Peter Sarsgaard is Green Lantern’s Villain

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green lantern peter sarsgaard as dr hector hammond  Peter Sarsgaard is Green Lanterns Villain

With the live action introduction to the Green Lantern greenlit and ten weeks left to shoot, Martin Campbell is now on the process of putting together his cast that will support star Ryan Reynolds’ title character.

A few days ago we found out the Blake Lively has been cast to play Green Lantern’s leading lady opposite Reynolds and now comes word from THR’s Heat Vision blog that Peter Sarsgaard (Garden State, Knight & Day) is in talks to play the character of Dr. Hector Hammond, a villain in the movie.

I won’t spoil Hammond’s history and first confrontation with Green Lantern but I will tell you that in the books, he ends up gaining powers from a meteorite that makes him immortal and grants him psionic powers. If Hammond is not the main villain of the first Green Lantern, I could see them simply setting up his character here for the sequel and Sinestro will instead be the feature/main villain of the movie. Or, it’s vice versa and Sinestro – the most important of Green Lantern villains – will be set up here for the sequel.

The report describes his character as “the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father’s eyes.”

In response to the last casting announcement, many thought Blake Lively wasn’t well selected as the character of Carol Ferris with one main reason being that her age is significantly younger relative to the casting call age range. Her character runs the aerospace company that hires Reynolds’ Hal Hordan as a test pilot and the two have a budding romance.

Sarsgaard on the other hand I think is a much better selection and I expect that fans will tend to agree. Hammond has no crazy cool or crazy strange alias, so you can just call him Hammond.

If you’re familiar with the books, do you think Sarsgaard is a good choice for the bad doctor?

Director Martin Campbell and his award-winning crew get to work in March on Green Lantern and is scheduled to open June 17, 2011.

Source: THR

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  1. I hope they don't start with Hammond as the villain…he's a little dark for an intial movie but how can they bring him into subsequent films as a primary villain? I am not too excited by the last two announcements for this movie but hey I'm not forking over 150 million plus P+A…I do hope Sinestro is the primary villian and that the first film builds up to the start of the Sinestro Corps War for a sequel which in turn will lead into a Blackest Knight..Justice League crossover film…

  2. when did we change to disquis? I like it! (Previously posted as 'Evan')

  3. Oh.. I think he is a good choice for the role but I haven't seen him in a whole lot..

  4. He is A fine choice.

  5. this should be the 1st movie villain with sinestro as GLs mentor[GL-FF]….makin him the sequel's villain

  6. Nice choice. It’s shaping up nicely.

  7. Remember, you can’t spell Sarsgaard without Sars…wait that’s a bad thing. Ok, well he’d do a fine job I think.

  8. We're in the process of cutting over to Disqus right now. I've been wanting to do it for a while and finally found the nerve to do it. :)


  9. I like this new comment change!

    I think Sarsgaard is a very good actor. Loved him in Flightplan, Jarhead, Garden State among his other films. He was a good bad guy in Flightplan so I have faith in him as a main villain in the Green Lantern movie!

    Is Hugo Weaving going to be Sinestro though?!?!?

  10. Hmm, Sarsgaard. I honestly hadn't thought about him for ANY superhero franchise, but . . . interesting. Not at all familiar with the character Hammond or Green Lantern to boot, but Sarsgaard is an actual actor. That in itself seems positive.

  11. so am i still subscribed to the past threads I have commented on or no? do i have to subscribe to them again?

  12. I do believe that people will have to resubscribe using this system.


  13. Okay, thanks.

  14. Digging the choice of Sarsgaard to play Hammond. I've been a huge Green Lantern fan since I was a kid, and been waiting for them to give GL the movie treatment. Especially now, when they really seem to be focusing on good story driven movies, and not just trying to hit it on special effects. I'm with you, that I'll be good if they go either way with Hammond as the main villain and setting Sinestro up for a sequel or vice versa. Although, I believe Sinestro, being the more “mainstream” and well known of the two villains, would make a better villain for this first (hopefully) installment of a franchise. Just my 2 1/2 cents.

  15. Is Sinestro confirmed as the villain? Maybe they are going dow the batman route and keeping the more famous villain for the sequel?

  16. I'm going to guess that they'll save their major villain for the sequel like G.I. Joe will do and like they did with The Dark Knight. I'm not very familiar with the history of Green Lantern or his villains, and I'm not familiar with Sarsgaard, but this sounds promising! I'm a big superhero fan and a big Reynolds fan, so this should be good! I'm glad DC is finally trying to compete with Marvel (Even if Batman is the best superhero to hit comic book pages or movie screens).

  17. Actually, other than the question of Hammond's height, Sarsgaard appears as if he can pull off the look. From what little I've seen of his acting, I think he'll do well as the character. I am so VERY much anticipating this film!
    BTW, Sinestro doesn't HAVE to be in this first one, since he requires much more experience on the part of Hal to beat. Maybe, they can tease (he actually started out being considered the “greatest of the Green Lanterns”…a hero) his eventual fall from grace for the sequel…

  18. You're probably right Sam. Think they will wait for the sequel which
    is risky because there is no guarantee that the movie will be a hit.

    On Wednesday, January 13, 2010, Disqus

  19. Hammond does make more sense as the leading villain for the first movie than Sinestro does. Sinestro will be Hal's mentor to begin with, which means there had to be somebody else to be the bad guy.

    Hammond is probably not to be as memorable (or seen as “cool”) as, say, the Joker, but I still approve. It reminds me of what the Iron Man people did – they started with Iron Monger, but it worked. Why? The first movie was all about Iron Man and Tony Stark, and that's as it should be. Iron Man's main antagonist, the Mandarin, would fit in better at a later stage of the Iron Man movies. Likewise with Green Lantern/Hal Jordan here and Sinestro.

  20. I was hoping this official word on casting would stop all the silly rumors about Hugo Weaving playing Sinestro. He isn't, and he wouldn't. Anyhow, Peter Saarsgard wouldn't sign on just to play a “supporting villain”. He's a great actor in his own right. If he's signed, his character would be the main villain of the piece. Jackie Earle Haley is the only actor credibly connected by anyone with official sources to the Sinestro role, and it looks like that character's being bumped to the sequel(s) anyhow. Hugo Weaving has other film commitments for the next couple of months, a play later in the year, and probable work on the Hobbit film(s) in between. And he's turned down “humorless villain” roles in Hollywood productions before. He prefers realistic, human characters in small-budget indie films.

  21. Hey everyone, here's a key update:

    Martin Campbell confirms they're in talks with Mark Strong to play Sinestro and he confirms some Green Lantern Corps. Members:

  22. Hey everyone, here's a key update:

    Martin Campbell confirms they're in talks with Mark Strong to play Sinestro and he confirms some Green Lantern Corps. Members: