‘Percy Jackson’ Sequel ‘The Sea of Monsters’ In The Works

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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie Logan Lerman Percy Jackson Sequel The Sea of Monsters In The Works

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a moderate success for Fox 2000, making about $226 million worldwide on a $95 million budget (though most of that money came from overseas). The film was always intended to kick off a tentpole franchise for Fox 2000, so it’s not really surprising to hear that the studio is adapting the second book in author Rick Riordan’s five-volume series into a movie.

The LA Times’ 24 Frames has an insider claiming that Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters is going into “active development,” and could even start shooting as soon as this summer.

In the first film, young Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) discovered he was a demigod, spawned from the union of Poseidon and a human woman. When he was framed for stealing Zeus’ thunderbolt, Percy and his friends went on a quest to find the stolen weapon and eventually discovered and defeated the real thief, saving the world from a war between the gods.

In Riordan’s second book, Percy must save “Camp Half-Blood” the safe haven where demigods are protected from evil by magic barriers. Someone has poisoned the barriers, so it’s up to Percy and Co. to venture into “The Sea of Monsters” to find the mythical Golden Fleece to save the camp.

The primary cast is expected to return for this next installment, and that list would presumably include Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Keener and Kevin McKidd. Writing duo Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are handling the script; the pair have a diverse resume, including films like 1408, Agent Cody Banks, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Ed Wood and Problem Child 1 & 2. Take that how you will.

Director Chris Columbus (who also did the first two Harry Potter films), is not expected to return to direct Sea of Monsters, but will reportedly produce the pic alongside Breaking Dawn producer, Karen Rosenfelt. Take that how you will.

percy jackson and the olympians still Percy Jackson Sequel The Sea of Monsters In The Works

Jackson, Lerman and Daddario in 'The Lightning Thief'

The first Percy Jackson was entertaining enough – especially for the young adult crowd. The lead actors in particular (Lerman, Jackson and Daddario) had good chemistry and the story is a fun little twist on Greek Mythology. It’s not as immersive or epic as Harry Potter , but it was certainly more entertaining than the Narnia movies (for me at least). I’m not mad at them for making another one – plus, the whole “Sea of Monsters” thing could be cool on the big screen (in 3D, no doubt).

We’ll update you about Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters when an official announcement is made.

Source: 24 Frames

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  1. Come on guys…. Who cant wait for the 3rd book. I cant. Who wishes the was this premium upgrade to where you could get the book early. Dont you wish you could do that. I mean i will be out of high-school by then. I’m 14, freshman, and should be 18 and a senior. Come on. Send this message around: WE WANT THE BOOK EARLY!!!

    • We want it early but would you rather wait and him have more stuff or just have the boring book???

      • what book???????????????

    • I can’t wait for the next book of the heroes of olympas series the romans and the greeks are finaly going to meet in a greater number. We also get a better dicription of the ship hopefully.

      • YeahBut it won’t come out for 6 more months

        • that part is killing me

        • The book is already out.

        • when is sea of monsters coming out in the cinemas?

  2. what 3rd book?? the third book in the camp half blood series?>?? as in the son of neptune and the lost hero?

    • If you think the Son Of Neptune is the third book you are really far behind

      • Actually u are the third one hasn’t came out yet intill next fall

      • the son of neptune is out and i swear to god i am reading it!!!!!

  3. Are you talking about “The Mark of Athena”, I have read all the books…except the RED PYRAMIDS, I’m Greek and Roman all da’ way!!

    • if you have read the mark of athena book let me know where

      • The book Mark of Athena will not come out until next fall.

        • yeah, but they might release a preview chapter over the summer, as they did with Lost Heroes and Son of Neptune.

          • I wish!

      • It’s not possible it come out I’m august

        • ;)

    • read it so far so good

  4. In Rick riordan’s new series Heroes of Olympus (which includes The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune) the 3rd book is The Mark of Athena and it’s coming out in fall 2012 and I have read all his books except 36 clues

    • sorry but it’s 39 clues. I’ve read them all too, can’t wait for Mark Of Athena and Kane Chronicles 3!

      • me too he has so many things to answer like what will happen in the love triangle, what percy and annabeth will do when they see eachother aafter 8 months and lots more

        • plus what hazel will do when she sees leo and if and when she tells him how she knows sammy how he will react plus if leo will fall in love hazel and reyna like he did with every other girl he sees and if frank and leo will be friends seeing that leo is a ‘walking fireball’ and frank is ‘allergic to fire’ and if they would fight over hazel and that is just the love sonets alone……….

