Patty Jenkins Out As ‘Thor 2′ Director [UPDATED]

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Chris Hemsworth Interview Thor 2 Thor 3 Avengers 2 Patty Jenkins Out As Thor 2 Director [UPDATED]

Despite Kenneth Branagh’s decision not to return as director on Marvel’s Thor 2, early development of the project has been going pretty smoothly (up to now). The film was fairly quick to snag a release date (two, technically), a primary screenwriter, and managed to secure a promising replacement director in the form of Patty Jenkins.

However, reports are in that Jenkins has now left the Thor sequel; all the same, Marvel studios is a well-oiled, fine-running (production) machine and the search is already on to find her replacement.

[Update: We now know why Patty Jenkins left Thor 2.]

Deadline has the scoop on Jenkins departing Thor 2; the site says that “creative differences” are the reason for the filmmaker’s decision to step away from the sci-fi/fantasy sequel. However, this is seemingly an amicable split between director and studio, seeing how insiders are indicating that Jenkins will probably eventually get to helm one of Marvel’s comic book adaptations, “but perhaps not a sequel.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds as though Jenkins’ plans for Thor’s next big-screen outing not only differed significantly from Marvel’s vision, it probably also marked too drastic a shift in tone and style from Branagh’s film. Given the nature of Jenkins’ best-known previous work (including the film Monster and pilot episode of AMC’s The Killing) chances are good she was planning too thematically-dark and possibly gritty a Thor movie for Marvel studio executives’ tastes.

thor 2 brian kirk direct Patty Jenkins Out As Thor 2 Director [UPDATED]

There are numerous other Marvel superheroes that are expected to make the jump to live-action cinematic form in the not-too-distant future, including characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange, along with ensembles such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Runaways. So, since it’s being implied that Marvel did like Jenkins’ style (just not in the context of a Thor sequel), she could very well be given “dibs” on one of the aforementioned franchises, to make in her own style.

However, for the time being, most fans are bound to be more interested in finding out who is going to helm Thor 2, since Marvel (seemingly) has no plans to stop the film on its journey down the production pipeline. Former directorial candidate Brian Kirk doesn’t seem all that likely, given his now-full schedule (he’s currently filming a Great Expectations TV series and is slated to helm a drama called Midnight Delivery thereafter) but we’ll find out for certain in the near future, so stay tuned…

Thor 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on November 15th, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Sad face

  2. Who thinks Ang Lee should direct Thor 2?! [sarcasm, of course]

    • Nah, get M. Night Shaggydog. 😀

      • Or they could get Michael Bay 😛

        • Good Lord!! I’d hate to think what Mjolnir would be doing with Portman! 😀

          • Hahaha hilarious. Even though I don’t really like Michael Bay, I do like Natalie Portman though 😛

  3. People were complaining when they picked her to direct, so they can be happy, unless they don’t like the next person even more.

  4. well mickey rourke did say that marvel is ignorant when it comes to char dev/tone of their movies (not allowing him to make ivan more sinister or meaningful, only wanting him to be a straight out evil dude). so its of no surprise that they kicked someone who might want them to change the tone of the film out.

    i say stop making piss poor cliché hero movies and move in the direction of batman (i know this is what everyone says/thinks but it’s true no ?). if marvel keeps going down this bland and redundant path, then they’ll drive themselves out of hollywood. they need to learn to mature their movies and characters, not everyone watching is a pre-teen who only goes to movies for the big explosions or hot women (at least not all of us).

    • Nicely put. I agree with all of that. Step it up Marvel; Thor was NOT a good movie. Not bad but certainly not good.

      • I disagree with both your assertions. Marvel has made movies that are fun; TDK and Batman Begins were good movies but they were not fun (especially TDK). Thor was a good movie, it just was not great; the earth-based scenes could have used more work, and Portman’s character was very bland. If this director was trying to go the dark and serious route, I’m glad she left.

  5. jwalka I really have to disagree. It seems marvel has done pretty good and in just a matter of a couple years are able to put together something likr the Avengers. While I like the Dark Knight/Batman Begins movies Nothing else has worked. Superman last outing didnt do very well although the new one coming out looks promising. Green Lantern was a failure, and Womder Women cancelled. Seems to me that Marvel is doing it right. Look at the other studios that made movies based on marvels characters. Its their property and they want it done there way. If they fail then so be it. So far……they seemed to have done alright. I didnt think Thor or Cap were preteen movies I thought they were well done and Im 50.

    Now as far a a director goes……Spielberg works for me.

  6. I hope Ms. Jenkins is given another chance at a Marvel property.

    I don’t know Edgar Wright’s schedule, but he pops to mind, first Thor then Ant-Man?

    Marvel is probably right to stop a possible hesitation and doubt to maintain tone and themes it wants in the Thor-Captain America-Iron Man-Avengers series and the way they interlock. They have a vision of what they want to bring to the fans and it has been successful.

  7. Sad news but hopefully Kenneth Branagh will return to direct Thor 2.

    Thor was better than I expected.

    Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston did great jobs as Thor and Loki, it amazed me.

    Thor is the best comic book movie of the year along with X-Men: FC and Captain America: TFA.

  8. just make a black panther movie damnit.

    have a cap cameo where he get his ass kicked by black panther

    give the people what they want.

    • totally agree with you. I think Black Panther will be the best Marvel film ever..

      • I’m also still eagerly awaiting Black Panther.

        • Me three.

          • The motion has passed.

            • I’m rubbing my vibranium and wishing for T’CHALLA!

                • He he, uh… yeah… the metal, that’s it. sure.

