Christoph Waltz and Rebecca Hall Circling ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′

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Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean poster Christoph Waltz and Rebecca Hall Circling Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Although the long-standing love affair between Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney is coming to an end next year, its legacy will live on in the extraordinary success of Bruckheimer’s swashbuckling franchise Pirates of the Caribbean and the $3.7 billion it has grossed from box office sales alone.

Disney attempted a similar revival this summer with The Lone Ranger, which ended up being something of a financial disaster, but the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have always been heavy-hitters. The fourth installment, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, made well over $1 billion at the box office and as a result a new film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, is being shipped out in 2016.

As far as casting goes, Johnny Depp is guaranteed as a permanent fixture of the series, but the Daily Mail now reports that Keith Richards is officially signed on to return as Captain Teague, and that Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained) may play the movie’s villain. However, Bleeding Cool cautions that “the Waltz part is nothing like a done deal. Indeed, I’d call their story hearsay.”

christophwaltz djangounchained beer Christoph Waltz and Rebecca Hall Circling Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The report also includes more plot details that expand upon those revealed earlier this year, but anyone who has seen a Pirates of the Caribbean movie before should know what to to expect. The main plot is centred around a race between Depp’s Jack Sparrow and another grizzled pirate (this time it’s Captain Brand, the role Waltz is circling) to find the obligatory magical thing (this time the MacGuffin is ‘The Trident’). Brand apparently bears a grudge against Jack for turning his brother, Eric, to a life of piracy that eventually killed him.

There’s also a new woman in Jack’s life: Carina Smyth, the daughter of Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). Carina is a skilled astronomer who is accused of witchcraft due to her science knowledge and, according to Bleeding Cool, Disney is interested in Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3) for this role. As it were, Hall’s next onscreen appearance will be opposite Depp in the sci-fi film Transcendence, which is the directing debut for cinematographer Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight trilogy).

Maya Hansen Rebecca Hall in Iron Man 3 Christoph Waltz and Rebecca Hall Circling Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Barbossa himself also gets a subplot, in which he goes on a revenge mission with the ghost of a British military recruit. The Dead Men Tell No Tales screenplay written by Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2 & 3) also features a new beautiful young couple to have a romantic subplot in the background, though all we know about them is that they’re from farming families. Also, there are witches of “exotic” ethnicity. Yeah…

That’s more than enough plot to fill out a couple of hours of screen time – if anything the writer(s) might need to snip bits off here and there to make it all fit. Of course, now they have a whole extra year to do just that.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will go a-plunderin’ into theaters in summer 2016.

Source: Daily Mail & Bleeding Cool

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  1. I like they are bringing in the magic aspect. Since they are looking for a trident does that mean we will see Atlantis?

    • Good thought. Did not think of that as I was reading the article.

    • That will be so cool to see in Pirates 5. I’m really looking forward to that! :)

    • Maybe.

  2. It seemed to be reaching last time. I wanna see Depp do something different. Doctor Strange perhaps? (^-^)

    • Isn’t Depp doing something different in Transcendence, Mortdecai and Into The Woods? I guess you haven’t heard of those.

      • He’ll be in those movie first before he is in Pirates 5. Pirates 5 starts filming in October 2014. Transcendence is already in post production, Mortdeci is filming now, and Into The Woods is also filming now.

      • Until I see a performance from him that is different to Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, The Mad Hatter, Tonto, Barnabus Collins etc… then I may not be bored of him. I’ve had enough wacky characters that IMO he has done far too much of lately when we all know he can do so much more.

        • There needs to be more Pirates of the Caribbean movies after Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, so that he can play more of Jack Sparrow who that is one of his characters that at least doesn’t have any kind of paint on his face! LOL! Many of his other movie characters that he has played has had paint on the face. Enough with the face paint! LOL!

          • …..Although, I would say that Jack Sparrow’s eyeliner is okay or rather an exception because every time he plays Jack Sparrow, that is the only character he has played lately with barely any face paint or makeup on his face.

    • OH hell no!

    • I wish they would continue borrowing elements from Tim Power’s novels, because the love story is just so good in it…A professor is trying to find his dead wife’s ghost and magic spell so that he can bring her back using his daughter’s body…

      But I def would love to see some aspects of “Poiseiden’s Trident” too!

      • They won’t do that, because Pirates 5 won’t be Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides part 2, if you get my drift ? ;)

  3. Im glad someone else thought of Depp for Dr. Strange! I thought that would be good casting as he is strange. Depp can be a very good serious actor when necessary. My only worry with him as Strange would be people might not take him seriously because of his resume of awkward characters.