      • i alredy read the THE RED PIRAMED AND THE TRONE OF FIRE WITH THE CHARECTERS CARTER CANE and SADIE CANE and in the book they meat the dwarf god bessie but they call him bes.

  5. The lost hero and son of Neptune are a completely different series of books

    • Its not exactly a COMPLETELY different series. Yes it is under a different name for the series (the heros of olympus) and it has a new plot, but it ties in with the original percy jackson and the olympians books. If you havent read the original series you probably would barely understand what was going on and who and why percy was so important. Cant wait for the rest of the series to come out, finished the son of neptune book the day it came out.

      • Rick Riordan is an amazing author. The way he was able to take Greek mythology and mix it in with modern day was incredable. I couldn’t stop reading these books once I started and the new series, Heroes of Olympus, are just as good as the first series and I cant wait for the third book to come out. If anyone knows where to get a copy please let me know.

        • You can get the book at Chapters or indigo when they come out!

    • there connected, if youve read

    • No they aren’t, it’s everything that happens just after the last olympian. Riordan just gives it another series name (heroes of olympus) because the first book in the series has nothing to do with percy and it could confuse people

      • Ignore my comment, it was supposed to come after “Michael’s,” but it got moved down below yours for some reason

    • They are connected to Percy Jackson. If you read them you would know that.

  6. The Percy Jackson movies are boring compared to the books.the movies don’t have all the details.

    • I agree. Compared to the book this was an epic fail. Actors are to old, very bad descriptions of them and Camp Half-Blood, and added to many things. I don’t know why Rick Riordan let it be like this

      • he has no say……… the producers have editorial licence to condense or change it. that totally sucks though they should leave just how it is

      • Ya, and Annabeth has brown hair and blue eyes not blond hair and gray eyes…

    • They left out way to many things from the book that really hurt thr movie, plus the fact they changed something too. In the books noone knew who is goddly parent was untile after he arrived to camp unlike in the movie. I really hope they do better with the second movies because I believe if these movies are done correctly this could be an amazing movie series just like the books.

      • I totally agree, yet many people who hadn’t read the book seemed to enjoy it. But yes, I do hope that they make the 2nd book more in detail lke the book, even though they have a limited time frame. If not, I might have to smite someone ;)

        • Ditto!

        • Yeah, I totally wish that they would stick to the book. Persephone was supposed to be introduced in what, Book 5? The characters are way off, in both appearance and attitude (Percy was supposed to be TWELVE, sheesh). I think there was an extra book about mini stories that included what the characters look like(movie is so different).
          Also, they avoided mentioning/showing Ares or his daughter Clarisse in movie 1(who has a big role to play in the movie 2). Do they just not like him and his children or something? They didn’t show us, and had Annabeth act as a bully rather than Clarisse (which made no sense, she was supposed to be his semi-friend). Anyways, sorry for ranting; I agree that they should include more details. Just hope they don’t mess up Tyson’s character

          • See, that was really my one and only complaint about the movie was the fact that Persephone was still with Hades. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she wasn’t there in the book. It goes against the original myth for Persephone to be in the Underworld in the middle of the summer. It’s supposed to be that when she’s with her mother, Demeter is happy and so we get Spring and Summer, and when she’s with her husband, Demeter is sad so we get Fall and Winter. But, hey, whatever. She was played by Rosario Dawson, so that made up for it. Love her!

      • it would be the next harry potter! if they just get the parts right!!!!!!
        i mean is it soo hard to get a grey eyed blondie and why cant they be twelve and whats all this goat skin looking clothes what happen to the good old fashion orange camp half blood jersey. IT HAS IMPORTANCE!!!! lets wait and see what will happen when the try to bring in jason and the other romans………..

        • Hey, did you know Neville Longbottom was actually a blonde in the books and a brunette in the movies? Or that Harry Potter has green eyes and Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes? And that while Radcliffe was 11 during the filming of Sorcerer’s Stone, he was just about to turn 22 when Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released and Tom Felton was 13 during Sorcerer’s Stone and 23 when DH Part 2 was released?

          Certain things just don’t have as much importance to a plot line as we’d like to believe they do. The story is still the same. Percy could’ve been a geriatric with nothing but a loincloth on and Luke still would’ve been the Lightning Thief.

