New Ultra-Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

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piranha 3d header New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

When I first heard that Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Haute Tension) was writing and directing a remake of the classic 70’s Joe Dante film Piranha, I thought “Hmmm. This could be a good thing.” Then I read that he was doing it in 3D and I thought “Dang! I thought this could be a good thing; guess I was wrong.”

The remake, cleverly titled Piranha 3D, is set in the fictional location of Lake Victoria during spring break (think Lake Havasu), and after a underwater earthquake releases a prehistoric flesh-eating fish, “an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents.” Sherriff Julie Forester must risk all that she loves and knows to destroy the piranha “save the lake and her family from totally being devoured.”

Piranha 3D stars Elizabeth Shue as Sherriff Julie Forester, along with Steve R. McQueen as her husband (ex?) Jake Forester. Joining them in their battle against the aquatic nightmare are Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Jerry O’Connell (Obsessed), Richard Dreyfuss (who is used to battling monsters in the water) Ving Rhames (The Tournament), Kelly Brook (Three) and “basterd” Eli Roth whose IMDB credit is listed as “Wet t-shirt contest emcee”.

We have some new pictures that have been released (thanks to Dread Central, where you can find more) and the ones you will see below are SFW and SFYS (Safe For Your Stomach). However, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a link to some super-gory pics, and people, I’m mean SUPER GORY! I’m going to warn you now, if you are easily offended or disgusted by over-the-top blood and gore then by all means DO NOT CLICK ON THE FINAL THREE PICS OR PAGE 2!

piranha 1 New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

piranha 2 New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

piranha 3 New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

piranha 4 New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

piranha 5 New Ultra Gory Pics from Piranha 3D

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  1. sounds like a pretty good cast for an otherwise tacky movie…bring it

  2. Kelly Brook in 3d. I will be there.

    And “super ultra gory” pics? You’re overrating those images.

  3. OMG piranha in the watter what should I do… Oh wait, I’ll just stay on the boat and not get in the water…

    Or are we dealing with Ginormous piranha?

    I’m still waiting for Killerfish (Lee Majors) to come out on DVD. Much better than Piranha 1 & 2 movies.

  4. Kittens!

    Oh the humanity!
    Oh the horror!

    My eyes, my eyes!

    and those other pics were really cool! I don’t mind pics of bloody, mutilated body parts. I do get squeamish for the bloodying and mutilating OF those body parts, however. in other words, I’m sure my eyes will be averted when I sit and watch this in its gory 3-dimensional glory.

  5. Ok. Normally just the title would kick this movie right off my radar but I’m digging the cast. It might be really good, or really good campy fun, really awful fun, or just really awful. Either way, I’m intrigued.

    Not really a horror movie fan with few exceptions (se7en being one. Yes, I consider that a horror movie.) If I’m going to see it I like it smart or silly (Lake Placid). This might not be either but it could be fun. Just so long as it’s not ridiculous. ;)

  6. Piranhas….awesome!
    3D……….awesome! Your flat out wrong Paul, 3D always makes a movie better. Yes…3D garbage IS better then 2D garbage.
    I’ve always loved the “Nature goes berzerk” horror movies. The original Piranha is still a movie I just can’t not watch if it’s on. So I’m looking forward to this.

  7. @JM

    You’re kidding – those pics look like something out of “Faces of Death” to me. Pretty disturbing.


  8. @wickamo – I disagree. I don’t think I will ever get on board the 3D wagon. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I will most likely still see this movie, but in the much cheaper 2D version.

  9. The cast alone makes this worth checking out on Blu-Ray. Those gory pics are silly, because if it really WAS piranha attacking those people there would be nothing by bones left. :D

  10. Whoa. Those are some gnarly pics.
    I’m not wild about 3D because I wear glasses and I don’t like putting 3D glasses over my regular glasses.

  11. From the pictures I’m sure this will get a PG-13 rating !!!

    And those fish don’t look to hungry leaving all that food behind.

  12. PAUL, Bunnies! You sick… basterd. As punishment you have to go here and watch at least ten times!!

  13. If there’s no reprise of a mutant fish with legs scuttling across a lab, I’m walking.

  14. Yeah those pictures are really gory! Are you joking???

  15. Some people get inured to gore effects. I spend a lot of time hanging out with FX techs. Their favorite pastime is trying to blow your mind (and lunch) with their latest horrific offerings. :)

    Sad that screenrant would provide direct links to fake-blood-soaked fake body parts and latex bodies floating in foamy red water… but ask you to FIND pictures of two chicks in bikinis partying on a boat deck. How is that more objectionable than a pool of guts? A grown woman in a bathing suit motorboating another woman’s completely concealed chest is “inappropriate” when compared to a severed leg with meat dribbling out of its torn skin? How? Isn’t that rather Victorian in its prudishness?

  16. @hamlet3k

    Point taken. We could have included a link to that as well. FYI there was a lot of back and forth discussion about this post and whether to even link to those gore pics.


  17. Sounds and looks like a ridulous movie, but could be fun. I’ll have to check out the gory pics later because I’m at school right now in computer apps class. Christopher Lloyd is always good though so this movie should be something to see. Entertaining if not anything else.

  18. “Kelly Brook in 3d. I will be there.”


  19. While I’m not a horror nut or a gore hound, I can honestly say I was expecting a lot worse when my morbid curiousity had me click on those pictures. Afterwards, I’m just thinking about how much fun the guys I used to work with at an FX studio would have with stuff like that. *grins*

    Don’t care one way or the other for the film, just wanted to throw my nickels worth of worthless opinion into the mix. *laughs*