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ParaNorman Review starring Kodi Smit Mcphee Anna Kendrick and Christopher Mintz Plasse ParaNorman Review

Paranorman proves that Laika Entertainment (which also made Coraline) is a studio that has some great talent, great ideas, and a bright future.

Stop-motion animation has given rise to some of the most fun-for-kids-and-adults cinematic stories of the last few decades – most famously, The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, storyboard artist Chris Butler (Corpse Bride, Coraline) and animation director Sam Fell (Flushed Away) prove to be the perfect pairing to push the sub-genre of stop-motion feature-films to new boundaries with ParaNorman.

The story follows Norman (voice of Kodi Smit-McPhee), a young man treated like a freak due to his peculiar gift: he can see and communicate with the dead. Norman is resigned to his loner life until he meets a friend in Neil (Tucker Albrizzi), a boy at school who is also picked on, due to his weight. Things are looking up in Norman’s world until his crazy uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) appears with an ominous proclamation: Norman must use his gift/curse to stop the ghost of a powerful witch, before she wreaks havoc on the town. With Colonial-era zombies in pursuit, Norman and Co. try to solve the centuries-old mystery of the ghost witch, and in doing so, uncover some startling secrets (literally) buried in the town.

Kodi Smit McPhee in ParaNorman ParaNorman Review

ParaNorman is one of the most visually ambitious and impressive stop-motion movies I’ve ever seen. Combining traditional stop-motion techniques with CGI effects, detailed character models, and some surprisingly sophisticated direction, the movie is simply great to watch. Not only are the human characters lively and engaging – Butler and Fell make great choices for set pieces and sequences that are equally enjoyable, especially in the climatic third act, which showcases stunning visual composition and imagination.

In fact, though many might see it as a kids film, ParaNorman actually offers better directorial technique than a lot of today’s live-action films – certainly better than almost anything currently offered in the horror genre. It’s not often you find an animated film that has this level of intricate design in regards to angling, lighting, and scene composition; this movie does all that while also fitting in multiple homages to the styles and techniques of famous horror films/directors. If you’re a buff of the genre (or even a causal fan), there are plenty of fun Easter eggs for you to crack while watching.

ParaNorman Reviews ParaNorman Review

The film might be too scary for young kids.

The screenplay (written by Butler) offers a familiar storyline of the outcast learning (and proving) his own self-worth, but also manages to introduce some more serious ruminations on the psychology of young people dealing with the sometimes dark adolescent frustrations of acceptance and identity. In that same vein, ParaNorman often walks a fine line between poking fun at a scary and disturbing genre (horror), and actually being a scary and disturbing film. That’s to say: parents might want to think twice about the PG rating, as some of the material in the film is going to be too intense for kids below double-digit age. For example: a scene with Norman handling a fresh corpse will leave a disturbing impression on adults, let alone kids.

Voices in the cast include John Goodman, Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Leslie Mann (This is 40), Kodi Smit-Mcphee (The Road), Anna Kendrick (Up In the Air), Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone), and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), and they all do a pretty good job. The younger cast members have the most screen time, and Kendrick is a standout as Courtney, Norman’s bow-hipped teen-queen sister. The primary group of young characters are all stock horror movie types with smart twists thrown in to keep you guessing; even secondary characters like the colonial-era zombies and the evil witch  manage to be interesting spins on the usual tropes.

ParaNorman Zombies ParaNorman Review

The ‘ParaNorman’ Colonial Zombies

Admittedly, the first half of ParaNorman is much stronger than the latter half. Even clocking in at an efficient 93 minutes the film feels bloated – most notably in the slow transition between the second and third acts. Somewhere near the 2/3 mark, significant momentum is lost, as characters literally just hang around one locale, waiting for the inevitable climax to occur. That finish proves to be an uptick (visually, thematically, and emotionally) – but again, getting there could be a bit of a challenge for adults, as most of the latter second act rests on goofy slapstick sequences meant to keep the kids invested (lest they grow tired of the smart, rich, story that’s unfolding).

