‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Potential Script Details

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pirates caribbean 5 dead men tales details Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Potential Script Details

Walt Disney Pictures decided to swap Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – the fifth installment in the theme park ride-based movie franchise headlined by Johnny Depp as the slippery scallywag Jack Sparrow – out from the Summer 2015 lineup this week (right after the studio repositioned Marvel’s Ant-Man to takes its place), rather than rush the swashbuckling blockbuster down the assembly line as fast as conceivably possible.

The Dead Men Tell No Tales script is still being written by Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2 & 3), who took over from Pirates 1-4 co-writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio for the fifth installment. Directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki) are sure to be changing, altering and/or deleting various elements from Nathanson’s original screen story with each subsequent script draft that he finishes hereon out; nonetheless, we have some rumored plot and character details to offer today, as a sneak peek at what the final product may (roughly) end up looking like.

Be warned: some of these could be considered potential MILD SPOILERS for Dead Men Tell No Tales, so take that into consideration before you read on…

pirates caribbean 5 screenwriter Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Potential Script Details

Bleeding Cool has assembled together various tidbits of information and behind-the-scenes details on the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, in order to produce an incomplete yet useful picture of what’s in store for Jack Sparrow this time around. We’ve outlined the plot and character deets below in bullet-point form (for you convenience):

  • (Captain?) Jack Sparrow will have a new female counterpart, who is suspected of witchcraft, she’s actually a woman of science.” The sexual tension between them is described as being “one-sided.” (Sidenote: this is disappointing news for fans who’re hoping that Penelope Cruz would reprise as Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.)
  • There are, in fact, real witches in Nathanson’s script and they are essential to the narrative; albeit, the spell-casters are said to have “somewhat less of a hoodoo flavouring” (so probably no Tia Dalma appearance, especially after what happened in At World’s End).
  • One of the main characters will be the ghost of a British military recruit, who goes on a revenge mission with the still-living Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). This subplot is where the movie got its subtitle from.
  • No Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) or Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley); instead, the stock young pretty couple this time will be “from farming families” (note: these characters are somewhat extraneous to the plot and could wind up being dropped from the script).
  • The film will open with a “rather awkward wedding” (Does Jack get cold feet? Or is he a literal wedding crasher?)
  • Part of the main storyline incorporates elements from the Bermuda Triangle myth.

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Review Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Potential Script Details

All in all, it sounds as though Nathanson’s screenplay will follow the same format as Elliott and Rossio’s scripts for the previous Pirates installments: multiple story threads, whimsical supernatural elements, a swooning romance subplot and Jack Sparrow at the center of the ensuing chaos. Not that anyone was (realistically) expecting there to be some major changes made to the formula at this stage, but here is to hoping that the Pirates 5 script’s execution is more inspired than that for the previous movie, On Stranger Tides, in particular (the same goes for Rønning and Sandberg’s efforts compared to Rob Marshall’s listless direction on the fourth installment).


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will set sail in Summer 2016.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Ugh, why can’t they just actually make it legit good like the first one. I like the second one alot but the third got way too long, sloppy and convoluted and the fourth movie, uuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Agreed 1000%, the first two were solid (the second has become seemingly stronger with each passing sequel since). The franchise needs somewhat of a reboot, honestly I think they could make it work in somewhat of a ‘PredatorS’ strategy. Release a sequel that takes place after the second or third, with little to no reference to the previous poop deck sequels.

      • They kinda sorta did that with On Stranger Tides and it was the worst one. But I see what ya mean.

        • I don’t see what all of you are talking about! I LOVED the 4th one! I saw it 3 times!

    • The fourth was fine I just didn’t care much for Cruz lol

  2. Well, I guess they did hint at the witchcraft when Cruz picked up the Sparrow voodoo doll in the post credits of number 4.

  3. yeah, hated the 4th one and I won’t be watching this one, especially if they don’t include Will and Elizabeth.

    • See, I didn’t miss them in the 4th movie. Their story was clearly done and I was glad because beyond the first movie, they were just there, like the writers thought “Well, we need to pull in the crowd who will only come see this for Keira Knightley/Orlando Bloom (delete where applicable) so lets just write them in and give them nothing to do until the crucial moment at the end and it’ll please the crowds”.

      In fact, during 2 and 3, I was just hoping for the characters to be gone quickly. They got annoying.

      What IS a shame is that Blackbeard died. Ian McShane is such a fantastic actor, his acting alone in the 4th made up for the boredom I got watching 2 and 3.

