‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Script Complete; Johnny Depp Not Yet Committed

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Pirates of the Caribbean 5 script is complete Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Script Complete; Johnny Depp Not Yet Committed

Walt Disney Pictures certainly understands the value of striking while the iron is hot; the fourth installment in its swashbuckling ride-turned-blockbuster series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is a surefire smash (when it hits theaters in two weeks) so work on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is already well underway.

Screenwriter Terry Rossio (working without his usual Pirates co-writer, Ted Elliot) has handed in his first draft of the script for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean flick – however, the key ingredient to the Pirates formula (Johnny Depp) isn’t ready to push ahead with the next chapter just yet.

The early response to On Stranger Tides‘ standalone narrative structure has been positive enough to convince producer Jerry Bruckheimer that all future Pirates pics should follow suit. That means no more story arcs being covered over the course of multiple films (a la the second and third Pirates movies) and presumably no more grueling back-to-back shooting schedules.

Judging by Depp’s comments to THR about Pirates of the Caribbean 5, that’ll suit him fine. While the actor has yet to read Rossio’s script for the project, that’s seemingly not due to a lack of interest in making a fifth Pirates venture. As he put it:

“It boils down to story, script and filmmaker… It’s not something where I would say, ‘Let’s shoot it next month to get it out by Christmas 2012. We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they are special to me.”

First Clip from Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Script Complete; Johnny Depp Not Yet Committed

Disney execs did not approve of Depp's hesitancy.

While On Stranger Tides will definitely make a splash (excuse the pun) at the box office later this month, it seems fair to say that overall excitement for this new Pirates movie isn’t as high as that for some of its predecessors. Although the promise of a less overblown entry that still delivers everything moviegoers love about this series – namely, Depp’s incorrigible Captain Jack Sparrow, bizarre supernatural creatures, and entertaining set pieces – is enticing, there’s still the matter of this being the fourth time we’ve seen all that.

However, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 isn’t going to happen without Depp, regardless of how well On Stranger Tides plays out. So not only is his advice about not rushing another installment good to hear, but Disney should be inclined to actually listen (and acquiesce to his request, of course ;-)).

Depp clearly loves the Sparrow character – and though I’d be lying if I didn’t say his act has felt a bit tired as of late, it’s all too apparent that enough people still adore Depp’s Pirates shtick enough to ensure that he’ll do it again in the future. So take all that as you will.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides arrives in theaters this month on May 20th.

Source: THR

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  1. If I were Depp I would wait to see the reactions to POTC 4 before I even considered the possibility of doing another one.

    • yeah, you’re right… and the reaction was bad, so maybe he should hold off. He should switch it up before he becomes type casted…. lol

  2. Heads up in the headline

    • Dolt! My bad. Thanks for catching that, INK. :-)

      • No prob. Vic you can delete that heads up if you want.

        • I love how you bold the T :)

          • Sexy, huh. :)

            • VERY sexy 😉

              • Sheesh. Getta a chat room.

                • Trollllllllll in the dungeons!!!! Troll in the dungeons!…. thought you oughta know. *faints*

                  • This exchange made me laugh out loud. My boss is looking at me funny……

                    • lol! :)

                    • I too ‘LOL’, as it were.

  3. I hope i like the fourth I really liked the first one so i hope this new one is like the first.

    • I’m with you on that Rickster

      • hell yeah :)

  4. i liked all 3 of the previous movies so im sure ill love this one.

    • I love your picture:)

  5. They wouldn’t do the movie without Johnny Depp

  6. pirates 3 sucked, pirates 4 will suck, there needs to be an R rated pirates franchise i mean there Ficking pirates, i wanted that back in 03 then i saw disney wqas starting this franchise, pushed my hopes back for awhile

    • Seriously?

    • hey theres always quentin tarantino

  7. Pirates 3 did suck.

    • no it didn’t it was awesome

  8. Johnny Depp not committed to Pirates 5 and 6, yeah I think its more along the lines of Johnny Depp wants more money thrown at him to play “Captain” Jack Sparrow two more times. It will be worked out, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will hit theaters by 2013 :) Savvy..

    • Im sorry but i have to disagree with you johnny depp does not care about the money, he cares about his fans and if you were in his shoes i dont think you would want to do 5th and 6th movie right away eitherr. thats all i have to say

      • That is very true …. i would rather wait for the movie , its better then them never making it at all x

  9. I love all the movies, just saw the fourth and loved it. Then again i’m a huge pirates fan. i agree to hold of the fifth movie, just too make it a bit more special, and who can grow tired of “Captain Jack Sparrow”. “Did everyone see that? Because I will NOT be doing it again!” 😀

    • Can I getta ‘AMEN’?!

  10. To venture into a new world takes courage, a sense of adventure, and a strong passion for what you believe in. Through that ones mind the possibilities are endless and a childish imagination will always be in a portion of their heart. That’s what the Pirates of the Caribbean Series has made me feel. To make another should not be judged by what critics think, but what people think. Opening Night for POTC 4 made over $36 million, do people realize how much money that is??? I am a fan of the Pirates Series, so are millions of people all over the world. Do a 5th Movie for the people :)
    What do you other users think?

