Parental Warning: Land Of The Lost Is NOT Kid-Friendly

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land of the lost parents Parental Warning: Land Of The Lost Is NOT Kid Friendly

Right off the bat I’ll say I know I’ll take some heat for this article because I haven’t seen Land of the Lost myself, and no doubt lots of young adult non-parents will be rolling their eyes over the point of this article. However being a parent myself, I thought this was most definitely worth bringing up.

Just as “regular” people use movie reviews to decide whether to see a movie or not, I’ve been looking at reviews about this film – and based on them I’m writing up this warning for parents who may be planning on taking their young children to see this.

You may remember Land of the Lost as a cheesy, innocuous Saturday morning TV show from your youth – so when the film was announced, I (and you may have) figured it would run along the same lines. Will Ferrell is in it? Maybe he’ll return to more of the sort of role he played in the wonderful film Elf.

You know, goofy dialog, cheesy adventure, humor aimed at the kids.

That is NOT what’s in this film.

Frankly, this didn’t interest me at all – the last film I really liked Ferrell in was the aforementioned Elf. And frankly, the advertising matched my expectations described above. However this looks like yet another case of misleading movie advertising, far worse than what we talk about here. Universal is pitching this as the sort of film described above – no biggie, right?

Well my first “huh?” moment came when I learned yesterday that Land of the Lost was not rated PG, but PG-13. PG-13? Really? Why in the heck would this movie need to be anything above a PG?

Keep in mind that these days “edgy” humor makes it into even PG-rated movies, so keep that in mind when you think about a PG-13 comedy.

Here are a few specifics for you to help you decide whether this is appropriate (I suppose you might consider these spoilers):

  • Language: Lots of uses of “damn,” “sh*t,” and even one F-bomb, an ethnic slur and an irreverant religious remark.
  • Very crude humor: One character that is defecated on from an animal and another that pours dinosaur urine all over himself.
  • Drug humor.
  • Drinking, smoking.
  • Violence including chases, comic but gross and grisly images.
  • Vulgar sexual references and jokes: Characters fondle one another and themselves. Other sexual gags include a mug depicting female anatomy, crude names for sexual activity and body parts, two men trying to kiss, wet t-shirt jokes, a low cut tank top, a male enhancement drug, topless females with carefully concealed bosoms.

Now before you go all “you’re a prude” on me, I loved The Hangover, an R-rated comedy that opened this weekend. But this movie is being marketed as a kid-friendly film to parents and kids on channels like Nickelodeon.

What kind of rocket scientist greenlights a project like this? Seriously. And did Sid & Marty Krofft really sign off on this? Maybe next we can have an HR Pufnstuf film that is all about a psychedelic drug trip with maybe a date rape and a murder thrown in for kicks (yes, I exagerrate – a little).

So while Land of the Lost may be funny on a certain level (which I seriously doubt, anyway), if you’re a Will Ferrell fan you would be best served by getting a babysitter and leaving the younger kids at HOME for this one.


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  1. @Daniel F

    PG-13 stopped being “tame” quite a while back. Now for the most part it represents an R-rated movie with just the blood and (most) explicit nudity removed. And please for the love of Pete don’t bring up the whole “censorship” thing which makes NO sense in the context of this article or this film.


    While *I* pay attention to ratings and research films before deciding to let me daughter see them, sadly, most parents don’t. And up until a couple of days ago I just ASSUMED this was PG based on the source material, as I’m betting many parents did.

    They’re working on a Smurfs movie, who would walk in expecting that to be PG-13 and have sexually explicit humor and foul language? No doubt they’ll find a way to inject some of both into THAT “family-friendly” film as well.


  2. I see nothing wrong with giving people a heads up on what they might otherwise consider a kid’s movie, but you left out the most trauma inducing part – Ferrell’s presence.