Despite some weak story beats, on the whole Paranorman proves that Laika Entertainment (which also made Coraline) is a studio that has some great talent, great ideas, and a bright future telling dark tales about uplifting and insightful life lessons. There’s still room for them to grow (say, to the level of Pixar), but like the eponymous character, there’s something delightfully odd and different about the way Laika goes about telling their brand of story.

ParaNorman is currently in theaters. It is Rated PG for scary action and images, thematic elements, some rude humor and language.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. I agree with the third act being bloated. it was an extremely strong first half. I was pretty suprised by the 2 swear words and the gun violence.

    • I was very upset with the word choices for a kids movie “sex” “Tr*mp” “Dumb***” and the ending with the older brother talking about his boyfriend. I have no problem with sexual orientation but it should not be advertised to kids.

      • there are gay people in the world. there are GAY kids in the world. just like there are heterosexual people or black people. sooner you stop this idea of pushing reality under a carpet the sooner the world will be a happier place. especially for GAY kids!!!!! like I was!!!.

        • Well, it is nice you are gay and was as a kid. Frankly, it shouldn’t really matter (but sadly to some, still does). But, I agree with Tine, a kid’s movie is no place to stick a reference to being gay (or use some of the language used) out of the blue. It did nothing for the characters, did nothing for the story line and, if an Easter Egg, was a very poor choice. I watch closely what my child sees on TV, the Internet, and the movies. I, as a parent should make the decision when I feel it is appropriate to speak of such things, not some film writer or director pushing some kind of agenda. And that is what it did come across to me as, an agenda.

        • There are no gay kids. Until a child reaches something close to puberty, he really has no sexuality at all. And sexuality of any kind really has no place in a movie aimed at kids. It’s the parents’ job to decide when to have a conversation about sexuality, not Hollywood’s.

      • The audience was totally shocked to have the homosexual references in a kids film. This type of garbage should be listed on the movie posters.
        Otherwise the film was mildly amusing. Animation was so-so. Anyway it is a do not buy do not rent, tell others the same.

  2. Great to read the positive review, this is one of my most anticipated movies of the summer, so I’m excited.

    However, your comment on some of the scares bothers me, I was thinking of taking my little cousin to see it (he’s 7), but I was wondering if it’d be ok for him. Are the scares in it worse than Monster House and Coraline? He saw both and was fine.

    • I wouldn’t say worse than those. just darker images like zombies.

    • If he was cool with Coraline he’ll love this!!!

  3. while reading your review, i was expecting a 4.5, so i was surprised by the 3.5, but either way i still want to see this as i am a huge fan of animation. yes, even a 45 year old like me still enjoys cartoons.

  4. I am far from a homophobe but the four children I took to see this movie left thinking there was a mistake in the script. When the brother says his boyfriend would love it because he is into chick flicks threw them for a loop. Even though they’re ages ranging from 12-14 they all agreed it was an unnecessary part in the movie. I thought the movie was ok but I don’t think it will do well in states with small minded people.

    • It threw you and you thought it was unnecessary, but if others are bothered by it they’re “small minded.”



      • well said Vic. People have opinions they don’t seem to have the courage to own, that’s because they haven’t really thought about that opinion or why they even have it. Funny how they feel the need to shout it…I’ll never understand.

      • You are correct Vic. Small minded indeed. Like 7 years old small minded!!! Was it appropriate? Not for the age group that it was marketed to. And I am a very liberal parent at best.

    • I was actually dissapointed in this movie.

      As a fan of Coraline, I was anticipating something similar, but whereas Coraline was more about being weird, Paranorman traded weirdness for gags, a lot of which weren’t funny.

      And I love kid’s movies with messeges for the audiences, if done right. This one, since it had so much gags thrown in that when it started preaching about intolerance, it felt like that, preachy. Which was a shame, the twist involving the identity of the witch was good, but it felt wasted on a subpar movie. And just when I thought it was going to end, it turned out there was another 10 minutes to go, its definitely to long for its own good.

      Still worth watching for the animation and soundtrack though.

      • This wasn’t supposed to be a reply, it was supposed to be its own seperate comment, I have no idea why its here.

