Is Peter Dinklage Playing Bolivar Trask in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?

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Peter Dinklage Face Scars Game of Thrones season 3 Is Peter Dinklage Playing Bolivar Trask in X Men: Days of Future Past?

Bryan Singer is off to a strong start with X-Men: Days of Future Past, and filming hasn’t even begun. Based 11 years after the events of X-Men: First Class, the sequel (to both First Class and X-Men 3) brings back the younger X-Men roster starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, and merges them via time travel with the original cast which includes Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman.

While most of the buzz has centered around returning cast members, Singer’s latest announcement that Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) is joining the film, caught us by (pleasant) surprise.

No details on the character he’d be playing were revealed by Singer, so fan speculation immediately listed off recognizable mutant characters from the comics, including Alpha Flight member Puck, simply based on physical resemblance. According to Variety however, Dinklage nabbed a “key role” as the film’s main antagonist.

And adding to this, according to a “reliable” source of MTV Geek, Peter Dinklage may be playing Bolivar Trask, and you can see the resemblance below from the iterations of the character in Marvel comics and in the cartoons:

Bolivar Trask X Men 570x378 Is Peter Dinklage Playing Bolivar Trask in X Men: Days of Future Past?

Bolivar Trask is a mastermind and Dinklage plays one well in Game of Thrones. Trask is also the creator of the anti-mutant Sentinel program, responsible for the towering killer robots that ravage the earth in an attempt to eradicate it of the mutant genome, hence the dystopian future as depicted in the Days of Future Past storyline from Marvel Comics. We already know the Sentinels play an important part in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The film will deviate from the books in several ways, but in the comics, when Trask reveals the Sentinels, they turn against him. Their leader, Trask’s first creation known as the Master Mold, demands that he construct an army of Sentinels. There’s also a redemption story for Trask and his children play an important role over the years of X-Men stories as well, so if Dinklage is Trask, we don’t know in what capacity.

It’s also likely that if Dinklage is in fact, playing a “Trask” character, it will be a deviation from the source material, perhaps even a different character entirely, borrowing elements from the books. That would need to be the case because Bolivar Trask already appeared in the films (X-Men: The Last Stand), played by 6′ 4″ Bill Duke, and there’s a little bit of a visual discrepancy:

Bill Duke 570x278 Is Peter Dinklage Playing Bolivar Trask in X Men: Days of Future Past?

Singer did go on record in an interview with HitFix to say that with the time travel plot device in Days of Future Past, he will be able to “I’ll be able to correct a few things,” referring (with a smile) to the continuity errors in the film. Can he recast Bolivar Trask as someone entirely different?

Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Days of Future Past with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and possibly, Alan Cumming. No word yet on Famke Janssen, James Marsden or Halle Berry.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013 and X-Men: Days of Future Past shoots from April to October for a July 18, 2014 release date.


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Source: HitFixMTV

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  1. Why not have Dinklage play Trask. These movies are already completely screwed up in every which way. Hopefully Singer can fix it though. Right now I’m just to the point where I want Disney to come in and rip X-Men and Fantastic Four right from Fox and do them better. I know it can’t happen, just saying.

    • I know what you mean, every time I see some X men news I just role my eyes, I’m getting like that with all of these comic books adaptions, it’s been overkill now for the last 6 years and it doesn’t seem like its going to die down

      • Not meant to be taken as a sarcastic quip or anything, but why do you read articles on X-Men related film news if you despise them so? A lot of people, myself included, love the work that Singer has done with his version of the X-Men and greatly look forward to his next X film. Could Marvel Studios do a better job? Maybe, probably even. But they don’t have the rights. Fox do.

        On that point, where would Marvel be fitting in the X-Men in their MCU? How long would we have to wait? 2017? 2018? When it comes to Fox and X-Men films, I’m of the opinion get on the train and enjoy the ride, or get off the tracks and save yourself some disappointment. A big budget super-hero smash-fest in the post Avengers world of cinema? This is going to make money even if its a crap film like X3. Might as well get yourself ready for the inevitable sequel to “Days Of Future Past”.

        • Because I’m a film geek and I can’t help myself lol

          I love the first two X men movies and what Singer did with them, if it wasn’t for him we wouldnt have some of the great movies we have now, it’s just seems with this franchise they have made one too many mistakes, I may be wrong and Singer will probably blow us away and fix it and tie it all up nicely

          Guess I’m just having one of those ‘Jesus really?’ days, I’m sure The Wolverine trailer will cheer me up!

