Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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The Amazing Spider Man Rhino Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Despite the seemingly rushed nature of Sony Pictures’ reboot of the Spider-Man franchise after dropping Sam Raimi’s problematic Spider-Man 4, The Amazing Spider-Man – despite its flaws – successfully reintroduced Peter Parker in large part due to its roster of talent onscreen. For The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marc Webb looks to keep that magic flowing with inspired casting that already includes Jamie Foxx as the villainous Electro, Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) as Mary Jane and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) as Harry Osborn.

Today we’ve learned that Sony is looking to bolster the cast led by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone even more by adding Paul Giamatti and Felicity Jones.

The scoop comes from THR who have it on good authority that Oscar-nominated Paul Giamatti is in negotiations to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villainous Rhino, while Brit actress Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is also in talks for another, unknown role. Could she play one-time love interests Betty Brant or Liz Allan, or is Webb pulling out all the stops and introducing Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat?

Felicity Jones Like Crazy 570x278 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Felicity Jones in Like Crazy

The report confirms Sony’s attempt at distancing itself from the Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man films by taking advantage of a different set of villains. Both Electro and Rhino were mentioned among fan wishlists for inclusion in Raimi’s ill-fated Spider-Man 4 and will finally get their chance in the Marc Webb universe.

Every character Giamatti touches is gold and to see him play the physically-dominant Rhino will be something unique for the superhero genre, especially given the track record of the franchise to successfully adapt the more “out there” characters like Sandman and The Lizard. So, expect to see a super-powered and gigantic Rhino on screen battling Spider-Man.

Paul Giamatti Shoot Em Up 570x278 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Paul Giamatti in Shoot ‘Em Up

In Marvel Comics, Rhino (real name: Aleksei Sytsevich) was a member of the Russian mafia who, after undergoing a lengthy process genetic manipulation with chemicals and radiation, was given his superhuman abilities, but unfortunately no superhuman level of intelligence. His powers are further enhanced by a suit he wears on top of his thick armored skin.

As our own Kofi Outlaw brought up in chatting with Marc Webb last summer, it looks as if the end credits sequence of The Amazing Spider-Man and the plans for the sequel could be leading to the formation of the Sinister Six (read Webb’s curious response here), where multiple Spidey villains (The Lizard, Electro and Rhino included in various incarnations) form together. Such a large-scale threat certainly boosts the blockbuster appeal of the franchise in a post-Avengers genre.

[Update: I made this. 9-foot Paul Giamatti running headfirst into walls. Think about it.]

Paul Giamatti as Rhino 570x356 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

For fans of The Amazing Spider-Man video game, I met with the producers behind it who spent many hours working with Sony to ensure the game fits within the plans for the film universe where Oscorp and their biological experimentation were the central point for all of the super-powered characters we know from years of Marvel Comics. Rhino (pictured up top) was re-imagined for the game.

Fun fact: The Oscorp tower from The Amazing Spider-Man almost made its way into The Avengers but digital effects on the New York skyline were already near completion.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014.


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Source: THR

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  1. Man what huge news to me, Giamatti is the boss he rocks in every movie, I will admit I am a little worried about how he will fit into the role because he is a midget to me and rhino is well… Rhino but then I remembered he’s Paul Giamatti, an actor who is basically god in every movie to me and they can use a ton of effects like what they did with Bruce Banner in the avengers to make him look like the hulk. As for felicity jones the first character I thought of when I saw her was Betty and I always liked her a lots think Liz Allen would be hilarious I always liked Liz and she’s never been in a spider-man movie before so I’d like to see her, I always liked Betty a lot to I liked the relationship she and Peter had I found it so entertaining to read I couldn’t put it the comic down and they never really used her that much in the original movies, if it’s Black Cat I guess it’s fine but I think I’d prefer Betty just because I’m more familiar wit the character and I like her more but hey either way I’m just sitting hear right now imagining a movie with Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones and I’m thinking why the hell did Peter always say his luck was the following… all bad?!?! Lol

  2. This movie is shaping up to be even better than I imagined. Sony seems to know what’s up, and is handling Spider Man honorably (unlike Fox with X-Men).

