Peter Jackson To Shoot Films In 3D From Now On

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You can now add Peter Jackson to the 3D bandwagon. In talking with MarketSaw, 3ality Digital Systems CEO Steve Schklair said that Jackson will be shooting all of his (directed) films in 3D from now on, using the technologies of Schklair’s 3ality company to do so.

Schklair said the following about the Lord of the Rings director with regards to 3D:

“..We were recently down in New Zealand with Peter Jackson, who is committing to shooting his films in 3D, and will be working with our rigs and technology to do so.”

Schklair went on to say that he thinks Jackson’s decision to shoot his movies in 3D will be a big boost for the advancement of 3D technology as a prominent way of viewing movies:

“I think this is big news for the industry because we are all pushing to get theaters built. Some theater owners are on the fence, asking, ‘If we do jump [into 3D], is there enough content?’ And having guys like Peter Jackson jump in and say things like “I’ll be making all my movies in 3D” is a great vote of confidence for the theater owners who are thinking about making the investment.”

As Alex Billington over at First Showing points out, there is currently a predicament with 3D movies in that a lot of movie theaters don’t want to convert to 3D because there simply aren’t enough 3D movies out there yet. And at the same time a lot of directors don’t want to shoot movies in 3D because there aren’t enough movie theaters properly equipped yet. But with Jackson joining James Cameron (and others) on the list of people shooting in 3D, it seems that will become much less of a problem sooner rather than later.

I’ve made it no secret that I think for the most part 3D is a gimmick and the novelty of wears off very quickly. Only in movies where the technology is applied subtly and in the right places (such as in Pixar’s latest film Up) does it work. But most 3D movies just use the technology very blatantly, shoving images down the audience’s collective throat more frequently than you can count as they appear to come out of the screen towards them. If Jackson is going to use 3D in all of his movies, I really hope he applies it with great precision and doesn’t just use it all the time just for the sake of it.

Jackson currently has his drama/horror/thriller The Lovely Bones lined up as director, but I wouldn’t hold my breath to see it in 3D (not least because it’s already in post-production). But beyond that Jackson has the sequel to Tintin (if it gets greenlit), so unless anything else gets announced (he’s producing The Hobbit, not directing it), Tintin 2 will be his first 3D movie. And going by this news, it certainly wouldn’t be his last.

What do you think about Peter Jackson apparently going to be filming all of his movies in 3D? Do you think the technology is a gimmick or an effective way of watching movies?

Sources: MarketSaw and FirstShowing

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  1. Just a gimmick to me.

  2. Peter Jackson is one the finest examples of a director using special effects to enhance a story, not drive it. He is comes from the old school mentality of practical effects and uses digital effects to enhance the scene. I whole-heartedly believe that any use of 3D Mr. Jackson incorporates into his films will be more than appropriate.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of the 3D experience. Maybe because it was always having to wear those annoying glasses or the fact that there was just stuff being shoved in your face. I was really annoyed this past season when Chuck had the episode in 3D and if you didn’t have the glasses you had to watch the show with the ghosting effect. Very annoying.

    However if Peter Jackson is using it, I am only hoping that he and Cameron can show how to use it the right way. Use it to immerse the audience in the film and not have an axe coming out of the screen. I just hate those damn glasses.

  4. Sweet, another good director behind the 3d technology. Makes me want to see Cameron’s Avatar even more :)

  5. you should read more. Its not just 3d. The camera systems James Cameron has come up with with take away the layers that 3d films have today. It will be completely diff. no headache, no eyestrain, more real

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it (literally).

  7. Total gimmick although fans of 3D claim its the evolution of cinema, I disagree. I don’t need 3D to enjoy movies. I need good writing, acting and cinematography.

    I don’t really see a lot of Peter Jackson films anyway. I couldn’t give a poop about Hobbit or Tintin.

    This is the future. Support 3D films now and soon they will all be 3D. You won’t have a choice.
    One reason they want 3D in theaters is because they can embed more marketing in it. I don’t support 3D never will.

  8. There not going to admit it but full on cinematic 3D is going to be utilized for subterfuging marketing images in movies.
    GK333, there used to be a lot of data on 3D and how it can be used to embed ads’, subliminal marketing etc. That info now for the most part is being suppressed.

    Think of 3D as product placement for your subconscious. That’s why all the studios are shoving it down our throats. You can see how they are started out mainly with kids cartoons. This was so that the next generation will embrace it without much thought.
    Its really a pretty sick agenda they have going on. Disney of course wants this big time. They love to embed marketing in all their films.

  9. Subterfuge and deceit is what Jeffery Katzenberg is all about. He’s at the forefront when it comes to pushing 3D.
    They like to say things like, “our reality is 3D, or its the next step.”

    Its all bs… I don’t support it.

  10. The only 3d movie I’ve seen was Monsters vs. Aliens. The 3d was interesting at first, but got distracting after a while. I think the whole 3d thing is mostly a scam to “add value” to the theater experience and charge a hefty premium on tickets. I’m not planning to support this stealth price increase.

    Now if theater owners would let you buy the glasses and reuse them for future showings, then that would be much better. The idea of buying the same glasses again and again is just so wasteful.

  11. Although I don’t exactly think 3D is the ‘way of the future’ in cinema, as a previous poster pointed out, “Who wants an axe flying out at you”?…Too gimmacky! In the hands of a Director like Peter Jackson, 3D could become a memorable cinematic experience.