          • @Dr.Kenneth Noisewater, No need for you to apoligize Doc. It’s because we are X-Men fans and hate getting our characters and stories raped, regardless if Fox owns the rights. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of Fox’s movies but I don’t like their Marvel adaptations, hate their greediness and absolute disregard for certain things(Disney is greedy too, I know that). There’s a difference between just absolute trolling versus speaking your mind on something going down that you don’t like. This site is called Screenrant for a reason.

            Now on to Dinklage, he would have been a better MasterMold or Nimrod. If this is true….then here they go again….smh

            • Amen.

            • Raped, eh? Cute choice of words.

        • Don’t get me wrong I liked X-Men 1 for its time. I still really like X2. I disliked X3, enjoyed Wolverine and really liked First Class. I still read up on these movies because I love the X-Men. Its just irritating with the continuity errors and how this franchise has went down the crapper for the most part. If marvel got these properties back, yes it would be a while before we got them back on film but when we did it would more than likely be way better than anything Fox has done.

          • I’m not really bothered who owns the rights, we are still stuck with an over abundance of superhero movies for the next 10 years at least!

          • + ^@deadpool87

            • all the xmen movies suck sans first class..
              i use to love em as a teenager and i’ll always appreciate how they kinda got the ball rolling for the super hero movies today but man like every comic book movie out right now blows them out of the water.

    • Who says Disney will ‘do them better?’ X-Men, X-2 and First Class are better than most of the Marvel movies released to date!

      I’m quite happy with where this movie is going. It sounds a lot more ambitious than the straight forward road Marvel has taken, imo:)

  2. This would actually be the perfect chance for them to come in and do a quasi-reboot of the franchise. You could have it to where the time travel altered the universe set up in X-men: First Class and it would be a great way to somewhat start over. Only one big problem though… was just done 2 years ago with “Star Trek”.

    • “Only one big problem though… was just done 2 years ago with “Star Trek”.”

      And that film, in my opinion, was terrible!

      • +100

  3. Boo hoo same story same post. Fox has made 3 really good xmen film even with the continuety problem. Not everyone cares about them they just want to see a good film. Not tk mention all xmen films were financially successful. Just leave it

  4. I love how marvel fanboys are acting like Fox hasn’t made 3 outstanding Xmen movies. Xmen 2 to me is one of the top 3 best comic book movies of all time. I wonder why the fanboys want Xmen to go back to Marvel? Maybe it’s because Bryan Singer already did the ensemble super hero flick before everyones favorite ” nerd” Joss Whedon?

    • X-Men 1 is my fave comic book film of all time, even more than its sequel.

      • Really? I’d be interested to hear why. I like them both a lot, but I tend to side with the conventional opinion that X2 is better.

        • Prolly bcuz it was just focused on a small grp of core X-men. At least thats why I like it more.

    • First, I AM a “Marvel fanboy”.
      Second, I realize Fox has made great X-Men movies.
      Third, I don´t want the X-Men franchise to go back to Marvel Studios, because there´s
      a. gonna be a reboot and
      b. there´s no guarantee that Marvel will do it better than Fox.

      Sure, there´s Origins: Wolverine (which sucked salty balls, but it´s been stated more than once that it´s not canon anymore, so you can ignore the event that happened in that film), and there´s X-Men 3. But the latter wasn´t actually that bad. They just took some liberties with the Phoenix story. But to have a proper, faithful Phoenix adaption, you´d need at least three movies, full of aliens, ridiculous characters and a lot of cheesy “80s” dialogue.

      • @Scapegoat-They did not take liberties with the Phoenix story, they just used the likeness of the character in a plot that was all over the place. And they don’t need “80′s” dialogue to do the Phoenix story, what ever that even means. First Class was set in the 60′s and had some cliche dialogue, and if the next movie is set in the 70′s I would guess they might indulge themselves again to fit the gimmick.

        • But to introduce the Phoenix, as it was in the comics, you´d need at least a trilogy. The travel into space, the shuttle crash, the years as Phoenix, and then the build up to Dark Phoenix. That´s not something you can do in one movie.

