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paul review Paul Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Paul

Pretty much every negative review for Paul that I’ve read is prefaced with the same thing I’ll say here: I’m a big fan of Shaun of the Dead and I loved Hot Fuzz (I gave it 5 stars). Those films starred the dynamic duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and were directed by Edgar Wright. The director here is Greg Mottola, who directed Superbad (which I also liked). I had hoped that the Pegg, Frost, and Mottola partnership would make for a new and great comedy movie combination aimed directly at fanboy geeks like myself.

Sadly… not so much.

Pegg and Frost play Graeme Wily and Clive Gollings, a couple of British nerd/fanboys who’ve finally realized their dream of visiting America. Not only America, but the pinnacle event of geek culture: The San Diego Comic-Con. Like any good, dedicated Sci-Fi/comic book fan, they roam the main floor gazing longingly at all the expensive toys for sale. Clive is a writer and Graeme an artist and they’ve been working on a graphic novel inspired by the work of their favorite author Adam Shadowchild (Jeffrey Tambor, sadly underutilized in the film). They meet him and gush, ignoring the fact that he’s quite a pompous ass.

After the Con they decide to drive cross country and hit the UFO sights including places like Roswell, New Mexico. They’re reveling in their adventure when they come across a car wreck as it happens – and this is where they meet Paul, the little green alien (voiced by Seth Rogen). They each react to the seemingly street-wise alien who swears like a sailor in different ways. Graeme accepts and takes to Paul quite quickly while Clive is suspicious and aloof despite the fact that he’s always dreamed of meeting an alien.

It’s made clear that Paul has been on Earth for a very long time and the fact that he’s suddenly out and about means that someone is looking for him. This is where we are introduced to Federal Agent Zoil (Jason Bateman) – a no nonsense, by the book, order-taking man in black who is tasked with tracking down Paul no matter what the cost. He reluctantly partners up with a couple of newbie agents (Joe Lo Truglio and Bill Hader), who turn out to be the funniest additions to the whole movie.

paul review1 Paul Review

Paul (Seth Rogen) and Simon Pegg in a scene from 'Paul'

While on the lam our trio runs into Kristin Wigg as Ruth Buggs, a fundamentalist Christian living in a trailer park, and oppressed by her drinking, redneck father. She’s a creationist and “young-Earther,” painted as about as naive and ignorant a person as you’re likely to ever meet. Once she meets Paul, her worldview is completely shattered and she immediately loses her faith. The scene in which it happens is actually pretty funny – she decides that she can now drink, cuss and “fornicate” (that’s a quote). She starts using her newfound permission to spout foul language, but she doesn’t quite have the hang of how to combine the proper words, and it’s funny for the first couple of times she does it (until the joke becomes overused, as the gag is revisited a LOT throughout the film).

The rest of the movie is spent with Ruth, Graeme and Clive trying to get Paul to a rendezvous point where he can be picked up, in order to head back home.

I can tell you that by about 15 minutes into Paul, before Ruth had been introduced, all the film managed to elicit from me were a couple of mild chuckles. Throughout the entire movie I thought there were maybe a half dozen laughs, tops. Paul is kind of a love letter to the sort of folks who are the reason that comic book movies started getting made – the folks who are rabid sci-fi fans and love superheroes. There are a ton of references and nods to films that we know and love (and I mean a TON of references), but overall that’s just one of many things that got old.

Let’s hit the controversy, now, shall we? The inclusion of a heavy anti-religion message feels very out of place, and I think even folks who don’t have “Judeo-Christian beliefs” (quote from the film) will sense that. The supposed humor is wielded like a club – there’s no subtlety like in Monty Python’s Life of Brian or Kevin Smith’s Dogma (two films that poked fun at religion that I enjoyed). Now ruminate on that for a moment – I’m calling a Monty Python film subtle in comparison to this. Some people have stated that in this regard the film is not mean-spirited, and on that I call complete B.S. It could hardly be meaner – including a scene at the very end where there might have been a chance for at least a small bit of grace (yes, that’s an appropriate word for this), but instead it was another slap in the face. Oh, there’s also a cheap shot at the fact police use, like, GUNS here in the U.S.. I wouldn’t mind if it was actually funny – but again, club, over the head.

