‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Delayed Until 2016

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pirates caribbean 5 dead men tales release date Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Delayed Until 2016

By now, assuming that you’ve been keeping up on your movie news, you’ve probably gotten wind of the fact that Summer 2015 is going to feature more prize pony franchise installments and cash cow blockbuster sequels than you can shake a stick at: The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman, Jurassic Park IV and Terminator 5, to name but a few. Hence, studios have good reason to reconsider launching all of their developing hefty investments in theaters during that same four-month period (two years away from the time of writing this).

We’ve already hear rumblings about a couple of big titles that may be moving away from the approaching storm in 2015, like Star Wars: Episode VII – Disney is now reported to be looking at a Winter Holiday season release instead of the summer-time – and the Independence Day sequel, which writer/director Roland Emmerich doesn’t expect to invade the planet before 2016. Officially-speaking, though, we can confirm that Disney has shifted Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales back from its previously-set July 2015 date.

The Mouse House’s decision makes sense, following yesterday’s announcement that the studio has bumped up Marvel’s Ant-Man to a July 2015 release date, in part as a means to allow filmmaker Edgar Wright’s superhero movie to build on the momentum from Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing less than three months earlier. Moreover, Disney now has its bases covered throughout the season without a need to be concerned about overlap, since the Avengers sequel will open in theaters on May 1st, followed by Pixar’s Inside Out during mid-June and then Ant-Man on the last day of July 2015. (That also makes the scenario of Episode VII releasing in December 2015 all the more likely to happen.)

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Directors Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Delayed Until 2016

Deadline is reporting that the reason why Disney has decided to push Pirates 5 back to 2016 – with Ant-Man essentially taking its place in Summer 2015 – is due to the studio not wanting to rush the project down the production pipeline too fast. The studio issued the following statement, claiming as much to be the case:

“Like audiences around the globe, we have high expectations for Jack Sparrow’s next adventure and we want to have all the right elements in place,” said Disney production president Sean Bailey. “We’re not there yet and we want to make sure this project is everything these wonderful characters and of course the fans deserve.”

Jokes about the previous lackluster Pirates installment (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides) aside, Disney has all-too fresh memories of The Lone Ranger‘s box office disappointment as a painful reminder of the fact that even a big-budget crowd-pleasing adventure – headlined by Johnny Depp as an eccentric character – isn’t guaranteed to make back its hefty budget (both production and marketing) if the moviegoing masses aren’t given enough reason to be interested.

The Pirates brand name is more bankable than Lone Ranger no doubt, but Disney is reported to have already taken cost-cutting measures on Pirates 5 so as to avoid winding up with yet another $250 million under-performer on its hands (after Lone Ranger and John Carter). Not to mention, that move is just in case a larger-enough number of people have decided that they’ve had their fill of Jack Sparrow – no matter how good his new adventure looks in trailer form (and during the inevitable marketing blitz) – that Dead Men Tell No Tales falls well short of the $1 billion mark reached by the last three installments.

… Though, to be fair, it’ll probably still gross a disgusting large sum of money, no matter what.

Lone Ranger Cast and Crew Blame Critics for Box Office Flop Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Delayed Until 2016

More importantly, from an artistic perspective, Dead Men Tell No Tales could use the extra time, given directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg‘s lack of experience in the department of big-budget filmmaking. The duo will draw from a screenplay written by Jeff Nathanson – whose screenwriting credits include Speed 2: Cruise Control, Rush Hour 2 & 3 and Tower Heist - but the pair will need time to adjust to the stresses of spectacle-driven moviemaking, especially as they followup their previous film (the low-budget Norwegian sea-faring drama Kon-Tiki).

Principal photography on the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean installment was expected to commence by February 2014, but as of right now there’s no official start date for production. In the meantime, be sure and let us know if you are more, less, or equally likely/unlikely to see Jack Sparrow’s next adventure (full of supernatural beasties and unhygienic sea-farerers) in theaters – based solely on the fact that it looks to open in the Summer of 2016, rather than the wallet-draining Summer 2015 season.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales should reach theaters by Summer 2016.

Source: Deadline

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    • Carolyn is in the bottom of the ocean now.

      • With cement shoes. And Yolanda is next!

  1. No wonder they moved ant-man in July

  2. Would’ve been crushed in 2015 anyway.

  3. good, now my pocket wont be quite as strained during the summer of 2015.