  3. Vic PG13 is still pretty lame. Lack of Blood, Lack of sex and a very severe limit to the amount of language that can be used. Certain words are only allowed to be said a certain amount of times and that’s of course provided that the rest of the content is tame. For instance if you avoid to much so called “foul” language and violence your allowed to use the F word once in a PG13 movie. As far as I’m concerned the gap between a PG13 film and R is pretty huge. Under the age of 10 I’d take a kid to see a PG13 and once their over 10 an R is fine to a certain extent as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme. Hell I don’t even watch those movies. Language is just that it’s simply words that people freak out about. There isn’t anything that’s actually bad about them, but since religion is around they were considered to be dirty or foul.

    While I’m sure Land of the Lost is just a horrible movie considering who is starring in it and judging by the previews I wouldn’t say there was anything all that wrong with taking a kid to it. I guess if it pushes the PG13 rating real bad maybe make sure they are over 6 or 7 and they are fine. In reality what a child sees on TV or movies will really have no emotional scaring on them and they will still grow up to be normal healthy adults.

  4. @Daniel F

    Sorry, bud – to me the opinions of those who do not have their own children when it comes TO children just don’t mean much.


  5. Your kid isn’t going to wake up screaming in the middle of the night from watching a movie with Sexually suggestive humor.

    Kids or not Vic it’s simple logic that they will not really be traumatized by hearing a joke about sex. It won’t effect them really in anyway. If you want to be a little over protective thats fine good for you, but make no mistake that’s exactly what it is. Your kid could watch rated R movies from the age of 6 and up and turn out just as normal, healthy and well adjusted as someone who was forced to watch G crap till the were 10. Actually possibly more healthy because they were not as repressed and held back. Studies show the more over protective you are and the more you coddle your children the more they will act out as adults. The more they will experiment with all the things you kept out of they eye sight.

    • Nothing like using extremes to back up an argument. My daughter is 13 and knows all about how things work. But what the hell purpose does it serve to expose an under 10 year old to sexual content (unless someone is a sick perv).

      I’m way older than you (AFAIK) and I can tell you when I was in junior high I can tell you girls weren’t walking around offering boys oral sex at the drop of a hat like they are now. Gee, lemme think – I wonder what’s changed since then…


  6. While we all have different opinions on how to use the rating system, Daniel you sound pretty shortsighted on this topic.

    I hope you don’t have kids, nothing personal. :-)

  7. Wait, you take one of the worst television shows of all time, decide to make a movie of it, and then put an overrated ham like Will Ferrell at front…

    …and expect it to be anyone-friendly?

  8. @HunterJE, I disagree the original show was a family friendly adventure and one of my favorite saturday morning tv memories.
    The first season was basically written by the same writers who wrote Star Trek The Original Series. If you watch it the material is all very scientific in its explanation of the plot. As a matter of fact Walter Koenig (Chekov) came up with and wrote the episode that featured Enoch the leader of the Sleestacks…

    “Land of the Lost” was Sid & Marty Kroffts best work. To see it reduced to this level was really a shock to me.

  9. I too haven’t seen this but also was sort of mislead on the rating of this film. I too thought it was PG. Personally, Will Ferrel can be very funny in certain MATURE roles. I really don’t take him for a kid movie actor and to be honest I almost forgot about ELF even though I’ll admit I enjoyed it. What you have to look at is Ferrels many supporting roles, these are where he excels. And I think his last really funny movie was Anchorman. But cameos such as in the Wedding Crashers or Zoolander are some of his best! Also check out this series on HBO called Eastbound and Down that stars Danny McBride the costar of Land of the Lost. In a couple of episodes Will Ferrel makes a priceless cameo as Ashley Schaeffer of Schaeffer BMW which is just down the street from me! Anyways… Take your kids to see UP from what I’ve been reading. Pixar makes magic!

  10. Oh and Vic, the oral sex comment, Thats completely true… but unless i’ve mistaken your age didn’t you grow up when people where tripping acid and having massive orgies?? I’m glad that part has changed….

  11. @Daniel F – I’m very disappointed to see your comments bro. Not only are they irresponsible but they are way off the mark. From you’re other comments on the site I thought you were in your mid-20’s. Now I think you might be in your mid to upper teens.