Additionally, I didn’t understand why those behind the film felt that it needed to be rated R. Paul could have easily been a PG-13 movie – the extreme amount of foul language feels totally superfluous and adds nothing to the film. After a while it gets very old and I started to wonder: is there NO one in this film who knows how to speak a sentence without dropping an f-bomb or other profanity? Again, before you call me out as a priss, see the films I’ve listed above that I enjoyed.

paul review2 Paul Review

Jason Bateman as agent Zoil

So what’s good? Well, being a Sci-Fi geek I did appreciate all the references to beloved films, even if it did get old after a while. Kristen Wigg does a good job with the role she’s given to work with, and I’m always a fan of Jason Bateman’s performance style. The CGI animation for the title character was excellent as well. But for me, the highlight was the two supporting characters played by Lo Truglio and Hader – the former plays it so earnestly goofy and the latter so completely straight that I couldn’t help but smile at the pair whenever they were on screen.

I suppose there’s a very narrow audience who may enjoy Paul, but in my opinion the filmmakers took an idea that could have been extremely funny and tainted it with a ton of foul language that was unnecessary and a heavy anti-religion message that kills most of the potential fun in the film.

Here’s a trailer for Paul:


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Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. Good review Vic. I, like you, like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz but this movie just didn’t look funny in ANY of the trailers to me. Your review confirms me feelings. Thanks for saving me the $10.

    • That is just one person’s opinion. Don’t avoid a movie just because one reviewer didn’t care for it. I’m seeing this regardless.

      • I don’t but it’s been my experience in the past two years that Vic’s view on a movie 9 out of 10 coincides with my own. But thanks for the pep talk. :)

        • Lol yeah. I’m seeing it tonight so I hope I like it. I do love Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, but I’m sure I won’t like it as much as those two.

  2. Sounds pretty good I may see this afterall,,

    • Yea, I’m gonna see this. Bill Hader always makes me laugh. Rogan has worn on me over the years…Pegg and Frost=win.

  3. what about people who DO talk with foul language ever other word. or are anti religeon and understand and enjoy cruel out there and unconventional humor? cause id probably enjoy this..

    • Tank,

      You may very well enjoy it. Not everyone will feel the way I do.


      • I think I’ll like it Vic, it’s always good to see Pegg and Frost on screen, Rogan, I can do without lol.

  4. Wouldn’t it have been funnier if Paul ran into a much riskier religious adversary, like, I don’t know… a jihadist?? Haven’t Christians taken a few too many beatings in Hollywood for this to still be considered funny? (Also LOVE monty python, life of bryan, etc.)

    • Christians have taken a beating in Hollywood?

      • Yes. BIG TIME. It would be POLITICALLY INCORRECT to go after some other faith of coarse.

        I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED to hear this about this film which I have been looking forward to.

        • Barry, what are you smoking?

          Jews and Muslims have been the focus of many jokes and antagonists in many films.

          Give me a break.

        • So its only okay if it doesn’t offend you? You wouldn’t complain if the movie had Paul cracking jokes about muslims.

          also, have you only started watching movies like a month ago? Nonchristians get pissed on more in real life and just as much in entertainment as Christians.

          • I’ve been going to movies most of my 56 years.

            I’m not saying any faith should be attacked.

            The NUMBER 1 target of ridcule in movies as far as believers is GOD in some way or another…is CHRISTIANITY. You don’t recognize this? This leads me to presume that you agree with these assaults on Christianity, so you don’t see it for what it is.

            • It´s not like that. They don´t attack any faith, it´s just supposed to be a funny scene. Just watch it.

            • Barry, you’re blowing this WAY out of proportion. “ATTACKING CHRISTIANITY”? Give me a break. That’s like me saying that American movies were prejudiced and attacked Russians with so many villains in the 80s/90s movies being Russian. I’m Russian but I’m also open minded and see that it’s not really the case. Nor is it the case with Christianity.

    • Not as many beatings as the Christians themselves have given out…HEY-O

      “Blows and wounds cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being.” Proverbs 20:30″

      Are you seriously labeling other religions as more “risky”? Too funny.

      • Seriously, ogb? I’m sorry, which one is it that is CURRENTLY killing and attempting to kill innocent people on both a small and large scale? The one that causes writers and artists to go into hiding over a drawing or novel?


        • Oh, and I do realize it’s a small minority.


        • Vic, I should’ve been more clear. In the context of all history Christians are up there with the worst of the worst. And as far as right now, sure, Muslims take the first place. Having said that, Christians are currently responsible for some of the most heinous crimes like promoting abstinence as the ONLY birth control method in AIDS stricken parts of Africa and molesting children and then protecting these pedophiles.