          The armor was more traditional with the ways of Ancient Greece, so I can see how they wanted to go this way.

          • well i get what you mean but what about the ‘GREAT PROPHECY’ its about when he turns sixteen right…… so if they are continuing casting movies about the books then how can he be OLDER than sixteen in the FIRST book. i get what you say but it’s just not right. the movie saga/series (whatever its called) will have no connected plot. but thanks i never knew that anot harry potter its good to know that not only percy jackson was swayed……

            • Yeah, I wasn’t sure how they were gonna handle the prophecy thing either, but then I remembered that they cut, like, half the prophecy out of Harry Potter and only used the important lines from it (“the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches… and the dark lord shall mark him as his equal, but he shall have power the dark lord knows not… for neither can live while the other survives…”), so they may do it that way or just paraphrase the prophecy in a description.

              As far as them connecting the plot, we’ll just have to wait and see. They obviously wrote the plot this way so that there wouldn’t be a major cliffhanger, should it bomb (Golden Compass and Eragon are two major examples of this).

              BTW, thanks for actually listening to what I was saying and not just jumping down my throat. I wish more people on this site did that.

              • coolz
                never actually read harry potter. just watched the movie so i guess if you look at it that way it makes sense but in my opinion i still prefer the book….i guess thats the book lover in me

            • Every book movie has been changed dramatically. I don’t have a problem with Logan Lerman, (He’s hot), my problem is they got both the plot and the villain COMPLETELY wrong in the movies!! I’m an avid Rick Riordan reader so I just found the Lighting Thief insulting. (Even if Logan Lerman still looks great on the gig screen). it was even worse then how far off all the Harry Potter movies were. (Though I did like the fight scene at the end of DH part 2 better then in the book…)Movies made off books will always be epically wrong. they even got Twilight wrong! (though how they managed that I have no idea…)the point is I DO NOT want them ruining another of Rick’s books! The Sea of Monsters is a VERY important book later on in the Son of Neptune! A lot of the secondary plot has to do with it! So they will ruin the book. again.

              • They can’t really do exactly what what the book says because it would be probably to long and they won’t be able to find some one better then Logan Lerman(I agree, he is so hot!) and Alexandra Daddario…

                But they could do way better on the lemonade they where drinking!In the beginning of the movie, when Percy(Logan)went home, he drank lemonade, I know this isn’t a big deal but, it wasn’t blue! I don’t think they really tried that hard because they could fix the lemonade by adding blue food coloring which really isn’t that hard!

                And in the movie when Percy went home, he was supposed to leave Grover behind, but Grover came with him…

                • Ugh!!! Even though I agree he’s kinda good looking Logan lerman’s eyes make him look semi retarded

                • WOULD YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!! THEY DID THE BEST THEY COULD!!!!!!!!!!

                  • and you know this because…………

          • But the focus of the Percy Jackson books is that you can sort of figure out who’s related to who, based on their hair/eye colour. In Harry Potter, they got most of the important stuff right that was central to the plot because appearance wasn’t as important as it is in Percy Jackson, if you get what I mean?

            And the armour thing, if they carry on the films, it won’t create a difference between CHB during ‘peace’ time and then when they’re at war. they really should have made the distinction, since the orange tops are often mentioned in the books.

            And with harry potter, it’s practically a film a year for ten years, so of course they’re going to be 22/23 when it’s done, but HP is a year a book roughly. whereas PJ is about six months if that a book.

            • But the hair thing still doesn’t count here, since they had Melina Kanakaredes playing Athena, who happens to be a brunette. Besides, when we first saw Athena in Titan’s Curse, she was portrayed as having BLACK hair.

              • Yea but annabeth’s dad has blond hair and it distinguishes her throughout all the books in the first book Percy says that annabeth’s is exactly his idea of a califonia girl except for her eyes so they should not have messed that up and if it a matter of finding a girl to fit the description ( even though I think they should be twelve) they could have used Anna Sofia Robinson

    • I thought the movie franchise would end after the lightning thief, because they dont mention the “great prophecy” that stands all the way until the last olympian. But now that theres word of book two’s arrival on screen, I really have no clue as to how far theyll go making the stories into movies

      • they probably only did it that way so it could act as a stand-alone. that way, should it bomb, it would’ve all made sense in the end and there wouldn’t have been a huge cliffhanger, like what happened with The Golden Compass or Eragon. Now, since they got the go ahead, they’ll probably find some way to incorporate the stuff they skipped into Sea of Monsters.

