‘Percy Jackson’ Sequel ‘The Sea of Monsters’ In The Works

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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie Logan Lerman Percy Jackson Sequel The Sea of Monsters In The Works

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a moderate success for Fox 2000, making about $226 million worldwide on a $95 million budget (though most of that money came from overseas). The film was always intended to kick off a tentpole franchise for Fox 2000, so it’s not really surprising to hear that the studio is adapting the second book in author Rick Riordan’s five-volume series into a movie.

The LA Times’ 24 Frames has an insider claiming that Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters is going into “active development,” and could even start shooting as soon as this summer.

In the first film, young Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) discovered he was a demigod, spawned from the union of Poseidon and a human woman. When he was framed for stealing Zeus’ thunderbolt, Percy and his friends went on a quest to find the stolen weapon and eventually discovered and defeated the real thief, saving the world from a war between the gods.

In Riordan’s second book, Percy must save “Camp Half-Blood” the safe haven where demigods are protected from evil by magic barriers. Someone has poisoned the barriers, so it’s up to Percy and Co. to venture into “The Sea of Monsters” to find the mythical Golden Fleece to save the camp.

The primary cast is expected to return for this next installment, and that list would presumably include Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Keener and Kevin McKidd. Writing duo Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are handling the script; the pair have a diverse resume, including films like 1408, Agent Cody Banks, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Ed Wood and Problem Child 1 & 2. Take that how you will.

Director Chris Columbus (who also did the first two Harry Potter films), is not expected to return to direct Sea of Monsters, but will reportedly produce the pic alongside Breaking Dawn producer, Karen Rosenfelt. Take that how you will.

percy jackson and the olympians still Percy Jackson Sequel The Sea of Monsters In The Works

Jackson, Lerman and Daddario in 'The Lightning Thief'

The first Percy Jackson was entertaining enough – especially for the young adult crowd. The lead actors in particular (Lerman, Jackson and Daddario) had good chemistry and the story is a fun little twist on Greek Mythology. It’s not as immersive or epic as Harry Potter , but it was certainly more entertaining than the Narnia movies (for me at least). I’m not mad at them for making another one – plus, the whole “Sea of Monsters” thing could be cool on the big screen (in 3D, no doubt).

We’ll update you about Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters when an official announcement is made.

Source: 24 Frames

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  1. I read the whole Percy Jackson series and I didn’t like how Percy was like 16 in the first movie when he was 12 in the book.

  2. there were so many parts that were in the book but not in the movie!! i was mad about that!!!! >:(

    • they should replace annebeth in the book she blonde hair HELLOO people get your facts strsight!!!

      • Whatever i think they made a good choice blondes r snooty and dumb and b….’s

        • Stereotypical much?

      • Yeah and Grover was white, redheaded, and kind of awkward in the books whereas this Grover is black and hilarious yet the thing you are pinging on is Annabeth’s hair color? Who cares? It was a good movie (perhaps not when examined critically but it is fun to watch) and I don’t think that her hair is that big of a deal although I read for the 2nd movie she plans to dye it blonde which is kind of weird she should just keep it now…

      • even if they wont to fix that problem its not hard dont replace the actor ask the actor to change her hair color stupid. besides i like the first one and they changed the way percy looked to much

      • maybe they meant to have her with brown hair. and just because the actress has a different hair color then in the book does not mean you should be ad. she was and is still a great actress and was perfect for the part.

  3. They removed all of the relevant plot points from the first film that made the series work. They made the kids old and gave Percy a Bieber hairdo. They have a lot to answer for and will have to make one heck of a good movie to make up for the debacle that was the first one.

    • Oh, I know right!!!??? I ABSOLUTELY HATE them for messing it up!!! But I kind of imagined him with that haircut. I mean, not full out Bieber, but kind of.