    • i doubt theyll get depp, its already too expensive to hold on to downey.

      • Good point

    • “…Depp for Dr. Strange! I thought that would be good casting as he is strange.”


      • You like that huh? ;)

        • + 1

    • As much as there’s ‘awkward’ characters in his resume there’s serious and dramatic characters. Blow, Finding Neverland, Sweeney Todd, The Libertine, etc.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I think Depp is great. I was making a play on Dr. Strange and his ability to play strange characters. Either way, the movies you listed are great and there are many more where he plays serious characters well.

        I would disagree about Sweeny Todd however. His character in that is quite strange but again that is also because of the way the movie was filmed.

  4. I have an idea! Cut out the random farming couple. And all the other staple “random grudge from a rough guy in Jack Sparrow’s past” [Barbossa, Davy Jones, Blackbeard], “random girl from Jack’s past with dangerous connections” (Annamaria, Calypso, Penelope Cruz” and the “seek the marketable magic item” as far as simply coming up with something new and aquatic-themed, throwing together a random background in the beginning, then going on a mad scramble with aforementioned “rough guy” for an epic battle before things settle down, lesson is learned, and the random couple ties things up (Will & Elizabeth, Davy Jones & Calypso (badly), Priest and Mermaid, farm couple).

    It’s the same pieces just moved around and painted different colors. I miss the epic and excitement that Curse of the Black Pearl brought. That one wasn’t SO diluted by corniness, over-CGI, or trying to hard to pay tribute to the other characters. Or other characters trying so hard to be silly like Jack. Sigh.

    I’ll still watch this though. Maybe even in theaters too.

  5. If they get Christophe Waltz…im sold!
    So I guess we wont see any more of the mermaid and the reverend, thats a shame.

  6. These new possible plot details sound awesome like the other recent revealed plot details for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales that sound just as good! Also, I thought I’d mention this since it wasn’t mentioned in the article above, that Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales will start filming in October 2014. I found that out from another article on another movie website reporting this same news. so, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales will start filming in 11 months from now ! :) .

  7. Waltz and POTC…DREAM…COME…TRUE!!! Waltz was the ONLY, the ONLY thing I could stand about Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained… two incredibly bad, seriously overrated movies, but he was gold and deserved his Oscars… He even shined in Three Musketeers, a very POTCy kind of movie. So yes, if he is in POTC 5, he’ll be great…

  8. they should of stopped after Dead Man’s Chest, that was last decent PoC movie…

    • No they shouldn’t because that one made a billion dollar. Would you stop sell something that so many people buys?

  9. I’m all in or Waltz Loved him I Django.

  10. I can’t help but think, ‘THE HOLLYWOOD’ is coming to an END…

    Sorry to think about it and Sad-Bad to say so, But most of the recent news are pointing to this I think. Too bad for the industry. No New THING at all. Just circling around and around old and (may be)weary stuffs. Very few are truly enjoyable. Specially new ones. And old ones are fading away too.

    What’s the reason? SO Sad and So Bad.
    I don’t even looking forward to see most of those movies any more. just reading about them make me disappointing. Think another decisive era for HOLLYWOOD is going on just now. What about you? Think the same or have another one?

  11. Dont care much for the ‘Pirates’ films, but I do love me some Rebecca Hall!

  12. I like the franchise but kind of getting sick of the disneyification of pirates. I hoped the franchise would spark others to make their own pirate movies with more grit.

  13. god please make it stop. besides curse of the black pearl which was fun, these movies are awful.

    • Who d hell r u..2 say like this .they r not making personally for u

    • Make it stop? No one is forcing you to watch these films or even read about them. It doesn’t matter if you liked the sequels or not they made billions and the last one made a billion and that means billions of people want to see more of it. They are not gonna stop just because some stupid naysayer doesn’t like it. on a side note, you have not seen much movies if you think these films are awful.

      • Exactly.

    • Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. No one is forcing you.


      • It’s freedom to voice an opinion. A discussion where everyone agrees all the time just doesn’t happen in real life.

  14. I liked the last first and last pirates movie, but now waltz is in it I am definitely interested. Guy is a great actor and really knows how to handle a role.

  15. I liked the first and last pirates movie, but now waltz is in it I am definitely interested. Guy is a great actor and really knows how to handle a role. I hope they bring the mermaid back, she was so fine. Ha

    • Lol! You don’t have to re-type your entire post because you had a grammar/wording issue. You know that right? Either way, Mermaid chick was hot! Im hoping since they are going for a trident that the story goes through Atlantis.