    • i know right if i could do it over i would

    • hey no the movie and the book is the same

  7. Sure they left out a few important parts but if you saw movie and there was no book you would have really liked it

    • yeah, and it’s not like the stuff they skipped was necessary to tell the story of the Lightning Thief. everything they skipped was either too time consuming, a minor plot point, something for future story plots, or part of the Kronos story. any way you look at it, none of it is too hard to cover in the following feature films. David Heyman and his crew had to make the same kinds of decisions with Harry Potter, and no one ever complained this much about that (except for Prisoner of Azkaban, and the complaints still weren’t horrible). maybe because JKR was more involved with HP, it sat easier with the fans. but it was still an adaption.

  8. The first movie was AWESOME! I’m soooo excited for the next one! Stay with Logan Lerman your so amazing! Your just how I pictured Percy jackson! Great work! :)

    • I actually pictured Percy more young and a lot more nervous; in addition, Grover was not as nervous and a wimp as he should have been, and annabeth was way off from anything I imagined, oh and where was Ares’s daughter? And plus, Ares was supposed to have stolen the bolt, not Luke. So frustrating.

      • no luke steals it. ares just finds luke out and well the idea of a war stops him from selling luke out

    • Ya, it’s just how I pictured him too! they even included the handsome and hot part!!!!!!!!

      • Ignore my last comment! It was supposed to go under Greta’s…

        Still, Logan, you are s hot!!!!Great work everybody!!!!!!!!!!

    • are you nuts the person who played percy was a complete fail. i wanted to rip out my eyes after seeing the movie. they never had the fight on the st. louis arch, or the whole seens with ares and his shield or the scarf of aphrodite. i was so sad. just plain failur. but i cant wait for the mark of athena book. and if they mess up the sea of monsters movie i will fill out.

      • sorry flip out!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Come on people! I know the book was more detailed than the movie and I wish they wouldve made it more like the book, but at least we got something!!! The movie is what brought me to reading the books so just be happy we got something!!!!!!!!


    • They could’ve gone closer to the book. Annabeth is supposed to be blonde grey eyes; they gave her brown hair and bright blue eyes. Percy was fine(although much too old), so was Grover, Chiron was about right also, and Luke fitted the description also. BUT the story was way off! The basic story line was followed but who did what was off and where exactly was the MIST? No way an average mortal would’ve seen Medusa’s head!If they go on with the next movie they better change Annabeth’s hair and eyes (dye and contacts) and go along with the bookAND THEY CANNOT MESSUP TYSON AT ALL!

      • And Neville Longbottom was supposed to be a blonde, and Harry Potter was supposed to have green eyes. 8 movies later, NO ONE CARED ANYMORE! NO ONE CARED TO BEGIN WITH! Those details just don’t matter in the long run!

        As far as Tyson… most of it’s gonna be CGI anyway. And the tech’s better now, so it won’t end up being another Grawp.

        • Sari, you keep going on about Neville and Harry, but those things actually weren’t that important in HP [since they keep saying harry has his mothers eyes, but they never show yu them anyway really],
          whereas Rick makes a point about hair and eyes and how that shows who the godly parent might be.. and it’s not exactly hard to stick a wig or contacts on someone, so they could have done that..

          • Some people are actually allergic to contact lenses. And as far as them matching their parents, that actually didn’t always happen. So it didn’t turn out to be that big of a deal, since the two actresses playing Athena and Annabeth were close enough in appearance to count.

            • I agree with Sari. Who cares on what the actors and actresses actually look like? Sure, their might be details, but it’s not like it’s terrible. Complaining about things doesn’t solve anything. Plus, I loved the Harry Potter movies, I liked the first movie of Percy Jackson too. I’ve also read all of the books, so I’m kind’ve excited of what’s going to happen in the next one too.

      • chiron is a white stallion not brown

        • Huh… didn’t remember Chiron being a white stallion… gonna have to go back and check that out.

          • yea he was… reread the entire series for christmas

      • Honestly, I don’t think the hair color of Annabeth is really that big of a deal. The only problem I have is that they made them like 15 or whatever. what happens five books later and they are all in their 20s. Will they just never age or something? Of course, we all have to keep in mind that Riordan probably oversaw these changes and deemed them okay, so we can’t really complain if he wanted to change it a little. It is his story.