  4. I remember going into the cinema the first day “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” came out. It was packed and there was an atmosphere of excitement only for our eyes to be confronted by a moderately entertaining yet incredibly underwhelming mastermess (look at me, creating new words!). The film was benefited by a really good supporting cast, great visual effects(but not terribly dazzling, or else it would have been considered an Oscar) and… just fun. I hate the way he was not loyal to the book, like it was so loosely based on the book. The reason the film was only a moderate success was because the movie failed. Yes, the Twilight films are fails and yet they are so eagerly anticipation, but the filmakers don’t need to get it right as all most of the fans (not all) want is to see Jacob take off his shirt, Edward and Bella kiss and the hot, sparkly vampires etc. Unfortunately, some movies you need to get right and, I’m afraid, this was one of those movies.
    I hope and pray that this new director will bring justice to Rick Riordan’s brilliant books. In order to do this you need:
    Spectacular action.
    Focus on the plot.
    Good character development.
    Start with a bang, end with a bang.
    Great acting to bring life to the movie.
    Visually magnificent.
    Fast pace like the book, slow, painful moments for deaths.
    Strong chemistry between Annabeth and Percy.
    Rick Riordan needs creative control over the movie.
    I don’t know if I could say more… Ah, yes. One more thing…

    • I thought the Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief movie was okay. But the plot was different first the whole point in the movie was to get the pearls and the in book is to find the bolt. So many parts in the book are not in the movie. It would’ve been an awsome movie if it followed the plot line and some character development . Also it could’ve been better if had almost the same scenes in the movie from the book. Really the I hope the second movie would follow the story , have characters development , and have some more scenes from the book.

    • AMEN!!!!! you said it. it would be a pity if this book which is overflowing with potential were to fail so they NEED to get it right this time

    • Mainly let it be relevant to the book. in the end the film may portray Tyson as the bad cyclops.. Like luke in the 1st part. Ares was not at all mentioned. And the age factor was another..

      • I really wanted to see that fught scene and how it would turn out and they better include clarisse and why didn’t they show when they went in the zoo truck adn when percy first disovered hi power when it drowned clarisse in the toilet water.

    • 1 thing is that I thought the movies were amazing, sure they may have left some things out but it was because they where not important.


  5. The first movie was wrong. They took took out to many scenes and added some dumb stuff like Percy fighting Luke and the whole Olympian Council being there when Percy returned the bolt. That souldn’t have been there. They didn’t make Annabeth blonde. The characters were too old. Things that were not there but should have been:
    The Arch
    Percy being poisoned at the end
    The bus
    They also had Grover stay behind in the Underworld but that doesn’t happen.

  6. First of all, did you even read the books?!?! Think of the worst thing in the world. The Lightning Thief was infinite times more worse than that. I absolutely LOVE the books, but that movie was a complete RIP-OFF of the books!!! How could you even say it was better than Narnia!!! The only two characters that even matched the description a SMALL bit were Logan Lerman and the actor who played Luke Castellan. I bet you didn’t even know Luke’s last name!!! The rest of the characters, and I’m not judging them by their acting abilities or their personalities, well I’ll tell you about them. Annabeth in the movie had straight brown hair, and in the books she has CURLY BLONDE HAIR!!! And don’t even get me started about Grover! I’m not racist, in fact some of my closest friends are dark skinned, but GROVER IS NOT BLACK!!! He was supposed to have CURLY-ISH RED HAIR WITH QUITE FAIR SKIN, A GOATEE AND ACNE!!! Did you see any of that in the movie??? I thought as much. And CHIRON is supposed to have a WHITE horse half, not brown!!! And really, Leven Rambin as Clarisse La Rue??? I bet you didn’t know Clarisse’s last name either, or even who she is!!! Leven Rambin is one of my favourite actresses, but Clarisse is a child of ARES, for the gods sake!!! She would be bulkier, and the book said she had a brownish colour hair. Urgggg! And remember this: ALL OF THE PERCY JACKSON FANS IN THE WORLD WOULD AGREE WITH ME ON THIS IF THEY READ THIS COMMENT ( and I mean the fans who ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS!!! ). I mean, by MOVIE STANDARDS it’s a good movie, but like I said, COMPLETE RIP-OF AND DISGRACE OF THE GODS!!! So please if you ever meet the director of the second movie, show him this comment, for the sake of everyone. I swear, I bet he would make MUCH MORE MONEY if he follows the book at least a LITTLE more closely. No, make that A LOT MORE. So please, if you could, show this to the director, or, if you don’t know him, reach out to contacts. Thank-you.

