Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 5, 2014

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Dec 5 Box Office Paranormal Activity Marked Ones Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 5, 2014

Despite a strong showing from the genre in 2013, the first horror release of 2014 struggled at the box office.

In at number 1 is Disney’s Frozen with $20.7 million. The animated film continues to do very well despite its stiff competition, and takes the top spot after playing second fiddle for three straight weeks. Given the way most new releases are struggling to sustain decent numbers, we wouldn’t be surprised if Frozen stuck around for a few weeks longer. The film is now at $297 million domestic.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones comes in at number 2 with $18.2 million. Heading into the weekend, it looked like this spin-off entry might take the top spot, but The Marked Ones struggled after Friday.

Although this isn’t a numbered entry in the franchise, and it opened in January instead of its usual October timeframe, The Marked Ones is the lowest opening weekend for a Paranormal Activity film yet, not counting the first film’s limited release. Paranormal Activity 4‘s weak(er) numbers forced us to consider whether the franchise’s appeal might be wearing thin, and this film’s even lower numbers continue that downward trend.

Dec 15 Box Office Hobbit Desolation Smaug Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 5, 2014

In at number 3 is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with $16.2 million. It appears that this second film in the trilogy will finish slightly behind its predecessor, but a $756 million global total after only 4 weeks likely makes up for that.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the number 4 film with $13.4 million. Despite a week-long back-and-forth over the film’s depiction of Jordan Belfort the film, and whether or not the film glorifies the Wall Street schemer, Wolf of Wall Street held strong in its second week. The film is now at $63 million.

Rounding out the top 5 is American Hustle with $13.2 million. David O. Russell’s latest awards contender had to taper off sometime, but it does so having accumulated $88 million in the process. Moreover, American Hustle likely won’t reach Silver Linings Playbook‘s $132 million domestic total, but that won’t matter if the film comes away with a few Golden Globes next Sunday.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues comes in at number 6 with $11.1 million, bringing its total up to $109 million. The good news is that this sequel has surpassed its predecessor’s $85 million domestic total and has nearly doubled its $50 million production budget. But, given its hefty marketing budget, it’s hard to predict whether Anchorman 2 is in the black yet.

GNN News Team Anchorman 2 Legend Continues Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 5, 2014

The number 7 film is Saving Mr. Banks with $9 million, which brings its domestic total up to $59 million. $59 million after 4 weeks isn’t bad for the film, but Disney was likely hoping for a little more from the holiday crowd.

In at number 8 is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with $8.2 million. Ben Stiller’s latest directorial effort did decent business during this slow post-Holiday weekend, but it is nowhere near Tropic Thunder‘s $110 million. All told, the film has pulled in $45 million.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire takes the number 9 spot this weekend with $7.4 million. Now at $407 million domestic, the mega-blockbuster sequel only needs $2 million more to surpass Iron Man 3 as the highest grossing 2013 release.

Rounding out the top 10 is Grudge Match with $5.4 million. It appears things didn’t get any better for the Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone comedy, which has accrued only $24 million after two weeks.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, January 6th – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Smaug loses its top spot to a movie that came out almost 3 weeks before it how embarrassing

    • How is it embarrassing? Shifts like that happen all the time in the Box Office. Unless you’re just making fun of The Hobbit because you have a dislike for it, and if so, then okay.

    • its probably because almost everyone has seen it thats why its at number 3

    • I’m not surprised. The average animated feature makes more money than the average live action movie. How many animated movies came out in 2013, around 12? Half of them grossed over $100k domestically. Despicable Me 2 almost hit a billion worldwide.

      • You mean $100M?

  2. And not everybody has seen frozen yet never does a movie a full month older than another rise above the newer film

  3. Well the public is pretty tired of found footage movies by now.

    • Tje more accurate answer would’ve been “The public didn’t think it looked very good and decided to save their money or go watch a more seasonal movie, especially after spending a lot for Christmas”.

      • It was the biggest waste of seven dollars in quite a while.