      • Yeah, I would have loved a return of Ian McShane’s Blackbeard. Unfortunately they killed him off in such a way that he can’t return physically or as a ghost, although they could possible have him return as the latter. They’d just have to explain it very well.

  4. Johnny Dipp looks like Cheech an Chong getting into mommy’s makeup kit for Halloween after puffing the whacky tobaccy! I’ll likely give this a pass….!

  5. I love the first one, and im one of the few who found both 2 and 3 really enjoyable. 4 however stinks. Im sure ill see this tho lol

  6. They need a new lead, sparrow should be a side character.

  7. Bring back Knightley just for the sake of that scene in At World’s End. She’s easily top 10 in that matter (Brooklyn Decker, Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Vanessa Hudgens, Natalie Portman, Knightley, and Jennifer Lawrence). She’s also a decent actress. I mean Pirates 1 and 2 were good, 3 was mediocre, 4 stunk. None of these films lived up to what they could’ve been. Reboot it all. Bring Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow and sign on Gary Oldman as a rival pirate and Anne Hathaway as a mermaid. Bring Bill Nighy as Davy Jones back. This time, as a figure that’s there but everyone fears sorta like a bit player.

  8. I actually didn’t like Knightley in any of the first films. She is over-rated.

    • If you think she is over-rated check out David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method.” It might change your mind.

  9. You had me at witchcraft and ghosts. And by had me, I mean had me shaking my head. This series has lost any luster it once had. The first films had things of this nature but the main focus was on adventure and suspense. I have no faith that this one will reclaim that greatness as it is now just a glorified popcorn flick that is just as good when seen at home.

  10. The only reason I like this movie is because of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. They are going to omit them?

  11. I’m glad they are making a 5th pirates. The 1st was the best, 2nd was ok, 3rd was just… bad, 4th was ok. They need to bring there A game for this and make it as good as the first. I’m not for the witches if there going to be all broom stix and worts, ghosts on the other hand sounds cool. Bermuda triangle is a great idea. I also think Gary oldman should be the bad guy. He’s awsome!

    • SHAME to all of you who say Pirates 3 was bad. 3 was better than 2. The only thing that made 2 amazing was the beginning scene with the casket and the ending scene. 1st movie was the best, second movie was a bit of a downer, third was amazing (perhaps a tie for the best), and fourth was annoying. They didn’t need voodoo and 5 doesn’t need witchcraft!

      • They are all good movies. Of course the first will always be better since your use to that kind of movie. All movies and sequel aren’t as good as first on. Pirate of Caribbean always had voodoo in it and witchcraft.

  12. I really like Angelica, I was really hoping she would be in the next movie. I though she was a good match for jack, and when I say match, I mean in the term of personality, it was good to see some funny bickering between them, and I think that would be a great asset to the next installment. I hate the idea of another female lead, they just can’t leave Angelica on here island, besides if you watched until the end credits, jack voodoo doll washed up, now that has to be re assed. Another female role would just mess up the smoothness of the movie, and quite frankly, she would have no purpose to be in the sequel, as for Angelica, she has the voodoo doll, and will want revenge on jack. Besides, jack needs some competition and a witty and like able love interest. I just REALLY hope they rewrite the script and get ride of that ‘science’ woman, and bring Angelica back in, it will make the movies tie in together!

    • Yeah, I agree with you I liked her too

  13. I personally am very enthusiastic about Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I have LOVED all the others, and plan to love this one! (I saw On Stranger Tides 3 times!) :D <3

  14. These plot details are false. There has been no official word from Bruckheimer, or the people who are on this job. Dont believe them, there trying to deceive the public with this information

  15. Well this sounds absolutely atrocious! It sounds worse than Stranger Tides, and that one reeked, I only saw it out of curiosity to see how it would play without Will, and I am sorry but it NEEDS Will Turner the romantic swashbuckler to counter balance out Jack Sparrow the loony anti hero. They are going to replace him with farmers? WTF! The witch character in this sounds excruciatingly Mary Sueish, and completely unnecessary. Awful.

