‘Peanuts’ Animated Movie Being Developed By Fox & Charles Schulz’s Son

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peanuts animated film Peanuts Animated Movie Being Developed By Fox & Charles Schulzs Son

The late Charles Schultz’ beloved Peanuts gallery will be returning to theaters in three years, to mark the 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and the rest of the gang’s debut on the small screen with the TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas (as well as the original comic strip’s 65th anniversary).

However, before anyone panics, it ought to be mentioned that the new Peanuts movie will also be the fifth animated feature-length adaptation of Schultz’ work to date. That is to say, this won’t be a live-action/CGI hybrid take on the newspaper cartoon property (a la Garfield, Smurfs and Marmaduke) nor a computer-animated one; for the time being, it appears the Peanuts crew is coming back to theaters in classic hand-drawn form.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release for the new Peanuts project:

Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (ICON) announced today that Peanuts Worldwide, a joint venture with Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, will release a Peanuts feature film worldwide in 2015. The film is based on creator, Charles Schulz’s, iconic comic strip. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang are among the most recognized characters in the world.

The as yet untitled animated event will be released on November 25, 2015. 2015 will mark the 65th anniversary of the debut of the “Peanuts” comic strip and the 50th anniversary of the landmark television special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The Peanuts screenplay has been written and will be produced by Craig Schulz, son of Charles Schulz along with his own son, Bryan Schulz and Cornelius Uliano. Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios have been chosen by the Schulz family to distribute, produce and animate the new Peanuts movie. Steve Martino will direct; previously, he brought to the big screen (with Jimmy Hayward) Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! Martino also directed (with Michael Thurmeier) Fox’s recent box-office smash Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Linus in Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Peanuts Animated Movie Being Developed By Fox & Charles Schulzs Son

There’s a virtual treasure trove of animated Peanuts television specials and made-for-TV movies that older generations grew up on, which also holds true for certain (though, fewer) younger people. It stands to reason that, with Schulz’ own son and grandson so involved in the creative process, the new film will (at least) serve as a respectful salute to those features made during his lifetime (less so, the shameless commercialization of the Peanuts brand over the years). At least we won’t have to endure a 3D-animated Snoopy and Woodstock dropping pop-culture references and performing renditions of the latest hit singles (or did that already happen)? Moving on…

Peanuts, as mentioned before, hits theaters on November 25th, 2015.


Source: Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

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  1. Thank God! No CGI or 3D for the peanuts gang. Just straight animation.

    • Yes fantastic news ill be seeing this.

    • I would be totally for 3-D. When I was a kid we had these things call Viewmasters that you looked into like binoculars and they had these thin “wheels” with slides. You could buy slides of all sorts, national parks, cartoons, superhero stuff, on and on (Google it). The peanuts were stories in 3-D and they were really cool. Otherwise I’m a huge fan of Charles Schulz’s and greatly admire his cartooning, which honestly can’t be captured even in 2-D animation. But I still enjoyed all the Peanuts specials of course.

    • +1! ~ Stark

  2. “Good grief.” or “I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand it!” – I’ll be saying one of those timeless Charlie Brown catch phrases if a studio executive or some other blockhead decides that this film needs computer graphics, human actors, or 3D animation.

    • Andy Serkis as Snoopy!

      “Good grief!”


  3. What this really needs is to be in CGI 3D. Have Frankie Muniz play Charlie Brown and Lyndsay Lohan play Peppermint Patti!


    This has to be hand draw cel animation all the way. Painted cels if possible, but they are all computer coloured nowadays. But hand drawn nevertheless. At least have some beautiful hand painted background artwork.

  4. I hope this movie turns out great, cause if not, some Hollywood executive is getting a steel toed boot to the butt.

  5. I could have sworn reading that prior to his death Charles Schultz said his body of work was complete and asked that no new Peanuts cartoons or comics be made. Way to respect his wishes. On that principal alone I will not be seeing this.

    • But then he did have family, sounds like they want another paycheck!

  6. as long as the Schulz still own it and fox is not getting some kind of ownership rights to it.

