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Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones Katie Kristi Spoilers Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones review, this is the place where you can discuss Paranormal Activity spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check back soon for our Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones episode of the SR Underground podcast or read our Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Ending & Connections Explained post.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones runs 84 minutes and is Rated R for pervasive language, some violence, graphic nudity and some drug use. Now playing in theaters.

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    • I saw it this morning and it’s more of the same. It’s the same formula with different actors and I, for one, am glad that a friend paid for me or else I would have been highly upset. There is nothing really new and unlike The Conjuring which at least had a decent storyline/script, this felt like it was a combination of the previous PA movies. Is it a set in the right direction? I don’t know. Personally, I hope this franchise is finished with these sequels/spin offs/prequels because there is nothing really new that adds to the story. Insidious 2 with all it’s flaws at least attempted to add more to the storyline that was new which is more than I can saw for PA: The Marked Ones. That’s just IMHO though

    • ” brilliant [REC] movies “?

      The first one was ok, but much like PA as it went on it went down hill. At least PA had 3 decent movies. You see REC Genesis? Lol, that was tarded

      • The second was a little weird with the demonic possession but I still feel they’re amongst the best series in horror. Unlike the popular Hollywood horror movies of recent years (especially James Wan movies), [REC] movies are still scary.

  1. Dazz, while this film doesn’t cover much new ground, its definitely a step forward in the right direction for the franchise. The story is very interesting, compelling, and genuinely funny. It answers questions that viewers have been asking since the release of PA2, and it also takes the franchise in an exciting new direction. (hence the mind raping conclusion.) Overall its a pretty fresh, enjoyable movie that I highly recommend. Much better than 4, and a slight return to form. Yes those predictable jump scares are still there, but its massively scaled down in favor of progressing the mythos within the story. So no, its not scary. But its thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. The ending was a total mind rape for me and I need to have some things cleared up. First of all, how did Hector go back in time to the events of the first film? What was the significance of that? How did jesse follow him? Why was young katie and her sister in that basement? And was that Alex who turned off the camera at the end? Or was it Grandma lois or katie? I’m just really confused lol

    • Basically, continuity doesn’t matter anymore because there are magical doorways witches use to go to “unholy places” – i.e., any other PA film.

      Hector ran through a doorway of Jesse’s possession and ended up at Katie’s possession on the night Micah died; the little girls could therefore be in that basement as well.

      Time-travel, dawg.

      • LOL, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Next they will introduce different dimensions that they use to skip to different parts of the storyline within PA 1-3

        • Lol, or better yet…..

          Since they can travel inter dimensionally and be invisible (hay, why not?) Toby cam be a real person, like one of the dude witches.
          And then we can find out it was aliens the whole time, or something

      • Sounds like a case for Timecop.

    • If you are used to the demon world then it’s called a portal. When he went through the door at the end with the symbols on it, then it most likely a demon portal he went through. That’s why his camera went fuzzy and he teleported to katie’s house. It was more of the prequel to the first one or the events that took place while katie was battling her demons.

  3. Felt like they could have gotten the same ending without the use of time travel

    I enjoyed it like most fan will at the time but in reflection it adds a huge spanner to an already muddled story
    And it actually ties in almost every paranormal film at some point so bar a lack of Katie and Toby it’s practically a direct sequel

  4. Watched it this afternoon. At the ending there was a demon face rushing at the camera, right? Was that Jesse? I was also confused by how fast everything happened at the end. Could someone help explain? Katie stabbed Hector? Micah? What was said about the drawings that showed the door? So the doors are passageways for witches & demons to claim their victims? Ahhhhh! Just tell me what happened! Lol

      • The fourth one had a plot, it was to show you more about Hunter and the first born son being chosen. I feel like the marked ones plot is to show you what’s it like for the people who were chosen. See in Katie and kristi’s perspective neither are the first born son but the grandma made it to where Kristi had a boy if you’ve actually watched the third one at the end they put the wedding dress on Kristi and says she’s marrying toby, who is the demon in all of the movies. The marked ones is to show what’s it like to be the first born son and how they can’t escape their fate.

  5. I don’t understand the ending?

    • Hector, Marisol, and the gangster family of the kid who killed Anna(crazy downstairs lady) drive a house nearby. The family in PA3 goes to the same house right before the end (it’s Kaiti and Kristys grandmothers house). The kids think that Jesse has been taken there and that it’s a place where the witches do witchy stuff. They’re correct, and everyone is killed except for Hector. Hector runs around the house hiding in various closets as a very possessed Jesse hunts him down. Hector chooses one last closet, then walks out into a completely different house. That’s where the time travel concept comes into play.
      Hector is in Kati’s house from PA1 the night Micah is to die. As you may recall, when the kids in PA5 rifle through some of the crazy downstairs lady’s s***, they come across the concept of “portals to bad places”. Hector has accidentally entered a portal to a soon to be murder site (a very familiar and relevant murder site.)
      Hector searches around the first floor of Kati’s house. When he comes to the stairs, he sees a possessed Kati slowly walking downstairs. She ignores hector. Kati stands in the kitchen & screams. It’s the final scene from PA1, but from a different POV. Kati stabs Micah to death and Hector turns around & is attacked by Jesse (who has followed hector through the portal). Someone then turns of the camera and the film ends.

