the mermaid scene it was boring.

    • Nope, The Mermaid scene was the best part of Pirates 4 !

      • It was the ONLY good part of the last pirates movie.

        • No, the carriage chase scene was great, the Fountain of Youth scene was great, the mutiny scene was great. Also, the scene of the sword fight between Jack and Angelica as a Jack sparrow imposter was great as well. There are many other great scenes in Pirates 4. Even the mermaid scene was great.

  4. Johnny Depp is a man of incredible talent. I don’t get why he still stays a part of a franchise that has already strayed off into a spin-off series without even calling it a spin-off. If they called it “Jack Sparrow: On Stranger Tides”, I would’ve been fine. But even so, the feeling brought in the POTC trilogy is just not there anymore

  5. MILK IT MOAR!!!

  6. Oh great, another Pirates movie. People criticise Pirates 2 and 3 for being sub-par, but the fact is that it managed to build on the mythology AND be entertaining. Not to mention good acting.

    On Stranger Tides, on the other hand, had a new Will who had even less of a personality than the first one, wasted Ian McShane, watered down Barbossa’s badassness, and just gave us more of the same Jack Sparrow. The only cool thing it added to the series was the mermaids.

  7. “As for Nathanson: his writing collaborations include Speed 2: Cruise Contro…” Ummmm NO. -________________-

    • I missed that part. That was easily the second worst sequel of all time. (The first being Highlander II: The Crappening.)

      • Along with Gingerdead Man 2 – Passion of the Crust

  8. IDEA

    Sparrow and Barbossa epic duel on a ship rigged to explode.

    ship explodes, they both land in the water.

    another ship arrives to rescue them.
    A dramatic reveal of Turner. (they died)
    An awkward moment of the three for lulz and they three set sail for the final adventure.
    the end

  9. Hopefully this one will improve

  10. I loved the first three Pirate movies but the fourth was soooo bad. Hopefully a fifth is better. :)

  11. Too bad if some folks don’t appreciate these movies, the characters, and the world-building that goes along with them – the Sparrow/Gibbs/Barbossa interactions are great, Cruz was an excellent and believable cast addition, and it was McShane’s issue that he didn’t eat up the part of Blackbeard for whatever reason. No movie is perfect and Marshall did a good job with OST – only issue I had was the movie seemed to have a lot of dark shots – but the fights, Cruz, Sparrow, Barbossa, and Gibbs were FUN. (And bring back the enigmatic Spaniard of OST – and the mermaids). Finally got a Blue-Ray player and went right out and bought the 4-movie POTC set – ha ha, love POTC. It’ll be interesting to see what the new writer does and it seems like a good fit.

    • You’d be the reason for the One BILLION then. The movie business runs on the less discriminating viewer.

      • oh, oh, hurt me with that “discriminating” comment – ha ha. Yep, I’ve seen all of these in theaters more than once, own the DVDs, and now the Blu-Rays – love the POTC world. And you can call me, and other POTC fans, the “less discriminating viewer” but I primarily go to movies for entertainment – as far as the grim classics in literature and movies, been there, done that (felt uncomfortable for a week after seeing “Munich” – not something I enjoy PAYING for). Outside of Star Wars can’t think of any recent series at the moment that so successfully does world-building and creates iconic characters as well as POTC has. But feel free to line up at the AFS when they run “There Will Be Blood” – I’ll be happily adding to the POTC dollars at the multiplex.

      • Whoops – meant the American Film Institute (AFI) not the AFS (American Fisheries Society) – tho for all I know they run movies at the AFS annual meeting.

        • They do, but the snack bar really sucks.

          • Bet they overcharge for drinks too….

    • We stop appreciating when the horse corpse was nothing more than crushed bones that blew away at the worlds end!

  12. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 :Curse of the Endless Pirate Movies to make millions more for Disney so they can slowly find a way to make Star Wars no matter how much they know they are going to screw this up…Example PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think I stopped going to see Pirate Movies after 3.