  4. No worries til 2015

  5. Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest were good, but every single one of Disney’s other ride adaptations into film have either been mediocre or just plain awful. I don’t want a Pirates 5. What I want is to see the whole series rebooted from scratch. Have Johnny Depp return as Jack Sparrow. Have a director that will bring out some freshness in this character. Sign back on Bill Nighy as Davy Jones again. This time, Davy Jones won’t be a main antagonist. He’ll just be a bit player (the type that everyone rarely sees but is afraid of). I’d like to see Gary Oldman as a rival pirate and Anne Hathaway as a mermaid. I’d also like to see Disney directly adapting the ride. You see, I just visited Disney World with my family last week. There’s so many brilliant stories to be told and though the first 2 Pirates were the only good ride adaptations into film from Disney, they are from what they could’ve been as far as the source material goes. I heard there’s a remake of Haunted Mansion. I’d like to see it set in the 1400s and done much better (and grimmer) than it was last time. Peter Jackson as director and then the cast: Tom Hardy, Sean Bean, and Scarlett Johansson sounds fine to me. Splash Mountain has still more stories to be told. Too bad controversy surrounds the classic Song of the South. In my opinion, it’s not racist at all. My only bone to pick with that film is that the animation more than outdoes the live action. I’d like to see another Disney animated film concerning the adventures of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear. I also think Figment, of the Journey into Imagination pavilion in Epcot, deserves his own film. He has enough charisma to rank with the top Disney characters. Tomorrowland, coming next year, looks decent especially with Brad Bird directing. I’d also like to hear updates on that new Enchanted Tiki Room Polynesian script as well as the Jungle Cruise supposedly starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. There was also news on this film Magic Kingdom, which Jon Favreau’s supposed to direct. Apparently, it’s about the characters coming to life at night in the park. I’ve dreamed of such a film since childhood. Favreau’s a decent director (Cowboys and Aliens was decent, should’ve been much better than it was though; Iron Man 2 never should have been made Iron Man 3 should’ve been Iron Man 2, in a matter of speaking; and Iron Man and Elf were fine). This film should be a top priority for them, and they’ve been quite mum on it which has me worried. There’s so much brilliant storytelling still to be told and I think all of this, if done right, will be transferred well on screen.

  6. Good move. Gives Disney time to figure out how to trim the budget. I mean, didn’t we warn them that The Lone Ranger was going to be a FUBAR of a money pit?

  7. Oh well.

  8. Sounds like a pretty smart move to me

  9. I wonder how many films in 2015 will get delayed. First Independence Day (was that confirmed), Pirate of the Caribbean and I’m guessing Fantastic Four will also get the boot back to 2016. It’s been kind of absent from the news feed for quite a while lol. I’m just hoping my top 3 won’t be delayed, Jurassic Park, Man of Steel 2 and Kung Fu Panda.

    • FF could cash in on the Fall release.

      Hell, I’d love to see a superhero movie release during the traditional horror movie week in October because I’m sick of seeing purely horror movies or bad children’s animation movies releasing near Halloween.

      • Fantastic Four during October may actually do well, like you said an alternative to the horror flicks, especially since the majority of the horror flicks are atrocious. Though I have to admit, the horror genre is starting to pick up recently, Sinister, You’re Next, The Conjuring…

        They can maybe make Fantastic Four’s time period take place during Halloween week or something? I think my love for Halloween is taking over so I don’t know if that would be cool to anyone else or not aha.

        • Haha, yeah, you never know. Jokes about “hey, nice costume” might be cheesy to some audiences though.

          For me as a horror fan, I don’t find today’s movies to be scary at all, nor are they creepy so it’d give me a reason to go to the cinema during the slow months, plus it’s taking a page from Marvel releasing movies in November to maximise profits when a summer release would see it make less than what it could earn nearer the end of the year.

          People still want to go out in seasons other than summer and with summer, I always saw that as the time of year when I’d be more likely to lounge in the back yard than go to the movies anyway.

          • Aha that joke would not work today. Maybe a guy having a nicer costume than one of the Fantastic Four, I know I’d be pissed about that aha.

            I can understand why summer would be a great time to release movies, since most people are on vacation and all, also the air conditioning (sometimes it’s the reason why I go lol). But I find studios should start giving other months a test too, like you said, Marvel’s doing May and November, so far May paid off pretty well. I’m also wondering why they didn’t hold The Conjuring and You’re Next off until October, I think it would’ve done much better. Hell, White House Down may have done much better in September since there are not as many action flicks, and it wouldn’t have to go up against movies like Monsters University, Man of Steel, World War Z ad This is the End.