          • Not really, if they had of done the same progression using Mastermind as part of the Brotherhood, and then had him come in and sway Jean Grey when he was trying to get into the Hellfire Club they could have wrote a similar scenario to one they tried (and failed) with in the third film.

            By no means do I think they could have every done the Shi’ar on film, or should they try. It’s just kind of funny that over a decade and going on five movies (seven if you count the two Wolverine movies), and they haven’t really told much of a story past humans don’t like mutants and they harass them for no reason. The whole discrimination angle is a huge part of the X-Men lore, but it is not the only thing the series had going on.

            • You can´t have a proper adaption of the Phoenix story (as demanded by many) without the Phoenix being a space god. And if you do, people will b**** about it, just like they b**** about X-Men 3.

              And I think the senate hearing in the first X-Men film made it pretty clear why humans hate mutants: they´re afraid of them.

              • If they can’t write a reasonable adaption of the Phoenix story within the limits they have then it stands to reason that people should be skeptical of them trying to adapt a majority of the X-Men stories. And for me the problem with how Phoenix was done in X-3 had nothing to do with the lack of alien influence in the story, it was just an overall mess of a story that was poorly executed on top of that.

                And it was illustrated in the registration hearings in X-1 that humans were afraid of mutants, I was referring to the mantra of the producers and directors who keep hitting people over the head with that one idea when they are selling these movies. Clearly normal people are afraid of the mutants, and some of the mutants are just bad people with or without powers.

                I think it is the fixation on making the whole series about mutants as outcasts that has and will prevent them from ever properly using characters like Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse who operate on a whole other level.

          • Well, “Dark Willow” on Buffy was a pretty good adaptation.

            Seriously, I think TV shows would be better for most of these comic books. Movies have to cram so much in and it’s always “the city” or “the world” at stake. Comics often run smaller stories that add up to larger stakes way down the road.

            • Of course TV shows would be better for adapting stories like the Phonix storyline. Because TV shows have seasons with more run-time than full movies. That´s why I think that they should produce a Spider-Man TV show based on the Webb´s SM films, after the trilogiy ends. They could base it on the Ultimate series (of course not that piece of crap cartoon). Have the focus on Peter more than Spidey, add the typical soap opera aspect, etc…

              • Time-wise television might be a better fit for serialized stories, but financially I doubt they would want to take the risk.

              • I agree. I wasn’t crazy about ASM, but to me it felt more like a TV show. In fact I think that’s really what they are doing, only they don’t have the rights for that. I’ve always thought Spider-man would be perfect for TV, and I have to think shows like Buffy and Smallville were inspired by those. X-men could be the same thing. There’s plenty of relationships there. I enjoy movie special effects, but most of the time I’d trade them for stories. Star Trek, to me, is an example of what works better as a TV show. It’s not really about the effects and action, but the movies have to do it that way.

    • You know Joss Whedon helped write X-Men?

      • only 2 parts of the movie were his. so he didn’t really “help”

      • Whedon wrote two lines for X-Men. And only one made it into the movie. And, as Whedon said himself, it was the dumbest line of the whole film.

        “What happends to a toad when it´s struck by lighting? The same that happens to everything else.”

        He even said, it was supposed to be a joke, but they included it though.

        • That line was actually the reason why I HATED X-Men one so much!!! Everything is coming together now! No wonder I think Whedon is such a terrible writer/director. And of course he is going to say it was supposed to be a joke. It was the worst line in the film and after it was declared as so, he is going to reiterate his lame line. I bet he also wrote the line in Fantastic Four at the end of the movie that Richards says so cleverly to Dr Doom. “Time for your lesson – Chem 101. What happens when you rapidly cool hot metal?”

          • I think he also wrote this line from The Dark Knight Rises:

            Catwoman: My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men

            Batman: its not a car

            And yes, i was joking.

    • i loved x men 2

  5. Dinklage will play Jahf, the keeper of the M’ Kraan crystal, which can (and probably will) be used for time travel (as seen in the Age Of Apocalypse storyline). Mark my words.

    • I’d be down for that.

      • I´m surprised that I´m the first who came up with that idea…

  6. How tall is Trask again? Just saying.

    • Ssshhhhhhhhh have you not learned?! Lol

      • Couldn’t help myself lol

  7. I think dilate is absolutely terrific and if he is playing traski think it will work wonders

  8. Bring back Nightcrawler!

  9. Totally called that he was playing Trask as soon as I saw him cast. No one will remember Trask from Last Stand…that’s not an issue at all.