  4. Wow, 47 Ronin nowhere to be seen. Wah wah waaahhh.

  5. Hunger games two will pull off upset domestically of 2013, if not for stupid twist and silly
    storyline in ironman 3 it would not have beaten im3. Im3 should have at least made it to
    450 million.

  6. 47 ronin was a mess. Spoiler alert…………………………………………………………………
    Keanu knows all these awesome fight skills and makes a vow not to use them. He basicly made a vow for the movie to suck cause if he used them more and if the last 20 min had been better it could have been really really good

  7. “Smaug loses its top spot to a movie that came out almost 3 weeks before it how embarrassing.”

    “It appears that this second film in the trilogy will finish slightly behind its predecessor…”

    I’ve said it before.

    The fact that “Frozen” has overtaken Hobbit 2 is a sign of the times. It’s 2014 not 1914.

    Domestically, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is only a few dollars away from overtaking IM3. Hobbit 2 …. way below the list.

    Diversity. Different racial and cultural ethnicities. FEMALE characters.

    Everything Hobbit 2 lacks.


    • Diversity?

      Every movie you just named PRIMARILY has all white lead characters. You know something we dont friend?

    • RIP? Seriously?

      It’s only about $30 million behind where the previous film was at this point domestically last year, and that one made over $1 Billion world wide. It’s going to make close to $300M domestically, and over $800M world wide EASY, and it hasn’t even been released in China or Japan yet. The last Hobbit film made a good chunk of cash in China, so when all is said and done it will make over $900M world wide. ANY studio exec would do back flips for a movie to make that kind of money, and that’s put it at #4 for the year world wide (so far).

      Check out the world wide box office figures for this past week (on that “mojo” site). See the movie that’s #1 in 90% of the countries? Yes, that’s Desolation of Smaug. I guess the rest of the world doesn’t mind the lack of diversity. Also, here’s a hint as to why there’s a lack of diversity: it’s based on a story that’s supposed to be mythology for ENGLAND. Makes sense that there isn’t many darker coloured people. Oh, and they made up their own strong female character just to have more diversity.

      It seems that you want so bad to justify your point that you’re ignoring all the facts – namely that this film is a big success all over the world.

      • In the end; who cares?

        The Middle Earth/Peter Jackson flicks are fading. There’s only one more Hobbit flick left. They are trending downward.

        What on (middle) earth is Peter Jackson going to do now that he has completely pillaged Tolkien’s works?

        • Well he hasn’t done The Silmarillion yet.

          • Exactly! And, Eureka!!

            Peter Jackson can turn THAT in to a TRILOGY. And “invent” a new female character.

            But if he can invent new characters, why can’t he invent other characters that are not old and white??

            That question is a legitimate one. Think about it.

            Jackson can create a character out of thin air and stick her in a Middle earth flick to appease little girls and to get them in to the multiplex. But not a non white character??

            Shocking as this may sound… there WERE people of different ethnicities living in England back in Tolkien’s days. And centuries before Tolkien was born.

            • So you complain about a lack of gender diversity, and when I addressed your concern you just turn that into another complaint and ignore what I said about the invalidity of your financial criticisms of the film? Seems like you just really want to hate on this film.

              Your lack of racial diversity complaint is about as valid as asking why there weren’t any non-white people in Braveheart, or Robin Hood, or whatever other movie set back in the days of King Arthur etc.

              Did people complain about the lack of white people in Seven Samurai? No, they took it for what it was (a film set in Japan with Japanese characters), and many proclaimed it as one of the best films ever made.

              It makes sense for a movie set in more modern times to have more racial diversity, but you don’t have to shoe horn different races into every movie to make it better.

    • You commentary consistently loses credibility every time you insist upon engaging in the same predictable, boring anti Hobbit tirade everywhere the film is mentioned here. These incoherent and imagined concepts you keep trying to knock Peter Jackson for are getting old. The film is doing very well, despite how desperately you cling to your hatred for it. Peter Jackson and the rest of Middle Earth are busy laughing their way to the bank.
      RIP indeed.

      • “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is laughing even harder.


      • I agree, Voodoo.