Paranormal Activity Trailer & Poster (Do Not Watch Alone)

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paranormal activity poster Paranormal Activity Trailer & Poster (Do Not Watch Alone)

We recently learned the surprising and refreshing news that a studio was choosing NOT to remake a movie, said movie being the shaky-cam-style horror, Paranormal Activity. The studio acknowledged (not in so many words) that Paranormal Activity is SO good there wasn’t a need to remake it. You speak the truth, Paramount! The Oren Peli written and directed film is about a couple who decide to set up a camera in their bedroom to try and capture the mysterious goings-on that have been happening at night in their house. Needless to say, nightmarish things occur….

Today we have the official trailer for Paranormal Activity, as well as the promo poster. Both items play up the fact that this film has been described as one of the scariest movies of all time, with guaranteed nightmares for those who watch it. That’s a tall order to deliver on.

Check out the trailer and the poster for Paranormal Activity below (/Film warns us that one of the shots in the trailer is from late on in the film and could be considered a SPOILER):

pa ds final Paranormal Activity Trailer & Poster (Do Not Watch Alone)

For the High Definition version of the trailer, you can head over to Apple Movie Trailers.

I love the way the trailer splices nightvision footage of an audience watching the film, with actual footage from the film. The same technique was used for the trailer for [REC] a couple of years ago – I think it’s a great idea, especially when you’re going to end up like those scared audience members, jumping in the dark at every loud noise.

What’s also cool about the trailer is that at the end it invites you to “Demand” that the film be shown in your city if it isn’t already set to do so. And even better, it’s not just limited to the U.S. – I live in Scotland in the UK, and it allowed me to “Demand” it be brought there (a confirmation message that popped up revealed that a whopping NINE other people from my neck of the woods did the same 😛 ).

I’m glad to see a horror movie be about something other than buckets of blood and gore. With this current horror era of torture-porn (I think the Saw series is up to about number 26 by now…), it’s great to see a movie like this celebrate the creepy, get-under-your-skin horror that we don’t see that often. I’ll definitely head out to see Paranormal Activity ASAP.

What do you think of the official trailer for Paranormal Activity? Will you make the trip to the theater to see this one or will you wait for the DVD when you can watch it with the lights off, in the comfort (read: with the pause button at the ready) of your own home?

Paranormal Activity is kicking off its screenings at Austin’s Fantastic Fest at midnight on September 24th, with select showings the following day on September 25th. Here’s the short list of locations where the film is showing:

  • Austin (Alamo Draft House)
  • Seattle (Neptune)
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan (State)
  • Durham, North Carolina (Southpoint 16)
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana (RAVE Mall of Louisiana 15)
  • Boulder, Colorado (Cinemark 16)
  • Columbus, Ohio (Studio 35)
  • Orlando, Florida (AMC Universal Cineplex)
  • Madison, Wisconsin (Marcus Eastgate 16)
  • Santa Cruz, California (Del Mar 3)
  • State College, Pennsylvania (Premiere College 9)
  • Tucson, Arizona (El Con)
  • Lincoln, Nebraska (Ross Media Center)

More screenings are set to follow on September 26th and October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Hopefully the film will do well at these limited locations and it will get a much wider release. If the film isn’t playing in your area, don’t forget you can “Demand It” at the film’s website.

This thing’s really gearing up – could we have the next Blair Witch Project on our hands (in terms of popularity, not quality)?…

Source: YouTube, /Film and Apple

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  1. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait to see the trailer; can’t bring it up at work. “Scariest movie of all time”, huh? We’ll just see about that.

  2. Doesn’t look scary at all. What is this promo anyway, some blair-witchy stunt to make some money?

  3. Sorry but not scary at all. Definitely keeping an open mind but does not look good at all. Seeing an audience made up of predominantly young/teenage people getting “freaked out” does not do anything for me lol.

    I know what you’re saying about “buckets of blood and gore” movies. But this “real life” or “first person camera” stuff is getting repetitive and bland pretty quickly too. Blair Witch, Cloverfield, ReC, Quarantine, etc. I thought Blair Witch was OK, Cloverfiled was an original idea executed fairly well, REC and Quarantine I didn’t care that much for.

    It reminded me of a lot of The Fourth Kind trailer.

  4. I believe Bloody-Disgusting if they say it’s a scary flick. Those guys don’t usually make that sort of claim. We’ll see though. I feel that no matter what, the Hype on this will be huge.

    You guys also seem to miss the fact that film was good enough for a studio to NOT want to remake it. That is a HUGE endorsement in my book.

  5. Well, only good movies are remade, so there you go 😛

  6. Oh no…Not another “Blair Witch Project” rip-off, this time set in a bedroom! This is what I hate about those “independent” horror movies: low budget crap claiming to be fresh and creative while being nothing but badly executed and cheaply produced! I prefer stuff like “The Unborn” over pseudo-innovative non-movies like these! “The Unborn” may be a bad movie but it is still a MOVIE…Blair Witch Project and this one aren’t!

  7. Yeah all you guys are saying you aren’t scared by it, but I bet you won’t watch it alone in the dark in a big empty house right before you go to bed.

  8. Paul

    I certainly will not (partially because I don’t have a house and someone is always home), but even if I did, these movies just don’t do it for me. The “realism” they go for makes it feel less real for me. Give me Stephen King’s IT, or Descent, or The Thing over this any day. Then I’ll have nightmares.

