‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Now Set for 2017 Release

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pirates caribbean 5 release date 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Now Set for 2017 Release

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which may or may not hold onto the previously-announced Dead Men Tell No Tales subtitle, has taken one step closer to becoming a reality, now that it has an official release date… again. The film was once scheduled to hit theaters in July 2015, but for reasons – like, the need for additional development time and budget trimming in response to Disney’s financial loss on Lone Ranger - it was instead put back on the shelf, with tentative plans for the film to arrive in Summer 2016 instead.

So why, then, is Johnny Depp’s (Captain) Jack Sparrow’s next adventure now not due for arrival until Summer 2017? Well, for one, after the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie was delayed, Depp filled up the empty space in his schedule with the gangster biopic Black Mass (which is currently filming), and it looks as though he’ll jump right into making Alice in Wonderland 2 for Disney soon after the former project completes production.

On a related note, with the Alice sequel already set to open during the 2016 Summer Movie Season, it makes sense that the Mouse House would instead save its other developing Depp-led tentpole for another summer – even if PotC 5 directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg had been able to make a 2016 date, that is. As it stands, the filmmakers (who made a name for themselves with the acclaimed indie sailing drama Kon-Tiki back in 2012) are currently preparing to begin shooting the next Pirates adventure during the first half of 2015 – according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, anyway.

pirates caribbean 5 release date1 Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Now Set for 2017 Release

Disney now intends to release Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in theaters on July 7th, 2017, to be exact, which is currently not being claimed for any other major feature; the 2017 Fourth of July holiday frame will undoubtedly become more crowded, though, over the next couple years. For now, however, Captain Jack’s new movie will open a week after Despicable Me 3 – which may draw away moviegoing families – and one week before the sequel to next year’s Fantastic Four movie reboot is currently due for arrival.

As much as the Pirates franchise has suffered from increasing amounts of creative fatigue with just about every new installment, these films remain extremely profitable (the fourth movie, On Stranger Tides, grossed over $1 billion worldwide) – hence, Disney isn’t giving up on the brand quite yet. Then again, as has been discussed in the past by the Screen Rant Underground Podcast team, there is still room for further, interesting, exploration of the Pirates universe that could help to get more people excited about seeing this property live another day.

So who knows – maybe PotC 5 will turn out to be the Fast Five of the Pirates franchise. We can dream, right?

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 opens in U.S. theaters on July 7th, 2017.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

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  1. Very nice!

  2. Hide the rum!


  3. Not very nice, Reboot the whole thing! New cast, new director, new focus. Maybe a female pirate queen, Melissa McCarthy! Lol. Of course I’m kidding, there’s no getting me back to this franchise. Like transformers, the 2nd film lost me forever.

  4. The las one was aweful. If it would be just one bad movie, ok but its the second one, they have to try hard to convince me to watch it.

  5. So Pirates of the Carribean: Aint Nobody Give a Flying Phuck comes out July 2017? Hmmm

    • Ha ha lol
      (BTW if anyone else saw my comment on that other page, it was a joke. I don’t know and don’t really care about that stuff, I was only fooling around. Hope all is forgiven, bye.)

  6. NOOOO!!! Why so long!?!?

    Oh well. I guess taking their time is a good thing… right?

  7. Hey Screenrant have you heard the same rumor I heard about Miley Cyrus being the new protagonist? Heard it last summer wonder if its any good.

  8. These movies have sucked since the second one… I don’t know why folks still care about this garbage…

    • If you don’t care anymore then why are you even commenting on this page or even read the article,hmmm?

  9. I don’t care for the 2nd and 3rd installments, but I thought On Stranger Tides was very good, and a bit refreshing after all the convoluted and messy plots of the middle two.

  10. Reboot and bring back johnny depp

    • They are not going to do that to this Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It is good enough as it is to the point where it does not need to be rebooted at all.

  11. Curse of the Black Pearl defined my childhood from 7th grade on. Truly miss the authentic sense of adventure that I felt back then – it has even spawned a love of sailing that persists even to this day (still trying to join a sailing club).

    I don’t like what they did to the second movie – even back then I was disappointed. 3rd movie was decent – a little too long but at least they made efforts to tie back to its roots to an extent. Too many side stories, clearly either the result of the other actors wanting more time or the writers thinking they had far more potential than they had a right to think.

    And I literally could not care less for the fourth movie. Watched it once and aside from the nice ‘Making Of’ featurette on the mermaids (who should have been explored much much more), have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Ugh.

    Just make this movie another standalone and don’t have any more idiotic side stories or big name actors trying to steal the show.

  12. Disney needs to cut its losses after the fourth one. That’s the problem with sequels – no effort for quality because the studio relies on name recognition of the film and its star to rake in the cash at the box office.

  13. I think the next series of P.O.T.C. story lines should divert from the last four and go for the adult audience…follow the cue of Francis L’ollonais…True pirate history is much more interesting than zombies….

  14. will they put ALL the characters back? even will and elizabeth

  15. Well its about time, Jaaaack. Hurry back to yer ship, mate, yer scurvy crew awaits ye!

    It’s always amazing to me that in every thread about this movie theres at least one fool that hates the series but insists on posting. If you don’t like it, then kindly leave it be for the rest of us who do.

    This has been an outstanding film series. The 5th should not be seen as competing with the others. Instead, it should just be fun like all the others. Lets go out with a bang. Yes, the Seinfeldesque twists and turns take some effort to bring about, but I know they can do it one more time. On that note, how about a cameo for Jerry? How about a cameo for one of the real Royals? Surprise us. Make us laugh and cheer one more time for that lovable rogue and his motley crew. Lots of spirited Pirate music, marching troops, thundering cannon, perilous swashbuckling, unexpected chivalry, miraculous escapes, brilliant quips and devastatingly hilarious rejoinders…. somebody hoist the sails and lets get this thing moving.

    • I don’t get why all of you are so negative. To me it shows that u don’t really understands Pirates of the caribbean. The thing that makes the movies great is that u never know what to expect thats how it is being a pirate u don’t have a good or bad person, they all have a bit of good an bad insight them, an all is seaking their own benefits. Thats what makes the movies great.

      Movie 1 was great movie 2 was great movie 3 was great and movie 4 was great. that is why they make a 5th movie because all over the world people love this movie, that is a fact.

      If you don’t like this kinda story then don’t see it. But the movie has a lot of big fans like myself who are very excited about movie 5 and maybe movie 6.

      Ty for the great information of the date when millions around the world will buy a ticket to watch the 5th movie in the line. Me and my friends will definately be there.

      Will Turner is back, Gibbs is on, Marty an Scrum, Barbossa, Adam Brown from the Hobbit Movies is on.

      Kaya Scodelario is just been added to the script