‘Piranha 3D’ Sequel Is A Go

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Piranha 3D Sequel is a go Piranha 3D Sequel Is A Go

Dimension Films is so pleased with the critical and box office reception of this weekend’s release, Piranha 3D, it has officially announced that a sequel to the killer fish pic is in the works.

Piranha 3D grossed over $10 million in the U.S. during its opening weekend, which is almost half of its (relatively) cheap $24 million production budget.  The film currently has a rating 81% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is – bizarrely – one of those rare mindless summer movies that both critics and general moviegoers seem to enjoy equally (see Screen Rant‘s Piranha 3D review for case in point).

A sequel to the schlocky horror movie would certainly not be a costly investment – the cast would once again be composed primarily of unknowns hired for their ability to play attractive fish bait.  The stars of the first Piranha – those whose characters were still alive by the end credits, that is – would not be too expensive to hire back on for an additional installment either.

Does Piranha 3D conclude on a note that alludes to a possible basis for a sequel?  It does, as a matter of fact – not that successful, low-budget horror movies that gave birth to a franchise in the past have always had that (appropriately, see Jaws for the proof).

piranha 3D review Piranha 3D Sequel Is A Go

The question concerning a Piranha 3D followup is not whether it will be as “good” as the original, but whether it will have the same no-holds-barred approach.  Much praise has been heaped on the film because it is so unabashedly exploitive and grotesque – not to mention unapologetically campy.

Director Alexandre Aja set the bar pretty high for how over the top a movie can be in terms of graphic violence and nudity and whoever helms the Piranha sequel – be it him or someone else – will be hard pressed to top the act.  Can the task be done?  Color me doubtful for now.

Expect the Piranha 3D Sequel to begin production quickly and possibly even arrive in theaters by this time in 2011.

Source: Dimension Films

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  2. Daniel at Traders, a case of 12 x 1.5 liter bottled mountain spring water sells for around 6 bucks. That’s about 50c a bottle.

    But yeah its hippie!!! X-O
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  3. Trader joes does not have cheap beer.

  4. LMAO! now were changing the subject on this page LOL!

  5. Fat Weasel Pale Ale sells for under 6bucks a 6 pack.

    That’s a good deal!

  6. That is a deal. Is that a cali brew 790? Tj sells oregon micros for high prices.

  7. As long as they tighten up the CGI it should be somewhat better, but please no Piranha Flying fish Hybrids like in Piranha 2: THe Spawning

  8. i cant believe this is being released here in Australia as an MA15+ movie when friday the 13th and rambo 4 where both R and had a lot less gore then this (maybe not rambo4). what a load of garbage, i mean some kid who just turned 15 could rock up at the cinema and watch this gore fest. wtf id the world coming to…

  9. “The names may change but the song remains the same” – Led Zepplien.

    Hey, folks, you have to look on the sunny side of life! A sequel to “Vampires Suck!” could have been announced instead. Count your blessings.

  10. Yeah if the piranhas started to fly that would just completely ruin the genre for me.


  11. Piranhas cant fly can they??? Theyre fish for crying out loud!

    • Ricky, Ricky, Ricky…. these won’t just be fish in the sequel… they’ll be MEGA PIRANHAS.



      • Rent Piranha 2: The spawning, apparently piranha cna crossbreed with flying fish.

  12. VIC

    Hahahaha yeah i see,i saw the ending,when that huge piranha attacked the guy,just that someone mentioned theyll fly. The ending made it obvious there would be a sequel. 8-)

  13. I just saw Piranha 3D tonight and i was surprised i liked it. It was better than i thought it would be. Sure did have good Gore & Nudity,lol. Elizabeth Shue still looked good, last movie i seen her was Hollow Man. Ving Rhames didnt have much screen time but he good in the film. The ending was interesting till the last few seconds which leaves me worried like Ricky 18. I loved James Cameron’s films except for Piranha 2. But every director will have a bad film in their closet, even the greatest ones of today could. I wonder what will be instored for the sequel after what was mentioned near the end of the film.

  14. Wally West

    yeah the ending made me jump LOL! The sequel will be practically the same story….

    • Ricky yup. LOL i admit i had alittle jump at the end too, didnt see that coming. Another scene that startled me was when the divers were in the underwater lake and found all those eggs where one moved inside,lol. If those babies were mean as they were in this film, wonder if the adult piranhas will be meaner in the sequel,lol. Not to spoil anything for anyone but one death scene i like was that cable cutting that girl kinda in half, with her top fallin off first. Not to mention the girl who’s hair got caught in the motorboat’s propeler. That’s the one thing i like about 3D, they can make horror films look good.

  15. I hope Aja directs.

  16. Wally West

    Yeah i havent seen it i just saw the ending,i will see it soon though :P

    • that was one awesome ending! i lov how the professor is like “We have a big problem. THeir sex organs are developed. They are only babies!” and than nobody really cared and everyone just gav a big sigh and just when u feel like nothing that the guy said wasnt any good, than a pirahna the size of a shark pwns the guy of the boat lol thats genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!