  9. ogb – No way I’m a pussy! All lights on while watching Scooby Doo.

  10. Prediction

    75% of you saying “hell no” now will change your tune. I’m calling it.

  11. IT is to this day the only movie that’s ever scared me. I fell asleep in Descent. I’m keeping an open mind to this one. I haven’t really heard of major hype surrounding a horror movie before, so it should be interesting

  12. This so reminds me of THE ENTITY. Now that was one freak scary movie!

  13. Well yea… Scooby deals with all those monsters! And that freaky van of theirs…

  14. That trailer was actually pretty funny, seeing all those people freak out. The whole thing with the sheet was cool too.

  15. The “Mystery Machine”, Bruce,,,

    Haaa haaaaa,,,,!!!!

  16. @Bruce: Yeah I was thinking ‘The Entity’ too. Looks pretty good, I hope to see it in the theater.

  17. Wow, so do they think that if they can somehow convince people that other people think it’s scary that we’ll think it’s scary too?? Because that was such a joke. Did they hand out fliers at the door saying they are filming it and the person who looks the most scared during the screening will be given $1000 or something? Or did they pull these people from the “I’m afraid of the dark” club or something?

    Seriously, it’s a movie and everyone knows it’s a movie, these people looked like they were watching a torture documentary or something. Or maybe they were showing Battlefield Earth. I know I looked like some of those people while watching that piece of trash… *shudders*

    Looks like a rental at most, but most likely won’t be wasting much time with this one. The only “scary” movies I like are the ones that make me laugh out loud like the Jason movie or whatever. These wannabe serious “scary” movies are just plain boring for me… Oh well.

  18. I caught this last friday and i have to it is SCARY as hell. The trailer does an excellent job of not ruining any fo the really scary parts. Im not one of those people that get scared easily. I hated blair witch but in my opinion the ONLY thing this has in common with blair witch is the fact that its shot on a handheld camera. Its alot more thrilling and scary than blair witch was. This a a def must see.

  19. Yea – Blair Witch was a bit boring when you look back at it…

  20. How about you don’t judge it before you see it because we just seen this movie at Studio 35 in Ohio and I’m sure everyone that said it’s a rip off and stupid and looks funny won’t be saying that after you see it. It’s the most disturbing, freaky, real, in your face recording we’ve ever seen.

    I surely am freaked out. I can’t even look at the pictures or trailer again.

    So suck it.

  21. Has anyone criticizing this movie even seen it? It’s a first rate thriller that for once lives up to the hype. There are very minor problems but what this movie has done hasn’t been done in a very long time. Watch the movie with a big audience and come back and tell me that not one part of the movie didn’t tickle you. IF it didn’t then I trust no movie in the past decade has. Yes the cinematography used has been popular recently but this is the most original film in a looooong time. Am I the only one that thinks this movie lives up to the hype AFTER watching it?

  22. Just got home from seeing the movie & I thought it was “okay.” I honestly laughed through half of it & didn’t jump once. I also don’t believe in any sort of ghosts/demons though. The scariest part of this movie is the last 60 seconds… pretty freaky s**t, but I feel like the movie could have kept going in the sense that it had some serious potential… but kinda failed. The scary part of the movie is afterwards once you’re home. I did find myself double checking locked doors, leaving lights on, listening for small noises, and feeling a little worried when my dog started barking at nothing. No, the movie itself isn’t scary, but I’m not gonna lie… the images from a couple hours ago remain in my head & I do feel slightly shaken. Nightmares are definitely possible & falling asleep will be a little more difficult.

    • yes thats true ^^^^^ my name is ashley and im only 11yrs. old and im scared to fall alsleep and to walk in my kiten to get some water and im scared I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME OR TELL ME WHAT TO DO??!!!PLEASE

  23. I also thing the movie could have kept going. it turns out the ending they used wasn’t the ending they really wanted to use. Yes the part of (The guy getting thrown at the camera was) But after that, they had two other ideas they liked. I agree the movie had potentional the first time I saw it scared me. But that’s only because the audience got so into it everyone was acting like the trailer was. The second time I saw it not so much. Then again I was making jokes with my friends the whole time.


  25. Oh my god, I’m someone who gets scared easily (although, I admit there has not been a GOOD scary movie in a long time). I can tell I’m going to cry in this.

  26. Im gonna personally say this movie caught me off guard i was prior marines infantry and ive done some crazy stuff then raids and etc… at night but this movie is mentaly disturbing i mean I’ve never been scared by a movie but in my head i tought this movie was real yeah it’s not but if u take it serious yeah u will sleep with one eye open.

  27. Idk, sure it starts out slow but it builds up the anticipation. Personally, this movie scared the crap outta me. I’ve never before screamed outloud in a movie theater during a horror movie, but yeah this one made me yelp. It was freaky and I still have trouble sleeping at night. Oh, and IT sucks. How anyone thinks that’s scary, save for if you’re afraid of clowns, is beyond me.

  28. I just saw it and didn’t see any trailer, it scared the hell out of me! Before I found this site I thought it actually occured, as it ends with only a dark message… Another sequal coming up?

    Thank God almighty it’s just fiction. No blood no gore no fancy soundtrack, just plain horror. If you loved horrors like “omen”, “entity”, “excorsist”, “mirror”, “drag me 2 hell”, you probally like this one