  16. no will no pirate of caribean

  17. Yeah this is totally “On Stranger Tides”. According to this there will be no Orlando or Kiera in the fifth one. Well oddly enough “On Stranger Tides” also had no Orlando or Kiera. Also, apparently “Dead Men Tell No Tales” will have a new couple that has a lot of sexual tension and seems very one-sided. You know…it could just be me but that sounds an awful lot like Jack and Angelica. It also says that the new girl has something to do with witchcraft… the voodoo dolls perhaps? And lastly, Captain Barbossa is on a revenge mission with a ghost. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the revenge is on Blackbeard for stealing The Black Pearl and the “ghost” is something kind of like the ghost of The Black Pearl. The military recruit part I’ll just chalk up as the fact that Barbossa is acting as if he is part of the British military… You know, writing this was extremely cruel. Not only did it get some peoples hopes up just to crash them back down, but you could have just costed me my final for one of my classes at school! I write for my school’s newspaper and I was going to write about the fifth movie for my final! I had it all typed up and ready to go when I realized…’hey this sound vaguely familiar…’ And as it turns out I was right when I went to re watch “On Stranger Tides” and realized that this was the exact same thing! My final is due tomorrow and it is 8:00 at night! Thanks to you I’ll have to email my teacher about this and pray to God that he gives me some sort of extra time! So thanks a lot!

  18. I loved the first movie, 2nd was ok, 3rd one was awesome (1st one still being the best) and the 4th one was alright, could’ve been better…although i liked how it ended with jack and gibbs with the glass bottle containing the pearl. Just wish they had some more of the original cast, not nessersarily Will and Elizabeth, but like pintel and ragetti, and maybe that little guy. They were awesome.

  19. I loved the first movie, 2nd was ok, 3rd one was awesome (1st one still being the best) and the 4th one was alright, could’ve been better…although i liked jhow it ended with jack and gibbs with the glass bottle containing the pearl. Just wish they had some more of the original cast, not nessersarily Will and Elizabeth, but like pintel and ragetti, and maybe that little guy. They were awesome. :)

  20. I really liked Angelica aka Penelope!!! I really hope she comes back bc everyone saw that she got the voodoo doll and so they can’t just leave that piece hanging.

  21. I really, REALLY loved the first three movies. They followed a strong, sturdy plot, had good characters, were basically just over-all excellent movies full of piratey goodness and healthy doses of the brilliant and hilarious (slightly mad) Jack Sparrow. But it ended there. I realize Will and Elizabeth’s storyline is now pretty much “over,” but I would’ve enjoyed a camio appearance or at least a mentioning of their names in On Stranger Tides. It’s like they’ve dropped of the face of the Earth. Also, I was very excited to see Jack’s father Captain Teague again… but for some reason I though he looked different than he did in his first appearance during the third movie, not to mention he couldn’t seem to go 5 seconds without saying “Jackie.” They overdid it a little. Also, they continue to throw these little plotless, insignificant romantic couples into the mix (the missionary and his mermaid, this new farming couple…) and to what end?? To make up for the loss of romance since they retired Will and Elizabeth?! I’d rather they left romance out completely, if that’s the case. My final issue… WHAT IS THE PURPOSE??? Ever since the end of the third movie, I almost feel like Jack himself doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. I know as well as anyone that our dear Captain Jack’s world does not begin and end with the Turners… but since their story arc ended Jack just seems to stumble along… I’m glad that they’ve made some strong female characters, I’ve no problems at all with that, but in my opinion On Stranger Tides’ had a weak, WEAK plot… and Jack wasn’t as fantastical or clever as I’ve come to expect from him, not really. Yes, he switched around Blackbeard’s and the Latina lady pirate’s cups, killing one and saving the other. Big whoop. Yay. -_-
    Believe it or not I do actually plan to go see this latest movie, some part of me still clings to hope for this franchise and somewhere deep down I know I’d never miss a chance to see more of Jack Sparrow, but I hope to goodness this is better than the last one. The whole witch thing sounds kind of interesting. If my guess is correct the military ghost is probably James Norrington and it could be good to see him again, and I’m glad they haven’t gotten rid of Barbossa. There are some promising aspects, and a lot of good they COULD do with this movie. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping, but as much as I LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean (so so SO much), the last movie was almost depressing and this one, while not without potential, could also end up just as bad. If things don’t shape up soon, well… I hate to say it but I almost think if that’s the case I might just pretend the series ended after the first three. It would almost be better that way. I’m glad the writers delayed this in order to shape up the plot and are considering dropping the little farm-town lovers thing, they might just save this movie yet. Also, this “awkward wedding” has the potential to be hilarious. Overall I guess I’m…hopeful (desperate). We’ll see~

    • I feel the same way…with out will and Elizabeth, its not the same. I like to pretend the series ended at the 3rd movie too. Unless the 5th movie brings them back, that’s what I’m going to continue doing…..