    When you go pass 3 in any movie series, you have offically “Jumped The Shark”

    Name one movie franchise, that when it gets or got pass 3 was good?

    Lets name a few

    Jaws 3 D
    Superman 3
    Friday The 13th
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Transformers 3 (Marginally Better than 2)
    Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier
    Dark Knight Rises (Which I liked, but even I knew it was getting long in the tooth)
    Batman Forever, Batman and Robin.
    Paranormal Activity
    Scary Movie
    Godfather 3
    Rocky 3
    Rambo 3
    Exorcist 3
    Scream 3
    Men in Black 3
    Aliens 3
    Terminator 3

    When you start putting out movies just to make a buck, your business. But even Disney is not immune to putting out crap.

    And we all see the writing on the walls…This is the Future of Star Wars.

    • Toy story. BAM

      (Also, dark knight rises IMO)

      • Was just gonna say that. LOL.

      • Toy Story?

        I do not put animated movies into the mix, because for the most part, they are geared towards children.

        I am talking from the Adult Perspective, yes I know some adults like Toy Story, but in all honesty, I am not in a theater with a bunch of kids. My Son was 6 when it came out, and he was ok with it, I fell asleep.

        • So because something is animated, it’s for kids? Ummm…

          And Toy Story has MUCH more substance than Pirates or Transformers franchises.

      • I mention Dark Knight, said it was good, but getting long in the tooth.

    • Jeff w, Fast Five was good.

      • @Justin

        That it?

        Tokyo Drift?

        Fast Five was at best,ok. But, it is also another in a long list of movie franchises that are getting long in the tooth.

        • Tokyo Drift was s*****. Fast Five, on the other hand, was awesome. It was a fresh turn for the franchise. It went away from being mostly focused on cars to a heist film. And, the inclusion of the Rock definitely helped.

    • Being a POTC fan – and for fans of Star Wars, IJ, Transformers, etc. so what if studios put out a sequel and make a buck?

      True, badly funded, cast, scripted junk sequels shouldn’t even have resources wasted on them (Jaws 3) but if for no other reason that to keep the dollars rolling in, studios seem to be working harder at sequels or reboots (Spiderman, Batman, even Transformers 3). People can scream to “give us something totally new!!!” which might succeed (Inception) but you also end up with stuff like Battleship and One for the Money.

      • Because most of us, do not go running out to see mindless drivel every time another movie comes out in the franchise.

        Transformers, saw it on opening day
        Transformers 2, Saw it a few days after opening.
        Transformers 3, A Month after it was out.

        POTC COBP Opening day
        POTC DMC Opening Day
        POTC AWE I was bored on my day off from work
        POTC OST Red Box

        I am not Pavlovian in my pursuit of good movies. But if you hear the bell and your mouth drools, that is your prerogative.

        • “I am not Pavlovian in my pursuit of good movies. But if you hear the bell and your mouth drools, that is your prerogative.”

          Depends. Peter Jackson’s LOTR/Hobbit, POTC (as long as Depp is Sparrow), and lately Iron Man/Avengers, I’m there. Other stuff *shrugs* – depends on trailer, early reviews, fan comments. Got stung in 2012 w. Prometheus which I thought would be the most intense, incredible film re director and trailer – meh. On the other hand didn’t know Avengers would be as good as it was.

  14. On Second thought…That would be cool…Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to team up in a movie. Put those two together, and WATCH OUT…Movies will be unable to match that collaboration.


  15. Ok… Ill see it if its 2 hours of mermaids seducing people only to rip them limb from limb. Make jack a minor character doing his drunken finger hands in the background. lol.

  16. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 :Mulling Cabbage
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 :Theater goers held hostage for 2.5 agonizing hours of “Parlay” “Arrr” “Sauvy”

  17. Well here is a funny thing I found out about POTC5

    It will be filmed in the New 4D Format.

    Interesting, very interesting.

  18. I think the story should be about elizibeth and her son trying to find jack to help her and will be together again after will met his son