SR Pick [Video]: ‘Piranha 3D’ Cast Ask For Oscar Recognition

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Piranha 3D Oscar Video SR Pick [Video]: Piranha 3D Cast Ask For Oscar Recognition

Piranha 3D attacks theaters in the U.S. this Friday and hopes to at long-last become the pic that replaces Citizen Kane atop the American Film Institute’s list of the Greatest U.S. Movies ever made – moviegoers certainly aren’t expecting anything less, right? 😉

The minds over at Funny or Die have concocted a new video that revolves around the stars of Piranha 3D, as they appeal to members of the Academy to nominate the monster/horror flick for Best Picture this year.  After all – as one of them points out – it is not as though Inception can fill all 10 nomination slots.

My personal favorite bits from this sketch include the joke about Elisabeth Shue getting a makeup Oscar for her Leaving Las Vegas performance, and the fact that Jerry O’Connell is actually willing to admit that he starred in Kangaroo Jack.  That was surely not easy for him to confess out loud.

I am only disappointed that Christopher Lloyd does not appear at any point in this video.  If there is one man who can legitimately convince moviegoers that Piranha 3D is pure Oscar gold, it’s the man who turned a Delorean into a time travel machine, right?

Watch the video below (NOTE: There is no foul language, but a few of the jokes should be considered NSFW):

Early word on Piranha 3D is that the film contains some extremely grotesque deaths and is definitely not for moviegoers with weak stomachs.  Whether the pic will actually be entertainingly trashy or just bloody and stupid remains to be seen.

Piranha 3D arrives in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on August 20th, 2010.

Source: Funny or Die

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  1. This will easily be among the worst films of the year.

    • Fo’ shizzle…

  2. Do they give out Oscars for worst film of the year? Maybe they should…

    • the closest thing to that is the Razzies Betsy

    •’s called the razzies

  3. They’re called Razzies.

  4. Ok that was just hilarious. Made my day!

  5. This film has as much chance of winning an oscar as Megan Fox does.

  6. I really dig this, and I can’t wait for the movie. It won’t be Lawrence of Arabia, but it’s going to be a fun way to spend a friday evening.

    Anybody else see their tie-in site, ? Jerry O’Connell and Paul Scheer have some great stuff on their pretending to be the guys from Girls Gone Wild.

    • I’m with you, it’s not a work of art, but it could be a bit of soft entertainment to help you wind down for the weekend. A fun one for a friday night out like you said :) And what’s wrong with that, after all not every film should be deep and critically acclaimed, that would be boring, i want variation. This film is going to be tacky in a good way.

      • It’s like popcorn, it’s not michelin star, but we love it. I suppose the only difference is, unlike the difference between Piranhas 3D and Inception, popcorn costs less than michelin star dining :$

  7. @retards

    Who are you talking to?
    The people in the video are cast members making fun of themselves. They know they are not oscar material, but made a fun clip to promote the fun of the movie. Are they the retards?

    If they are not the retards, maybe you thik the previous posters are retards? Can’t imagine that though, since most the previous posts refer to the Razzies.

    I guess you’re the one who is retarded??

    • Your statement about the video is true, but way to be incredibly offensive and politically incorrect, dude.

  8. OK, that was pretty damned funny.

    And of COURSE it’s going to be awful – that’s the point.


    • Yeah, I seriously doubt that the cast, or crew, of this movie are expecting it to be any good. They made it because it attracts an audience. People like to see people get messed up… especislly by little water monsters.

    • And that’s why I’m going to see it…. same reason I saw Snakes on a Plane, i expected it to be aweful… and awefully intertaining since I have nothing better to do.

  9. Yeah this movie takes film making about as serious as Snakes on a Plane.

  10. So, I googled Riley Steele, and apparently she’s a pr0n star… so that already tells you the level of acting talent they intended for this movie, lol. Glad they are able to have a sense of humor about it. :-)

    This reminds me of the response the CEO of Asylum Entertainment gave to complaints about their movies, lol.

    • well with the overly developed pirahnas, how can anyone take it seriously

    • Prawn stars?

      • LOL @the big dentist, wow, didn’t realize that by jokingly misspelling the word, it sounds like prawn, a shellfish, and this movie is about killer fish, haha. :-)

    • Lol, according to imdb i think theres about 3-4 porn stars in it but its still probably going to make bank .

  11. Gonna need to stop by learning a new word today intertaining.

    Not sure what’s intertaining about a bad film.

    • not everyone has to be so serious about seeing movies daniel lol. ive seen my fair share of horrid films, some on purpose, some not. but ive also seen my share of very good films, for me i feel that i gotta balance the two out. i go to movies to escape reality. this one looks like a netflixer for me though.

    • If you believe there can be nothing entertaining about a bad film, you need to watch Troll 2. It is so mind-blowingly awful it is hilarious. I love films like that. However, I do not believe Piranha 3D will end up being among that category. The bad films that are worth watching are only terrible by accident.

  12. sold. begin the campaign…

  13. Hey, why not the Halle Berry “Catwoman”, as long as we’re passing out Oscars to horrid films?

  14. Come on Anthony you can use escape reality argument on things like predators or transformers but not on films like snakes on a plane lol. If you looked up horrible in the dictionary it would be a pick of Sam Jackson talking about mother f’n snakes on a mother f’n plane. I could see dling it because your curious but paying 9-12 bucks to see this kind of trash just doesn’t make sense but then again that’s why these kinds of films fail.

    • thats why i said netflix daniel lol. i have netflix for such films like that..and yeah Snakes was bad bad bad.

