Jerry Bruckheimer Gives Update on ‘Pirates 5,’ ‘National Treasure 3′ & ‘Bad Boys 3′

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bruckheimer1 Jerry Bruckheimer Gives Update on Pirates 5, National Treasure 3 & Bad Boys 3

Since the early 1980s, Jerry Bruckheimer has been responsible for producing some of the most recognizable action films Hollywood has had to offer. Top Gun, The Rock and Armageddon are just a few of the smash hits he’s had his name on.

However, a large chunk of Bruckheimer’s filmography consists of crowd-pleasing franchises, the kind of blockbuster entertainment that audiences will come back for again and again. His latest film – director Gore Verbinski’s take on The Lone Ranger (check out the new trailer) – aims to attract the same audience and potentially launch a franchise of its own.

Bruckheimer showed up at CinemaCon recently to promote The Lone Ranger and gave Collider a bit of an update on the latest batch of action-heavy sequels he has in development.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – the fourth entry in the Johnny Depp-fronted Disney franchise – may have received the weakest critical reception of the series, but a worldwide box office gross over $1 billion means that the (currently) untitled Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is still moving along.

pirates1 Jerry Bruckheimer Gives Update on Pirates 5, National Treasure 3 & Bad Boys 3

Last we heard, Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour, Catch Me If You Can) was revising the script by longtime Pirates scribes Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, and according to Bruckheimer, that work continues on. Disney has already staked out a summer 2015 release for the film. So it’s quite likely that we’ll be hearing further details sooner rather than later. At the very least, expect a big announcement at the studio’s D23 Expo in August.

The same goes for National Treasure 3, another project that Bruckheimer has in the pipeline. That film – which will follow the 2007 adventure National Treasure: Book of Secrets – was to be written by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro (the writing team behind Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). Bruckheimer simply said that “a team of writers” are currently working on that script, which makes it sound likely that another writer (or writers) is revising Bernard and Miro’s draft, though it remains unclear at this point.

Still, National Treasure 3 is far closer to a sure thing than another threequel, namely the long-discussed Bad Boys 3. Here’s Bruckheimer’s advice to fans who want to make that film happen:

“You got to talk to Sony Pictures. We’d love to have you talk to them and tell them it’s a good thing to do. Please write them letters.”

The most recent update on the project mentioned that star Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay had continued to discuss the project, but their busy schedules made it a tricky proposition. Likely, the bigger problem lies with securing star Will Smith (who still isn’t attached to the planned Independence Day sequels). It’s doubtful that Sony would sign off on the project without one-half of the franchise’s leading men, and besides, Bay is keeping busy with Pain & Gain and the upcoming Transformers 4.

Will Smith Bad Boys 3 Jerry Bruckheimer Gives Update on Pirates 5, National Treasure 3 & Bad Boys 3

Bruckheimer went on to say that Pirates 5 is not only a “priority” for the studio, but also for him personally. With the above projects, it’s easy to see why. The previous Bad Boys film came out a full decade ago, and Smith is an even hotter commodity than he was back then (the same can be said of Bay), and the National Treasure franchise has laid dormant for long enough that most of today’s children have probably forgotten about it. Meanwhile, Captain Jack Sparrow continues to be one of the most iconic characters in today’s market.

Are you excited that Pirates 5 is moving forward? And would you watch a new National Treasure or Bad Boys film? Let us know in the comments section.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will hit theaters on July 10th, 2015.


Source: Collider

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  1. I would say the one person that would really want Bad boys 3 is martin lawrence. seriously, where is he? He was sorta big in the early 2000s, now he just makes big momma films. I think the last film I saw him in was Wild Hogs, which came out in what, 2007?

    But i would like to see sequels to all three. The national treasures are pretty entertaining. And I hope PotC 5 is better than 4. and It would be nice to see Will Smith in a strictly action film again. Recently he has just been doing scifi and drama. I obviously dont mind scifi. but i miss will smith in films like Bad Boys and Enemy of the State

    • He started to do direct-to-dvd “Black” Movies.