    “PG13 is still pretty lame. Lack of Blood, Lack of sex and a very severe limit to the amount of language that can be used.”

    So are you saying that a movie must have plenty of blood, sex and strong language for you not to consider it “lame”? Sadly I think you may speak for a good portion of America (which could be why we constantly get juvenile humor movies that suck).

    “Under the age of 10 I’d take a kid to see a PG13 and once their over 10 an R is fine to a certain extent as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme.”

    I don’t even know where to begin on such a crazy, irresponsible statement. What you are basically saying is you would let a 10 y/o watch people getting gutted and titties being fondled? Dude, that statement is borderline perverted and if you were a 40 y/o man taking a 10 y/o girl to watch Zac and Miri or Hostel I think you might actually be arrested or at the very least Child Services would be visiting your house later.

    “There isn’t anything that’s actually bad about them [foul language], but since religion is around they were considered to be dirty or foul.”

    [begin sarcasm] Yes you are right, religion is the main culprit behind why some words are considered foul and inappropriate. [end sarcasm] It’s actually society and culture that determine which words are deemed foul. Sure they are guided by the religion of the area but it’s still society that makes the list of words. You will not find any list of words that are considered inappropriate in any of the religious text: Bible, Qur’an, or the Torah.

    “In reality what a child sees on TV or movies will really have no emotional scaring on them and they will still grow up to be normal healthy adults.”

    By that statement alone, you prove your ignorance on the subject. Sorry to seem like I’m jumping all over you but you can’t just go around throwing out ridiculous statements like you have been doing willy-nilly and not expect a response.

    The problem with LOTL is not the sexual reference, humor and crass language. If that is how they want to make their movie, then so be it. The real problem is the marketing behind the movie. The trailer is suppose to sell the movie AND inform you as to its content. LOTL is having a horrible time at the box office right now because they tried to market it to children and after a few people saw it and realized it’s NOT for children, they immediately spread that news and regardless on how funny the movie may actually be, it is going to now flop. The studios have no one to blame but themselves for the horrible marketing plan.

    • This WAS NOT a correct portrayal of the movie Land Of the Lost. Sure it is not appropriate for a five year old to watch, but truly believe anyone above the age of eleven could definitely handle it. It does use language that can add to the hilarity and variety. If used in the right way, swearing can add to the comedy rather than take away. It is not appropriate for a six year old, however for a fifth grader, they use just as much language as the child in a fifth grade enviornment would hear nowadays. I should know, I’m in seventh grade. Very crude humor- Mabye you should start blaming yourselves instead of blaming the movie itself.
      You don’t understand. Parents made the world this way, and eventually because of you, your children will be exposed to it. As for drug refrence, two pot jokes. It is scientifically PROVEN that pot does less damage to your brain than alchohol. You drink wine, don’t you? Smoking- He tries to smoke a pipe but they don’t let him. There is relatively no smoking. Violence- Dinosaurs being killed. WTF.
      Sexual Humor- Female’s top. Not bottom, if that’s what you thought. No crude names for sexual activity or anatomy parts. Two men are dared to kiss. One is Chaka and one is Ferrel. They don’t get within two feet of eachother. No wet t-shirt jokes. No male enhancement drugs. Fondling eachother-the man sticks his hand down his pants for a split second. Chaka, the monkey man touches the woman’s bosom for about two seconds three times. I do not deny the topless females, however you see absolutely nothing related to the private area.

  12. If anyone needs an example of how tv can effect children, take a look at the American Idol effect. Thousands of young people now want nothing other than to drop out of school and become a famous singing star… Think I’m taking the extreme point of view, look at the Hannah Montanna fanbase.

    Obtaining a singing career or an acting career is now what some young kids have been duped into believing is they’re hope beyond an actual education.
    Tv and film have a strong effect on our culture,,, the signs are everywhere.

    Look at how many young women want to be like Paris Hilton,,, where did they pick that up?

  13. After reading some of these comments I feel ill.

    Could I put this in perspective?