          • me4 =D

        • marvel not going to do a Black Panther movie cause they are scared to do a black superhero movie

          • I doubt that. Blade 1 & 2 did very well, even if those weren’t Marvel Studio films. Hopefully we’ll see him (as a cameo maybe) in The Avengers, and then he’ll get his solo film.

            • sorry but they are scared. Blade was a action vampire movie that was R-Rated plus it was a lower budget done by New Line Cinema.

              Marvel Studio wont spend 150million on a Black Panther that going to be a PG-13 movie plus starring a unknown actor who aint Will Smith.

              i would love to see a Black Panther movie but when i hear Marvel Studio wont to develop a Guardians of the Galaxy and no mention of a Black Panther movie ever since. then i believe Marvel Studio are scared. Marvel Studio hired Mark Bailey to write a Black Panther script and he have not heard nothing at all.

              • Blade 1&2 did respectably business (and by respectable it was the first Marvel property to get a theatrical release and not be DOA), but that was because it was under the radar and Snipes was behind making the product work. It was a gamble that paid off, until Blade Trinity then the dice went cold.

                The fact is that Blade had no expectations, and was not limited by marketing segment concerns over how to get the most ‘tween dollars at the box office. Right now comic book movies are crippled for the most part by the notion that they have to be PG, or at the very least be sort of cartoon-like to work.

                Other films like Ghost Rider, Daredevil, the flopping they did with the Punisher, and even Wolverine(and the X-Men to a lesser degree) have all suffered, in my opinion, from being generally watered down compared to much of the original comic content that put them on the map to begin with.

              • LOL dude.
                You are so wrong.
                How do you suppose Marvel’s “scared” to do a “black superhero movie”?
                They AREN’T. They’re just focusing their efforts on different projects (unfortunately). But that certainly doesn’t mean they’re “scared”.
                This has nothing to do with race.

              • Mace, you are wrong. BP will have a movie. Watch IM2 with the director commentary on. Pay close attention to the last scene with Fury and Stark.

  9. woo hoo good news!

  10. i agree with jwalka. Marvel movies have become kind of childish although i can say not totally but you can still feel the pre teen vibe. too bad jenkins had to leave. i love her works. i think marvel should try and give his new movies a slight serious tone. a little serious tone won`t hurt. i am not talking about Dark Knight style but a little more serious is what personally i think they should go with :)

    • Some Marvel characters (Dr. Strange, Power Man, Moon knight, etc..) can be dark and serious, but I liked Thor (although some scenes could have been better, and longer).

      • If they make any of the above NOT dark then it will be a fail.

  11. just not the captain america director please, as that film was the biggest load of crap ever.

  12. Why am I getting the feeling that Thor 2 will end up being exactly like IM2? (With Marvel interfering to much)

    Still, I’m VERY glad Jenkins is out (hopefully Marvel’s interference was a good thing this time). I really doubt she’d have been able to pull off the type of film we’re all hoping for.

    I’m guessing Thor 2’s release date will be delayed (again), so maybe Marvel could pull some strings and still get Branagh to direct it (I believe the reason he couldn’t direct Thor 2 was because of scheduling conflicts…)

    P.S. Remember when I said this week was going to be a slow news week?
    Well, I’m taking my foot out of my mouth as I speak…

  13. If Thor gets pushed back more than a couple months they should fill the gap with a Luke Cage movie.

    • No… they should fill it with a Black Panther movie 😉
      Luke Cage will be featured in the ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ TV series.
      While I am a fan of Luke Cage, at least he will (possibly) be getting screentime… BP isn’t getting any love from Marvel :(

      • I’m 100% on board for a BP movie but I don’t want it to be a rush job. I think they could put Luke Cage in motion much faster then BP without hurting the quality. BP however needs to take its time but at the same time hurry up. Trust me TA I’m with you, I wan’t a BP movie as soon as possible. I just want quality.

        • Yeah, but the thing is, Marvel HAS hired a writer to pen Black Panther (it just seems that Marvel forgot they did that), but to my knowledge, they never hired someone to write a Luke Cage movie (I could be wrong about that though)
          So if I’m right (which I usually am 😉 – JK) it would actually be easier to get BP on the fast track than Luke Cage… and seeing as LC is already set to appear in AKA Jessica Jones, they might not want to do a LC movie ’cause it might mess up the continuity that the TV show will expand on (the tv show will be part of the MCU, thus, if they get an actor for a LC movie and have an origin-story-movie, and then do the tv show with a different actor and a different origin, they’ll mess up the entire MCU)…

          Point I’m trying to make: I also don’t want BP to be rushed (and I sure as hell want it to be of good quality), but if you look at movies like X-Men: First Class (which had a rushed/short development, yet still went on to be a major success), you’ll see there is some proof of certain (rushed) movies that turned out great…

          • it very silly for Marvel to do AKA Jessica Jones. they should of done Heroes For Hire TV show.

          • Very valid points. Hopefully they will successfully sneak in a BP movie then :p

  14. THOR 2 directed by Terry Gilliam. It could work.

  15. Thor could stand to be a little more serious.

  16. The article mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy. The would be interesting. That could be the movie that comes out right before the next avengers movie, or maybe right before the 3rd one. And at the end of the movie, or during the end crdits scene, the guardians will go back in time and help the avengers because the guardians know about an event that led to the destruction of the avengers or the world, and have to save them. However with time travel, things can get very confusing, like creating more than one timeline where people exist in different realities. The Terminator movies were great for the most part but the time travel stuff just gets confusing lol