    • i agree if anyone who reads this knows the director of the first movie then kick him in the balls. if anyone knows the director of the second you better warn him.

    • It’s realy sad that in these days you have to punctuate that you’re not a recist to complain about Grover being portraited as black. Don’t justify yourself. The portrayal of Grover is just wrong!

    • i 100% agree, i love the series, and nearly cried over how bad the movie was

  7. Well, what can I say about the film? I had mixed feelings. See, when I saw the movie at first, I didn’t know it actually came from a book. So I saw the movie, and I have to say, it was pretty damn good. Why? One – A good supporting cast. A good plot, and a funny film too. Most people would say that this movie was a “Harry Potter knock-off”. Honestly, I disagree, by a lot. Percy Jackson & The Olympians is basically Harry Potter meets Clash Of The Titans. Sure, it DOES look like a film trying to be the “Next Harry Potter”, but it’s actually a GOOD one, unlike others. And then I read the books, and realized one thing: Chistopher Columbus messed his s*** up with this one. Honestly, the movie BARELY followed the book. What the heck happened to Percy and his pals being TWELVE-year old kids, not seventeen-year olds? It also messes up the entire plot of the SERIES. Percy is suppose to be in a great prophecy and make a great choice when he is sixteen, in the very last book. When he’s already seventeen in the first movie, it just messes everything. But all in all, the movie was pretty good, even though it barely followed the movie. I am glad to say that in “The Sea Of Monsters”, they are following the book more. Plus, they even got the actress for Annabeth to dye her hair blonde!

  8. Christopher Columbus, why, oh WHY did you have to mess things up? No, dude, no! You didn’t follow the books! Why, Columbus? You did an awesome job on Harry Potter. Why couldn’t you do the same with this one? Whyyyy? I don’t want a sequel, I want a RE-BOOT of the first movie. Make the characters twelve again, not seventeen, so that it doesn’t mess with the Great Prophecy, that’s basically the heart and soul of the entire series. Seriously, Columbus, you have certainly messed your s*** up on this one. Even I Am Number Four did a better job at following it’s book. Just.. Just do a re-boot of The Lightning Thief.. Do it..

    • i agree
      it isn’t against the rules to remake a movie
      so just start afresh get some twelve year olds with a lot of potential train em up and use some sets and animation for what you need. follow the books. they really short for pete’s sake. its not like they are going to turn into a three hour movie and harry potter IS like three hours but people love it anyway. Rick Riodan has ALOT of fans WORLDWIDE so its not like its a waste of money. As a matter of fact you might actually make enough money to create camp halfblood. in addition the plot in the books could capture readers and non readers alike of all ages. it has the potential to be an awesome movie series. further more there are enough book s in the series to last a good 10 years and it certainly can become the next harry potter if you just get it right. and to top it at the rate you guys are making the movies lodan lerman will be like 3o but the 5th book so not sticking to the book can be really a disadvantange. listen to the readers we may not be filmographers but we know what the viewers want

  9. It is a movie. They are going to try to make it to where it will make the most money. If that means to them changing the story a whole lot, then everyones gonna have to deal with it.

    • u really had to say that and get me innoyed even more look around you does anyone look happy? no. does anyone want to by this film on dvd? no, over all are they making more money, NO!

    • They couldve made more money id they had kept to the books…

  10. This is probably one of my favorite series, and the movie ruined the first book, it was very loosely the same plot. The ending was very wrong and the whole thing was a mess, while the actor castings were good, they are 12 in the original book and don’t reach 16 and 17 until around the last book and the beginning of the new series. I was extremely disappointed :(

  11. i am also allan as in allan james meyerhoff
    hey to all who know me!

  12. Screenrant find out WHY WHY WHY the first movie changed the story, please. It seemed like near the end of production, the studio decided they didn’t have a Harry potter on their hand and didn’t want to invest in a sequel so they re-wrote the ending in a hurry. In doing so they completely messed up the story for the sequel. What’s the story on such a major screw-up?