    Folks, let’s say your kids or nephews/nieces are watching Zac & Cody . As with Hanna Montana and Lizzie MaGuire before, Disney decides to do a Zac & Cody movie. Only, for reasons unknown…it’s a “coming of age” movie where Zac loses his virginity with a call girl and Cody says *hit while he takes a long drag off a joint. The film is a PG-13.

    But Darren, that’s sick- Disney will never ever do something like that! That show is for kids!

    Exactly. And in the mid-70′s, “Land Of The Lost” and other Sid and Marty Kroft productions were on Saturday Mornings, aimed at kids. So the kids are all grown up, and thinking ‘Land Of The Lost! I want to take /drop off “my kids” to see it because I know from the brand name that it should be fairly clean.
    It doesn’t matter, really if parents are aware of the PG-13 rating or not. The name brand is from a kid’s show I can understand some minor crude humor, alright? The dinosaur pee thing, y’know. Alright. Sex and drug references, F bomb? Not alright.

    Who did they make the film for? Nostalgic adults and young children. They insult the core audience, and even mislead them with the ads. Also, if we were going to go with the “more sophisticated” route, then tell me, anyone. Anyone at all: why did Disney decide to keep the recent Hannah Montana movie clean? They could have made bundles with scandal.

    If you say, that Disney keeps it clean because they know a fan base and/or parents would have raised a fit then you see where I (and Vic, some others) are going with this. It’s a brand name.

    When the remake update says Miami Vice you know going in what to expect. Right? Guns, drug busts, sex, etc. Nothing wrong with that, you know what you are getting. When it says Land Of The Lost you should expect family-friendly (or at least Nickelodeon level) entertainment. Correct?

  14. I totally agree…Isn’t it the responibilty of whoever makes these trailers to make sure that they appeal to the target market and give an accurate representation of the film content???

    It’s the film that suffers in the long run when unsuspecting parents start complaining.

  15. Wow, lectured by a seventh grader – I guess I’ve been put in my place.

    As to the art reflects society or society influences art debate, you could say it’s a chicken and the egg argument. However riddle me this: What explanation would one have for kids getting more and more sexualized over the last 60 years? Take media out of the equation – for what reason would kids “evolve” to be more sexual earlier?

    Media, more selfishness due to being overindulged by parents who want to be “friends” with their kids or “cool,” parents who haven’t grown up themselves so think their kids are capable of making big, possibly life-changing decisions on their own, etc. There’s your answer.

    The bar just continues to be lowered, and then those that sound the alert against it are called prudish, backwards, ignorant or just plain wrong.

    All these arguments to the counter just sound to me like the equivalent of college students who’ve taken a couple of courses on economics trying to preach to an experienced business owner about “how it REALLY works.”


  16. Look,
    I come from a super-intelligent family, and I think I can hold my own in an arguement. It’s a matter of what the kids are allowed and not allowed to watch that gets me. It doesn’t matter what the parent does. The kids will hear these things eventually. It’s an adult world, that means that ADULTS created it. THEY and they alone decide what they put on T.V. How many people in the media do you think are parents? I would like to point out, that though my generation is exposed to media opinions about vulgar topics, that doesn’t mean we all choose to act on them. Wake up. It’s an adult world, and I believe that they are the only ones that can change it.
    Shouldn’t you be at work?

  17. I agree with vic but at the same time as strict as my parents were i was still able to see all kinds of movies as a kid. Not saying that you should just let them do whatever they want but that whole being they’re “friend” is much worse…

    After reading what i just typed up there… its hard to keep them away from it all. Even if you do keep it away from the house at school its a whole new ball game…

  18. @Quinn

    Hey, I give you props for defending your point of view in an intelligent manner. And BTW, even though it’s Sunday I *am* working. :)

    You’re making it sound like I’m blaming things on kids… I’m absolutely NOT doing that, I place the blame exactly where you are: Parents and adults running the media.