    • Maybe you could just explain to your kids that some boys have girlfriends, some girls have boyfriends, some boys have boyfriends, and some girls have girlfriends, but there’s nothing wrong with any of them because it makes them happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone. I think this movie sneaked this in seamlessly and brilliantly in order to either force some parents to explain a difficult topic to their kids or just to make them squirm. I loved it.

      • It should be up to the parents to explain this to their children not the hollywood movies.

      • I wouldn’t have a problem if they had a gay character from the beginning. But for them to have a girl fall in love with a boy and at the end you find out the boy was gay and had a boyfriend–that is tasteless gay propaganda and inapropriate for little kids.

        • How is that propaganda and tasteless?

          Its an old joke that we’ve seen before, a guy or girl is buying for the attention of someone of the opposite sex, but it turns out that person is taken. If it turned out he was staright and had a girlfriend, you wouldn’t be complaining now would you?

        • Why should a character be stating his/her sexuality from the beginning? You don’t see heterosexual characters doing it, so why should the gay character do it? Even characters are entitled to their privacy.
          Him having a boyfriend didn’t affect at all the story, it didn’t make him any more or less capable. He was a person who happened to have a same sex partner.
          Also, I think the fact that the girl had a crush on him was brilliant! Current children movies promote the idea of the immediacy of love: Boy and girl meet in the movie? They will wind up together, or developing feelings. They are meant to be! All of this, reinforces wrong perceptions on how real life relationships work.

        • how is it propaganda? he’s gay…fact….he tells her he’s gay. How is that propaganda?. Oh I see, because GAYS are trying to make more people GAY so there will be more GAY people to be GAY with. It’s not a choice…FACT!!!!! You can’t suddenly become GAY!!!. FACT.

          • How is it propaganda? Let me explain: I will make a movie about two gay characters that the whole movie they fight all the time as they try to make their relationship work. Then one day one of the decides to habe shock therapy to go straight and lives happily ever after as a straight man with a hot girl. Wouldnt u think my movie was hetero propaganda???? In this paranorman movie all the straight people are portrayed in a bad way: the hetero girl wears a slutty outfit, the straight parents get a close up on their guts, the straight bully is really ugly and fat but the only gay character is totally fit an healthy looking and never does anything wrong. All those things combined to me sound like gay propaganda. “look we gay people have it together and we are in better physical shape than straight people” just the same way that cigarette commercials like to portray smokers. I live in west hollywood, ca–gay meca usa–and i know first hand that the majory of gay here are dependent on some sort of substance to keep them going and the good looking ones are dying of a combo of steroids and crystal meth to stay skinny. I am very well informed on the dysfunction and the unhappiness that a gay lifestyle brings to young men. I see it firsthand. I have seen them get into drugs, go homeless and die.

            • you said, “and i know first hand that the majory of gay here are dependent on some sort of substance to keep them going and the good looking ones are dying of a combo of steroids and crystal meth to stay skinny. I am very well informed on the dysfunction and the unhappiness that a gay lifestyle brings to young men. I see it firsthand. I have seen them get into drugs, go homeless and die.” this has to be, without a doubt, the most idiotic, and bigoted thing i have EVER read in the comments of this site. i feel dumber for having read your words.

              • Heh-heh…

                To you and to the others pointing out the ludicrous nature of judgements on someone else’s orientation: BRAVO.


            • That is ridiculous! The gay character is portrayed as less than perfect, he is portrayed as stupid, and slow. But do you wanna know why none or saying “ohh, you made the straight characters average smart, and the only gay character non intelligent!!!”? Because it does’t obey to Gay – Straight archetypes: It obeys to social stereotypes!: Average american parents with weight problems? Check! Socially awkward kids? Check! Good-old grumpy teacher? Check! Stereotypical teenage jock and cheerleader? Check!
              What the movie is trying to say is not “We gay have it together”. What it says is:” Gay people can easily fit social stereotypes, they are not different than anyone else, they’re just like anyone and hadn’t we said “Hey, the guy is gay! you would have never know, cause being gay doesn’t make him any less of a person”
              And that’s not gay propaganda. If anything, it’s “human equality propaganda”.