          • About the whole abstinence issue, I’m sure it’s the only BC method that is 100% effective…

            • foopher,

              When I say they present it as the ONLY method of birth control I mean they openly condemn the use of condoms. Ask the pope.

              • The pope is a narrow minded fool.

                • That is such crap. If you bothered to understand the philosophy behind the Catholic church’s teaching on birth control, you wouldn’t say that. Pope John Paul 2 wrote such revolutionary works on human sexuality, beyond the rather NARROW MINDED secular view of “getting your rocks off” that it would blow your tiny little mind.

                  • Hahaha, but in 2001 the Roman Catholic Church released a paper on the true definition of hell. In the paper, signed off by the Vatican, it depicts hell as being a place or dimension completely devoid of the love or word of GOD. It goes on to say that this would be no different to living in a society without love or respect. Likening the experience of Hell to be swarmed by people looking our for only themselves.
                    No Fire. No Brimstone. No Red Man with a pitch fork.

                    Just Earth. Without God.

                    So L.A?

                    Also, just to further infuriate you and YOUR tiny little mind, The Vatican also released a revised synopsis of the personal account of Jesus “Walking on water” They now openly admit that when translated correctly, the Hebrew or Aramaeic phrase used in this passage actually means……….. “And I witnessed him walking alone BY the water”

                    So next time you want to get religious, give me a yell.
                    Much smarter and considerably better versed than most others.

        • Vic,
          Not to rain on the pparade, but I think you will find that throughout the history of man, more people have been killed/persecuted in the name of GOD than have in the name of any other religious idol.
          The crusades anyone?

          If we are all going to sit and pick at each other about about religion, then the terrorists have already won :P

          • Leithal,

            First, wasn’t the purpose of at least one of the Crusades to drive back Muslims who were going across Europe and basically saying “accept our religion or die”?

            Second, I’m pretty sure that if you total up the death tolls caused by Mao, Stalin and Hitler that it’s, uh, kind of high compared to all the deaths due to religious wars that came before combined. Something like over 40 million people in the 20th century alone vs all of human history that came before. I don’t suppose any of those fellows were murdering the masses in the name of any god.

            Not sure what you mean by “religious idol” vs “God.”


            • Vic to not to add more fuel to the fire, but bad behavior rarely excuses more bad behavior. Just like pointless murder in the name of a religion rarely excuses more pointless murder in the name of religion.

              I don’t he’s making the point that everyone other than Christians is good. I think he’s saying Christians have committed just as many atrocities over the years as anyone else and they are no better than any other religion that has a bloody violent history.

              Also I may be mistaken, but I’m fairly certain Hitler used religion as a crutch for his wars. He was using his religious beliefs to defend his murders. Could be wrong, but I do remember reading that some where and it makes sense given his targets for most of his hatred. Usually racism and things of that sort tend to be connected to highly religious people. Odd how atheists tend to almost never be racist or rarely ever are at least in comparison to others.

  5. Oh totally forgot Seth Rogen is the alien voice.

    I’m out,,, can’t support.

    • lmao

  6. I don´t know man. I really liked that movie. Three tits. Awesome.

  7. Hmmm I saw parts of this movie and did not feel the “anti-religion” humor was out of place it all…it worked well with the story.

    But then again, Vic, I know you’re a religious dude. Not sure why it should be considered a “controversy” when someone makes fun of religion (because there’s A LOT to make fun of).

    Anyway, having seen only parts of the movie I’d say it’s pretty average but I loved simply because Frost and Pegg were in it.

  8. Well, I saw this last month and loved it! Reviews are totally the opinion of the person writing it, I enjoy reading Vic’s reviews but this time I’m gonna say your dead wrong.

    This is a very funny film, well, that’s what I thought. The language didn’t seem out of place to me, and I personally thought introducing a bible basher to an alien was a stroke of genius because it highlights something many religions are not capable of dealing with.

    • Well said.

    • Yes, I figure the target audience for this film is athiests. I hope there are enough to make the film profitable.


      • Athiests as the target audience? I don’t think so. It was skewed more towards sci-fi/comic book geeks…and ppl with an open mind about humor

        • Yeah I agree. LOL this film isn’t targeted to a certain religious group. Like what the heck?

          • Atheists aren’t really a religious as much as a lack thereof.

            • Correct. Atheists by definition are people who live with no connection or affiliation to any religion.