  2. Haven’t seen pirates 3 or 4 and I haven’t seen Bad Boys 1 or 2 but I did enjoy the National Treasure movies a lot. I wanna know what was on that page Gates saw at the end of 2.

    • It’s worth it to see Pirates 3. 4, not so much. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 was my favorite movie (came out in 8th grade) and defined that stage of my life, as did my subsequent excitement for 2 and 3. However I’ve only seen 4 once fully and just caught the ending again when there was nothing else on tv. If that helps put a perspective on things.

      • Ha, yeah, my trouble is that the movie channel that shows TV premieres every friday refused to show Pirates 3 because Disney Cinemagic had the rights to air it instead and even with a Sky Movies Disney channel added last month, Sky are still only allowed to show the 4th one, meaning I won’t bother with it until the 3rd airs on TV first.

        • So just rent the thing, good grief.

  3. I want Bad Boys 3!!!!!!!!

    • Where’s Mike Lowrey?

      • it’s mike lau-rey…lowery…mike laaoowwray.

  4. Hell yes for Bad Boys 3!!! Please finish Transformers 4 quick so you can get on that Michael Bay.

    National Treasure 3 I wouldn’t mind.

    POTC 4 as a big let down, so I’m not in any hurry to see part 5.

  5. Seems like these films aren’t getting any steam rolling, besides Pirates 27.

    I’d like to see Nick Cage in NT3, that’d be interesting, since they left the second one WIDE THE FRICK open for a sequel.

    Make those happen..

    and as for Bad Boys 3, that could be a possibility.

  6. Would love National Treasure 3. Till this day the first an second remain as some of my guilty pleasures. They hava a nice pace, I love the history elements to it, the casts is fantasic and there just loads of fun. I to wish to know what was on that page the president had him look at.

  7. Sorry to say, but mr Brukheimer, needto stop to make Pirates movies, the last one was cap, i didn’t enjoy it as i did the other three, even the new director need to stop waising money if he doesn’t knoe wht to to shell drop the project all together. and Disney should focus on Star Wars and leave the buccaneers in theor Dave Jones locker for good.
    Disney need to stop to squezz money from public in order to feel theor pockets with same or simialr repetitive themes, characters and franchise.
    With pirates we have seen and that is enought, Now is the tme to explore the Universe and other worlds.
    I will hope that they continue with National Trrasure, we need movies in that tematic adventure, becuse Mr Harsison Gord whon step into his fedora again, and crack the wip with his iconic Indian Jones, and to all naysayes that was the best adventure series and frachise to date even the 4th one was good enought for me.
    I adore Bad boys that can continue.
    But no more Pirates.
    Disney should to learn to share th eideas and project with other studios becuse of them, they lost the credibility for other studios to explore the pirates genre.
    I’ll name few movie that went down to Development Hell: Captain Blood, Black Flag, Blackbeard, Flint and Silver,Ocruckoce, Captain Kid, Pirate Hunter, Pirates Lattitudes (still active under Speilberg.

    • Harrison Gord as Indian Jones is my favourite typo ever!

      • Sorry, Harsison Gord!

        • A tru werdsmythe of hour thyme.

    • More Pirates!!! Besides, folks don’t have to go to a movie if they don’t want!

    • Seriously, I feel like you have to make an effort to have that many typos. Plus, what’s even funnier is the comment about Harsison Gord not playing Indian Jones isn’t even right, since they are planning another film in that franchise, or maybe I should say, Indianana Jonse.

  8. So, in 2015, Disney has Pirates 5, Finding Nemo 2, The Avengers 2, and Star Wars VII?

    You could feed several countries for an entire year on the money those four movies will bring in.

  9. they know the recipe so they will continue making this movies sequels because they make money.

  10. Are the National Treasure movies any good?

    • Yup, in a modern Indiana Jones-lite kind of way.

    • First National Treasure is one of my favorite films. Second one is garbage.

