Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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The Amazing Spider Man Rhino Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Despite the seemingly rushed nature of Sony Pictures’ reboot of the Spider-Man franchise after dropping Sam Raimi’s problematic Spider-Man 4, The Amazing Spider-Man – despite its flaws – successfully reintroduced Peter Parker in large part due to its roster of talent onscreen. For The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marc Webb looks to keep that magic flowing with inspired casting that already includes Jamie Foxx as the villainous Electro, Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) as Mary Jane and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) as Harry Osborn.

Today we’ve learned that Sony is looking to bolster the cast led by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone even more by adding Paul Giamatti and Felicity Jones.

The scoop comes from THR who have it on good authority that Oscar-nominated Paul Giamatti is in negotiations to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villainous Rhino, while Brit actress Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is also in talks for another, unknown role. Could she play one-time love interests Betty Brant or Liz Allan, or is Webb pulling out all the stops and introducing Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat?

Felicity Jones Like Crazy 570x278 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Felicity Jones in Like Crazy

The report confirms Sony’s attempt at distancing itself from the Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man films by taking advantage of a different set of villains. Both Electro and Rhino were mentioned among fan wishlists for inclusion in Raimi’s ill-fated Spider-Man 4 and will finally get their chance in the Marc Webb universe.

Every character Giamatti touches is gold and to see him play the physically-dominant Rhino will be something unique for the superhero genre, especially given the track record of the franchise to successfully adapt the more “out there” characters like Sandman and The Lizard. So, expect to see a super-powered and gigantic Rhino on screen battling Spider-Man.

Paul Giamatti Shoot Em Up 570x278 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

Paul Giamatti in Shoot ‘Em Up

In Marvel Comics, Rhino (real name: Aleksei Sytsevich) was a member of the Russian mafia who, after undergoing a lengthy process genetic manipulation with chemicals and radiation, was given his superhuman abilities, but unfortunately no superhuman level of intelligence. His powers are further enhanced by a suit he wears on top of his thick armored skin.

As our own Kofi Outlaw brought up in chatting with Marc Webb last summer, it looks as if the end credits sequence of The Amazing Spider-Man and the plans for the sequel could be leading to the formation of the Sinister Six (read Webb’s curious response here), where multiple Spidey villains (The Lizard, Electro and Rhino included in various incarnations) form together. Such a large-scale threat certainly boosts the blockbuster appeal of the franchise in a post-Avengers genre.

[Update: I made this. 9-foot Paul Giamatti running headfirst into walls. Think about it.]

Paul Giamatti as Rhino 570x356 Paul Giamatti To Play Rhino in The Amazing Spider Man 2

For fans of The Amazing Spider-Man video game, I met with the producers behind it who spent many hours working with Sony to ensure the game fits within the plans for the film universe where Oscorp and their biological experimentation were the central point for all of the super-powered characters we know from years of Marvel Comics. Rhino (pictured up top) was re-imagined for the game.

Fun fact: The Oscorp tower from The Amazing Spider-Man almost made its way into The Avengers but digital effects on the New York skyline were already near completion.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014.


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Source: THR

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  1. Sweet. It’s too bad we will never see carnage on the big screen though.

  2. Setup for sinister six??

    • to soon for that… maybe they could just introduce the characters now for that story line

    • Definitely. Check out the link I added to Kofi’s interview with Marc Webb on that.

  3. I’m still waiting to hear news of who the “brains” of this operation of is. Don’t get me wrong electro and rhino have cool powers but as for backstories and interesting characters they don’t really have either(ok maybe a little with electro). Hopefully we get some teasing of Norman Osborn pulling the strings in AMS2. Also I’m going to predict that Felicity Jones will be playing Felicia Hardy so eventually we get Black Cat in a movie.

    • I agree on the black cat thought, it is a possibility

    • Felicity as Felicia??? Man, I hope so.

    • my guess is the mastermind/manipulator of all this will turn out to be norman osborn, who i think should be played by christoph waltz.