        • I misspoke there. I meant to say athiests will enjoy it. You are correct that the target audience is sci-fi fans/nerds.


  9. sorry about the anti-religion message not being funny to you, but now that you said that there was one, I’ll find this movie even more funny.

  10. To clarify (if i can), I don’t think Vic opposed that the movie made fun of religion. He said he liked Life of Brian and Dogma. It was more the way the film did it by bashing the audience over the head rather than using subtlety to make it funny. Am i right, Vic?

    • Ross,

      Correct. This was blunt force trauma with an obvious side dish of derision. No subtlety, no room for argument – just “if you believe in God, you’re a moron.”


      • Actually Vic, I honestly don’t think that was what they were trying to say. I believe the message was more along the lines of ‘if you are a creationist, you are a moron’

        That’s a sentiment I hope we can all agree on.

        • Why is someone a moron for what they believe?

          • Ink, do you belive in leprechauns? Lol just kidding.

            • You’re proof they exist Sully :) Seriously, it’s a MOVIE, why read into it, just go see it, or not and have fun.

          • Because it Is possible to belief in something that is just wrong. I can categorically state that for example; Scientology is wrong. Or believing in Adam and Eve is wrong.

        • Don’t those sort of go one in the same?

          I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t know what was said.

          With that said, I don’t think are aliens because I think earth was created (yes, CREATED) to be the place of life. I don’t know why there are other planets, and I don’t know why the universe goes on forever. I’m hoping to find out someday :)

          But if there were aliens, that would definitely change many beliefs. I don’t think it would disprove the existence of God, but until little green men come down I’m not gonna worry about it ;) haha

          • I cam tell you why there are other planets. After the big bang (14 billions years ago) stars formed from massive clouds of primordial gas, and when this happened, all the larger chunks of elements (hydrogen/carbon/helium) that were ejected from the stars creation, clumped together because of the immense gravity of something as massive as a star. Over billions of years this elements formed into planets.
            That is also how the Earth (sorry) was formed. The fossil record shows this, we can literally carbon date the planet itself, we know how old it is and how it came to be.

            • Thank you, Sheldon.

  11. Paul looks awesome! I mean the cgi on the picture looks nice. By the way Kristen Wigg is hilarious on snl. I like your review too. I’ll be saving 10$ today.

  12. Huh, reading this review made me wanna see it even more now out of curiosity. The weekly alt new paper I read gave it a good review and I usually disagree with all their reviews.

    • I just wanna see it because I am a fan of Pegg and Frost…simple as that.

  13. Too bad. There are lots of us Christians who aren’t young earthers, but I guess that doesn’t make for good mockable material.

    • +1

      I am a SCI-FI/FANTASY fan. I am a COMIC BOOK/SUPERHERO fan. I am thrilled that more movies in these genres are being made, and made better than they used to be. I am also a CHRISTIAN. I DO NOT apologize for this. I do not believe science and my faith are at odds just because some people say they are.

      • ^^ Agreed ^^

      • Science and Religion are not enemies, they aren’t really even all that. You can’t not believe in Science without not believing in fact.

        • *they aren’t really even all that related, my bad.

          • I can’t not understand what you may or may not, not be maybe saying.

            • Science = Fact, if you don’t believe in science, you don’t believe in fact.

              All clear?

              • Science is NOT fact. It’s conclusions drawn from observations that could change over time. There are things we know, but it’s a fraction compared to the things we don’t. It’s why the THEORY of relativity or evolution are still just theories.

                • I win more bets from people who tell me evolution is a fact when it’s actually a theory. I have a son going to med school and I have to get my money somewhere.

                  • Yeah it’s Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution. But it’s a theory backed up by hundreds of millions of years of fossil records, so I think we can safely say Evolution is real.

                    • Ummm, ya…no. That’s not how REAL science works. Only science with an agenda works like that. Are you some kind of flat earther or something?

                    • Hey Dr. Sam Beckett, I’ll bet you one hundred dollars evolution isn’t considered a fact despite the millions of years of fossil records. I’m not betting if it’s real, only if it’s a fact or theory.

                  • You are taking money under false pretenses. Is gravity a fact or a theory? It’s a fact but we had Newton’s theory of gravity and Einstein’s theory of gravity (general relativity). Similarly, evolution is a fact explained by Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

      • Do you like Hugh Ross Barry? He’s my hero.