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about, X-Men First Class was handled well and turned out great, and a lot of people and critics seem to agree (Rotten Tomatoes Critics Scored it at 87 %).

      • Yeah I dont get how so many people hate on the xmen movies. except for X3 and Xmen origins, those were crap. the others were extremely good though.

  3. I would have hoped that he would be eying another character. If they really wanted to cast The Rhino, then Predators ‘ Oleg Taktarov would be the better choice. Sorry, folks. That’s the way I see it.

    Now who could Giamatti be?

    Now wer’e talkin’!

    • the ultimate spiderman line of comics featured a robotic rhino with a pilot. that may be the interpretation

      • @mistermastermind thats what I was thinking, have you played ultimate spiderman on the ps2 xbox? the version of rhino in that game was this huge super cool mech suit. if they do it like that it could be pretty sick.

        • yup, i did play that game. i thought R.H.I.N.O. was awesome

    • Im sorry but i diagree, i think a better way to cross Spidey into the Avengers sequel would be to use Norman Osborn. Think about it, Osborn and Stark are the two scientific geniuses of the Marvel universe. Have some sort of feud between Stark Industries and Oscorp that leads to the incident that creates the Green Goblin. I want to stay away from the Ultimate version of the Goblin because he seems less coherent that way, more of a Hulk type thing were Osborn has to smash everything. I would like to see the black suit introduced but they’d have to do it properly, look at how Raimi’s take on the suit turned out. I would prefer Spiderman doesnt become another cinematic mess again. As for the Rhino, im not too thrilled but if Webb can pull it off and please the audience at the same time, then kudos to you Webb.

  4. Sony will rush this movie just to keep the rights from going back to where it belongs

  5. Be cool if it was a cameo opening fight scene much like Scarecrow in TDK.

  6. I can somehow picture Giamatti’s character going to Osborn to get bigger and stronger for whatever reason, turns into Rhino then Electro gets hurt and gains his powers during a Rhino/Spiderman fight and blames Spidey for his accident.

  7. YES! Rhino!! I’m hoping for a Sinister Six in the future!!

    • I agree man sinister six would ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It would be cool to find out that Rajit Ratha from the 1st ASM is actually Chameleon. Then we will be another step closer toward fulfilling the Sinister Six.

    The Lizard

    Next two could be Morbius and Shocker.

    There’s no sign of JJJ yet so that would mean no chance for Scorpion.

    • Thats another thing if Jones is playing Betty Brant then i think there is a better chance of J.J

  9. I’ve been wanting Rhino for quite some time in a Spidey movie and thrilled at that alone. Add in Giamatti and we’re talking huge!

  10. If they do use Black Cat, how cool would it be to tie it into captain America as in the spectacular Spider-Man series…

  11. Already better than the other Sam Raimi movies and a Peter Parker that actually looks like Peter Parker from the comics and cartoons!

  12. Can we get Kraven, please? He would fit in perfectly…and could be realistically done as a famous hunter looking to take down Spider-Man.

    • yes! Kraven would hunt spidey in the city. Spidey will be forced to use stealth measures to stop Kraven!

  13. I think this is doing great justice to the character, and i can see them going for an avengers-esque lead up to thr sinister six…if they brign them all in the upcoming second movie itll feel too rushed so i hope they span it out

  14. I hope they go with the explaination of Rhino’s origin the way they did in the T.V. show The Spectacular Spiderman. It could also set up the idea of someone behind the scenes manipulating the way things go down. Either way AWESOME news!

  15. I hope they do great job for the next sequel. I love The Amazing Spider-man, they got drama, and a little bit touch of comedy and it just make the movie greater than the original ones.

