Two New Pics From ‘Inglourious Basterds’

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In late October, I wrote about the first officially released image from the upcoming Tarantino film, Inglourious Basterds. The picture featured the lead star, Brad Pitt, in character as Lt. Aldo Raine.

Last week, two more images were released, depicting a pair of scenes from the film itself. The first of the two shows Pitt’s character sporting a goofy look and a neck scar while inspecting what looks to be a line of recruits. The second seems like a bunch of German soldiers having a good time.

I expect the film to be loaded with characterization and lengthy dialogue intertwined with humor as that’s Quentin’s specialty.

Take a look for yourselves and see what you think:

inglourious 1 Two New Pics From Inglourious Basterds

inglourious 2 Two New Pics From Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds (intentionally misspelled) is a Quentin Tarantino project set during World War II in Nazi-occupied France about a group of Jewish-American soldiers (the “Basterds”) selected to terrorize Nazis throughout the Third Reich.

This sounds like a pretty awesome premise for Tarentino to play with. I’m a big fan of his work and I’m super excited to this film.

What do you think?

Inglourious Basterds is due out in June, 2009.

Source: (via Coming Soon)

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  1. I have to say that i am exceited about this one, though o am typically not a War movie person.

  2. I didn’t know Hogan’s Heroes was in the ‘remake’ pipeline. :)
    Looks interesting though.

  3. I’m certainly looking forward to this, but a “card stuck to your forehead dinner party game” scene? Really?

  4. @FilmFemme,

    I thought everyone did the card-on-head trick? lol

    Without seeing the full scene though, the pic is a bit out of context.


    I’m also psyched for the Expendables too. Although I’m highly disappointed that he’s making that pg-13 :(

    I expected that Sly’s film will be more action oriented while QT’s will be better written with better characters.

  5. Personally, I’m more interested to see Sly’s take, but sounds like a fun idea nonetheless.

    Love that Hogan’s Heroes bit, Ink. ;)

  6. This might be his best since Pulp Fiction

  7. Quentin Tarantino = ignore it for me.

  8. Jewish-American troops are sent to terrorise the Third Reich?
    The French Resistance have obviously been erased from history then. Although I’m sure Jewish-Americans can blend in so much better.

    Bring on the Expendables!

  9. I’m a BIG fan of QT and I’m really looking forward to this.
    QT has had , in my opinion , only 2 misfires-Deathproof & Jackie Brown.
    So , I think the chances are pretty good that it will be a fun flick .

  10. “I expect the film to be loaded with characterization and lengthy dialogue intertwined with humor as that’s Quentin’s specialty.”

    Really ? I thought his specialty was overly hyped cheesy action scenes with really lame cheesy gore ?

  11. What’s with the intentional misspelling?

  12. @Daniel, check out the second volume of Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs.

    Even Death Proof is 90% dialogue

  13. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs were the only good movies he has made in my opinion. True his other movies had dialogue, but it’s all really cheesy dialogue and the plot is usually pretty retarded. No thanks, I’ll be skipping this one. Don’t bother with the flaming, this is my opinion and being flamed will not change it. So more power to those of you if you think QT is a genius filmmaker. That’s your opinion and it’s perfectly fine by me. But this is mine.

  14. “Flame on!”

    Get ‘em Ken. THe best defense is a good offense.
    I also agree with your statement. Although I liked the Kill Bill movies … well the action anyway.

  15. Please tell me you didn’t just use Kill Bill as an example. Did you miss the Overly hyped cheesy action part of my post? The Kill Bill films were his worst films period. Both the kill bills were pure garbage. Death Proof firmly fits in to my post all cheesy action and cheesy gore. Pulp Fiction was entertaining, but there was some stuff in there that hurt it as well. Reservoir Dogs was a good movie. Reservoir Dogs had a good story the dialogue is nothing something I would praise as the great parts of the film. The only movie where the dialogue was really good was pulp fiction.

  16. @ Daniel

    I can tell you I didn’t use Kill Bill but that would be a lie. You have your opinion, I have mine. Call me Oscar … I must like garbage. ANd I didn’t miss your post containing the cheesy-action verbage, I chose to ignore it and still continue to have my own opinion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. Daniel,

    you should check out kill bills on rottentomatoes. both 85 percents with avgs near 8/10

    opinion and fact aint the same

  18. I realize it’s opinion as is every thing on rotten tomatoes. Please don’t try to use RT as a source of some fact that a movie is good. If your argument is that my opinion is nothing more than an opinion don’t source out RT is proof that the movies is good and it’s a fact. RT its self is an opinion site.

    You can also click the top critics link and have it drop to 78%.