    And of course you’re right, different people respond to different stimuli in different ways. My point is that it’s wrong to mislead parents into thinking a movie is at one level (friendly for little kids) and then showing them a movie that is full of more mature (if you can call it that) humor. Of course kids CAN be exposed to stuff, but I think the problem is when friends have parents that are slack about it.


  19. Paul Young wow way to pay attention. You qouted the exact line and still failed to read it.

    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme
    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme

    Please tell me at least one of you actually read that line this time. Someone being gutted is a crazy extreme. Also I’m not a teen or in my mid 20′s I’m in my late 20′s. I also don’t have a child, but I took care of my niece for 3 years while her father was in jail. I had her from the ages of 9- 12. Crazy how I didn’t give her any permanent damage by letting her watch die hard with me when she was 12. I never sat her down to watch a movie like American Pie because it’s all about sex and has a load of nudity. I didn’t let her watch Saw because it’s incredibly filled with gore. I instructed her that she should never repeats the words she heard, but as long as she realized it’s something she can’t say I allowed her to watch them. I can tell you for sure if she ever repeated them, but she was never caught saying them at least. Seriously like I care though I was saying every word you would consider foul when I was 6 and I didn’t even watch these films. My mom was very overprotective she took PG 13 seriously and actually made me wait till I was 13 to watch them. She didn’t let me watch R until I was 16 though I still watched R at a friends house as early as 13. The point is to many of you seem to be missing the very important line from my statement so I’ll repeat it one more time.

    as long as the gore and or sex aren’t to any crazy extreme

  20. Daniel is prolly a 7th grader just typing stuff in to google… anybody can do it whos to say he isn’t? But at the same time, kids are being exposed to more vulgar stuff at an early age. I remember when I was younger (I’m 19),I loved watching PG13 movies but my parents sort of held back on the R pictures but I would go over to a friends and watch all those. This was between like ages 8-12 roughly. I watched movies like Totall Recall, Predator, and Halloween. I remember them scaring the crap outta me but now I watch them and they are laughable. Things that parents overlook are video games. Video games are just as violent and vulgar as movies are these days. They started to be like that when I was younger with gamees like GTA, Manhunt, Halo, etc. Now games are like movies and can be just as explicit. I guess my point is that in general kids are exposed to more stuff at a younger age and for some reason our society is fascinated with violence… hmmm. Also kids are swearing more these days, when I was a senior in high school I had a job at YMCA afterschool watching kids for a few hours before their parents came to pick them up. You wouldn’t believe the language I heard from some of these little guys ( yes mostly the males not the females ). Like F- bombs, s- bombs the whole nine yards… Obviously I’m not telling anyone how to raise a kid I just wanted to make an observation. Food for thought. Oh and my guess is Daniel was a testtube baby…

  21. @Daniel F

    Sure, there are some R movies my daughter has seen as well. My point is even the not so extreme stuff does have a subtle effect.


  22. You don’t agree with me you must be a 7 year old. That’s far more childish than anything I’ve said. Way to be an insulting ass. You seriously are so upset that I don’t agree with your point of view that you will blatantly insult me. Of course I’ll probably be called out for using the word ass and you’ll get away with it.

    Now your bringing in video games which just goes back to my original comment about censorship. It’s people like you that really pile on the censorship for this country.

  23. This movie sounds so bad I wont even watch it on cable.

  24. About kids and sexuality:

    Pop quiz. But for societies rules, when do you think kids would start having sex?…

    Exactly. Nature tells us to have sex long before we’ve decided it’s acceptable.

    My point is that sexual permissiveness isn’t actually a problem; conception is the problem.

    Viewpoints that ignore this fact are a bit prudish.

  25. Oh really, Jay?

    Go back a couple hundred years – at what age did teens have to get mature and transition to adulthood? A lot earlier than today. It used to be work on the farm with the family and going off on their own younger – not sitting on the couch and playing X-Box games and extended childhood into the early 20′s with college.

    Maybe you’d like to drop you 13 year old daughter at a 17 year old boy’s house when his parents aren’t home with a box of condoms – I mean, contraception is the problem right, so you just fixed it for her.

    Give me a break.