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To kick things off today, Cracked brings us If Twilight Was 10 Times Shorter And 100 Times More HonestThe 5 Most WTF Video Game Endings of All Time, and 5 Improved Versions of Classic Games That Fans Made for Free.

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Breaking Bad Recap – Etch A Sketch Version

Warning- Video Contains Spoilers – In the Series Premiere of Todd’s Sketches, he gets you ready for the final season of Breaking Bad by recapping the first 5 seasons. From Walt’s decision to start manufacturing meth, to his tumultuous relationships with Jesse, Gus, and Mike, to his eventual rise to power, it’s all here.

Breaking Bad Meets Seinfeld

Abraham Lincoln Finds A Hat

Bruce Goes Hollywood – Episode 1 “The Pitch”

Please enjoy the first episode of “Bruce Goes Hollywood” entitled “The Pitch”. The show is about one man trying to get his ridiculous reality show onto TV and the agent who decides to help him.

Patton Oswalt for Joker

Patton Oswalt for Joker 570x391 SR Geek Picks: Patton Oswalt Joker, 10 Superheroes That Dont Need a Movie, Expendables 3 Trailer & More

It’s simple. We kill the Batman.

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10 Superheroes That Really Don’t Need Their Own Movie

Hawkman Doesnt need His own movie 570x393 SR Geek Picks: Patton Oswalt Joker, 10 Superheroes That Dont Need a Movie, Expendables 3 Trailer & More

With the continuing massive success of Marvel’s movie universe — culminating in The Avengers —  and The Dark Knight Rises, Hollywood isn’t going to stop making superhero movies anytime soon. But for every hero who’s ready for his or her close-up, there are a handful that we just can’t see working on the big screen. The HitFix editorial staff narrowed down the list to 10 superheroes who really don’t need their own movie.

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost – ‘Get Lucky’ (Daft Punk Cover) – Capital Breakfast

Stars of new movie The World’s End, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joined Dave and Lisa on Capital Breakfast and performed a very special version of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

Tony Hale’s Acting Process

Tony Hale's Acting Process from Tony Hale

Tony Hale reveals his acting process.

Geena Davis Archery Tricks from Geena Davis

There’s no crying in archery.

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Patrick Stewart Quadruple Take Master Class

Last Dance in the Light

Scotland’s only 15/70mm IMAX theatre is being replaced by the much debated IMAX Digital system meaning no longer will the general public be able to enjoy the country’s biggest screen with it’s crystal clear images and unbeatable sound.

This is the Glasgow IMAX Projection Team’s way of saying goodbye to film and goodbye to the best cinema experience in the world.

Fantastic Four Movie News and David’s Rant

Ok, so yeah the movie doesn’t come out until 2015, but is it ever a bad time to talk Fantastic Four? Get David’s insights and let us know what how you think the next Fantastic Four should go down!

Expendables 3 trailer LEAKED by Conspiracy Cinema + Project Red Book

John Doe pitches his amazing idea for Expendables 3 and creates his own team of top secret agents by opening “PROJECT RED BOOK.”

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