‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ Trailer Puts a Latino Spin on the Franchise

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Did you think that the nightmare was over, just because there isn’t going to be a new Paranormal Activity movie opening in theaters this year? Well, guess again, because in 2014 we’ll be getting two new additions to the found-footage box office behemoth. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones - otherwise known as the Paranormal Activity Latino spinoff – will kick-off the new year, before Paranormal Activity 5 arrives on a more customary October launch date.

The Marked Ones was previously reported to take place in a parallel universe relative to the other films in the Paranormal Activity series, but the newly-unveiled trailer reveals that this is not the case after all. Far from it, the trailer footage for this spinoff movie (which, as the preview informs us, takes place in a heavily Latino-populated region of California in the year 2012) contains explicit references to Katie and Kristi from the other films. Moreover, it seems as though The Marked Ones will attempt to better tie-in the mythology developed throughout Paranormal Activity 1-3 with the muddled events in Paranormal Activity 4.

Update: Check out the International Trailer: 

While the trip deeper into secret witch coven territory and demonic possession (with Catholic spiritual overtones) could be interesting, the trailer for The Marked Ones suggests that the movie recycles many a familiar scare tactics from the other Paranormal Activity films (characters mysteriously disappearing/reappearing, panicked camera movement, etc). Not to mention, the supernatural trickery on display feels likes a weak retread of the thrills in Chronicle and its story of teens imbued with telekinetic powers. (In fairness, though, the gross-out scene with the main character removing something from his eye is more effective.)

paranormal activity marked ones trailer Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Trailer Puts a Latino Spin on the Franchise

Christopher Landon wrote and directed The Marked Ones, having previously served as only the screenwriter on Paranormal Activity 2-4. He seems to have the found-footage directorial approach down pat, but the Marked Ones trailer doesn’t suggest that Landon’s succeeded in mixing things up much, in terms of the horror and story progression. Then again, maybe a member of the largely-unkown cast – featuring Richard Cabral, Jorge Diaz, Eddie J. Fernandez, David Fernandez Jr., Kimberly Ables Jindra, Tonja Kahlens, Carlos Pratts and Frank Salinas – will prove to be an unexpected standout

In short: pending any surprises, The Marked Ones doesn’t look terrible, but there’s little that seems innovative or memorable about it either (which might explain why it was pushed to the January 2014 dumping ground, instead of being moved up to make a Halloween 2013 release).  Be sure and let us know if you agree/disagree in the comments section.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones opens in U.S. theaters on January 3rd, 2014.

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  1. Oye! Mira! A Ghost! Pinga Cojones!!

    LOL, sorry, I work around nothing but Cubans, so there’s kind of a running joke with them. One of them told me that whenever I don’t understand what someone is saying to me in Spanish, as long as he’s Cuban, just respond confidently (and loudly) “Pinga cojones!” while throwing up your hand in anger and it’ll be a legitimate response to just about anything, lol. :-D

    And to prove it, the next Cuban guy who walked by after he just told me this, he just yelled that at him, and the guy said it back and it seemed like a totally normal exchange, lol!! Yah, sorry, if it sounds racist, but it’s all in jest and no ill intention. :-)

  2. What about the inclusion of the stepdaughter from Paranormal Activity 2? That seems like another direct link.

    • yeah man how could you not mention her, thats a huge inclusion to tie them all together.

      for a long time now i felt like she could be the character to bring back to close the katie story for good, because that s*** needs closure and then continue down the witch, coven, latino route

  3. I disagree I think this one seems like it could be a solid movie. A couple of key improvements/changes.

    1.) First it looks like it expands a lot more on the overall plot. Idk about anyone else but through 4 movies Im interested in finding out a lot more about what is going on. Ive invested in watching 4 movies now I just wanna know why the hell all this is happening.I think adding more story elements will help the movies be more interesting overall and not just cheap scares.
    2.) Changing the lead from a girl to a guy. There are almost no possession movies where the subject is a guy, its always a girl. I think its interesting and slightly scarier to think of all this happening to a guy, with a girl they seem naturally a little more defenseless and you are just used to them being the victims in these movies. Male characters have been in the other movies but you never have really had to be afraid for them its almost always a female lead.
    3.) The setting changes are obvious. All the other movies take place for the most part in a single house. In the trailer you see things happening out in the open, this makes it scarier in my opinion because it feels like there is no escape. In the other ones you kinda felt like if they just ran out of the house it would be ok somehow.

    Just some ideas about how this one could be different and an improvement on the previous 4. Im at the point where Ive watched all 4 so Ill at least keep watching them on video just to find out what is going on.

    • I agree. Weirdly enough, maybe a spin-off is exactly what this series needed.

      • I agree.

        Hopefully this will add some fresh energy that can revitalize the franchise after how underwhelming/bad the last two PA films have been.

        PS, there’s a spin-off set in Japan that was released before the third movie.

  4. Reading the article wouldn’t you guys realize that paranormal 5 is being released next halloween? Would be pretty annoying to get two different paranormal activity movies in the same month.

  5. For a second there, it started looking like Chronicle 2. But yea, this one looks really good. I saw Paranormal Activity 4, it was disappointing except for the end. Hopefully this one is good.

  6. Paranormal [REC]tivity then?

    Some of those clips with the Catholic paraphenalia reminded me of the priest’s apartment in the [REC] movies.

    Anyway, it looks ok at best, I just hate how every found footage movie lately seems to have a long, boring intro before someone inevitable says “Woah, dude, you have a camera, lets use it to see what’s going on!”

    Anyway, I’ll watch it and it definitely looks better than Paranormal Activity 1-4 but that trailer still gave me the impression that overall, I still won’t get any enjoyment or actual scares out of the franchise.

    It’s “Cattle Prod Horror” for non-horror fans where instead of being scary, it goes “quiet…quiet….quiet…..BANG!…..quiet….quiet….” etc

    • Paranormal Activity was a basic jump scare gimmick with tremendous advertising and hype, REC was better on all fronts. Hell the American version of REC is more legit than the Paranormal Activity films. I got the same feeling watching the fist PA movie as I did when I was sitting through the Blair Witch Project, like I had been conned by a carnival side show.

  7. I actually thought PA3 was good the story was really interesting too me, 4 was meh but I will keep watching them just too see how it all plays out.

    • 3 had more of a point to it than 4 but it ended on such a bad note that it was completely ruined for me.

  8. Being of Latino descent, I found the movie embarrassing to watch as every Hispanic stereotype was portrayed from drug using low riders in the barrios to heavy artillery in the trunk of said low riders no doubt used in illicit gang activity. I walked out after the first 10 minutes and will warn all of the negative caricature Hollywood has threw up as entertainment.