  7. Why is everyone complaining about CGI and 3D, it would have been better off that way. A CGI peanuts gang getting trapped in another alternate dimension which is live-action going on adventures. It worked for Looney Tunes so why not Peanuts?

    • “Alternate dimension”?

      Did you ever read a Peanuts strip? That has nothing to do with Peanuts at all. Its works for Looney tunes because Looney Tunes exists in a world where that’s the norm since looney Tunes is all about the slapstick, Peanuts is not.

  8. Jimmy, what he said was he did not wish the strip to be continued. There have still been new Peanuts cartoons, and a new Peanuts animated film will generate interest for young people, ensuring that the legacy and love of Peanuts continues on into the future. May the legacy of Charles Schulz never die!

    • “ensuring that the legacy and love of Peanuts continues on into the future.”

      That’s what the books are for.

  9. Classic animation equals beautiful news.

  10. I wonder if they will have the same “bored” voice acting they had in the original or if they will spruce it up a little.

  11. Sounds good to me. My favorite “Peanuts” drawing of all, however, was one I myself drew of Snoopy on a washroom stall once, with the caption, “If you think *I’M* Snoopy, you should see the guy peeking underneath the stall at you!”…..I wonder how many people actually stopped to pause, and looked, just to be sure??

    In the meantime, if it’s “peanuts” you want, just check in my pay envelope!!

  12. #####CAGE MATCH#####:
    Peanuts Gang vs. Little Rascals

    Sure winning combo!

  13. I am not at all opposed to a 3D CGI take. And I see nowhere in the statement that precludes this (not a first for Screenrant).

    Not that it has to be, or that I don’t like 2D. I love comics and cartooning and really don’t care if all of it was never interpreted as animation or film. If it is it needs to be its own thing and have its own reason for existing. In the case of Charles Schulz, his cartooning has been mimicked in animation, but there is no replacing his pen strokes. Also, a huge part of the brilliance of Peanuts is that it was designed for the format of a daily newspaper comic strip. The “stories” were simplified and succinct, digestible in a few panels. There was virtually no perspective. The anatomy is non-existent, instead the heads are enlarged. So, bringing it to TV or movie screens changes everything anyway.

    Also, a lot of the 2D Peanuts movies created styles and plots that went way outside the realm of the newspaper strips. They went for eye candy and cheap laughs just as much as any modern cartoon.

    Finally, anyone who remembers the 3-D Peanuts viewmaster slide reels has experienced Peanuts in 3-D. They looked great (in my memory).

    I read every Peanuts collection I could get my hands on, and saw every cartoon and movie when I was a kid. I’ve even collected several of the Fantagraphics reprints. I would like to see this in 3-D. And arguments for “purity” goes out the window just by making any film adaptation.

    Charles Schulz hated the Christmas Special BTW. Obviously, he must have loved the money marketing brought in. But look at Bill Watterson with Calvin and Hobbes as an example of an attempt at maintaining purity and integrity.

    • I think the Christmas episode is great!

      • I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I love it too, and the Vince Guaraldi music.

  14. Strange how this article mentions the shameless commercialization of the Peanuts franchise. Think about it. The family SOLD rights for others to profit off of their characters, and got a cut of it themselves. The only thing shameless here, is people that pretend this isn’t normal. Hooray for capitalism. Just keep telling yourself that. Yes, and this comment comes from a lifelong fan of the gang.

  15. What evidence did you get of 2D animation? If it’s Blue Sky, then it’s definitely going to be CG.

  16. Thank Neptune the Peanuts movie will be done using hand-drawn animation, & not none of that cash-grabbing CGI garbage.

  17. I want a great Peanuts series spun-off with Snoopy and Lucy.

  18. Me too, They would make a great oddball couple!

  19. What makes you think it’s hand-drawn? Bad journalism to not have a source.

  20. It’s long as Peanuts doesn’t get insanely boring and overrated!

  21. Hey, it worked with A Boy named Charlie Brown, it can work now!

  22. Using the right technique, you can polish a turd, but it still smells like a turd