    • I agree with you man maybe it’s for the best no one will remember him from Last Stand I didn’t really thik the movie was all that good

  10. I would be fine with the extreme difference between the two actors playing Trask if it was explained with something like a character says, “Mr. President, Bolivar Trask is here to see you.”. And the president turns around and no one is there, then he looks down, POV shot of the President looking down on Peter Dinklage.

    President: “Something is different about you…”

    • Now that’s just cracking

  11. To be truthful….I was really excited about him playing Puck…On the other hand, Puck’s a spinny punchy dude…and Dinklage is a FANTASTIC actor but can’t even look like an agile punchy dude….So a science guy is a much safer bet.

  12. Let’s see if Fox can keep up with their OWN oddly juxtaposed continuities. Fans might be able to keep up but the general audience…they make or break the movies. It might get messier than what it already was.

  13. Called it on a prev xmen post. He’s going to be the voice of master mold.

  14. Boliver Trask…good idea! With the Sentinels, we need him. I do not see the resemblance, however, between the facial features of the illustrated character and the actor. Their expressions both look like they are all corked up and need Ex-Lax. But that is OK; no one else is really going to care other than fan-boys like myself who read the early comics. Acceptable collateral damage, to get the character into the movie. And you know what else we need? MORE CYCLOPS!!! And lots of him…team leader, Xavier’s #1 assistant, the first REAL X-Man in the comics, and a great back-story. If nothing else is fixed, this is the one that needs fixing.

    • +1
      They completely ruined the character in all the films. he was virtually non-existent, to the point where they finally killed him off.

  15. Whatever the role I know I would enjoy it. And perhaps there is a reason other than just being an incredible actor to cast him. Jackman being cast as Wolverine not withstanding, perhaps Dinklage height can prove to be a reason to motivate the character even further, a sort of Napoleon Complex if you will. Nature has chosen to empower mutants with powers and abilities while nature robs him of height…sounds silly but think of Tyrion Lannister who is motivated to be smarter and more cunning than anyone and essentially be who is due to be being born different.

    Of course this is just me just coming up with some discussion from nothing of why Dinklage was cast to potentially play Trask other than being a great actor

    • As Trask, fine…But he just doesn’t have the mobility or physicality to play an active character. Of course they could manipulate things…But I think it would come off forced and look dumb. The man is no slouch in his movements, and has proven himself time and again…The Station Agent is one of my Top Ten movies…but he’d have to play a character who’s not an agile, movey, fighter. I hope they don’t stick his squash on a MODOK suit sometime in the future either.

  16. Another point of discussion is how Bryan Singer reportedly says he would correct a few things which everyone is pretty much hoping would end fixing the continuity.

    I also heard how he might find a way to do the Xmen 3 he always wanted. Is this if true would be a credit to that theory? An if so, how would it be a sequel of sorts to The Last Stand if its replacing? Can time travel affect someone’s ethnicity or height etc? Until the movie comes out we won’t have answers of course but I think discussing is fun even if a bit silly.

    Personally I am still not understanding just the basic discrepancy between Xmen 1 and Xmen 2 with First Class such as Xavier first meeting with Magneto, the origins of Cerebro and Magneto’s Helmet etc Considering Singer came back in some capacity to First Class and they even reworked the beginning of Xmen 1 into that film with some reimagining or POV.

    I also wonder how much of first class sequel it is because it feels almost stand alonish to me. I wonder if the reason of this film leads to Xavier’s concept for a Danger Room simulation.

    • Hint- Alternative Universe

    • nothing makes sense in these films.

  17. I remember Trask in X3 but they didn’t refer him as Bolivar Trask. I’ll have to watch it again i guess. Too bad they killed Henry Gyrich.

    • true, he was referred as Secretary Trask.

  18. Harvey Dent was black on film before he was white. Anything in Hollywood can happen.

    • That’s one thing i didn’t like about Burton’s 89 Batman film despite liking Billy Dee Williams as a actor.

  19. They also almost casted another black guy to play Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever. If they were to almost go through with that, what do you think they could do with Bruce Wayne/Batman himself? Could of made him black, give him blonde hair,etc. People would flip cause he’s the major character of-course.

