First Pic Of Jake Gyllenhaal From Prince Of Persia

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 10:35 pm,

prince of persia1 First Pic Of Jake Gyllenhaal From Prince Of PersiaWe’ve got the first pic from the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, with star Jake Gyllenhaal trying his best to look the part of titular Prince Dastan. (What, they couldn’t find a Persian actor to play the part?)

I bet right about now Naveen Andrews is feeling pretty slighted.

Anyway, Prince of Persia is based on the popular video game about a young prince (Gyllenhaal) who is tricked by an evil wizard (Ben Kingsley) into unleashing the evil sands of time. The film is being directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and is currently slated for a May 28, 2010 release.

Take a look at the pic and let us know what you think about Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia. (Ladies, try not to get too giddy. Fellas, you either.)

Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia

For more images head over to Just Jared.

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  1. Awful hair, too much steroids, fugly blonde beard.

  2. He’s been eating his spinach, hasn’t he? Is that guy in the dust mask hiding an extra nose?

  3. Hope there is some good CG. He looks like something out of 10,000 BC than PoP.

  4. Woah woah, am I the only one who played the games? I was worried at first about Jake playing the good ol’ Prince, but after these photos I’m pretty confident.

    As long as they get someone to do a voiceover or Jake swallows some nails, I think this’ll be a fun movie to watch.


  5. Call me baised, but he’s a little pale.

  6. pic looks familiar 😉

    I think he looks pretty good in the role, he does a war darker tan though

  7. needs a way darker tan, I was trying to say, lol. (typing with only 1 hand)

  8. Kids been working out !!!
    Jake gets alot of gruff but he’s a good actor and it looks like he’s really into this film, and wants it to be a success. 😉

    Posted from Screen Rant Mobile, using MoFuse.

  9. Whats up with his boots??? shouldn’t the prince be wearing some sort of sandals? unless persia is expecting some sort of snow storm they deffinatly dont fit with this movie… and where are the white puffy pants?? he looks more like the prince from warrior within not sands of time… Are they filming multiple movies at once or parts of the next few movies durring sands of time?

  10. Josh, It’s true man, his costume makes him look like he should be in that Pathfinder flick with Dr. McCoy

  11. I wonder if they even tried to tap Bollywood? Check out John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan. Nothing against Gyllenhaal, just curious who he beat out.

  12. I have to agree with INK, I hope there’s some good CGI because from this pic I’m not seeing it.

  13. Yeah, I don’t get why they didn’t go with an actor from that part of the world (beyond the obvious of course – star power).


  14. Old man,

    Checked out the two names listed and I’m kinda glad Jake got the part over them. Dunno what’s being mentioned about CGI and stuff, but I love the fact he doesn’t have bowflex muscle– more of just a hardened guy. I think toned muscles would be more unrealistic than wearing sandals while wall-jumping =)

    Let’s not forget this is a movie based off of a video game and it’s being done by Disney.


  15. he’s missing da gauntlets !

  16. I’m just glad they buffed up an actor instead of trying to get an underwear model or a wrestler to act.

  17. I think I just wet meself……..

  18. When i heard Jake was gonna play the prince i was worried but after seeing this pic he looks pretty darn close to the prince from the game. The pants arent the same and the gauntlets are missing but by god that is the prince. In the sands of time he wasnt wearing, sandles unless you are talking about the old school one, which in that case he should be wearing a turban and a red vest but since there is a farah in this movie then it is from the one on the xbox gamecube and ps2. Another thing those are man abs, not the hollister model pansy ones but ones that if you tried punching you would break your hand and you can tell that was done with out steroids.

  19. Oded Fehr would have made a wonderful Prince and he’s Persian too.

  20. Though i am a gyllenhaalic myself… and i’m happy that he got the part of prince dastan… This pic just doesn’t get me hyped up for Sands of Time. It looks like he needs a bit more working out to do. To me, it looks like he got a lil big around the waist.

  21. First of all the guy who wrote this article is a moron. Naveen Andrews is not Persian hahah, hes pakistani. Second off Oded Fehr is Israeli and not persian either. And for everyone who makes comments about Jake being too pale im not sure if any of you have done your research but Persians/Iranians have very fair skin color. to be even more historically accurate Iran means “aryan.” Persians were the first aryan people and it was not till much later after war and mixing with neighbors such as arabs and greeks that some Iranians have a more darker complexion.

  22. @Sean

    FIRST of all you need to chill out and not call people morons.

    The person “who wrote this article” said NOTHING about Naveen Andrews whatsoever. That was one of the commenters.

    And as far as pale vs tan, whatever is true historically, today most people associate a tan look with those who come from that part of the world.

    Also, this film is based on the video game and the character in that game does not exactly have snowy white skin.


  23. The choice of Jake G is purely for franchise purposes. This is definitely the first of a few movies from Disney a la Pirates, and while I agree about Oded Fehr(see Mummy/Deuce Bigalow 1) being a better fit, when you consider marketing and investing in your star, roided Jake is a solid choice. He has to work on his anti-manly voice to pull off the role.

    I have more concerns about Jake giving the Prince some life as a character if the movie is long..storyline and the mission will take care of itself, but the character is of highest importance – he doesn’t have to go Jack Sparrow on us but at the same time, the prince is a legendary character and deserves to be done justice.

    The commenter who suggested Bollywood brought up an interesting point but those guys don’t have much as much acting talent/chops. Each Bollywood script is recycled with just the names, places and songs being changed which makes movies mass produced and profitable more than an artistic performance.

    Go Jake! Run the walls with all your CGI glory!

  24. Look, I’m only half Persian, but by God, if they cast and Indian, Pakistani, Israeli or Arab actor, I would have been offended. I think Jake looks pretty darn close to the actual look of the character, features wise, and lets remember, this movie is most likely going to be WAY CG’d up, so lets not worry just yet.
    And as far as the gauntlets being missing, well, he looks like he’s probably on break, people.

  25. Gotta admit he does look pretty good despite all the naysayers. What I find funny is that prior to this image I always thought of him as kind of a pasty white guy – so it took a hell of a casting director to make THAT leap, lol. :-)


  26. Well oded fehr doesn’t look the part sorry, he has to old of a face, and honestly if you compare the the face of the game prince and jake they are pretty darn close. I dont care about the gauntlets i was just pointing it out. I was way excited when I heard they were making this movie. Favorite game franchise of all times. Who cares if it doesn’t go along with the story exactly i just hope it is going to be good.

  27. Well India has historically had much better relations with Persia than the west, which is why I made a reference to Bollywood. Additionally check your history, Ancient northern and central India was also referred to as Aryavarta, meaning “abode of the Aryans”. My impression has always been that “the prince” had a much more eastern influenced look to him. Why shouldn’t an actor with that look have as much of an opportunity to portray a Persian as an actor like Gyllenhaal. I was just curious who else had been considered for the role.

    By the way during the Shah’s reign I had a friend of a friend of mine who was born and raised in Iran. We talked on several occasions and women swooned over his “dark” eastern good looks. His name was Davoo(sp) or David. I can’t remember his last name. Like I said I only met him a few times and it was years ago. So maybe now you can understand why I asked! Sheesh..

  28. Bollywood can do their own version once they pony up some oil cash and buy the rights,,,! until then they can watch the Hollywood version, and suck it!!!!

    Go Jake !!!!

  29. I think Jake looks awesome! Hes always looked good in the characters he’s played, but with the body and the hair. MMMMM hes delicious now!!!