            Like you, during the summer I just go in the backyard, set up the BBQ and rent a movie, or go out of town. I go to the movies much more often during the fall season than the summer, though with very limited movie choices.

            • Haha, im the exact opposite, i go to movies during the summer and winter. I mostly stay away from theaters during the fall and spring. mostly because there are not a lot of films that i am willing to see in theaters during those months, also because i usually dont work much during the fall and spring with school so i dont have a lot of money.

              for example, the last film i saw in theaters was Pacific Rim on my birthday, that was August 2nd. and the next film i see in theaters probably wont be until November for Thor or maybe Ender’s Game.

    • There making another Kung Fu Panda?


      • Hell yes man, December 2015! Apparently there’s going to be 6 films in the series, not really a fan of that idea though.

    • Last time i checked the fantastic four reboot was coming out in spring of 2015, i believe march.

  10. I really only thought the first movie was good so I wouldn’t mind if this keeps getting pushed further and further back until it never comes out at all.

  11. Smart Move Disney. Not only is 2015 already full of blockbusters, but quite a few of them were from Disney. Pirates would have gotten lost in the mix for sure.

    Also pretty close to a very fitting title. I would make one small change though: Dead franchises tell no tales. I think many people have had there fill of Captain Jack. For me, there is almost nothing Disney could do to get me to see this movie in Theaters.

  12. YoHoHo and a bottle of scum! This Pirates franchise has been done to death, and Johnny Dipp with a Tweety Bird on his head while wearing Halloween makeup does not thrill anyone either. I still have not forgiven what he and Burton did to Dark Shadows…a couple has-beens who have little talent or brains who need to get outta town and get jobs working at the local 7-11 store where all mopes usually go!

    • speak for yourself there are many like myself who were looking forward to 2015 release, Depp is better than some the boring actors out there.

  13. 5 years after the last movie? Seriously?

  14. I don’t know why they feel the need to make Pirates a huge blockbuster. Curse of the Black Pearl had the smallest budget and is almost universally considered to be the best. I, for one, welcome any new Jack Sparrow adventures, as long as they keep it fresh, keep the story tight, and keep Hans Zimmer as the score composer.

    • Yeah, idk why they cant make a smaller scale, more story oriented film with a smaller budget (and by smaller, i mean like $150 million compared to $250 million) and $150 by no means is small, but its a whole lot more reasonable than what theyve been doing. even $185 million would be a lot smaller.

  15. Terminator franchise pretty much kaput, so why even mention it as a big gun.
    I like arnold, but why would skynet even build old terminator with a cane after having younger terminators running around for four films. This movie has become bill murrays groundhog day over and over.

  16. I hope the new directors add something to this that rejuvenates the franchise. I honestly really loved the first one when I saw it in theaters,but my excitement for Captain Jack’s adventures dwindled after each entry. Please don’t suck.

  17. i liked Pirates 1-3, but i am sick of studios extending things that were meant to be trilogies. I get they’re making money but this franchise is kind of tired and i think the general publics opinion towards Johnny Depp’s weird schtick is leaning toward no longer amusing.

  18. Arnold shouldnt play the terminator but the soldier its based on.. and christian bale as John Connor again..
    i know would be sitting in the cinema for that.

    Terminato isnt dead to me and a whole bunch of other people

  19. They better bring back kiara knightly and orlando bloom for the fifth one……the fourth one was boring without them and jack teaming up like the previous 3 movies

    • As long as Sparrow dies and Bloom makes a cameo to ship him away.

  20. 4 was actually good, watched it the other day, but they need a new lead pirate that depp can play off of.

  21. Can it be delayed forever?


  23. Good. Now the other movies in 2015 have a chance at making some money :D

  24. That picture of a screaming Jack Sparrow at the top of the page is truly wonderful. Thank you for that.

  25. HAHAHAHAH It took them two 250 million flops to realize they should just throw away money on worthless garbage mess. Good to know, good to know, Disney.

  26. Ah nuts! I hate waiting!

  27. Hopefully they will bring Kelly Farrah back in the Art Department, the look and feel of the films have never been the same since not using Kelly. A master at the right look for a film and that has a big reflection on the overall movie in the end