  4. Still no j Jonah Jameson uh? What the h*** is wrong with Marc Webb when it comes 2 this character?!

    • Well, J.K. Simmons was the perfect J. Jonah Jameson. They probably can’t reuse him in the reboots, and everybody else can just lose in comparison.

      • I always thought Dennis Farina looked like JJJ from the 90s cartoon.

      • Why not? Judy Dench survived through the James Bond Reboot for three films. Sam didn’t own the rights and likeness for the films, Sony does.

    • What do you mean? Who said he won’t show up in Webb’s movies?

      • @ Rob

        Wouldn’t that be kind of weird to use him again? In the original & in the reboot? IMO I don’t thing Webb would go for that. There is already a ton of comparison between the franchises. Has that even ever been done before?

        • They continued to use Judi Dench as M in Bond when they rebooted that

          • @Dr. Ken Noisewater

            Excellent point, however, it was t a complete reboot like Spidey, just a continuation of the story with a diffrent main man.

            • I thought it was a complete reboot, Casino Royale showed Bond become a double O, there didn’t appear to be any original cast members from previous Bonds other than M

              In previous Bond movies they had returning cast members such as Moneypenny and Q, it was just Bond who changed so they just continued the series

              But it would be cool for JK Simmons to return, I’d also quite like the moto ‘with great power comes great etc’ to make a comeback as well lol

              • Casino Royale wasnt a reboot. It was a prequel… to the entire franchise.

                • Of course it was a reboot, the series had become stagnant after Die Another Day so they started again from scratch using the first novel Casino Royale, which had only been made as a spoof

                  If starting from scratch and making the story more relevant for today isn’t considered a reboot then I don’t know what is?!

                • A prequel? So then Casino Royale took place in like 1960 then, right? It was a reboot.

                  • “Casino Royale” is a reboot. Not a prequel. It merely starts off at the beginning of James Bond becoming 007

                • “Casino Royale wasnt a reboot. It was a prequel… to the entire franchise.”

                  So Ms. Moneypenny lost her job, became a field agent, and was rehired as a secretary in Skyfall, having legally changed her first name?

          • Bond wasn’t really a Re-boot Was it?? we have always had different bonds every 10 yrs or so, so I dont think it was technically a reboot just More BOND

            • Sorry. It’s officially a reboot. Events in Skyfall support this, as do the remarks of not only the studio but also the people that own the rights. Pre Daniel Craig is one continuity, Daniel Craig starts a new continuity.

        • More or less weird than using Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane and Aunt May again?

          For me, if they’ve rebooted it and rebooted the core characters, Jameson is another one who will eventually show up too.

    • The guy who played JJJ in the first Spiderman movies captured the part perfectly, had it bronzed, and put it exclusively on his mantle. Great job casting, as well as acting, the part!

      • I liked the character and all but I really think he was too comicy for webbs reboot!! IMO that was Raimi’s downfall they just became stupid movies, and who the he** would not punch that guy in the face if he was their boss?? CMON, great for comics and the raimi series, but I dont think that the character portrayed THAT SAME WAY would do any good for these reboots… Dont get me wrong JJJ has always been part of PP’s story but they will need to make him a little more real life? (not the right word) realistic… they are going for more of a real world feel like in Iron Man or the Avengers, and not get too GOOFY and although JJJ was portrayed perfectly for them movies I dont think it would be too good for these ones…. MAYBE just tweek him a little but I would rather not see him if he plays the character the same way!! I have had quite a few DI*K bosses but none were that GOOFY or they would have been smacked LOL

        • Dennis Farina could play it more realistic as you said.

    • Ly we get to see him again he’s one of my favorite comic book characters ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HELL YEAH!! Love Rhino. All I want now is Scorpion for the third movie.

  6. Awesome! Now we just need Mysterio and the scorpian! Mysterio is definately on my top 10 list of enemies to see in a spidey movie, and he appears to be a favorite overall, I mean, he has appeared in many of the games, and he was the central villian of at least two, so he is notable.