    It definitely lends itself to ‘SCI FI geek immersion’ in an alternate reality. Can you imagine what Peter could have achieved with 3D cameras in ‘Lord of The Rings’? To walk the halls of Minas Tirith, to be a part of the battle at Helms Deep… to stand with Frodo as he flung the ring of power into the yawning abyss of fire from the stone precipice of Mt Doom?

    THAT is the kind of cinematic experience I would be looking for! I think that 3D is only the beginning. I myself am waiting for the complete hologramatic experience of immersion within the story!

    For those of you who think that that is beyond reality, and into the realm of Science Fiction, think of what has been achieved in special effects in film alone in the last 30 years since Star Wars was made!

    Stories and plots are the centrepiece of all good cinema, but visual experience is what all film is about! Cover your eyes, and it is just noise! I welcome any extention to the physical enjoyment of a film, and in the hands of a good Director, anything is possible.

    How exciting!

  12. I love it when people try to make the claim that 3D = gimmick. I think it’s the decisions made by the director and writer that makes the gimmick. Just because it’s in 3D doesn’t mean that objects are automatically going to be shoved in your face and the 3D will be USED as a gimmick. It’ll only do that if the filmmakers INTEND to do that. If they are using 3D simply to immerse you further into the movie, then it’s not a gimmick. So yes, while some 3D movies use it as a gimmick, it doesn’t mean 3D = gimmick, but I guess for some people their brains can’t think in so many ways so they try to over simplify everything.

    I’m glad Ross mentioned Up as an exception, not that it’s the only exception, but at least it makes the point that it isn’t a RULE that 3D is a gimmick but that it depends on the movie. Of course I can name a lot of other examples where it isn’t used a gimmick, like EVERY live action 3D documentary movie on IMAX…

  13. I don’t think it’s a gimmick but I also don’t feel that most movies need 3-d. It’s most suited to action and horror movies.

  14. @Gottarhyme, I’m not looking for a total virtual reality experience from movies. If I needed that bs I would slam down a few Red Bull’s and go to an IMAX presentation,,,

    Sure I’m out of step with the Wii generation but I don’t want to feel total emergence in a film… Cameron and now Jackson want to turn movies into amusement park rides. As they spin it as the next evolution in cinema.
    Its contrived.
    What sucks for me is Sci-fi and fantasy films are the front lines in this 3D war…

  15. @790 I get what you are saying. (not about the Red Bull, because I HATE that drink 😉 ) but about the hijacking of the 3D experience by the SCI FI nerds (I include myself here). However, I can see potential in musicals, cinematic immersion in setting for historical drama, action film, etc.

    My Dad was an Art Director in the Aussie film industry, and taught for many years at AFTRS in Sydney about film design and special effects using miniatures… He made a lot of films, and was at the forefront of many of the initial special effects used back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    I know how excited he would be.

  16. No harm taken, Gottarhyme, I’m simply saying that there’s more behind 3D then giving you a wonderful cinematic experience.

    They (Katzenberg/Disney/studio heads/ceo’s of Pepsi and Coke etc/and more) want 3D to be the norm within 10 years.

    They expect the transition to take less than 5 years from now. By 2013 90% of all theatres will be digitally converted and upgraded for virtual 3D.
    This will also take place on your smart phone/Blackberry/IPhone as they are also moving toward handheld 3D technology.

    There’s more visual resonance frequencies to subconsciously embed marketing with 3D technology. Its also expected to be the new trend. All the big tech companies are moving in this direction. Can you see where this is going???

    That’s the big picture. (No pun intended) :-)

    I know to some I sound like a conspiracy minded backwards thinking person and I’m prepared to deal with that fallout, I’m just saying take a step back and think about where this is headed. :-)

  17. The powers that be know the power of cinema and media.

    They use that to their advantage.

    Sadly 3D technology will be abused and used against us Gottarhyme.

    This is 2009, this is all really happening. Do the research… Look at how our current president was elected. The media won it for him.

  18. LOL… Damn, I knew James Cameron was just trying to brainwash me into his “green” agenda… Damn you Cameron, Damn you to heck! 😀

  19. Ahhh, 790. I am like an optimistic Hobbit, I suppose. Or maybe I am just too naive. 😉

  20. LOL,Gottarhyme, hey bro just trying to open some minds around here,,, 😉

    Your cool with me !!! :-)

  21. Be careful what you say publicly though, or “they” will send the black helicopters with silent mode to your house to read your brainwaves. The aluminum foil hats don’t work unfortunately… 😛

  22. @790, you are more than likely correct. I keep forgetting that people don’t just make movies for the joy of seeing a vision come to life anymore…it’s all about money and franchises.

    Star Wars is a case in point. ‘Sold out’ doesn’t begin to cover what Lucas did to his own child! Every so often, I am as delighted as a child myself when a vision IS brought to the cinema with some careful nurturing and artistic love, but those events are rare now. :(

    I really would like to see what Jackson might do, though. He is one of the few that knows how to present his craft well.

    You’re cool with me too. :)

  23. Ah ken your comments are hilarious to me at this point. So meaningless. 😉

    Take care my man,,,

  24. @ Ken J, so you’re the bloke I keep seeing in that helicopter above my house! LOL

  25. Thanks Gottarhyme,!!!

    You seem to get what I mean. Appreciate it !!!

  26. Damn gottarhyme, you spotted me!! Must have forgotten to hit the “silent mode” button one time… 😀

    @790 I’m glad you’re enjoying my comments. :-) It’s only fair given the amount of laughter your comments have been providing for me. See, can’t call me selfish. 😀