      • I love you mindi x

  5. I don’t think it Will do well here also. and the end like you said shocked me.

    • Trey, grow up. get a passport, travel, see the world is a bigger place than just what’s in your head.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing this tomorrow (later today?). TDKR and “The Hobbit” were/are my two most anticipated films for the year, but “ParaNorman” is following close behind. It seems to be right up my alley and looks to provide a quirky, dark bit of entertainment to end the summer…I loved “Coraline”, so here’s hoping…

  7. Awful! Not funny at all. Language..ridiculous violencef..horrible movie!

    • I totally agree, I walked out in the middle because I feel like a movie with a PG rating should not have cuss words, and sexual innuendos. Very disappointing for a supposed kid movie. I got money back!!!!

      • My 8 year old daughter was scared by the zombie images. I also was uncomfortable with the language and sexual innuendos. Did not seem entirely appropriate for children. I would have stayed until the end, but she asked if we could leave after the first hour.

        • Becky, are you 8?.

          • place a cool bandage on that burn

  8. I was kind of surprised from by 3.5, the review had me expecting 4

  9. I think that because this is a cartoon people were quick to take kids out to watch this movie. The advertising on T.V. made it look like a fun movie. However, I was disgusted at the fact that there was a sexual tone involved with the characters in this movie. Perhaps not directly but, it was there!…If you go watch it you will know what I’m talking about.I give this movie two thumbs down. Simply because whoever created this movie did not have the integrity to realize the audience would be mostly children. At the very beginning of the movie the parents ask Norman what he is watching and he says…”sex and violence”….and that’s just the beginning. The movie is cute for a more mature audience…maybe an audience that’s 17 or 18 years of age…I do not recommend you take your children to go see this movie…If you have doubts go watch it before you take them. I saw like 2 parents walk out with their kids and the couple next to me was whispering about how they couldn’t believe the language that was used. When you advertise cartoons/movies to children please also make people aware of the rating of the movie!!! That is all.

    • Ok, the word jackass is used once (which is a male donkey), and Norman says he’s watching sex and violence as a sarcastic reply to his I attentive parents but other than that I can’t think of anything questionable said…not like Transformers 2 where the “s” word and worse was used throughout. And don’t tell me that Transformers was not made for 7 year old boys ( in fact, it may have been MADE by 7 year old boys).
      I enjoyed this movie although I think my son got a bit spooked, but not scared. It has a good, clear message of anti-bullying and stays mostly clear of typical kid film cliches and gimmicks.

      • How old is your son? I was planning to see this tonight with my “nearly” 7 year old… now I’m questioning it.. :(

        • Do not take your kids to see this movie. The girls are wearing slutty outfits and there is a semi nude gay guy in it.

          I felt duped because you don’t realize this is a gay propaganda movie until the end and I was there with my two boys ages 6 and 7.

          I would never take my kid to a movie that shows gay propaganda.

          • Why do you feel the need to mention that the nude guy is gay? If he was straight would that make it any different?

            Re: gay propaganda. … I just have no words. It’s not like there was an all-male orgy, and even then, propaganda, really? So if a girl were to mention her boyfriend or vice versa, it would be straight propaganda.

          • one day I sincerely hope that your kids get passports and travel and see the world is a beautiful place full of all different kinds of people. I grew up gay in a small town surrounded by narrow minded people and TV telling me it was wrong to be gay. Guess what, after all that (i wont slump to call it propaganda like you would if it were the other way around) after all that, I’m STILL GAY! yep weird isn’t it. No amount of heterosexual bombardment made me heterosexual. There are GAY people and always will be. GROW UP!!!!!!

    • I would say its slightly naive to assume this movie was good for kids. coraline was quite dark and creepy. pay attention to the company and the directors previous work. it was a nightmare before Christmas…

    • When I saw it, there were more teens and older people than there were kids, so I assume most people understand that this is an animated movie aimed for older kids.

    • Sexual tone….!!!! there’s more sexual tones in a commercial for carpet cleaner than in this film. I think you’re a homophobe, am I right? is it ok to be (whispers) gay, as long as you hide it? What is your opinion on homosexuality? Come on…lets have it. Have some courage to back up you bigotry.