  13. I agree with every complaint except Grover. I was mad at first, but making him this witty black guy added more humor to them, or at least that must be what the movie makers thought. Also, WHERE IS MR. D?!?! I LOVED him in the books! And I didn’t really mind Annabeth’s hair as much as her personality. I get she was supposed to be unfriendly to Percy in the beginning, but she came off as downright mean. And the age thing is really going to blow up in their face.

  14. Just watched the trailer after rereading the book for the fifth time. Isn’t Tyson supposed to be bigger than that? A lot bigger?

    • LOL thats what i did

  15. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much that they made Grover black if they hadn’t made him such a sterotype. Grover is this shy, self-conscious, meek, nature-loving sidekick. Jackson’s character was a skirt-chasing, loud-mouthed fool. How are they going to show that Pan chooses Grover for the gift of the wild based on his loyalty and overall goodness after all that? I completely understand that movies cannot feature EVERYTHING from the book. They could have saved a lot of time had they not spent a good 15 minutes having Grover seduce Persephone- Who should NOT have been in the underworld during summer anyway. The first movie was a travesty.
    The scenes in the Lotus were an embarrassment. The kids are SUPPOSED to be 12. Not doped up in some club. I couldn’t care less what color Annabeth’s hair is supposed to be. There are so many larger problems with the movie. The quality of acting, for example. Then again, it might not be the actors’ fault if they have an idiot director and a crap screenplay to follow.
    No, movies don’t have to follow the book exactly. But it should be kept in mind that the target audience is the books’ fans. And anyone who loves a book series doesn’t want a loosely-based adaptation. They want the writer’s vision come to life onscreen.

  16. God I hate Hollywood they gonna screw everything up. Hollywood can’t get it right unless the writer is involved.

  17. I liked the first film. Yes, it did leave out the important details from the book, but as a film on the whole, it was very entertaining. I’m going to see the second film sometime next week to see if it would be even better.

  18. I love Percy Jackson 1 and 2 I like number 2 more I hope they do the rest of the movie

  19. i just want them to make a nother moive after the “sea’s of monsters” it left me hang on how every thing ended. i mean what is that girl that rose from the tree going to do now? LIKE I WANT A NOTHER MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED THAT MOVIE YESTERDAY THATS HOW FAST I WANT THEM TO MAKE IT!!!

  20. I am an absolute book lover (Just finished The Son of Poseidon) Stand alone I would say this move is ok and entertaining but for anyone who has read the series will know that these movies have been a failure.

    I can only hope that they will scrap the movies they have already done and fire the directors and coordinators. What the Percy Jackson series needs is a complete re-do done by a group who actually knows the story line of the book.

    Given that said even if they continue the series the way it is they have already destroyed too much of the storyline. For crying out loud Riptide is not the cursed blade, and Kronos does not come back by the fleece. Tyson was already friends with Percy at Percy’s mortal school and the barrier did not let him in, Annabeth had to give Tyson permission for the barrier to allow him. Luke’s boat was not that tiny baby yacht, it was a Cruise Ship, (which also has a main part later on in the series) And to top it all off who else missed the fact that they didn’t even try to incorporate the Chariot races.

    I am disappointed in the movies because they do not even come close to the books story line.

    Scrap this junk and re-do from scratch advertise it as based off of the book and your money will come back into the franchise, that is a promise.

  21. People around the world might be disappoint.. if they don’t continue the sequel of The Sea of Monsters which is The Titan’s Curse. They should think of the people who really admires the movie. And think of those people who don’t really read the book but really wants the movie -_- Hello, we’re waiting! PLEASE? :D

  22. People around the world might be disappoint.. if they don’t continue the sequel of The Sea of Monsters which is The Titan’s Curse. They should think of the people who really admires the movie. And think of those people who don’t really read the book but really wants the movie to adapt -_- Because of this book, our mind opened from the world of the gods and goddesses (Greek Mythology) and we’re totally glad when we all knew it would adapt to film which is The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters. But I am quiet disappointed that the 3rd book is not sure to Hello? we’re waiting! PLEASE? :D Don’t disappoint us! See you soon in the big screen. We’re expect big from you.

  23. I just love this series. I am 10 years old, and i’ve read all 5 books. Starting the spinoff series later on. I’m glad I have stumbled across these novels!
    Thank you, Rick Riordan!