Parental Warning: Land Of The Lost Is NOT Kid-Friendly

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land of the lost parents Parental Warning: Land Of The Lost Is NOT Kid Friendly

Right off the bat I’ll say I know I’ll take some heat for this article because I haven’t seen Land of the Lost myself, and no doubt lots of young adult non-parents will be rolling their eyes over the point of this article. However being a parent myself, I thought this was most definitely worth bringing up.

Just as “regular” people use movie reviews to decide whether to see a movie or not, I’ve been looking at reviews about this film – and based on them I’m writing up this warning for parents who may be planning on taking their young children to see this.

You may remember Land of the Lost as a cheesy, innocuous Saturday morning TV show from your youth – so when the film was announced, I (and you may have) figured it would run along the same lines. Will Ferrell is in it? Maybe he’ll return to more of the sort of role he played in the wonderful film Elf.

You know, goofy dialog, cheesy adventure, humor aimed at the kids.

That is NOT what’s in this film.

Frankly, this didn’t interest me at all – the last film I really liked Ferrell in was the aforementioned Elf. And frankly, the advertising matched my expectations described above. However this looks like yet another case of misleading movie advertising, far worse than what we talk about here. Universal is pitching this as the sort of film described above – no biggie, right?

Well my first “huh?” moment came when I learned yesterday that Land of the Lost was not rated PG, but PG-13. PG-13? Really? Why in the heck would this movie need to be anything above a PG?

Keep in mind that these days “edgy” humor makes it into even PG-rated movies, so keep that in mind when you think about a PG-13 comedy.

Here are a few specifics for you to help you decide whether this is appropriate (I suppose you might consider these spoilers):

  • Language: Lots of uses of “damn,” “sh*t,” and even one F-bomb, an ethnic slur and an irreverant religious remark.
  • Very crude humor: One character that is defecated on from an animal and another that pours dinosaur urine all over himself.
  • Drug humor.
  • Drinking, smoking.
  • Violence including chases, comic but gross and grisly images.
  • Vulgar sexual references and jokes: Characters fondle one another and themselves. Other sexual gags include a mug depicting female anatomy, crude names for sexual activity and body parts, two men trying to kiss, wet t-shirt jokes, a low cut tank top, a male enhancement drug, topless females with carefully concealed bosoms.

Now before you go all “you’re a prude” on me, I loved The Hangover, an R-rated comedy that opened this weekend. But this movie is being marketed as a kid-friendly film to parents and kids on channels like Nickelodeon.

What kind of rocket scientist greenlights a project like this? Seriously. And did Sid & Marty Krofft really sign off on this? Maybe next we can have an HR Pufnstuf film that is all about a psychedelic drug trip with maybe a date rape and a murder thrown in for kicks (yes, I exagerrate – a little).

So while Land of the Lost may be funny on a certain level (which I seriously doubt, anyway), if you’re a Will Ferrell fan you would be best served by getting a babysitter and leaving the younger kids at HOME for this one.


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  1. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I kind of a agree with Vic on that one. I mean yea kids are gonna have sex when they are you and yes we need to teach them about being safe, but at 13 they shouldn’t be having sex or hanging out with older boys or really boys in general not alone.

    Also I want to add to be fair I talk about being more open with what you allow your kids to watch and not being so over protective, but if I have a daughter she’s totally not having sex until I’m dead or she’s 45 which ever comes first.

  2. This is the longest stretch of comments I’ve seen since reading Screen Rant, and I suppose it’s time to add my two cents to the pile. I agree with both Vic and Daniel, first off about the movies and games: There are certain shades of R-rated movies, or M-rated games that have to be responsibly censored from younger minds. Where as other R-rated movies, though they have language and violence are no worse than some PG-13 movies. I also totally agree with Vic on the whole sex thing. Having sex at an earlier age, when you don’t think about the consequences of said action, is a horrible decision in life. I can’t speak from experience but my Father had sex at age 15, ran away from home at 16, married a rock and roll musician at 17 and divorced her 18. Looking back my Father constantly regrets his choices as a young-adult. Anyway, just a little anecdote to put things in perspective. Also, one minor note Vic, another reason why children left at earlier ages was because the usual life span was far beneath what it is today. (Just thought I should mention it. :))

  3. Vic, I know you think that way. It’s clear from your article, no need to reiterate. Your reaction to the point I’m making doesn’t actually lay a finger on the point itself.