  10. This was definitely a darker more adult animated film, it could have easily gotten a pg 13 rating. As an adult I appreciated it but there are some things that might not be appropriate for children. There were also a lot of jokes and references that children won’t get , super funny though

  11. OK, no one said this film was made for kids, in fact, I felt it was geared towards teens and adults who can understand the humor. I thought this movie was FANTASTIC, though I’m fifteen, and apprciate all the risks it took. Younger children will see this as a mild horror film with some humor, while adults will find it to be a funny homage to films such as “The night of the living dead”.
    Although, I do have to agree about the pacing, which wasn’t that great. It was a little slow in the beginning, but started to pick up.
    I thought this film had alot of heart, and executed that very well. It also deals with strong subjects such as death, being an outcast, and bullying. I found it to be very well done.
    Overall, this is a great film, worth every penny. I gave it four out of five stars.

    • I agree with you,thanks for your comment.

    • I agree..good job for the directors of this movie!!!

    • No one said the movie is for kids??? you obviously don’t have kids. The trailers played before other kids movies in the theaters. Any innocent cartoon is trying to get kid’s audiences. I didn’t want to go see this movie but they kids insisted because it targets kids. In reality, this movie is a tacky piece of tasteless gay propaganda with references to gay pedophilia and semi nudity.

      • But there is a fine line between what age group of children you’re aiming at, and movies for slightly older children will be shown as a trailer before others kids movies because it’s assumed that the parents (some with children of multiple ages) will take the entire group as a family. Anything with violence or the sort of horror themes in Paranorman is generally meant for kids 11+

        Also, the one “gay” character is only known as such because of one line in the entire script. That is the only way he’s shown to be gay.

        Also, what references to ANY pedophilia are you even talking about? Can you list the exact lines or scene?

  12. I liked this movie however I believe it is a little scary for my 6 year old son.The story is very good and after I watched the movie there were many ideas came to my mind like
    *We must use our ears and hearts to listen to others and to understand them even though we feel that they are different. Nobody was listening to Norman and nobody wanted to understand him.
    *In our complicated life we may take decisions that cause pain to others and may destroy their life and when we realize that our decisions are completely wrong,it is just too late to fix things out, and that is what happened to the little girl (witch), nobody was listening to her or trying to understand her and they just take the decision to kill her to protect themselves from a poor little girl.
    *INJUSTICE is the worst crime in the world.

  13. For the parents who find this movie not suitable for children, you have to realize that lately more and more animated films have been better than live-action films. I’m a guy and sixteen, and ever since I saw Legend of the Guardians I have gone to about every animated movie that peaked any interest in me since. What I’m saying is, I’m positive I’m not the only teenager who goes to see movies like Tangled (which was great, by the way) and recently Brave (which I liked its ending because the plot became way more mature and interesting, but I did overall enjoy the film so don’t mistake that). You should really consider that lately animated movies have been getting better and better, exceeding my expectations every time I see one, and so they’re expanding their audiences in my opinion. Most of my friends can’t wait to see this movie, all my age. Personally, this film didn’t look like it would be as immature as these parents want it to be. I’m positive your kids have picked up on these horrible, horrible swear words used in the movie just by walking around in a store or turning the TV on. So for any parent concerned about taking their child to see this based on minor curse words, you really shouldn’t. It’s nothing they haven’t been exposed to before. The older audiences laughed at moments the little kids had no idea what was so funny, and vice versa. So it’s a film everyone can enjoy, and you should go see it just based on how awesome the movie itself is.

  14. WARNING: Only take your kids to see Paranorman if you are ready to show your kids a counter plot of a GAY story with with a semi nude gay character that you don’t know he is gay until the very end. You will feel totally duped when you find out that the PG movie you brought your kids was actually a gay cartoon plot that is not revealed until the end. Parents are complaining online but they are too afraid to say the word “gay” that is presented in a very distasteful way in a movie that only couples with kids will be going to see. I think that gay content should be pre disclosed just as a vaginal birth in a PG cartoon should also be disclosed. Just something that should be disclosed so that kids can be prepared or simply not go to see the movie in case they are not ready for that type of info.