      My theory is that the awful sound we hear at the end of PA1 is the sound of Jesse killing hector. Anyone else?

      • OMG you legend.

        I wanna do a PA marathon now because of you to search for bits and clues!

        That’s what I thought as well about PA1 and PA 4.5 ‘s endings.

  6. I mean seriously these movies went from bad to horrible … This movie made no sense I understand it was a “spin off” but if that was the case then ending should have been completely different ! I mean come on .. Time travel really !?? They jumped from the year 2012 to 2006 ? I’m confused and for sure did not leave me wanting more .. They need to stop making these movies .. Unanswered and unexplained – the two girls in the basement ( Katie and kristy? ) Ana and the grandmothers connection ? What was up with jesses powers? Instead of a ouija board a freaking Simon says machine ??? Time travel? Why does everything lead back to when Katie killed micha and not when the girls first got possessed or something more significant ?? I’m just confused and not impressed.. Of course this is just my opinion.

    • Aside from I think it went from great to meh (the first 2 were terrific films)….. ya, it’s gone way down hill.

      Not sure what to be confused about though. The answer to all you questions about the plot at this point is: they are making random things up as they go along and have no idea where to go with the story. Like the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

  7. Basically in a nut-shell the movie is a prequel of the first one… Oct 2014 Paranormal Activity 5 is going to be release.

    • It’s not a prequel just because they go back in time for a moment in the first movie. The whole film save for the last 2 minutes takes place in 2012 and has things referenced that were results of events that took place in the earlier PA movies.

  8. So time warp/time travel is the new thing here? Are they building an army of demon children? I Hope arturo survives because he got a shotgun^^

  9. I loved it! I haven’t seen any of the previous paranormal activity movies so the whole ‘camcorder is the entire movie thing’ is new and different to me. Somehow Latinos and the religious spins are much more interesting than white people in the suburbs, any day. The ending did leave me upset but only because I wanna know more! I will now go back and watch the entire paranormal saga and see if I can make more sense of things. I thoroughly enjoyed my theatre experience watching this film. Great way go start the year with a good movie.

    • You’re new to the found footage (“camcorder is the movie”) genre?

      I recommend you see the following that all have a similar filming technique:

      * Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – the original, film crew get lost in the jungle
      * The McPherson Tapes (1997) – Thanksgiving interrupted by alien abduction
      * The Blair Witch Project (1999) – amateurs investigate witch in the woods
      * [REC] (2007) – Spanish film crew trapped in a building with zombies
      * The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007) – serial killer’s murders found on tapes
      * Cloverfield (2008) – giant monster attacks Manhattan
      * Grave Encounters (2011) – paranormal TV show investigate an abandoned asylum
      * Chronicle (2012) – kids gain telekinesis
      * V/H/S 2 (2013) – variety of short stories in the camcorder style, “Safe Haven” is the best segment about a film crew investigating a Thai cult

      • Indonesian cult

  10. Can someone please clearly answer these questions for me

    What is the significance of showing Katie stabbing Micah and hector traveling back to that?

    Why we’re the little girls in Ana’s basement?

    Who is aj or Ali in the film? How did she know things?

    • A) they thought it be cool, and wanted to introduce ‘the door’.

      B) to try and be creepy….. that said they most likely weren’t really there but illusions to mess with / foreshadow.

      C) She’s the daughter from part 2, who was at the Vet with the dog when everyone was killed. She knows everything because someone has to explain it to us, and there is only 1 and a half hours so they need to do it quickly.

  11. Someone please explain to me the ending! As clear and simple as possible ..

    • What’s there to explain?

      Vato’s moms lets witch lady downstairs put a demon curse on her fetus when she was preggers. Kid got born and moms died. Kid grew up and got possessed by one of witch lady’s demon homies. Then the witch ladies take him to their ranch for his hellspawn Quinceañera.

      His sister, his carnal, and 2 loco cholos from the block go to rescue him, but get killed by witch ladies. Then possessed Vato chases his homie through the house, and he runs through a door that takes him to PA 1.

      • ScreenRant – Hire this man for reviews. LOl, loco cholos.