  11. how do i talk to Sony Pictures? I WANT NATIONAL TREASURE 3 TO HAPPEN SO BAAAAAD

    • NT is disney, Bad Boys is Sony.

    • first therealnick is correct. But you can contact them via twitter and email. Both won’t get anything done.

  12. I want to see all of them. Bad boys was great. And National Treasure 1 and 2 was Wonderful. I have them both and watch them A Lot. I can’t wait for POTC 5. I love them all and I have. POTC 1,2,3 and 4 . All of them are great. I watch them over and over. Jerry Is a great writer and Director. I watch a lot of his Programs he makes. Love Amazing Race. Jerry I can’t wait till POTC 5 comes out. I am going to wear the other ones out. Jerry Keep making the POTC Movies I will keep buying them and watching them.

  13. There are people like me wanting a Bad Boys 3???? I thought I was the only one lol I would love to see Smith and Lawrence reunite I love their back and forth banter

    • Also maybe we will see a film without smiths son. I’m kind of getting tired of the dad and son theme.

  14. I don’t get the thinking of some of you. Yeah, POTC4 was a lot weaker than its predecessors, but does that mean I don’t want POTC5 to happen? On the contrary! Especially after I weak outing, I want another one ASAP! Same for Die Hard 5! This was one of the weakest action flicks ever. This is why I I want Die Hard 6 so badly now, to wash away all memories of that turd! Those who want to stop after a weaker puting want the enire franchise to end on a weak note. And that I cannot understand…:-)

    • I highly agree with you. Granted I do love the POTC movies, but the fourth one I think I’ve seen the least amount out of all of them. They didn’t give enough time to develop Blackbeard as a good villain, and it was also a big mistake to pull all of Jack’s crew from the film. But I feel they need to put that series back on track and give it the send off it deserves. I also feel the same way about Die Hard and while I did like the fourth Indy movie, I would like for them to do a fifth to end the series on a high note. (Hopefully while Harrison Ford is still alive.) And as for a National Treasure 3 and Bad Boys 3, I am game for both. Bad Boys 3 needs to wash away the bad taste I had from Bad Boys 2. And National Treasure 3 just needs to address that dang page in the book of secrets already!

      • I see what you mean. It would be good to send the series off on a high note, as long as they actually care enough to do so.
        Stallone did it with Rocky Balboa after the 5th one was the weakest of the series, so perhaps these guys can do it too. The problem is that Stallone put his heart into Rocky 6, but POTC 4 and Die Hard 5 seemed to just be made for the money.

  15. I would like to see National Treasure 3

  16. Not only would I like to see “Pirates of the Caribbean 5″ (would be nice for it to be called, Pirates of the Caribbean: A Tale of Two Jacks) but I would like to star along side Johnny Depp (Cpt. Jack Sparrow a.k.a. John Sparrow) as his younger brother John Sparrow (a.k.a. Jack Sparrow). You can see the confusion but it would be funny to see and hear the confusion between the two brothers of who is really Cpt. Jack Sparrow.

    As for “National Treasure 3″ … hell yes! I want to know what was on Page 47 (a prime number by the way) and what Nicolas Cage (a.k.a. Ben Gates) can do for the President. It would be nice to also star in this film as Ben Gates younger brother, Christopher Appleton-Gates (born just after the divorce of his parents and raised by his mother Emily Appleton) who is also a very smart and intelligent as a Gates decedent of riddles solvers.

    Last but not least, “Bad Boys 3″ is an ‘ify’ situation. Why would I like to see these two characters on the big screen again? I can’t say that I would like to see another Bad Boy film even tho it would be filmed here in Miami, Florida. Thats a toss-up. As I have read of Will Smith, he would be the big EGO person here who would want to be the main star and not Martin Lawerence. Hence why Smith rejected the role of Django, because he wasn’t the main star of that picture. Problems I foresee of this ever becoming a green lit production.