    • Does this film feature vaginal birth? That would be..very interesting

    • macmb – it’s quite obvious that you have a problem with the existence of gay people portrayed in a children’s film. I am gay man and am married (to a man! *faint*) and we have a 6 year old son who we took to this movie.
      I was overjoyed to see a movie in which my son can see a person who is just like his dads and treated like there is nothing wrong with it, like it should be.
      This may not have been the movie you wanted your children to “ambushed” into learning about our existence but you are going to have to get on that train sooner or later. The sooner the better because you never know, one of your own could very well be gay too and they are going to want your support and love.

  15. I actually enjoyed the film more than I expected to, as did my 13-yr-old sister. I totally agree that it is inappropriate for little children, especially the boyfriend thing at the end; the film should’ve gotten a PG-13 rating instead. Although, people questioning the boyfriend thing should come back to reality, because kids WILL be seeing more of that later anyway.

    • the reality if that at leat 90% of parents taking their kids to a PG cartoon movie are not expecting to see references to gay pedophilia and a semi nude gay character. we find it desrespecful, uncalled for, sneaky, shocking and disgusting.

      • OK, where are the instances of “gay pedophilia” that you talk about?

        Honestly, it seems like YOU’RE the only one making a big deal out of it.

        Was it sneaky? Yes.

        Was it hilarious? God yes. Most of the parents and older audience members laughed at the part where the kid came out, so you’re probably in the minority.

        • There was reference to gay pedophilia when Norman is telling the chubby kid that the old mans ghost was disturbing him in the bathroom, chubby kids shows shock and norman says “not that way”

      • Right on!

  16. A pre-teen boy freeze-framing aerobics vid, packing his face with snacks, and we’re shown a butt shot? That’s funny? It’s creepy. A bully punching a 8, 9 year old in the “boobs”? And what about the premise that this little girl was burned or hanged for NOT be a witch. How in the world did she “curse” those seven puritans if she wasn’t? If she was part of the Puritan upbringing, she would be inclined to forgive rather than damn them for eternity. If you see the making of Paranorman on Youtube, you’ll understand how all these moronic one-liners, innuendoes, and “don’t hate me becuz I’m different” subplots got made. It’s a weak movie, but maybe a semi-entertaining short. Give me a Up, Toy Story, and even a Coraline any day.

  17. Gay pedophilia? Where did you even see that? I knew he was gay from the moment he was completely uninterested in Courtney. If anything, since he was a likable character and so normal in the stereotypical football player persona, it’s a positive thing that kids will be able to see that being gay doesn’t make anyone less normal than the next person. It’s troublesome that so many people aren’t going to give this movie a chance because they’re scared their children will know what gay means before sex ed in 5th grade.

  18. inappropriate for children.

  19. It’s a wonderfully refreshing movie with great jokes and a very touching ending.Being scared was always fun at the cinema when I was a kid. I love it.

  20. I’m glad I have read these reviews. Now I won’t see this movie. Thank you for saving me $$$.

  21. Parents shouldn’t really be concerned about some of the “inappropriate” themes or words used in this movie. C’mon, your kids will be exposed to these sooner or later, and wouldn’t you want to be the one to teach them about these things? Kids are not stupid and they’re not gonna grow up to be a thug if they hear cursing and the word “sex”. It’s up to the parents to teach their kids what’s right from wrong and if you’re b*tching because your kids hear “jackass” in a movie, then you might a well send them to a secluded mountain to be a monk because they will hear words worse than that at school or YouTube.
    As for the gay character, why is it such a problem? That’s what the movie is all about: stop being a**holes to people who are different from the majority. I think it was an opportunity to teach your kids that not all gay people are flaming flamboyants that you see on the media. Gay people can be just as normal as your football jock and shouldn’t be discriminated against.

    See this movie with your kids. It’s rated PG for a reason because the PARENTS should be GUIDING the kids through it. It’s your job when you decide to have that kid. Don’t blame a movie for not watering down its contents for you because you’re uncomfortable to teach your kids about reality.