  15. Omg why on earth would you cry about someone being politically incorrect. I hate PC bull I mean seriously I’m sick of this overly sensative pc world. This world has gone down the toilet the past decade.

    • Wow. Just wow. Um, maybe I think it’s not okay to throw around words that are offensive to the mentally handicapped or to use them as insults. I think if that is considered “bull” by people these days we live in a very troubling society.

      • @neon

        Just so you get the idea of how stupid this whole PC stuff is, you do realize that the word “handicap” is technically offensive right? So technically you’re guilty of using a derogatory word too. OOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhh

        Come one, Daniel is right, people really got to stop being so freakin’ oversensitive to everything. It’s like everyone has to watch every word that comes out of their mouth, how they say it, what facial expression we have, what hand gestures to avoid, etc. etc. just to avoid getting sued now-a-days. It’s really out of hand… If someone uses something that’s offensive to you, just grow thick skin and ignore them. I’ve had plenty of insults thrown my direction, if I am to be all oversensitive like some of these people I would have thrown myself off a building by now. But why should I even care what people I don’t even know have to say about me? Why should anyone???

  16. I could see this nominated for a Scream Award, “Most Memorable Mutilation”

    All be at this years Scream Awards, btw,,

    It will be held in October at the Greek. In LA.

  17. Sigh. This video was meant to be sarcastic folks. The actors worked on this film going into it knowing that it was a movie about… killer fish. they’re promoting their work with this little vid. end of story. you can hate the movie before you or anyone else has seen it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the video was all about clever marketing.

    p.s. the video WAS clever and entertaining.

  18. PMSL 😀

  19. to all those who are ranting about this film being “bad”: get over yourselves.

    this is a popcorn flick.


    it’s an end of summer-season, mutated killer movie with “bewbs” and gore.

    absolutely NO one went into this film (either as an actor, or as of friday as an audience member) expecting Oscars all around… but it can STILL be fun.

    You go to Disney/6-Flags/whatever to go on a roller-coaster. Wow, you’re such losers, it’s not like you’re really in any danger! roller-coasters suck big time. They’re all alike, the same trash. it’s not like it’s culturally evolved or anything. you’d be better off going to a play or seeing a concert. if you have “fun” on a roller-coaster you’re definitely a loser mouth-breather.

    See?? it sounds just as silly to bash a roller-coaster for being what it is.

    So, get over yourselves.

    No, this is NOT the “worst movie ever made” and it will probably NEVER be that bad.

    If you want a brilliant story: read a book.
    If you want brilliant acting: go see a play.

    Piranha 3D (the title says it all) is a roller-coaster. You don’t LIKE roller-coasters? Then step aside and shut the hell up. Some of us DO like roller-coasters. But trying to sound like you’re “above it all” and bashing the movie as the “worst movie ever” only makes you sound like pretentious little snots.

    • Mike it seems more to me that your the one who needs to get over them self.

      This is not a popcorn flick. Transformers, Gi joe, A team, Expendables. Those are popcorn flicks this is pure crap right up there with Snakes on a plane. It’s not about being an elitist it’s about them making a crap film undeniably crap. I can promise that if you did a serious interview with them they would even admit it’s crap. The intention of the film is to be a crap film they think they can sell tickets if they are being a crappy film that makes fun of crappy films. No one involved with this film would dare deny that it’s a crap film. So stop getting your panties in a bunch and get over your self.

      By the way the comparison to roller coasters is just wrong.

      Your argument basically says all films are bad. There is good acting in films you don’t have to see a play for it and there are plenty of films with amazing stories you don’t need to read a book for a good story.

      • I’m sorry, I see words appearing on the screen but well, there’s no thought behind them at all… (I guess the internet equivalent of “I see lips moving but I don’t hear words”).

        All you’re doing is repeating something with absolutely no substantive weight. You can repeat all you want that this film is “crap”, it won’t make it any more real.

        You think my roller-coaster metaphor is wrong, well, it’s not. Sorry to disappoint you. If you don’t understand it, that’s not my fault. All I can say is “get over yourself”.

        My “panties aren’t in a bunch”, by the way. I’m not the one who started all this crap about “x film (which I have not seen) is crap”. I’m just tired of reading a bunch of people whine and b**** and moan about a film they haven’t seen, or don’t even intend on seeing. And yeah, I AM allowed to be annoyed by your constant whining.

        • Lol actually no one was whining until you came alone. People were making straight forward statments and leaving it at that, but you couldn’t handle it and decided to come on here and cry that we were insulting this film.

          It’s hardly debatable that this is a poorly made film since the creators of the film would say that’s exactly what it is. Even they can admit it. It’s the point of the movie.

          No the Roller Coaster metaphore doesn’t work. You your self said they are all the same, but movies are not all the same. There are millions of types of movies some are smartly made some are not. Some are action packed, but lack any substance. There are millions of little moving cogs in a film that make it distinctive from other films. A roller coaster is simply a roller coaster. You can’t compare the two. There is no such thing as a smart theme park ride that challenges you to think. There isn’t a hilarious laugh out loud coaster that makes you laugh every 1.5 seconds. All roller coasters are built for the exact same purpose and that is to get your heart racing. The same can not be said for films. Some are to scare you others make you laugh some make you cry while still others are made to make you think.

          Not to mention your blanket roller coaster statement was that all roller coasters suck, but no one here is saying all films suck. So yea it’s a bad metaphor in every way.

          Talk about words with no substance try reading your own posts.