Disney Update: ‘Pirates 4′ & ‘The Lone Ranger’

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johnny depp lone ranger Disney Update: Pirates 4 & The Lone Ranger

If you’re wondering what’s up with the fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, or the big-screen Lone Ranger movie, then you’ve come to the right place! Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of the Pirates movies) recently spoke with Coming Soon about the two Disney movies, updating us on the status of both of them.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Bruckheimer has said straight away that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is the priority for Disney:

“It’s a great franchise for them and for us, too… A beloved character and Johnny’s really excited about coming back to Captain Jack. He certainly is interested in Tonto, but Disney’s priority is to get ‘Pirates’ made first. You never know what’s going to happen, but they would like it.”

Bruckheimer went on to say that the original Pirates writer, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot, are currently writing the fourth installment, that it was, “funny,” and a, “whole new way of going.” However, he predictably didn’t give up anymore details about the nature of the movie beyond that.

When asked about Gore Verbinski’s possible return to the Pirates franchise (he directed the first three), even though we already know he has moved on Bruckheimer said “You never know [if Verbinski will come back]… He created the [Pirates] franchise so we’d love to have him back, but it’s kind of up to him.”

pirates of the caribbean Disney Update: Pirates 4 & The Lone Ranger

The only way I would ever want to see another Pirates of the Caribbean movie is if they ditch the romance storyline between Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley’s characters (Knightly has previously stated she won’t be returning to the franchise), and concentrate on Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp has previously been confirmed to return to play him) and Captain Barbossa. To me they were always the two most interesting characters of the whole Pirates franchise, and about the only thing I liked about both the second and third movies.

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  1. I liked all three POTC films, but if they make another I would like them to get rid of the love story between Swan and Turner.

  2. the good thing is, with Will under the curse of the pearl, he can only come ashore every 10 years to see his lady.
    hopefully they wouldn’t try to revolve the movie around removing the curse from Will to be with Elizabeth.

  3. In my mind Captain Jack Sparrow is there money maker, so if Disney is smart, Jack will be the only focus for the 4th movie.

  4. I don’t see why Disney can’t cast an actual Native American as Tonto. Is there a dearth of qualified Native American actors who can play the part, or is it just Disney cashing in on the Depp star power? My guess is the latter. I think that is a shame, too. They could have used Depp to play a really cool villain. Besides, with Depp as Tonto wouldn’t they have to cast someone closer to his age or older to play the Lone Ranger?

    As for POTC, I am on board with a 4th film as long as it isn’t as insufferably long as the last one. I’m glad to hear that Knightley isn’t going to be in this one as they can really flesh out the Captain Jack storyline.

  5. I think clint eastwood would be a great director for this Iconic project

  6. If Johnny Depp is playing Tonto, I would guess the story will probably focus more on that character – which could be an interesting spin, I guess.

    I suppose in the acting world you often have actors playing characters with different accents, mannerisms, and ethnic backgrounds than their own. It would have been nice to a good Native American actor take the role, as Jay Silverheels brought a certain dignity to the character, IMHO.

  7. I could care less about another “Pirates” movie, they outlived their welcome with me, I’m afraid.

    Sorry for two posts!

  8. I loved all three POTC movies and i know you want to “ditch” the romance but i have a feeling with no keira or orlando ole captain jack will have his own love story you have to deal with.

  9. I just hope that with POTC, they get back to the fun of the franchise and maroon the melodrama. I’m a diehard POTC fan, but the second two movies could’ve done without the 3000 different villains/antagonists/whatevers. Not to mention the extreme ANGST of the romantic storyline. People don’t go see a swashbuckler to get depressed.
    And I couldn’t agree more with you about the romantic storyline between Will and Elizabeth. Perhaps Rossio and Elliot will have a character make a small update on the status of the two, and then move on. *wishful thinking*
    I have pretty high hopes for Pirates 4, though. Looking forward to it, deffinately. And “The Lone Ranger” should be interesting at the very least.

  10. 1st movie = good
    2nd movie = ehh ok
    3rd movie = a mess wtf happened

    The franchised has diminished more and more from movie to movie…the romance must be ended…if they do something with sparow and barbosa and take teh story in a diff direcion (without turner) they might be able to salvagei it, for kids…any adult that liked the past two movies is an idiot

  11. It does not make sense, to me, to cast Johnny Depp as Tonto. There are plenty of American Indian actors (Adam Beech, to name one) who would be excellent in the role. Casting Depp shows lack of imagination. As to the role of the Lone Ranger, the character is supposed to be a former Texas Ranger, so it would make sense to cast an actor that can handle that type of cowboy/lawman role. So many younger actors today are more boy than man, and the Lone Ranger needs to be a real man’s man, not a boy “playing” a man.

  12. Although I like The Lone Ranger & Tonto, I never particularly considered myself a big Lone Ranger fan, but… wow.

    I can’t believe that it would ever even be suggested in this current age of high-quality, high-realism, true-to-history films, that a studio would or could resort to such a completely stupid idea as using a Euro-descent white man for a Native American. What a travesty! Not to mention an utter blasphemy to a property loved by millions (yes, you heard me… Millions).

    Long gone are the days when studios felt that Native Americans were idiots and couldn’t act, so instead used so obviously Caucasian actors to play them. It was so blantantly a slap in the face to the Native Americans, and an insult to their existence. There was very seldom a single example of a real Native American on screen, bringing their true heritage into public awareness.

    In the 50’s and before, it was truly rare that film-watching Americans would ever see a genuine Native American.