        • Not familiar with him. Fill me in. 8^)

            • Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. 8^)

  14. I watched this film here in England and the whole audience were mostly laughing. It had some very strong laughs in my eyes. It’s working with the sci-fi genre was clever, but a bit blatant. I agree that they did overdo ALOT of things including religion beating. And as for the swearing, wasn’t like 90% of it from Paul and Kristin Wigg’s character, in which cursing was a large part of their character concepts. It did miss some Edgar Wright magic. Yes, it fell short of a Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but a 2 star, really? Personally, I would say a 3. But as for the US Cops with guns gag, i wouldn’t say it was cheap. If anything it equally took the pee out of the brits. It was also where a bit of Edgar Wright post-modernist humour came in.

  15. Anti religion and foul language + Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Jason Bateman… I soooo wanna see this movie!

  16. I don’t understand why Christains regaurd alien life as mainly science fiction or worst case blasphemy?

    Objectivly speeking, there’s more then one reference to what could be considered aliens or space craft in the bible.

    • Not sure why it’s so hard to understand the Christians’ point of view…it’s not based on facts, science or evidence so whatever someone with “credibility” or notoriety in the faith says, goes.

      On a related note, a couple of months ago scientists discovered another 54 planets in the goldielocks zones (habitable) of nearby galaxies/stars. Pretty exciting.

    • It’s not just Christians though, the existence of extraterrestrial life throws a massive spanner in the of most religious beliefs.

      • Abso-freaking-lutely Sam.

        Hence some of us don’t take kindly to god’s many fan clubs. Nothing against the concept of god, as silly as it is, and people having faith but organized religion is and always will be scary to me.

        • How is it that old saying goes? “Religion was what people uses to explain things before they had science to tell them the truth”
          Belief in a deity is old as man kind itself. But it is something will change eventually.
          There is nothing wrong with having faith, I have faith, just not faith in a sky fairy.
          I would never presume to tell people what they believe in is wrong, that’s hardly my place, but I know what I believe in. Facts. Evidence. Proof.

          • Yes, facts, evidence, proof. Of aliens.

            You guys are starting to piss me off but I’m going to refrain from responding further.


            • I never said there was proof of aliens. I meant that I can only believe in something that there is evidence for.

              And Vic, I do not mean to offend your beliefs at all as I said in an earlier post, but you must have known that by picking on this aspect so much I’m your review that a debate such as this was bound to erupt.

            • Why are you getting pissed of? This is why I hate talking to religious people. Nobody said anything extremely offensive to you personally and yet you’re taking it to heart. No one said there’s proof of aliens but science is getting closer everyday to proving that there is alien life (signs that there was water on mars and moon, planets in other galaxies within habitable distances of their stars, etc.) That’s why I love science, there’s constant thirst for knowledge, facts and evidence.

              Is anyone trying to prove the bible to be true? Has anyone provided evidence of Noah’s arc being real? No. You’re supposed to just believe and have faith. Not good enough.

              • ogb,

                I’m not a “deep faith” person – but for most people who believe in God it’s a core belief, it defines them. So to say it’s “silly” or some “fairy in the sky” is offensive, even if you don’t think it is.

                I’m not going to get into a philosophical debate here. There are good people and jerk-offs on both sides of the fence – I’ve seen it often enough online and in the “real world.” The thing that really gets under my skin from your side is condescension, which I despise.



                • Okay, so you’re saying the concept of a man sitting in the clouds and creating THE WORLD in 7 days is not silly. Sorry, but if you want me to refrain from labeling it so, then tell me how the whole concept of god, hell, heaven is not silly?

                  • ogb,

                    Yes, the third grader pop-up version is silly.

                    Best regards,


          • Faith is belief without requiring evidence. Faith in facts is an oxymoron.

            And there’s also something a bit more than a little contradictory when saying you would never presume to tell people what they believe in is wrong, and preface it with a line including the derisive “sky fairy” remark. Really? You meant to say that in the non-judgmental way everyone associates that remark with faith in God?

            • “Faith in facts is an oxymoron.”

              You’re splitting hairs. He said “I have faith, just not faith in a sky fairy”. He could have been equating the word “faith” with “beliefs”. We all have beliefs because not all beliefs are religious beliefs. Is it a fact that the sun will rise tomorrow or is it something we believe will happen because it always has? Nowadays we have a scientific explanation for this “fact” but it used to be just a matter of faith.