      • @clay – Maybe the story will go though Atlantis or involve Atlantis somehow? I would absolutely love to get to see the actress who played Syrena return for Pirates 5, but I don’t think that will happen unfortunately. Also, Her name is Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.

        • Hoping that the story has a map that leads them into the Bermuda Triangle which is a portal to Atlantis.

          Then in Atlantis there will be A LOT more riches than beyond imagination.

          Then maybe this will have Jack discover more artifacts that lead into a 6th movie (if this one is successful)

          • That does sound very possible. Good thinking there, Clay! :) .

        • If you think about it the OBVIOUS choice would be to have Philip Swift switch out with Wlll Turner for Flying Dutchman Captain (clergy man in love w/ mermiad perfect for ferrying “souls of the dead” –goes with this episode title as well)…I’m hoping this next trilogy ends and/or catches up with the easter egg scene at the end of “At World’s End”…

  16. I think Captain Benjamin Hornigold should appear in the Pirates series eventually. In real history he was Blackbeard’s mentor and considered a little crazy even for a pirate. He was so good at taking ships that he eventually got bored and started messing with his victims. He took one ship and asked only for the crew’s hats. He even outlived Blackbeard by a good number of years so given that and his whackyness he’d be a perfect fit to the Pirates series, whether he be a villain, an ally, or out for himself.

  17. I love Johnny Depp and all, but… come on….

  18. Logic has me thinking that Jack needs to use or find that trident to free the blackpearl from that bottle its trapped in.yes folks i figured this out lets see if i am right and said it first right here ha ha ha!:)

    • I think that you might be right!

  19. Circling the drain, more likely!

  20. I LOVED the first PotC, 2nd and 3rd were ok, I thought the 4th was terrible. Unless the cast from the first movie are in this one including Will & Elizabeth , I’ll pass.

  21. As much as I like these films they need to get back on track and have an ultimate end game for the series. The plot sounds alright, but we don’t need another young couple in love subplot. Just have Jack try to get his Pearl back to it’s proper size so we can get some of the other pirate crew back such as Pintell and Rigatti. Good idea keeping Rush in the mix as he and Depp have great chemistry, however, I would have thought they would tap into the mythology of the Bermuda Triangle. Christopher Waltz would be a good addition, just flesh out his character better than Blackbeard.

    • I think that they will tap into the mythology of the Bermuda Triangle. That’s what the plot details leads me to believe is the case.

  22. The first movie of the franchise was awesome. Enjoy it even now, but the movies which followed were a let down. Captain Jack Sparrows is loved so much that people keep on watching the movies, but then for how long? The content has to come too at some point.

  23. Hoping that the story has a map that leads them into the Bermuda Triangle which is a portal to Atlantis.

    Then in Atlantis there will be A LOT more riches than beyond imagination.

    Then maybe this will have Jack discover more artifacts that lead into a 6th movie (if this one is successful)

    • @clay That would definitely be cool to get to see in Pirates 5.

  24. I also hope they do a movie revolved around European colonies in the America’s and dealing with Native American’s. Jack could search of the famous Oak Island treasure. We also could see the Wendigo as the creature they try to run from!

  25. This is Stupid… Why would they replace Penelope Cruz? they introduced her and even had a ending scene at the end of the credits.. But other than that, I like the plot idea. BUT DONT REPLACE AFTER INTRODUCING…

    • Thank you! i agree that they shouldnt have bruoght in a character and give thema back story then go and replace them :(

    • They are not going to replace her in Pirates 5, because no other actress is going to play Angelica in Pirates 5. That character won’t be in Pirates 5.

      • i know they wont “replace” her but they are apparently taking away her character

        • Hence why I said no other actress is going to play Angelica in Pirates 5.

  26. I also hate the fact that there setting up for a big fall with some of the plot details. Romance couple from Farming familes, what the heck is this? This is Pirates of the Caribbean, not people that no one goes to the movies for.

    • There has to be characters in the movie that give the main characters balance ‘sorta speak’.

  27. I hope they keep borrowing elements from Tim Powers’ novel, as I could see Rebecca Hall the perfect on screen version of (even if the name has to be changed) Beth Hurwood!

    At any rate I think she would great in the film, especially could see her in The New Orleans bits…

    • I highly doubt that the name of her character will be changed.

  28. ‘It’s Smith or Smithy if you like.”

    • @darthlocke – It’s funny that you said that, because considering that Rebecca Hall’s character’s name is Carina Smyth, I wonder if there is any connection with that line in Pirates 1 and the new character that will be in Pirates 5 named Carina Smyth.

  29. Where is Penelope Cruz!!??