        • He has no say. Once the director get the ok to do the movie he has the right to change it as much as he likes

  10. Huh. I though with the firs movie, they messed up on a ton (ages, looks, locations, etc) and went way, way to fast via romance. That really doesn’t happen until the 3, and even then there’s onl a little bit. IF you were to make the movie away from the book tho, it would be pretty good. I hope with the 2nd movie they do something closer to the book but easier enuf for people who’ve never read th books to understand.

    • The romance thing actually made much more sense for the ages they were at in the movie. In the books, boys aren’t into girls yet when they’re twelve. They don’t start liking girls again until puberty hits a couple years later. So, yeah, it had to be slower for the books. They were growing up. In the movies, it made more sense for Percy to see Annabeth and go, “Whoa, who’s the hottie?”

      • that’s one of the reasons they should be twelve

        • here here. XD
          i don’t see how he’s they’re going to drag it out, he’s going to look really old by the time the get to the last olympian, and the books only span six or so months each

          • Exactly! By the way, did you guys know that Alexandra Daddario is 6 years older than Logan Lerman? Check it out at Wikipedia!

            • Ikr

  11. I liked the first movie but it hardly went went by the book. I will go see the sea of monsters but if it doesn’t go along with the book I won’t go to any of the next movies.

    • Come on! There still good right?!

  12. I’ve read the first 3, and I LOVE IT. Looking forward to reading the Battle of the Labyrinth, currently pg.18

  13. I hope this movie would be awesome. The first movie was far from the book.

  14. I can’t wait until Mark of Athena comes out! And hopefully the “DIRECTORS” won’t mess up the rest of the movies like the first. Cause’ it sucked!!!!

    • am so excited abt mark of athena. problem is, i m not in america so i have to wait extra long! thoough i do agree on the movie errors.

      • Me too that totally sucks

  15. I love it, but they just really messed up the Lightning Thief. They left a ton of stuff out and they’re way younger, they’re not teenagers in the first book. Also Annabeth has blonde hair and Percy didn’t start liking her in that kind of way until the third book. And Grover is all wrong. They’res never been a part where he’s topless, he’s a white dude, and of course he doesn’t hit on the Aphrodite girls.

    • EXACTLY!!!!

  16. I just wonder how they’re gonna make a second movie because they didn’t mention Clarisse at all. and she played a decent role in the books

    • i totally agree. i mean, how stupid is that?

  17. is anyone else confused about how they are going to make the second one?? they completely strayed away from the whole plot of the book with the first movie.. don’t get me wrong.. i love Logan lerman. but i love Percy Jackson more.. so i’m gonna be really irritated if they get this movie wrong too… i wouldn’t mind if they movie was just a little off.. but the movie and the book were NOTHING a like..

    on a brighter side i am so STOKED to read the mark of Athena!! oh my goodness.. i finished the son of Neptune last night and when i got to the last page and saw the last sentence.. my heart stopped and i about started to cry.. i hope the next book doesn’t end that way too.. because then we will have to wait until fall 2013.. and then until fall 2014… i am falling apart inside just thinking about it… wow that wasn’t much brighter was it..

    • Me too. I am so excited! By the way, do you guys think annabeth will betray them? I mean, its always piper and hazel. Waddabout annabeth?

      • Im excited for the release of “Mark of athena”!!! Cant wait. :)) Go Second series!!

    • Lolz that’s how we all feel I’m still hyperventilating and I read it in October but I guess that’s what makes the books so good but a whole year geez!

  18. i cant wait for this mnovie to cum out!! also cnat wait until ‘the mark of athena’ to cum out!!! I LOVE percy jackson!! logan lerman is so friggin HOT!!

    • Um… I know what you’re saying and I completely agree that the anticipating is going to kill me for both the movie and the book, but… I’m sorry, that just sounds so wrong!

  19. I’ve read all of the books, and as far as the first movie goes, don’t you think if you were the author would you really expect that they would be exactly like you would have imagined? I think it was pretty spot on with the plot, them going and searching for the lightening bolt. Clarisse wasn’t mentioned though, which kind’ve sucked. But still, the movie was good and I’m sure that kids loved it. What else could you want?