  4. The fact that anyone is seriously debating the truth of Vic’s article really saddens me. So little common sense in this world.

  5. Sock Monkey while I agree that sex at to early of an age can be bad I think that situation is way to extreme. I had sex at 15 and was fine. I mean I think 15 to 16 is plenty healthy to do it as long as your protected. It’s when 13 year olds start getting in to it that it’s really bad. The truth is 15 and 16 year olds have been having sex since the dark ages it hasn’t changed and never really will. Your sex drive is going crazy at those ages. I prefer that they do have sex. Have you ever seen a really desperate horny teenager? I’m afraid one day they will start killing people. Last part is a joke obviously.

  6. Hey Sock Monkey gotta say while I agree that sex at to early of an age can be bad I think that situation is way to extreme. I had sex at 15 and was fine. I mean I think 15 to 16 is plenty healthy to do it as long as your protected. It’s when 13 year olds start getting in to it that it’s really bad.

    The truth is 15 and 16 year olds have been having sex since the dark ages it hasn’t changed and never really will. Your sex drive is going crazy at those ages. I prefer that they do have sex. Have you ever seen a really desperate horny teenager? I’m afraid one day they will start killing people.

    Last part is a joke obviously.

  7. OK, my comment isnt so much on the movie’s rating or how it is presented to be a kid friendly movie or whatnot.

    There are a LOT of Will Ferrell haters on here huh? I think he is a very funny man. Anchorman, Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers, all stupidly funny movies. You have to know what to expect with Ferrell, stupid comedy that will usually be way overboard which he does perfectly. Much like Chris Farley before him he is a genius when it comes to the stupid comedy.

  8. Sorry, I disagree. I think there’s a line between “stupid funny” and just plain stupid.


  9. Right on Vic.
    I believe the studio just passed up a MASSIVE opportunity here.
    Will farrel showed in Stranger Then Fiction that he could do drama.
    If they had played this straight,
    I believe they could have made close to 50 million at least this weekend.

  10. I also think it was a bad idea to make Holly and Will into adults who were not related .
    If they were Siblings and younger Ferrels nephew and niece,
    as in the original series it would have increased the films family audience and may even have brought in non fans .

  11. Totals for “Land of the Lost.”

    $19.5 mil for the weekend. The films budget was aprx 200 mil. when you factor in the marketing costs.

    Biggest bomb of the year so far,,,

  12. to tell you the truth i thought terminator was going to be the biggest bomb… that and g.i joe… well we’ll see…

  13. Jago, I don’t think a big budget film has bombed this hard in years…
    Terminator is going to break even with overseas sales and dvds. But we all know that it missed the mark. They were expecting Terminator to be one of the biggest films of the year.
    GI Joe, looks pretty lame to me,,, but who knows what kind of numbers it will bring in. :-)

  14. 790,
    Thanks for the box office info
    Really glad to hear the public didnt buy into this one.

  15. Thanks Gary, I also agree with your assessment on how things should have gone with this film. They totally blew a opportunity to create a cool family friendly franchise that could have spawned some fun sequels.

    In this case Farrell is getting a long deserved payback for his work, or lack of,,,

  16. I don’t think it’s really a marketer’s ‘responsibility’ to ensure kids don’t see adult material – that’s surely what ratings are for. The fact that those in marketing mislead in order to sell a product is hardly a revelation.

    If a kid sees a film under a parent’s supervision, and that parent doesn’t check the rating then they can’t complain if it wasn’t suitable.

    Posts like this help to research suitability, and that’s commendable… but it really is down to the parent alone to do that research and make their decision accordingly, and no amount of finger pointing at evil companies can change that.

    Also, the idea that 10 year old girls are all giving head to their classmates is quite preposterous to say the least. I’m a fairly liberal chap, but if we really do get to that state of affairs I’ll have to concede that maybe values have declined a bit! 😀

  17. Lank – Parents need proper tools to make such determinations; we’re not psychic. In Canada, Land of the Lost is rated PG – same as Up. So, did I not do my ‘research’ far enough…? To take any responsibility away from marketing is a huge slippery slope. There is no way we can get the best of such a powerful force, if allowed to run rampant. A movie with the F-word should not have a commercial within programming that isn’t allowed to have the F-word; it’s only logical. Ratings, marketing, and of course ultimately goold old-fashioned Parenting should work in concert with each other, idealy. The best thing to come from this film, is this debate…. That’s how awareness is strengthened, and change can occur.

