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percy jackson and the olympians still New Percy Jackson International Trailer

This summer we got our first look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming adaptation ofย  Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. It’s based on the first of a series of books by author Rick Riordan, about a teenage boy named Percy (being played by Logan Lerman) who discovers he is actually the son of the god Poseidon. Percy then sets out on a quest to stop a war between the gods.

A few months ago we got another look at Percy Jackson with the first official trailer, further solidifying early claims that the film bears more than passing resemblance to the Harry Potter franchise. And last month we got a look at the first international trailer, which showed off some of the special effects and magical elements of the story.

Now another new international trailer for Percy Jackson has been released and we have it here for your viewing pleasure. If you saw the first international trailer, you’ll probably recognize a lot of the footage in this one (read: it’s almost the same), but if you look close enough there’s some new stuff in there. The additions include seeing Sean Bean as the god Zeus; Pierce Brosnan as the Centaur, Chiron (that’s half-man-half-horse to the layman ๐Ÿ˜› ); and an extended look at the impressive water effect which appears near the end of the trailer.

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When I first heard of this project and watched the first teaser, I saw it as nothing more than a Harry Potter knock-off (it has the same director as the first two HP movies, Chris Columbus – coincidence?). However, there more I’ve seen of the film, the better it’s looked to me, and I can kind of forgive the similarities to Harry Potter in lieu of what it has to offer.

What makes me look forward to the project more than anything, though, is the impressive cast that’s been assembled, particularly the ones playing the various gods: Pierce Brosnan is Chiron, Uma Thurman is Madusa, Sean Bean is Zeus, Kevin McKidd is Poseidon, Rosario Dawson is Persephone, Serinda Swan is Aphrodite, Erica Cerra is Hera, Luke Camilleri is Dionysus, Dylan Neal is Hermes and Melina Kanakaredes is Athena… you had me at Bean, Thurman and Brosnan!

 New Percy Jackson International TrailerPierce Brosnan as Chiron

What’s been stuck in my mind about Percy Jackson is the fact that it’s an epic adventure type movie much like Clash of the Titans. What’s the problem with that? Well, they both feature the legendary Greek gods, and they both come out quite close to each other (Percy Jackson in Ferbuary, and Titans in March). I realize Clash of the Titans is aiming for a slightly higher age of audience, but I fear general audiences will have seen Percy Jackson first and not bother with Titans because they’ll see it as ‘just another Greek god flick.’ It would be a shame if that happened, since the second trailer for Clash of the Titans makes it look 100x times better.

What do you think of the latest Percy Jackson trailer? Looking forward to this project or does it just look like a Harry Potter wannabe to you? Do you think both this and Clash of the Titans being about the Greek gods will make audiences pick one over the other?

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief hits theaters on February 12th, 2010.

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  1. Although the Percy Jackson book series did come out after Harry Potter, it can’t really be called a complete ‘knock off’ because it deals with an entirely different type of storyline, not even closely resembling HP.

  2. meh this feels like the golden compass its not gonna make any money and it will get no sequels.It just dosent look that well made, the potter films all look superb from the opening scene to the last one.

  3. ^The Golden Compass doesn’t/isn’t really going to make sense unless you’ve read all the books, even then I still did get it.

    It seems they’re already mixing things up from the books. I can understand why they don’t have him as his age in the book, but some of the other stuff added in and changed has me worried.

  4. It’s been so long since I listened to the first book that whatever changes they’ve made probably won’t negatively affect my enjoyment.

  5. well the first 3 HP movies were good.. 4th was ok. 2 last sucked.. and this guy is the director of those 3 first films. so the odds of this turning out to be a good movie is on the bright side:) and i do believe this will be a good entertaining movie:D

  6. I think this movie actually looks pretty good and I’m looking forward to seeing it.It reminds me nothing of Harry Potter.

  7. Let me guess; the lightning thief is the son of Apollo. :-)

  8. ^Percy, the main character is the son of the sea God, Poseidon.

  9. @John “Kahless” Taylor

    Nope! :)

  10. Percy Jackson is gonna be great. I cannot wait. And for everyone who thinks it is a ‘knock off’ of HP, well didn’t HP get lots of its ideas from other books like The Chronicals of Narnia.

  11. Looks like a good film, but it has changed the book too much and brought in others from what i can tell on the trailer. not sure if they will be able to do a sequel or not unless they make it a three part series and bung some books in together… :S looks nothin like harry potter tho… effects look very cool :) defo goin to watch it

  12. I’m going to watch Percy Jackson for a fun take on Greek Gods, and Clash of the Titans for some KICK ASS action with Greek Gods, lol.

  13. I kind of liked this series over Harry Potter. First off it’s Greek mythology. Maybe it will inspire the kids to get into that. What’s Harry Potter going to inspire them to get into wicca?

    Secondly it’s set in the U.S.

    and third it has a more modern feel to it than Potter. Potter was supposed to be in modern times but it always felt like it was further in the past. It always had that stuffy British period piece feel.

  14. ^ I thought Potter took place in the past. To my understanding the look ahead at the end of the last book is actual present time and the rest of the book took place in the late 80s to the early 90s?

  15. I haven’t read the books, but this seems pretty cool. I really liked Uma Thurman at the end as Medusa, that was a nice touch.

  16. @Hikaru – Potter took place in the 90s. IIRC, the time frame is 1991-1997; I think I read that somewhere in a Rowling interview or either on her website.

  17. That’s what I heard 91 to 97. But there’s no mention of computers and only a small mention of a phone and one magic enhanced car. It reads like something from much earlier.

  18. @Thandrale – Yeah, but I guess that’s because there’s no need for such technology in their world. I think there is mention of computers/video games in the Dursley household though.

  19. For all of you who say that it looks good, have you read the book? The reason Harry Potter was so great was because it stuck to the original material, I can tell by the trailer and cast list that this won’t even be close to the Lightning Thief book. It irks me off.

  20. @RickRocks – I’ve read the book but it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten many of the particulars; whatever deviations they make from the book won’t bother me.

  21. The books were awsome I hope, its close to the same thing in the books. Any way already brought tickets !!

    Thanx Screen Rant

  22. WOAH WOAH WOAH HEY. heeeeeyy.

    Not until the 5th movie.


  23. I read the Percy Jackson books and it some what resembles HP but the Big one who saves or Destroys Olympus could be many people the one who does it is a real twist at the end of book 5 (list of possibilities)Nico or Bianca Deangilo Son and Daughter of hades.Percy Jackson or Tyson sons of Posiden.or Thalia Grace Daughter of Zeus.

  24. Duuuude, I so so love Logan Lerman. SO cute. And perfect for the role of Percy. I can’t wait to watch this movie! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope they don’t screw it up.

  25. the accual lightning theif is luke (if you know who he is and if u dont well….nevermind, then)

    • dude. lyke and percy are sooooooooooo hawt. especially luke. i <333333333 luke!! idc if hes evil or watevr.

  26. looking forward to this one to being a solid entertainment value, whatever that means :) Books are great, and movie changes acknowledged, it should still turn out to be a fun 2 hours of action and fantasy

  27. looking forward to this one to being a solid entertainment value, whatever that means :) Books are great, and movie changes acknowledged, it should still turn out to be a fun 2 hours of action and fantasy