          • I, like you, would not say whether or not someone’s beliefs are right or wrong. But as far as proof goes, the Bible has yet to be proven wrong in any way. But then again, life on other planets has never been proven wrong.

            I know there is alot of disagreeing in this area, and I don’t think that is a very “Christian” way of handling the situation. (BTW, I am not bashing anyone’s particular statement)

            Disagreeing and arguing just causes people to get upset with each other instead of having a sensible conversation involving points from all parties. It may be cliché, but can’t we all just get along? (I know the answer is no) :)

    • I’m Christian and I could care less whether someone bashes my religion. I love the thought of alien life.

      • I’ve been a HUGE Sci-Fi fan my entire life – Sci-Fi films and TV are why I originally started this site.


    • For all those who say they want to see it more now that Vic said it took a ham fisted aporoach to anti-religion… your increasing the smug pollution levels.

      Seriously. We don’t care if you are pro/anti religion.

      • So someone is now smug because they state their opinion of why they want to see a film? Okay dude….

        • Well, when they state it smugly, then yes.

    • SOME Christians feel that way. Not all by a loooooooong shot.

  17. Yeah its funny DSB, how it must be when Muslems die and there’s no virgins waiting.

    I mean come on isn’t that just the most redicules gift from a diety?

    I haven’t personally met any aliens, but with everything I’ve researched and just common sense tells me that were prob not the bithchenest creatures in space.

    • I’m sorry, have you read the Koran? I’m an Atheist, but I have read it. And I can tell you, with absolute certainty, the 72 virgins thing isn’t that big. It’s just part of the description for heaven. If heaven was real, I’d imagine it would have a ton of sex, because sex is kind of awesome.

  18. Its not at all hard to understand why evidence of alien life is surpressed.

    It would upset the balance of power on this planet. So for now, aliens are just bs and your a fool if you think otherwise.

    Speaking of evidence Vic the only evidence of Christ is the legacy he left behind for others to exploit.

    Imo,,, not that I disagree with Christs principals, I don’t, but I have done heavy research on life after death and its not such a heavy dogmatic experience. And it is humorous reading about near death experiences of Muslems. They all most all come back furious that there afterlife is just like anyone else.

    • 790 did you read the recent study about the alien bacteria? Hopefully NASA are going to release the findings officially soon.

    • This is a movie site.

      I don’t care if you have a beef with God (or what you perceive to be a lack there of)

    • GK333, VERY well said man :)

  19. DSB,,, (imo)
    Yeah trouble is nasa has covered up the existance of alien life since the beginning… I like to call them a false front western town. There just a show, move along. Were still looking for aliens, well get back to ya!

    You have to read all you can on the subject and form your own beliefs.

    I guess most people won’t believe it til they see some news report on tv.

    • Yeah… like doubting Thomas’s…

    • There are no aliens on Earth, or in this galaxy, or in the galaxies closest to us. There probably are other beings, somewhere, but not here.

      • How do you know that? There are billions of stars in the Milky Way, the chances of intelligent extraterestrial life in our galazy is slim but possible, however the chances of microbial life or single celled organisms is pretty damned likely.
        Any scientist will tell you that. There are probably tens of billions of planets around the billions of stars in our galaxy, to claim there is no chance of life on any of them, is the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.
        To think we are the only intelligent life in this phenomonally massive universe, is incredibly naive.

        • Bravo DSB, well put. Words, keep that head in the sand please :)

          • This is an ad hominem.

        • I said the galaxy, no the Universe.
          And I was under the impression we were discussing intelligent life.

        • With out getting in to this to much on a movie site gonna have to strongly disagree with you there DSB .

  20. @Words,,, (imo)
    There’s really no need for sex in “heaven” your mostly a spiritual being. You came “here” to experience sex. Sex is a physical thing, your in a physical body.

    Think of your body as a first person shooter like in a video game. Your soul is running your body it just agrees to forget that when it comes down here. Just like it gets boring if you always play the game in god mode.
    Getting deep today. Lol,,, :)

  21. Seems like a lot of Ye pivot on the edge of good and evil. Ye hear my words Lest NOT judge ANYTHING nor ANYONE but Ye judge NON-STOP EVERYTHING. Ye kill, Ye lie, Ye covet, Ye steal. Ye NOT MEEK, Ye NOT INHERIT ANYTHING!!!! lmao. -Hippocrates

    -I saw this movie and I agree with Vic except on how the trailer wasn’t funny. “Spaceman Balls” that’s funny as hell. I found the movie was disappointing and felt most of it went nowhere. Thanks for the review Vic. Thanks for all the judgmental bigotry Christians.