  7. Don’t get my wrong, I loves me some Paul Giamati, but he is of small stature for the Rhino, is he not? I suppose some could argue the same for Tom Hardy’s Bane.

    I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man more than Raimi’s rendition of the Marvel iconic hero. I love Sam Raimi, but in retrospect I am not hugely supportive of his version of Spider-Man. I think Marc Webb touched upon more of the turmoil Peter Parker went through when becoming Spider-Man. That’s just me, though.

    Not that Raimi did a poor job; it was just more akin to Burton’s Batman than than adhering to the source material more closely. I grew up with Spider-Man being my favorite comic character, and when I saw Marc Webb’s version I felt much more at home. Again, just one man’s opinion.

    • Yeah, I think Giamati is great in other roles, but I don’t think I could take him seriously as a comic book bad guy, especially one like the Rhino.

    • Was Rhys Ifans big enough to play a giant lizard? ;)

      Movie magic, friend. He could be entirely CGI with just his face.

      • Touché, Mr. Keyes.

  8. i know who jones is going to play Black Cat

  9. To reiterate what I said in the open discussion: Oookay. What’s next? Charlyne Yi as Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot?

    • I admit that having PG as Rhino is a bit of a stretch, but not THAT much of a stretch.

      • Actualy, I think he is just fine, the trick is can he do a mean face and the persona, if done right CGI can fill in the physical part.

  10. My money’s on we playing Betty Brant.

  11. Good choice, love Giamatti and love Rhino, just hope they don’t overload the movie with too many bad guys like they did with Spiderman 3

    • The problem isnt so much using too many bad guys, but how you use them. If you can pace it out properly and make it flow right, then more badies to ya!

      • Yeah i suppose youre right, if The Avengers can throw a load of Heros together, then a team or collection of Villains, done right, should be awesome!

        Would be funny to see Rhino, Electro and whoever sat around a table at the end, eating humble pie after being owned by Spidey!

  12. Hopefully this spiderman will be less 500 days of summer and a bit more ….yknow…..spiderman.

    • The last one was more Spiderman.

      I take it you don’t wanna see him take off the mask and just be Spiderman 24/7 then?

  13. Openly I am not a fan thus far of this reboot of spiderman, yellow eyes and all. I do like that they are going after diffrent villains than the previous series, however, there seems to be quite a number of them lining up in this movie, especially if Black Cat shows up. Spiderman 3′s big downfall for me anyway, was to many bad guys for one movie. Sounds like the same thing could be happening here. I’m not so sure about all of this. I do love Paul Giamatti, especially in Shoot’em up, but this movie is getting crowded.

  14. Apparently, they didn’t learn from Spider-Man 3 and the trouble with two independent villains in one movie.

  15. I want to see Venom and Carnage. And throw Scream in there just for fun lol.

    But I think Paul Giamatti is a great fit for Rihno. Great choice.

  16. My guess is that Felicity is playing Betty Brant.

    • That could be a fair guess, but I haven’t heard anything about the Daily Bugle in this movie.

  17. Awesome, hopefully the trilogy will conclude with spidey going up against the sinister six.

  18. He’ll probably have the mech suit from ultimate spiderman since that is the route they seem to be taking

  19. Ugh. Horrible. Still haven’t forgiven Giamatti for Lady in the Water.
    He’s not what I envision the Rhino to be

    • Lady In The Water was a great movie though and Giamatti was great in it. Plus, erm…..he didn’t actually write the movie, just played a role in it.