    • ummmm, well it would be nice if the actual fans who read the books were happy! The movie was horrible compared to the books and the plot didn’t even mention the important things that are necessary for the oncoming movies. Like,for example, Clarisse wasn’t mentioned at all who is actually very important for the oncoming movie. I don’t know about you but I read the books and I hated the movie. And one last thing I want the TRUE FANS to love the MOVIE and the books

      • “I want the TRUE FANS to love the MOVIE and the books”

        OH, you did NOT just go there!!!

      • How ignorant could you get, man? You just insulted, like, half the fan base, of which you CLAIM to be a part of. Not a good move. But then again, based on your statement and my professional background in child development, I would guess you probably haven’t graduated middle school yet, so we can just blame it on immaturity.

        • I agree,they probably haven’t graduated middle school. I mean look, their flow process is completely invalid. First they said that they hated the movie but then included that they wanted ‘true fans’ to love the movie and the book. Perhaps they meant that they were not ‘true fans’. I for one loved the books with all of my heart and dreaded the movie. The director had mad many minor mistakes that would all add up in the end. For one there is Clarisse and the fact that the overall villain wasn’t supposed to be Luke, not until the very end of the movie. Ares was supposed to have stolen the bolt from Luke. I doubt the next movies will show the books any glory. The whole story as a whole would be messed up, maybe that is why they are taking so long to produce a sequel.

          • Actually, a lot goes into making a movie. First and foremost is having the budget to be able to pull it off, because without a budget, nothing is getting off the ground. Then there’s hiring the crew members, costume and prop and special effects design, composing and recording a score, securing the locations, casting, settling contracts, and that’s just pre-production. Then the production period can take at least a year (three years in the case of the Narnia films), after which time it enters post-production and editing. This is where we get the deleted scenes from (prime example, the scene in Lightning Thief where Grover tells Percy about Thalia).

            So, yeah, you may or may not have known all this, and I’m sure there’s a lot more behind the scenes stuff I’m missing (because I don’t work in the industry, I just enjoy their products), but this is basically why it takes so long to get a film made.

            • Just want the movie to be like the book in detail.

            • sari you really do your research…

              • lol, thanks, sammanntha. I’ve watched, like, all the behind-the-scenes features on the HP and Pirates of the Caribbean films. The ones on “Dead Man’s Chest” really elaborated on what went on just to get the sequel up off the ground, from budgeting to how much they wanted to kill Gore Verbinski for his location choice, ect.

        • don’t make it personal… i mean i dont hate the movie but i dont love it either and they were just stating their opinion…

          • I don’t care that they didn’t like the movie, samm. I was indifferent about it myself. But there were people who liked the move who are “actual fans who read the books,” so something’s comment was out of line.

  20. I bet anything they are going to make all the Percy Jackson movies so they could make the Heros of Olyimpus into movies

    • you rell outaz though every one else talking bout lightning thief and sea of monsters and you come out with heroes of olympus……..lolz but i think so too

  21. they got to movie fast cuz the actors are geting old.

  22. they got to move ,the actors are looking older then they should compaired to the books age.

    • well that just killed the movie right there too. and there looks places and a lot of other things

  23. the movies almost always ruin the books rep. I was completly disapointed with the movie. i mean they didn’t even have percy’s mother with the head of muedsua. or the age,clothes,time frame, or looks. overr all fail. but i can’t wait for the mark of athena book. the two greatest empires in all history fighting together just thrilling. and all the love triangles and all that. C-A-N N-O-T W-A-I-T.

    • “they didn’t even have percy’s mother with the head of muedsua”

      You left as soon as the credits started, didn’t you?

      • i guess i did sorry

        • No biggie. Most people do, unless they’re warned ahead of time not to.

          • like with pirates of the carribean 3 with the child

  24. just my opion but does any of the other guys think that athena would be thee perfect women. i mean not a sissy, smart, battle smart, hot, and power of a god. just the perfect chick agreed?

  25. i agree Athena is just my type. You know without the all so powerful god part.

    • true don’t won’t the more powerful than me not good

  26. you see if its not working out she will ether kill me or turn me into stone or something.

  27. your right he whole tempertapmtra times a billion just not the best idea but still hot.

  28. also aphrodite is hot but a dumb blonde and the cause of the Trojon War. just not a good girl-friend

  29. AHH aphrodite is hot but who would date some one that there known for love and not just the careing part.