The Lone Ranger

It was announced early last year that Jerry Bruckheimer would be bringing us a new, big-screen version of the classic radio and TV series, The Lone Ranger. The only absolutely solid confirmation we’ve had about the project (apart from the fact that it’s getting made, of course) is that Johnny Depp will play Tonto, The Lone Ranger’s assistant (for lack of a better term). It was reported last month that Mike Newell (who’s directing Bruckheimer’s produced Prince of Persia movie) might be the film’s director, but that has not been confirmed.

However, in practically denying those earlier rumors that Newell would be The Lone Ranger’s director, Bruckheimer had this to say:

“They’re [Disney] going to wait until they got a director and [they] say[s] to go make the movie… We don’t have a director yet. He’s [Newell] too busy on ‘Prince of Persia’ right now.”

So even if it’s not a complete denial, since after Prince of Persia is done with, Newell might be able to jump ship to The Lone Ranger. But if Bruckheimer wants to get going anytime soon with the Lone Ranger project, he may have to count Newell out. I personally am more interested in who will play The Lone Ranger, leading Depp of all people (I still don’t see why Depp is playing Tonto and not the Ranger), but unfortunately there’s still no details on possible casting for the lead.

I am very interested to see what Bruckheimer (and whoever he gets as the director) will do with a new Lone Ranger project. My interest is mainly because of Depp’s involvement, however, as he rarely lets me down. The curiosity of seeing Depp as Tonto instead of The Lone Ranger is also very high, too.

What would you like to see as the story for Pirates 4? And who would you like to see play The Lone Ranger?

Both Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and The Lone Ranger are slated for a release sometime in 2012.


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