  16. I can’t see Giamatti being a very great Rhino. I don’t think he even has the voice. Jason Statham for Shocker though!

    • oooh! I just got chills man! jason statham as ANY super hero villain would be freaking awesome!!

  17. Butterbean for Kingpin

  18. It’ll be cool to see Rhino on screen.

  19. So….
    1- The Lizard
    2- Electro and Rhino
    3- Scorpion and Green Goblin
    4- Mysterio and Vulture
    5. Venom and Carnage

    That would be great!

    I didnt think wed get two villains for the sequel although I suspected Green Goblin as well.

  20. Holy crap electro, rhino man wow!!

  21. isnt the rhino suppose to be like 6’5, and giamatti is like 5’5. Dont really see him being a good rhino

  22. For those of you have not been paying attention to movie rights, heres a little layout:
    Can happen:
    Green Goblin, Scorpian, Vulture(for some reason I see him being norman osborn this time…..), Shocker, Mysterio, Kraven, Mysterio
    What cant happen due to studio rights:
    Kingpin(is attached to Daredevil, and now marvel studios), Morbius(attached to Blade, cause they are archfoes), and a number others.

    also Venom and Carnage were originaly AlIENS, not clones….. but it does look like they might be going to alternate cloning timeline in this one, rather than the secret wars or a meteor strike

  23. I never liked Rhino really, Give me Scorpion,Hydro-Man or Mark Hamill as the Hobgoblin.

  24. I like how some people are ignoring the fact that this universe is built on genetically altered beings. Do you really believe they’re going to have Giamatti in his normal form just running around in a Rhino costume?

    • That would be hilarious. (I imagined Giamatti in Rhino footie PJs) :)

      • LMFAO professor!!!

    • Right.

    • @ ACW 007

      With a voice like Giamatti’s got, i could see him as Scorpion over a big lug like Rhino. Since Scorpion has a temper & Giamatti would be good of showing tantrums towards spidey. That’s just me.

  25. I am not quite sure Giamatti, though a brilliant actor, is physically right to play Rhino…

  26. So… they just want a villain who’s not even smart so they don’t have to write real dialogue or have any real motivation for rhino…. yep, hollywood is full of retards.

    • Seriously…they wouldn’t pay the cash for an Oscar-nominated actor and not let him speak or develop an interesting character. It’s not like they cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze or some other ridiculousness like that. If they said, Steve Austin, John Cena, or Vin Diesel is cast as the Rhino…then your complaint would be valid.

      • i can agree, i guess, because they did the exact opposite with bane in TDKR by making not retarded, but completely eloquent.

        • TDKR’s Bane was based off of the original comic version, in which he was a tactician and educated. :)

          • ^ This. But comics Bane didn’t want to blow up Gotham, he wanted to rule Gotham. Bane is a very intelligent and powerful man

      • the superhero movies that I love the most have super legit villains. A great villain can really add to a movie.

      • Can’t really blame Arnold, really it’s the writers who write the script. Not the actor’s fault if the film is a hit or a dud.

  27. I know that it’s not top of everyone’s priorities or concerns with the next movie but for those of you who don’t know her, Felicity Jones, is a gorgeous and welcome addition to the cast list – assuming that it’s for real. We Brits (don’t throw the tomatoes) are already very familiar with her ever-growing body of work. If you haven’t caught her in anything yet, I highly recommend that you do.

    PS – Love Giamatti, he can turn his hand to just about anything, but the Rhino – we’ll see.

  28. Rhino? I’m not sure where they’re going with this. If Electro is the primary villain, I’m assuming Rhino will be more of the secondary lackey who’s around for muscle. But then, a more seasoned Spidey would never have much of a problem taking down Rhino, so the physical aspect doesn’t impress me. But if they make Rhino some kind of genius… that kinda defeats the purpose of the character.

    If they want a nice, layered secondary victim who doesn’t always get his ass easily kicked by Spidey, I’d be more interested in Kraven or Vulture.