  20. Saying that Paul Giamatti couldn’t play Rhino is pretty much like saying Mark Ruffalo couldn’t play the Hulk.

  21. I’m sure if Felicity is playing Felicia, she’ll have that incident with her boyfriend at the end of the movie.

  22. They need to have Morbius in there too. They showed his clock tower in the 1st movie.

  23. I think Paul Giamatti is an amazing and very versatile actor. I can see him doing a hell of a job if cast as the rhino, despite his small stature. As other have commented, thanks to the magic of CGI (hobbits looking smaller than dwarves, Mark Ruffalo being big and green, brad pitt ageing backwards) that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Like most, I hope they don’t overload the villains in this movie (one of many criticisms I had about Raimi’s Spiderman 3). maybe they could open the movie with Spidey already fighting/defeating one of these villains, as has been the case in plenty of the comics over the years. He defeats one villain, goes back to his life just as another is rising/plotting.

    As they are building a franchise, I have no problem with them introducing a load of new characters in this movie. That keeps them plenty of scope for future direction and storylines. I would love to see Black Cat on screen eventually flirting with/confusing the hell out of spidey.

    I definitely believe, though, that I really cannot imagine anyone else other than JK Simmons portraying Jonah Jameson. He may have to tone down the funny slightly in order to fit in with this newlook Spidey universe, but having someone else play him would be like someone else playing Gandalf.

  24. Bryan Cranston would be an awesome JJJ

    And to everyone saying oh its too many characters, thats bull. Look at the Avengers and TDKR. They both had great character development with the exceptions of Talia and Hawkeye so that excuse is lame.

  25. I’m curious to see wat they do wit this trilogy. the amazing spiderman was really good, which shocked me since I was so focused on the avengers and the dark knight rises (which I absolutely loved both of them) and spiderman seemed to be left on the sidelines by most ppl understandably. But news like this takes me away from all the xmen days of future past news. I think betty brant or felicia hardy will be in this movie. Betty Brant was also a crush of peter’s early on. And j jonah jameson is a must have played by jk simmons! he was hilarious, and plus they seem to have almost all of the main ppl in peter’s life coming into the fold of the movies. Im shocked this movie is still going through since Sony said 3 months ago that they were probably going to sell their entertainment branch due to them losing alot of revenue the past decade, more specifically the past 3 years or so. But they will prob at least finish this trilogy. Then I can only hope the rights to back to marvel. As ive said before theyve built a successful and great cinematic universe that makes sense and is amazing (unlike x-men) and their movies r better than any other comic book movies (except dark knight trilogy) but this is all my opinion obv. Im sure this amazing spiderman trilogy will be really good. They started it off well and hopefully they can continue it. Just no spiderman 3 again wit too many villains…that was a terrible movie

  26. lol This reboot series is going to be one long Spiderman origin story

  27. Villains I want: Electro (looks like I got him…but a black guy? Nothing against black guys, but why?), Scorpion, Mysterio, maybe Morbius (if not too much for the kiddies).

    Villains I don’t especially want: Vulture (old geezer Grandpa Muster in a Tweety-Bird suit), Kraven (Tarzan wannabe in a funky-upholstered arm-pit vest), Hobgoblin (too much like Green Goblin), Rhino (fat boy with a horn on his head…you can see those in any college town in any bar on saterday night!).

    • Oh, no Venom or Carnage either..they are just monster clones of Spiderman. And Green Goblin and Doc Ock, good as they are, have already been done. Sandman was an enjoyable villain, tho. Would love to see Sandman, Wizard, medusa, and Trapster (Frightful Four) as the villains in the Fantastic Four reboot (might be some problems with rights, tho??).

      • Venom and Carbage may just be “monster clones” but they’re also his biggest threats because of that similarity.

    • Bane was a white guy, so………

  28. Electro and Rhino…this sounds more interesting with every scoop. Bring on the Sinister Six! (in future installments of course…not in this sequel)

  29. Maybe Electro & Rhino will be henchmen for Norman Osborn, I can see that happening. There’s nothing wrong with too many characters but it all depends how you use them. Spidey 3 & X3 had a sh*t load of characters but to me they felt forced. Introducing Black Cat will be cool & if Marc decides to bring in the sinister six for the 3rd or 4th film, then i’d be speechless.