  19. I think the point witht he RT example was that most people do really like those 2 films.

    You said
    “The Kill Bill films were his worst films period”

    Their points counter that. That’s fine if you didn’t like it though. But saying they are the worst films is subjective

  20. Kill Bill was not “the worst” thing that QT has done, granted its not his best either. Kill Bill would have been fine, had Vol 2 packed a little bit more punch and was more engaging. Vol 1 definetly kicked some Ass. If i were to pick his worst, it would have tobe Jackie Brown, I do not really enjoy that one as much as i had hoped.

  21. Deathproof hands down the worst QT movie ever made. But the ending with Kurt Russell whinning like a biatch is hilarious.

  22. @90caliber

    You beat me to it! I freaking HATED Death Proof.

    Hated. It.


  23. I found the Kill Bill movies way over-the-top..if that’s what he had intended then fine but that type of movie making is big budget B-movie film making …Tarantino has let the great reviews he recieved early in his career for movies like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs inflate his ego to momunmental proportions whereby he thinks anything he now makes has to pay homage to a lot of the Pulp/B-movies he loved growing up..It doesn’t help he has surrounded himself with sycophants either..All Hail QT the great and powerful movie ham…It’s sad because his career was showing some great promise until he started churning out movies like Death Proof and Kill Bill..Time to move on Quentin and start showing the genius you teased us with early in your career and stop resting on your laurels I hope this movie is a return to form because when he is on the mark he is as good as any of the greats in Hollywood !!

  24. Despised Death Proof.

    Kill Bill would have loved but there was no need for it to be two movies. Cut it down, keep it tight, put stuff like the anime and those long dialogues that just get in the way (Bill’s one about Superman, that crap about the snake, etc) on the dvd as extras if you must.

    I also think Jackie Brown is really good and one of his rare attempts at making a real movie, not a bunch of homage scenes.

  25. @Rob and jimmy

    Since when did having a majority opinion make an opinion a fact? In case you forgot, Terminator 3 got over 60% “fresh” in RT as well and that was a horribly written, acted, and scripted film. Just because a lot of people fall for the gimmicks doesn’t make it good. Heck, Rap is the most popular music right now, I still think it’s pure garbage. Does that make me wrong just because I disagree with the majority opinion?

    There are plenty of hollywood gimmicks that tend to work for the majority. Getting some hot skinny chick to be the kick ass protagonist, making sure there are enough curse words to make it rated R, being raunchy, slow motion, over use of overly dramatic music, nude scenes, putting in a popular political message, excessive violence, long car chase scenes, putting in the hot actor/actress of the month, etc. etc. You’d be surprised how when used correctly, these gimmicks not only win over the audience, but many critics as well. I’m not saying you guys liked those films because you fell for the gimmicks, but you can’t use a majority opinion as your defense against someone with a dissenting opinion. You’re basically saying “your opinion is wrong because there’s more people with a different opinion.” See how ridiculous that sounded?

    Well, anyway that doesn’t win me over, call me part of the unpopular opinion or whatever, I really can care less. So wow, it got a high percentage of RT, in light of that new information, I’ve come to the conclusion that those movies STILL suck…


    And you know I disagree with Daniel F all the time, so I’m not just trying to defend him or anything, I just really do not like QT’s style of directing, so for me a good rule of thumb is to stay away from anything he has any direct involvement in making.

    Those Chinese movies he tacked his name onto like Hero and the others are imported from China or Hong Kong and QT had NOTHING to do with their production other than having them imported to be shown on US theaters. Just so you guys know before you start attributing those films to his ability. Those films were made and already being shown in Asia long before QT ever got involved to get them shown here in the US.

  26. @Ken J
    I still like you!! I love the fact that you always manage to bring T3 and what a travesty it was that that film was made, Rock On Ken, Rock On!

  27. what? you must of misread some stuff ken. dnaiel said, no STATED it, liek fact and i made the point of it being opinion and then to emphasize that i said his opinion is in the minority.

  28. @jimmy

    Yah, I get what you mean now, but you have to assume he’s stating it as his opinion. A lot of people state their opinion in a way that sounds like they are stating a fact. It’s just easier than having to say “I think” or “in my opinion” before and after everything you say. I try to do that as much as I can to avoid that situation where people don’t get that I’m simply stating my opinion. But sometimes I forget too.

  29. @metallicat, I have to! I take that offense personally since T2 is my favorite movie of all time…

    Notice my avatar is from T2 even though there have been much higher resolution and closer shots of the endoskeleton skull from T3, I refuse to use them. I’d rather take a crappy screen capture from T2 as my avatar than some super high resolution promotional pic from T3, lol.