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paranormal activity poster Paranormal Activity Theatrical Trailer

A new theatrical trailer has been released for Oren Peli’s super low-budget supernatural horror, Paranormal Activity, which has already become somewhat of a phenomenon in the movie world, earning itself the tagline of “the next Blair Witch Project,” and so forth. It’s already brought in an impressive $13.5 million – impressive for a film that only cost $11,000 to make.

In case you happened to miss all the coverage (it would be pretty hard to if you read movie news regularly), Paranormal Activity is about a couple who set up a video camera in their room to try and capture the strange goings-on they’ve noticed during the night. Obviously things continue to go bump in the night, and we get to see it “found-footage” style.

The latest trailer isn’t as effective as the teaser that was first released, which made very good use of the audience reaction shots to hype it up as terrifying. But, for those hoping to see more than just the couple in bed, it provides that. Here’s the theatrical trailer, thanks to Bloody-Disgusting:

If you notice, at the end of the trailer it says, “You demanded it. Now playing in theaters everywhere.” Referring of course to the “Demand It!” campaign which has been running on the Paranormal Activity‘s official website, allowing you to demand the film come to your city if it isn’t playing there already (the film started off in a handful of theaters before continually expanding).

They’ve started displaying a vote or “demand” counter, and they said if it reached 1,000,000 demands then Paramount would open it up to a normal theatrical release. It appears that strategy has worked, although there’s rumor going around that Paramount planned to release it normally anyway, and the million votes thing was just a ploy to get people more interested. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that was the case or not…

In my eyes, even it was just a ploy, I say who cares? It got buzz up on a film that rightfully deserves the word of mouth.

Like I said, even if this latest trailer isn’t as effective as the first teaser, I’m still very much looking forward to see Paranormal Activity. It doesn’t open in my neck of the woods (Scotland, UK) for another month or so, but once it does I’ll definitely be there in line to hopefully be terrified along with pretty much everyone else who’s seen it.

paranormal activity Paranormal Activity Theatrical Trailer

What do you think of the latest trailer for Paranormal Activity? Do you think the million demand count thing was legit or do you think Paramount was planning a full release no matter what? Have you had a chance to catch a showing of the film yet, if so, what did you think of it?

Paranormal Activity opened theatrically (on a wide release) in the U.S. yesterday (Friday, October 16th), and it opens in the UK on November 27th, 2009.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting and ThePlaylist

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  1. I thought that it was a really good movie. But personally, I wasn’t that scared. Although there were indeed other people in the theater who were definitely scared.

  2. either way it was a interesting marketing ploy.

  3. People were scared in my theater but they probably think it was real footage and not a movie. Me personally, Nothing about it was scary and i never jumped one time which is surprising. I do not think it lives up anywhere near the hype. Ide say its a ok movie, and a scary movie if you dont know its fake. But if you do, like me and others did, you won’t find much entertainment out of it. I know a few people who began to nod off even during the most “intense” parts.


  5. @ Aaron

    Just wandering if you were a fan of blair witch? If you thought it wasn’t scary did you think blair witch was?

    Just trying to compare them

  6. scary movies are retards

  7. this is the scariest omvies i have ever seen in my whole life and i am recomending strongly to see it!

  8. I thought it absolutely STUNK!!! The few cool moments in the film were all played out in the trailers. Don’t believe the hype- wait and rent it for a dollar.

  9. its odd that this trailer has a shot from the original ending when they were screening it two years ago

  10. Total disappointment. Another Blair Witch project in a bedroom.

  11. Like many people have said, it was an okay movie. Trust me I have seen worse but it was definitely not the scariest movie I have ever seen, not even in the top 10. I mean all you see is three people and after a while it become pretty predictable. Although there were many people that left during the movie from fear. I was not nearly that scared and only jumped one time, but I did think it was worth the money!

  12. @ WIll, I will say that I liked Blair witch more. Mostly because when I saw it I didn’t know it was fake so I bought it. Also, they just didnt seem like actors in blair witch. I dont know what it was, maybe the script, but the actors in Paranormal Activity seemed like they were acting like they weren’t “acting” if that makes sense. As far as ending goes, I enjoyed the ending in Blair witch far more than Paranormal. The final scene is in the trailer just like quarantine fyi. It was an ok movie. I would have rather rented it at home though.

  13. The movie sucked and people are getting completely ripped off. I am convinced that any movie that only cost 11K to make is worth $.01 to see. This was the most boring 90 minutes I spent in my life. People actually left the movie way before it was over because it is a torturious 90 minutes of watching a whining chick and her silly boyfriend sleeping for 30 days. Also, the video game programmer Oren Peli, who made the movie, should be shot for ripping people off!

  14. this is too much

  15. In my opinion this movie is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever had the privilage of seeing. I don’t know about the rest of you all, but the similarity to Blair Witch was uncanny, and i remember when i was younger seeing that movie and not being afraid at first, but as i was tucked into bed that night that was all i could think about. With the documentary style footage, it leaves alot to your imagination to interpret which i believe to be very strategic in trying to scare the audience. All in all, for all those who have had experiences with possibly the unexplainable, the paranormal, this movie will scare the living day lights out of you. At the time i saw it my girlfriend was out of town, and to come home alone in the dark was indeed frightening. After viewing this movie, i recommend two things:

    A. The lights be left on in your room
    B. Lots and lots of late night cartoons

  16. In the theater, PA was sufficiently taut to keep me interested – although having seen the original ending, I absolutely detest this one, it doesn’t hurt the other 98%


    Like Blair Witch, you don’t really get the full effect of the movie until you wake up at 2.30 in the morning for a moment or two like usual. At that point, some of the scenes and scares come back into your head and you start to wonder if that really is the house settling, the sprinklers running or the dog walking up the stairs

    I will have to say though, that this needs to be seen in a theater or with good surround sound to get the full effect

  17. i personally don’t think i want to see it because i can’t even blow dry my hair when no one is home…so i don’t think this would be a good idea for me. what do you people think?

  18. Watched it last night…. we enjoyed it but wasn’t quite as scared as I was hoping for… did get a couple decent chilling moments though… I think this is DEFINITELY a movie you should watch in a full movie theater.

    Afterwards we watched Blair Witch b/c my friend hadn’t seen it either… got some good nervous energy out of that one too! hahaha

  19. Not what I was expecting. Good movie but it felt like it was missing something. It didn’t seem like they went deep enough into the story. A lot of unanswered questions pertaining to the plot.

  20. to be honest, i did find it scary. but not to the point were i couldn’t sleep…
    but can someone answer me this… is it real or not?

  21. Oh it’s real alright… you think about that before you go to bed…. 😉 hahahaha think about it…. do YOU think it’s real??

  22. The story is real, but not this actual movie, it says in the credits the actors depicted were ficticious and real footage was kept confidential. All in all, I thought it was good. Like some of you said, in the moment it wasnt that scary but I will definitely be freaking when my covers slip off my feet! And why would they sleep with the door open when they knew all the activity was in the hall?!?

  23. does any one think that the chick in paranormal activity was kind of hot

  24. Hahaha… does anyone think she also looked kind of like Pam from The Office? Who is also kind of hot lol.

  25. Watch it last night. Nowhere near as scary as I hoped it was going to be. Thought the story was not explored enough but I did enjoy it and yes it does mess with your mind a little.

    Watch at the movies to get the full effect.

  26. dANg CUZ YEW lUk SCArEd !