  20. trask = stark marvel just scrambled his last name

  21. Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask ?? YES he is best for his role !! he married Moira Kinross and together they designed heavily-armed Sentinels to fight Apocalypse. These Sentinels were better programmed and even capable of reasoning with mutants if they protected humans (their primary objective). Bolivar participates in a plan to bomb North American Apocalypse forces, though this would mean extensive civilian deaths.
    He returns in the 2012 launched Age of Apocalypse ongoing, as one of the leaders of the remaining human resistance. His daughter, Francesca, is a main operative in the X-Terminators (code-named “Fiend”) alongside Prophet, Good Night, Horror Show, and Zora Risman aka DeadEye though she and Bolivar have a rocky relationship.
    Apocalypse truly will have to rise, he is rising accompanied by Mister Sinister ( Apocalypse’s Partnership ) Holocaust ( Apocalypse’s Son ) Exodus ( Apocalypse’s Guard ) and Archangel ( Apocalypse’s New member from the X-men ).

    Famke Janssen must rise again because Jean Grey’s story isn’t end until Dark Phoenix, she died as Dark Phoenix in X-men 3, The Phoenix would return to Earth during the mini-series X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong, where it resurrected Jean Grey from her grave in X-men 3 Last Stand. It is not long before she remembers what she has come for — Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops). She needs to feed from the energy from his optic blasts, and confused by Jean’s emotions thinks she’s in love with Scott. She realizes Scott is in love with Emma Frost (former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and headmistress of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning). Through a number of incidents, including Jean having Wolverine kill her a number of times tragedy did in X-men 3 Last Stand, Jean then declares that she and the Phoenix is truly one entity now, have transcended to the White Phoenix of the Crown. This is signified by a new white and gold costume, her all powers are more powerful than she was before in X-men 3 Last Stand as phoenix who turned into Dark Phoenix.

    Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, James Marsden, Alan Cumming, Taylor Kitsch
    their role are as Storm, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Gambit they would definitely be on the list for X-men DOFP 2014

    other characters such as Angelina Jolie, Tyler Mane, Vinnie Jones, Clive Owen, Kevin Durand, Ryan Reynold, Rebecca Romijn, Daniel Cudmore, Kelsey Grammer, Terry Crew, Ian Somerhalder, Aaron Stanford, Kelly Hu Their role are as Scarlet Witch, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Avalanche, Blob, Deadpool, Mystique, Colossus, Beast, Bishop, Havok, Pyro, Lady Deathstrike

  22. I think that the future X-Men which will include Magneto as a good guy fighting along the x-men against the Sentinels. (Though Magneto can also pose a third threat while the Sentinels and the humans have their conflicts as well). The past X-Men if anything will be dealing with more human conflicts which are being manipulated by bad mutants. The beginning half will all be about establishing plots with Kitty Pride travelling to the past and Beast making sense out of it. The main Xavier will be the past one or future one depending on which timeline they want to go with (in the sequels). But his role will be in exploring his powers dark side and good side in what he is capable of doing. Like mind wiping everyone from these events ever happening… essentially fixing the space and time continuum.

    • One hint given by Peter Dinklage’s involvement is that it may be as intriguing as Game of Thrones. Another way to look at this is Star Wars. But the war is between Humans, Mutants, Sentinels, but with a lot of shades of grey and political intrigue. Plus brilliant chess moves by Magneto, Xavier and every other major player involved in the movies.

  23. I have a friend who is a HUGE X-Men comic book fan who thought that Peter Dinklage could be playing Puck when I first posted this Dinklage’s casting on my movie site.

  24. The worst thing about The Last Stand was when some of our favorite characters got killed.

  25. So, in an effort to fix the already f$&**ed continuity, Singer replaces a 6’4” black guy with a 4’5″ white dude?
    Uuuuummm, ok.

    • That’s one rumor, but we don’t know yet. I have a feeling he’s not Bolivar Trask.

  26. ^LOL Let Fox hang themselves.

  27. Too many famous actors and characters in here for such a small screen time !
    Thats really bad,over polluted,crowded Movie ! There is no focus just disaster ! What ever singer did,they should have kept Vaughn ,I am sure he would have done it better ! Anyways…Peter is a good actor !

  28. MODOK?

  29. I don’t understand how they can fix that error… Bolivar Trask was black and was normal size in X-men the last stand. Don’t get me wrong i love Peter Dinklage but it’s gonna have to be a hell of a story.