    • Agreed my friend, totally agreed. Do it for the people who love the, end the movies on a good note just Harry Potter did, screw Twilight that’s dog chit, sorry if that last tad bit offended any one :)

  11. “Do I look like the one who has found the fountain of youth?” haha. Brilliant. $36 million already? Thats cool. I agree with Depp: A new movie now would be too early. I say wait until 2013 or 2015. Wonder how he would get pearl out of that bottle…

    • nah maybe wait about a month or two
      i can’t wait till the next ones come out

  12. i saw all the chapters from the 1st one i really liked it and i cant wait to see the 5th one

  13. The way the 4th one ended its a 50-50 way you could make a new one, or you can just end it there, but in my opinion make a Fifth one please Johnny your fans love you man

  14. Aos produtores do 4º filme pirtas do caribe, foi um filme muito legal, fui assistir com minha cunhada e nos duas amamos o filme, foi muito legal o final. Vai haver continuação? Espero que sim eu amo ver as atuações do Jhonny Depp.

  15. I say do it but don’t be so rash, keep to the main plot: Sparrow stays un-attached to a woman. That’s my main concern, cuase of Sparrow ends up with a woman the series will plummet in votes, also Depp had already told Disney that he wouldn’t play Sparrow if they tied Sparrow to a woman. Keep Biggs, Barbossa, Sparrow, and bring Will back in for the last one but make sure everything is prepared, ready and do dry runs and watch the runs to make sure the actors lines and how the speak them don’t sound computerized.

    • do u mean Gibbs?

  16. The reactions from the ciritcs were worse than the audience reactions . . . I quite liked the newest movie, thank you very much.

  17. Went and saw the 4 th one last night. It wasn’t as good as the others I thought but it Johnny and he has my attention! :)

  18. they need to make another pirates because they need to continue on wil and elizabeths story and the rest of the crew was stuck in black beards bottles ! were is every body ??????

  19. I agree with Captain Jack, i feel that the last pirates was rushed, do not base the movie on a short story again :(.
    Let the original creativity that brought that first three reign again to bring a fifth installment that will blow our minds.

  20. Isn’t the fifth one due in 2013?

  21. i want to see more of jack sparrow and angelica im sorry but i found it hilarious with them together! sorry but i love how they gave Jack the romantic side but still made it funny and on edge!!! i hope they’re both back for another moie but i do agree disney should hold off and let ppl hav the chance to really be entertained with this movie b4 making the next!!!

    • I tottaly agree with you, I was not a big fan of this movie series but thank’s to this fourth movie, I’m now! I’ve seen all the pirates of caribbean movies but it was a very greatfull ideia to get a pair for Sparrow. After all, he deserves a woman like her, and they are so funny togheter! ahahaha
      I’m praying to see Penélope working with Deep again on this series movie! ahahaa

      • [Comment deleted due to commenter being an ass. – Editor]

        • Don’t be an inconsiderate jerk. Don’t bash on someone else because they said ‘praying’ or you’re just another typical “faagg” athiest.

  22. i just can’t wait for pirates 5 ijust loved the kind of these movies and i am wating for it and hope it will arrive soon

  23. u know what i want it now i can’t wait for this movie to be in theaters

  24. Possibility of no Johnny Depp in the 5th? No thank you! I think I speak for many when I say it just wouldn’t be the same without him…!

  25. I have seen all four pirate movies. The first one was good the next two were mediocre. I just got annoyed by all Keira Knightley’s screaming. This one (OST) was fantastic. I loved Penelope Cruz in it. Nice to see Jack with someone. If they do make a 5th one they also should focus on getting Penelope on board for it.

  26. My only complaints about Pirates 4 were that Orlando Bloom no longer played a part (he was my favorite) and you never learn what happens to Philip (who could never make up for Will).

    • I actually liked phillip better than will. I mean, In the first and second movies, will was pretty cool. But in the third movie he was kind of a jerk.

      • I agree.

  27. I loved the fourth one and I love all of them I would love to see a a 5th movie so much! Im not sure if I like the idea of Jack being in a relationship, I especially dont like the idea of him being married with a kid with Angelica. That would just be weird, Jack’s whole thing is that he is a free spirit. I also heard they wanted to make Russel Brand as Jack’s brother. Don’t really like that idea either. They keep connecting Jack with all these family members, it will make him seem less of the random, crazy Jack if we see all these real connections he has, (Wife, kid, father, brother). It would be weird. The jack we love is in it for himself, with a small side to him that really does care about people, but that other stuff is just wrong in my opinion.

    • At least he doesn’t have a kid. (She was lying to get him to not maroon her on the island) And RUSSELL BRAND AS JACK’S BROTHER?!!! NO!!! I agree with you…Jack cannot have a brother…Nor a wife…Depp even said that he didn’t want Jack to get tied down with a wife.

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