  17. I’d see all three sequels. And, Martin Lawrence does not have a busy schedule.

  18. Ugh, no more Pirates please. Say what you want about POTC 2 and 3, they at least had great story ideas and character arcs that were wrapped up pretty nicely by the end of the third movie. On Stranger Tides was just a mess – characters watered down, jokes less funny, action less engaging. Not to mention they actually managed to introduce characters even less interesting than Will and Elizabeth. They’ve bled the Jack Sparrow character dry and I don’t think they have anything to offer anymore.

    National Treasure, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind. It’s sort of like a non-controversial, less lame Da Vinci Code, and they had an interesting set-up for the next movie in the last one.

    • I agree with the Pirates 5 comment about Jack Sparrow being bled dry, I think if they want to continue making pirates movies they should probably focus on another pirate and sort of build up the pirate universe/world to freshen up the franchise. the title is Pirates of the Carribean not Jack Sparrow movie,I think movies about pirates can possibly be entertaining even if jack sparrow wasn’t in it, as much as I love johnny Depp and his performance as Jack Sparrow it is like you said the character has been bled dry.

      • I agree! There were quite a few things in the mythology they created that were very interesting on their own – Barbossa, Davy Jones, The Pirate Lords, etc. Sure, it won’t make as much money without Jack, but who’s to say they can’t spin off an equally successful series with another leading man paired to an amazing character?

        • The sons and daughters of Jack Sparrow, since he seems to get around a lot….

  19. Bad Boys3? No!!!
    Pirates5? Yes!!!
    National Treasure3? Yes!!!

  20. So, in the summer of 2015, Disney will release Star Wars Episode VII, Avengers 2, and Pirates 5. I think Disney is going to make a couple billion dollars that summer.

    • Yes, they certainly are! :)

  21. Truly could care less about another Pirates or Bad Boys movie. I just want to see another National Treasure film.

  22. I’m seriously not a fan of Nicholas Cage, but the National Treasure movies were really entertaining IMHO. So a third one would be cool to see.

    (Also waiting for The Lost Symbol)

    I’ll watch anything Johnny Depp is in, especially Pirates of the Caribbeans

  23. I’m looking forward to there being an announcement for Pirates of the Caribbean 5’s full movie title, at the next D23 Expo event in August 2013 in California. Which i assume will be announced on the internet sometime shortly after its announced there :) .

  24. Pirates 5 is a movie I very much look forward to. Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is just so much fun to watch. I would also enjoy another National Treasure. I didn’t like Bad Boys (too much of a dumb action movie) so I never bothered with Bad Boys II. I don’t see Bad Boys III happening any time soon either and that is, in my opinion, that’s just fine. Besides, that means there would be one less Michael Bay movies made, and that is always a good thing.

  25. I think it’s time to retire Captain Jack Sparrow. The first 3 were great and the 4th wasn’t that entertaining to me. You know what just make the POTC 5 and call it a day.

    We definitely need a National Treasure 3. What happened in NT: Book of Secrets left it open for a 3rd film. We all want to know what was on page 47. Please let it be something about the lost city of Atlantis, you know your all thinking it.

    Its time for a Bad Boy 3. Do it just to finish off the franchise.

  26. I kinda enjoyed pirates 1, the rest were really bad. like, unwatchable in my eyes. aside from national tresure i have a stern dislike for these types of movies, the kinds that utilize ‘bay-splosions’ where its just crap blowing up everywhere with people overacting in a unrealistic setting.

  27. Pirates should’ve ended with the first.

    I want a Bad Boys 3 but it’s been so long since 2 and it’d probably be hard to top it…maybe it’s time to let it go

  28. Huge POTC fan, life’s better with Jack Sparrow in it. Should be awesome. Like the NT series as well. Besides, need to see what happens with the Black Pearl!

  29. Bad Boys 3 is by far the one I want to see the most. Bad Boys 2 was 10 years ago, it’s way overdue Sony!!! I know that a lot of people would be super excited to see this movie FINALLY happen. You need to lock up Will, Martin and Michael Bay soon so that this can happen.

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