      • Lol most ghetto response ever.. come on dude

  12. Who turned off the camera at the end of the movie? Was it Katie?

  13. Am I the only one who got sick from the camera movement?

  14. To explain the ending:
    Towards the beginning of the movie, Jesse discovers a notebook in Ana’s abandoned apartment. In going through this book, the teens find notes about a door — according to research that they do, the teens discover that this door is a time-travel portal which takes its user to an “unholy place.”
    At the end of the movie, Hector finds himself the last alive, fleeing from possessed Jesse through the coven house from the third PA. Hector eventually locks himself in a bedroom, where he finds a large wooden door surrounded by strange carved symbols: this is the time-travel door that the teens found in Ana’s notebook. As Jesse breaks into the bedroom, Hector runs through this strange door as a last resort.
    Now Hector appears to be in Katie’s house, from the first PA. He has gone back in time, to an unholy place: the place of Katie’s demonic possession. In his confusion, Hector approaches the possessed Katie, eventually tapping her in a desperate attempt to get her attention. In response to this contact, Katie begins to scream. As a result, Micah runs down and begins to attack Hector, seeing him as an intruder. Katie, with Hector acting as a distracton, grabs a kitchen knife and kills Micah.
    These final moments re-enact and provide closure for the ending scene of the first PA. In the first movie, this is the ending (in parentheses is the simultaneous action from the fifth PA): Katie walks downstairs in her sleep; Micah wakes up to her screaming from downstairs (Katie screaming after Hector taps her); Micah runs downstairs, and from the camera we hear him begin to shout (Micah fighting Hector); finally, we hear a thud (Micah’s body after being stabbed to death by Katie).
    Moving back to the fifth installment: Hector, now realizing that Katie is a psychotic murderer, runs away from her, towards the time-travel door through which he entered her house. And, of course, there Hector finds that a very demonic Jesse is waiting for him. Jesse had followed Hector through the door and was also transported to Katie’s house, where he finally kills Hector. At this point, demonic Katie turns the camera towards her and shuts it off, ending the movie.

    As for the young girls in the basement: these were the younger versions of Katie and Kristi. They traveled forward in time to the basement, for some reason. Basically, time is no longer a reliable constant, as time-travel has been introduced into the storyline.

    • Thank you so much… It all makes sense now.

    • Thank you so much for your explanation. You’ve cleared some things up. I left the theater confused and disappointed.

    • We don’t actually see Hector die, just get charged by demon-Jesse. (The same thing happened to Alex in PA4’s ending, and Alex appears to be alive in PA:TMO, so we can’t be certain that Hector is dead.) I hope not, because I liked Hector’s character quite a bit.

      Also, was it demon-Katie that picks up the camera and turns it off? I thought it was Lois or perhaps another old witch-lady. I need a freeze frame on this part, because some people think it could also be demon-Alex (I hope not, I was thinking that the girl being held captive in the cow-stables was Alex).

  15. Jerseydevil makes the best tie about the movie. It was good. It wasn’t lazy it has it’s scares. It didn’t have the make me scared to sleep punch like the first one did. I really think it’s a push to open the movie up and try and squeeze another movie or two out of it.

  16. The movie took a long time to build any sort of suspense as usual. I was also getting sick from the shaking effect of the camera. It wasn’t that scary because they show most of the movie in the trailer. I liked the last paranormal and this storyline just doesn’t compare. It’s also annoying half of it is in Spanish, totally didn’t expect that. Clearly I didn’t watch the trailer in depth lol. Would NOT recommend it.

    On a random note I would like to point out the guy who fell asleep next to and was snoring throughout the movie and the two kind people who decided to have phone conversations during the movie as well. Gotta love paying money for people to be so generous.

  17. Thank you for the straightforward explanation, Cowflan! It helped tremendously!

  18. I’m all for plot twists and such but this one did absolutely nothing for me. The moment they revealed the “time travel door”, I immediately somewhat predicted they were going to travel back to PA1. Wish they had approached it better, or done more with it. What was suppose to be the grand introduction to the “evil TARDIS”, felt so much like a mockery to horror.

    So incredibly disappointed with this one, as I was with PA 3 onwards. If this is developing story-line, it has got to be the most annoying way to do it. 5 movies and so very little development. Milking this franchise to shame.

  19. You guys ever thought that it wasn’t time travel. The door takes you to unholy places like Kristie’s house while there was a demonic possession happening. It’s not time travel people all the movies are actually happening at the same time in different places (except for the 3rd and the 4th movie) they are showing us the behind the scenescof the first movie basically. Like how she screams and makes the husband go down stairs that was because of the boy the whole time we just didn’t know, it’s a domino effect.

    • That can’t be possible simply because, Jessie and oscars graduation banner specifically said 2012 . Hatie and kristies storyline pick up in 2006.