  22. Everybody – Let’s just move on from “was it gay or not?” argument before it gets out of hand. Most people usually have strong feelings for or against homosexuality and those feelings usually manifest themselves in sharp bitter criticism from both sides. I’ve already had to remove a few lines of a couple of comments.

    Let’s keep the discussion focused on the movie please.

    Paul Young – Moderator

  23. As a parent, taking my kids to a PG movie that was targeted to them, I’m extremely upset and shocked. I feel the producers, obviously backed buy the gay community, snuck this gay line in. I saw no need for this even to be mentioned. It was a great movie up to that point. What a shame. Call me a bigot, old fashioned, or what-ever you come up with, but the raising of my kids is up to me and my wife, not the sneakyness of hollywood.

    • Okay.

      You’re old-fashioned.

      • @Archaeon – :-\ You know better. I know he asked for it but let’s just move things right along.

        Paul Young – Moderator

        • Paul…You’re right, and I do apologize. Thank you for keeping the better part of my comment. :)

    • Thank you Eric! I 150% agree with you on the fact that there was absolutely NO need for that last line in the movie! It was like bringing Twinkies to a fish fry! Where exactly did it belong??? It came WAAAAAY out of left field I thought!

  24. im planning to watch this movie tonight
    and reading these comments makes me feel both proud of our ability as human beings to adapt to society, but also disappointed that most of the negation surrounding this movie is about ‘gays’
    srsly guys, its pretty simple, gay people are not secretly vampire satan spawn trying to kill everyone, they are just like everyone else and deserve the right to act just as everyone else without being targeted.

    • lets just enjoy a good movie and not get iffy about it

  25. now moving on, anyone who has watched this, what was your favourite thing about it?

  26. I loved the movie, I thought it was very well done. And to the people who are spazing out about the the Jock who comes out gay at the ending…Get Over It! Its a f**king movie

  27. Well just got home from taking my 7 year old daughter to see Paranorman. Visually, it was pretty amazing! There were a lot of funny parts in the movie and overall it was a cool movie! However… I was a bit shocked with a few word choices for it being a kids movie. Words such as “sex”, “Tramp”, “jack***” and “Dumb***” and then ending with the older brother talking to the other kid’s older sister, saying something along the lines of “You and my BOYFRIEND would get along! He likes chick flicks”. Kids movies have matured quite a bit since I was 7! I have no problem with people who have a different sexual orientation but I really don’t think it has any place in a kids movie… Especially the swear words. And then there were a couple other scenes where one kid was staring at his mom’s aerobics video paused on a woman’s butt and another scene where the group of kids joined hands and it was implied that one of the kids put his hand on a girl’s butt instead of holding her hand. Really??? Come on! With everything else in this world that gets tarnished, can’t we leave kid’s movies alone and keep them clean and still filled with some innocence? It’s no wonder kids are becoming parents at an earlier age and behaving the way they do! I even had to turn around and tell a couple boys that were SO obnoxious that I just got done paying $16 to see that movie and to please be quiet! The same kids that I just got done telling they couldn’t sit on the aisle floor and then argued with me about it! I’d like to know where their parent’s were! Probably at the beer tent down the street at the Art & Balloon Fest!

  28. I saw this film this weekend with a couple of my mates from university. I dunno what to think about this one, I can’t tell if I liked it. My friends and I stopped laughing just about half way through the movie. It’s like there was a big decline in the quality of the film towards the end- bc the “plot” had to be rushed to completion. Bc of this, it stopped being funny. I also agree with the parents that have been commenting here. ParaNorman has a lot of questionable jokes and innuendos that I don’t really feel was appropriate and actually detracted from the film. It was distracting and didn’t add to the film in any way. We also agreed that the ending, with the jock mentioning his bf, was shocking and completely out of place. One of my best friends is gay, and he was with us, and he thought it was inappropriate and the film makers just threw that in there for no apparent reason. I don’t honestly see why that revelation was essential. Why was that in a kids movie? It felt really out of place and firced- like it was added in in post production. Bleh. Dunno what to think about this film