    Over the last 25 or so years, all that started to change. From Windwalker, which was considered one of the most faithful & respectful films about Native American culture, to Dances with Wolves, to Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, and even to the wonderful Lone Ranger telefilm a couple years ago with Murray & Arcand… Studios have gotten better about recognizing Native Americans as a rich source of quality film material, and that who better to play a Native American… than a Native American. And there is no shortage of talented Native American actors to do this.

    The thought of using Depp as Tonto turns my stomach, and I wouldn’t ever go to it, even if the studio were to pay me to do so.

    The Lone Ranger is one of the ‘Superheroes, before Superheroes existed’. Along with Zorro and Robin Hood, he brought justice to an unjust world, and protected the innocent, just as Superman, Batman, & Green Arrow did later on. The Lone Ranger needs to be given the honor and dignity of being done correctly, or not at all.

  13. First off yeah there should definitely be a Native American (a real one) playing Tonto. But this is Johnny Depp, one of the biggest stars in the world, he is definitely going to have whatever part he wants to go for. However, I dont think it would be far from him to play the lead character and they could go ahead and bring in a Native American actor to play Tonto. Just as an opinion, I think Tonto is going to be a half breed in the film if Depp continues to be casted as the faithful sidekick. Among whoever they cast, they definitely must place a role in there for Sam Elliot. Lets face it you cannot have a good western style film without the tall cowboy! As a means to an end, Viggo Mortenson would make a decent “Masked Man”. If there is anyone else who could hypothetically fill the role better someone please let your opinion be known.

  14. You know thinking on it now; picture this, how would it sound if Brad Johnson from were to play the “Masked Man”?

  15. Depp’s character became too boring. I prefer Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth played by Keira Knightly over Jack Sparrow/Depp anytime. Their story is interesting. The characters are interesting. What’s interesting about Sparrow? – He runs after his ship/Barbossa over and over again, betraying and solving his problems at the account of others. I don’t like him. He is needed only as a catalyst. Besides, the character itself is way too predictable. I want my good guys back.

  16. oh my god! pleeeeze do not i repeat do not let them cast george cloony as the lone ranger. he will kill the whole movie. he will stink it up & make his own self look stupid.

  17. I’d like to see either Matthew Maconahey, Vigo Mortensen or Nicholas Cage play the Lone Ranger. I totally agree I really can’t see Johnny Depp as Tonto. I mean it just doesn’t make sense! Adam Beach or and this will sound nuts, but he is, Adam Beach is as well, but you know who would make a good Tonto Boston Red Sox’s Jacoby Elsberry or and this is an honorable mention what about New York Yankee’s Joba Chamberlin? They are the only two American Indians in baseball and Chamberlin maybe the biggest Indian I’ve ever seen and he certainly would be the biggest Tonto as the late Jay Silverheels was not all that overly tall. It might give an interesting twist to the film and something that would be of benefit to Disney, baseball and the American Indian. Give me some feedback, God speed and happy trails….

  18. Have an American Indian play Tanto!!! I got an Idea, instead of Will Smith play as the Character “J” in Men In Black Three… Lets have Johnny Depp play the Character in black face. (Yes, I’m being Sarcastic!) Tanto is a Native American, Have a native American play him. C’monn Hollywood!

  19. I quite liked the Swann/Turner romance, but romances don’t need four films – so sure, shove them off into a Happily-Ever-After and let’s see what Sparrow does next.

    I’d like to see Jack meet up against a woman (seeing as a gay love interest would be terrible at the box office) that he has a chance of doing something long-term with. I mean, you never thought Liz and Jack would do the nasty (more than once anyway) because (a) they’ve got nothing in common, (b) Jack’s BO (c) Will’s far more her type.

    Perhaps an ensouled vampire female pirate? 😉

  20. Why is it that you folks do not understand that Depp is an indian? Not sure when someone said you had to walk around wearing pelts to be proud of ones heritage or possibly pure blooded to be considered ‘good enough’….

    As for Matthew McConnahey… good choice because he is young enough do the part right and pull a sequel or two… but I have a better idea yet….

    Why not have the Ranger be the younger half brother of Tonto and make it all about dealing with ones mixed heritage and then you could have McConnahey play the antagonist as Custer … or better yet Brad Pitt as Custer who really makes the Oklahoma Homeboy thing work. If sticking with the tradition of how the Texas Rangers were finally recognized as an armed branch of the law or possibly taking into account that the role of the Lone Ranger should go to someone who can do a lot of riding and future appearances as a role model to kids then I would think that my idea is quite strong that this should be a young ranger with an older and wiser Tonto following up the trail with a few daggers up his sleeve.

    Think about it… There is nothing wrong with Depp playing Tonto given the fact that his heritage is actually straight from the heart of Indian territory with native roots. Is it the case that folks are just really not ready in their minds for him to be anything but Captain Jack or possibly because they didnt like his role in the movie ‘The Brave’ so many years ago? The best thing anyone could do in his shoes is pull an entirely different role out of his hat and that’s what Depp does best folks… He should be rewarded for working so hard to give the audience what they want if you ask me…

    • Why not have him dealing with being gay, or better yet. Muslim. Why not try and do a dozen stereo types. We can have it produced by Mel Brooks and be Blazing Saddles 2.
      Make it in honor of the stories enjoyed as kids did on the radio and television. A hero among rotten men. Someone for kids to pattern themselves after. Don’t turn it into a hollywood dung heap..

  21. I think they should get Val Kilmer to play the Lone Ranger. Just think Val Kilmer and Johnny Depp. WOW. That would make a great movie!