Honest Movie Trailers: Harry Potter

Since you guys REALLY asked for this one – screenjunkies sat and watched all eight movies (20 HOURS of Harry Potter!) so you could relive the moment or two you liked.

LEGO Iron Man 3

These iconic characters are exclusive LEGO minifigure replicas found in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets based on the much-anticipated film hitting theaters on May 3rd.

Additionally, another way to get in the Iron Man 3 state-of-mind is with the LEGO Iron Man 3 sets that are currently available!  Pepper Potts, a popular character in the movie, actually makes her LEGO minifigure debut in the Malibu Mansion Attack set, making it a great set for collectors and fans.

Zod Kitchens

LESBROS: “Comic-Con”

The Lesbros tell one of their favorite stories…that time they went to Comic-Con.

If Humans Crossed the Street Like Animals

Music Videos Without Music: Thrift Shop

NSFW: Language.

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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