    • Go troll another site, please.

  22. @Words you don’t have any “proof” that aliens don’t exsist on other planets in our solar system.

    Just because a group of government, for example says that life could never exsist on Venus because the surface tempature is 5000 degrees.
    Alien life is just that, what looks like a hostile planet could be home to race of dimensional beings that don’t even need physical bodies that we know of to survive. And do we really know what its like on the surface of Venus? Hello?

    You guys waiting around for nasa to spill the beans. Lol,,,Nasa’s had the data that water existed on the moon and mars years before they came out and publicaly stated it.

    Think about it.

    • You don’t have any proof they do.
      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Saying there are no aliens around us = not extraordinary. Saying the monolith is real and lives on Jupiter, and the government is covering up its existence = extraordinary.

    • One more thing, if we don’t know what the surface of Venus looks like, HOW DOES NASA?

  23. Are we having fun, yet?



    • Always Vic!

      Meow mix meow mix :).

      • You keep eating that stuff you’re gonna turn into a…wait, Vic wont allow me to say the P-word here Sully!.

        • Eating something else will do that Ants, if the phrase “you are what you eat is true” lol.

          • Well, that is true, now i can’t say anything We’ve already gone too far LOL

    • Vic, did you anticipate this kinda contoversial response from a REVIEW lol.

      • Yup.


  24. @Words, nasa lies,,,
    at least that’s my belief system.

    Sure some of the obvious stuff like Mars is red and the Moon is locked in a tidal orbit I accept. But when it comes to aliens and anything that would scare the public (meteor strike) there gonna cover it up.

    Why would I trust this organisation?
    I don’t. Saall I’m saying. Now its beer o clock everyone!!!

    • Why don’t you trust it? Why would NASA even lie about aliens?

  25. I enjoyed it more than Vic overall, but agree with just about everything he said. I thought the anti-Christian or anti-God stuff was pretty mean spirited, not particularly funny or clever, and sort of gratuitous.

    Not a bad movie, just not up to the standard of their past efforts.

  26. Why would NASA lie?
    Because they work for the government.

    Simple as I can put it.

    • I don’t really like the government all that much either, but I can’t really think of a good reason for the government to want it kept quiet.

  27. @Words, note that Paul is being hunted down in this film by a government agent. ^
    Here’s a few reasons ufos and aliens are top secret. (Imo)
    If mainstream society learned that they were not alone the immediate effects would rock the religious groups. People would lose faith in their belief systems. Especally the muslim world. The abilty to control these groups would collapes.

    If an alien race came down and provided free energy, health cures and knowledge that we are part of a global family. Governments accross the world would be come irrellavant overnight.

    Our entire past culture would seem primative as would our leaders. Wars would end, hunger would end and governmental control would end.

    So you can see why they would cover alien life up, and shoot at the ones that try and rock the boat.

    • I guess this is a pretty decent reason, but this would be among the first things an organization like WikiLeaks got a hold of. There is a bit of a problem in that I doubt a thing like the monolith or any alien that could manage to travel to Earth would be able to be held down by any humans. Most aliens would probably be radically different from us, like, I don’t smoke or music or pure time or something, and they don’t really seem like the kind of things that could be held down.
      I kind of doubt religion would take a big hit honestly, creationism used to be a dogma, but evolution threw that out the window and I’d imagine the same thing would happen with the idea that we god’s only beings.

      • discussions like this make me think it would be pretty cool if ScreenRant got a forum.

    • Here’s a simpler reason. They have this alien tech that they don’t want other countries to know they have. At least not until they figure out how to use it. Other countries might panic and try a preemptive strike if they thought we were going to use this tech to take over the world.

      Or two: The aliens aren’t aliens but time travelers and letting the world know that would change the time line drastically.

  28. @Words, What if the aliens aren’t held down and want to remain secret because they live underground?

    Wikileaks. Imo, is nothing more then a cia op to provide disinformation and instabilty to the web. It will ultimatly lead to internet restrictions and control of whistle blowers accros the world. There was a time when whistle blowers were protected now they are considerd enemies of the state. Just another exapmle of why youl never get the truth about aliens from nasa or Cnn.

    The truth is the enemy of the state.


    • I think it’s pretty funny we managed to get so much discussion out of a movie with Seth Rogen as a leading man.