  20. I just got done reading the ‘Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones’ Ending & Connections Explained from this site^^

  21. This is gonna sounds like a dumb question, but what does the use of the eggs mean when the grandma was giving Jesse his excorsim or religious clensing? Only question I have about the movie

  22. I’m a big fan of the first two PA movies. In my opinion, the movies have progressively gotten worse. I didn’t like this one at all and I didn’t find it the least bit scary/spooky. The movie was more funny than anything else, and while I like to laugh, when I go to see a “scary” movie, it shouldn’t be more funny than scary. After the way PA 4 abruptly ended, and with the way PA 3’s movie didn’t match any of the trailers, I was not planning to see this one in theaters. But I decided to go with my family at the last minute and while I disliked PA 5, everyone else hated it. HUGE disappointment.

  23. someone please tell me the girl who turned off the camera at the end? Was it Loi or whatever her name is (The grandmother) orrrrrr was it Ali the girl from PA4

    • My personal opinion is that it is Lois, or perhaps a different old witch lady. I was under the impression that it was Alex being held captive in the stables behind Lois house.

  24. In the first PA, didn’t Katie attack Micah in the bedroom and kill him? Why would the 5th leave off to her stabbing him in the kitchen? That’s obviously not the correct form of time travel because that isn’t how he died in the first one

  25. The witch-lady who picks up and shuts off the camera in the end looked older to me…I thought it was Lois, which would be interesting if she were present off-screen during the ending of PA1 and Katie’s final possession.

    However, at the start of PA3 (showing the origin of the tapes), Katie talks about how she inherited the tapes after Lois died, presumably of old age. Did she fake her death? Did she simply disappear through the space-time doorway? Were Katie and Kristi brainwashed into thinking that she had died?

    Six years later, Ali sure has a lot of the answers. I’m hoping she teamed up with Martine (the housekeeper from PA2) to get to the bottom of Hunter’s abduction. They were able to transfer the demon, so there *is* magic that can affect it. It’s not completely game-over for the good guys yet.

    As far as Alex goes, I was pretty sure that the young girl being held captive in the cow-stable out behind the house was her. She was a virgin after all, I would think that they would need to save her for some sort of sacrifice instead of just possessing her like everyone else.

    And if Alex is alive, then that means the only people we know of who are dead are the ones we have seen die, or have been told are dead (through text-cards). Since we don’t see Hector die (only charged by demon-Jesse), I’m hoping we see him again.

    And with time travel, anything is possible now in terms of life and death.

  26. After a disappointing 4th installment, this one returns to form. It may not be that scary and it may not do much for the series but unlike PA4, its enjoyable and at least thrilling. I’m still thinking about how time travel can be possible in this.

  27. I don’t no if anyone caught the fact that in The Marked Ones, after Jesse is possessed, Hector goes into his room to find writing on the wall spelled out as either “MEUS” or “MELK” (same writing on the door in PA2 after Kristi is dragged to the basement and possessed.) “MEUS” in Latin is translated to “Mine”, which makes sense and fits the story because the demon has made any charecter it’s marked “his” by possessing them. “MELK” has to do with a demon that supported … Child Sacrifice, which fits into this story almost completely. My point here is what if Toby lives inside Jesse, (this a just my guess) because in The Marked Ones while Jesse goes to the basement searching for his dog “Chavo” he sees younger Katie and Kristi, and then is attacked by a huge demonic shadow, (guessing is Toby) and from then on Jesse is possessed (just like Katie and Kristi) and is pretty much invincible and super strong. Also at the end of the movie, Hector, Jesses friend, is seen running from a possessed Jesse, through a door that time travels you to “unholy places” and leads them to Katie and Michas house the same night Micha is murdered. Hector is also murdered by a demonic Jesse who makes an inhuman scream before finally killing Hector. What if those noises at night was just Toby (Possesed Jesse) using the Time Travel door going to Kristis home instead of Katie’s (because in PA3 Kristi had a bigger connection with Toby than Katie did.) creating chaos trying to finally get it’s promised “first male-child”. Then Possesed Jesse finally passes off the Demon to Kristi by “marking her” with the bite mark everyone’s seemed to get. Eventually, the demon is sent to Katie by Kristis husband (Hunters father) but Toby just possesses Katie instead and has her vessel continue it’s evil doings by killing the family in PA2 and Abducting Hunter. (PA2 Ending)

    Also maybe it could have been possessed Jesse who stole the tapes (PA3 Movie) from Kristis basement and brought them back to his time and setting so Katie and Kristi would never find out about the evil deeds.

    Maybe I’ve seriously over thought the story to this Franchise but that’s what’s so good about the franchise and why I love it, it keeps you thinking. This was just my take on how this story could potentially play out In the upcoming movie(s).