  18. Gabby Domingues – fair enough, I take your point. The very fact that the film is rated lower where you’re located (assuming the details in the post are accurate, which I don’t doubt they are) possibly means it has been rated inappropriately – which again is not of any concern to the companies that market the movie.

    So yes, of course, when a parent has done all they can but still ends up watching a movie with their kids that they find unsuitable, then there’s obviously a problem. But that problem is really a regulatory one, and a whole different debate.

    My main point was that people shouldn’t be surprised when they are lied to in advertising… we all just need to keep our wits about us, and not just blindly take our kids to see films and then moan because the trailer made it look like a kids film. Advertisements have an agenda, and ethics don’t come into it.

    Incidentally, the whole argument that non parents can’t comment is extremely condescending. If anything it puts you in a position of bias and makes being rational less likely. I’m expecting my first and I sincerely hope I don’t turn into the type of smug, holier than thou parent that currently annoy the hell out of me.

  19. Lank – I wasn’t a commentator that said non-parents can’t comment, just to clarify! We ALL can [and should] be commentators on these sorts of topics…. And yeah, you may find out that being a parent makes one less rational about some things! lol It’s that parental part of me that just wants to make my son happy, and share movies with him, that may weaken my reasonable facilities and buy tickets to movies like this one! ;D

  20. Gabby, no probs, I know it wasn’t you that said that :) And when I put ‘less likely to be rational’, I should have said ‘harder to be rational’ to be less generalising.

    Actually, without re-reading the older comments it may be that I was mis-interpreting something out of context. It’s hot and I get wound up too easily!

  21. @Lank

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I will say though, that I don’t care if my comment came across as condescending (that wasn’t the intent, btw). I’m just calling it like I see it. I continually refer to that scene from Star Trek IV where Spock tells McCoy they can’t discuss life after death without a common frame of reference. :-)


  22. Vic, are you seriously suggesting that a person’s point of view holds no value unless he/she are directly affected by that which is being discussed? So your own views on, say, abortion are null and void then? I don’t know anyone terminally ill – am I not permitted to join the debate on euthanasia?

    It’s ridiculous to think that only a parent can talk on behalf of children everywhere. Morals and values will vary just as much amongst parents as they will amongst non-parents.

  23. …he/she ‘IS’ directly affected… the hotter I am, the worse my grammar gets :)

  24. @Lank

    Ok, so maybe that was a bit of a blanket statement. But I’m sick to death of hearing “parenting advice” over and over and over again from people still in college, without much real life experience, wagging their fingers at those that have been in the trenches for years and have been around twice as long as them.


  25. Fair enough Vic, I can appreciate that. I promise my finger’s not wagging… 😉

  26. @Lank

    No worries, I can understand your reaction to my statement. It’s just a sore spot for me. 😛


  27. We went to see this last night because we got to the theater to late to see Night at the Museum.
    We had our 2 boys with us (7 & 9) and a friend of the oldest boy. they asked to see this movie because the commercials looked cool. it was rated PG not PG-13.

    Needless to say it was a nightmare. There was so many instances where i should have just gotten up and left, but I didn’t, maybe hoping it would turn around.

    This has to be the worst piece of drivel I have ever witnessed. I can’t believe any reputable production company took this on. I have never liked Will Ferrel and i should have know this was going to end up like this. I blame the advertise for leading me to believe this would be something other that what it truly was…

  28. will ferrel has always sucked,and the previews looked stupid so you all should have expected that.

  29. Wow am I bummed.

    I was a big fan of the TV show when I was a kid (I think I watch/DVR’d all of the episodes on SciFi over the last two weekends – drove my wife nuts :) ).

    I’m also generally a fan of Ferrel – so I was looking forward to this.

    My kids are all in their mid/late teens – so I don’t keep as close an eye on what they see as I used to, but I would have been totally thrown by what I EXPECTED – and what apparently IS.

    As a general parenting rule – many times, what they see and hear isn’t as important as how YOU react to it. You can’t very well take a too-young son/daughter to a movie with coarse language, then get all upset when they think its OK to use that language.

    I am quite certain that all three of my kids are familiar with the use of many swear words – and yet not one has ever dropped an F-bomb (or even something like sh*t) around me or their mother.